Summer Turns Into Winter on Halloween

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Summer Turns Into Winter on Halloween

When a surprise package turns a college girl into a Sex Goddess on Halloween night

“8PM Danny’s house….cu there!” came the text from Carly while I was in organic chemistry class. She has been bugging me about the Halloween party for weeks. As if I’d forget that tonight was the night. Although, if truth be told, I wasn’t really feeling it. I was trying to get through my midterms. I would rather study tonight than go to the party. I have to do well on my organic chemistry exam because I need the class for my nursing track. When I told Carly I didn’t really have time to plan a costume, she told me to just wear nurse’s scrubs. I said it’s not very original, but she just shrugged.

Carly of course has been planning since practically the beginning of the semester. She is in the drama program, and she is treating the Halloween party as if it’s her Broadway debut. Carly always gets lots of attention, and tonight would be no different I’m sure. She is going as a sci-fi fantasy princess whose name I couldn’t remember from a show I never watched.

“I’m not sure I can make it,” I texted back while the professor had his back turned.

She texted back a pooh emoji and then, “yes ur coming 2nite!”

I was still looking at my phone when I heard, “Ms. Chance, care to answer the question on the board?” My professor was referring to the Smart Board showing a complicated problem from the textbook and waiting for my response. I answered correctly and he gave a contented smirk.

“Okay, class, the midterm is tomorrow night,” the professor announced. “I’ll have extended office hours today and tomorrow. Have a good day. Oh, Happy Halloween!”

I was done with classes for the rest of the day so I headed back towards my dorm. I had a single room, which was a perk for honors students. Both freshman and sophomore years I roomed with Carly, and as roommates we got along well, despite being very different. She was outgoing and a bit outrageous, and I was more reserved and studious. We had planned to live together in the dorm again for our junior year, but she got an off campus place with her boyfriend instead. Now, I like having a single. I can study more.

When I got to my room I saw a note on the door. I had a package in the mail room. I had not ordered anything, and my mom didn’t give me a heads up that she was sending a care package from home, so I suspected maybe there was a mistake.

I went up to the counter. The mail room clerk was dressed like Count Dracula. “I’m Summer Chance, there’s a package for me?” Count Dracula disappeared for a few moments and brought back a box addressed to me, originating from China.

When I got back to my room I set the box on the desk and shined the light at it. I took a scissor and slit through the packing tape. I was surprised at what was inside.

I pulled out a long, lush wig with blonde and brown tones. It had loose curls that bounced. I was mesmerized at how glamorous it looked. I stroked its smoothness and was absorbed in its beauty. After a moment I realized that the box would not be empty because it weighed more than just the wig. I reached in and found a stunning pair of black and red stiletto heels. The height of the heels was almost obscene, and they were adorned with metallic sheaths that made them glint in the light of the desk lamp. Again I was entranced. Why did I get these?

I examined the box for clues. It had my name and address, so it was not mis-delivered. There was some Chinese writing but nothing I could sort out. I looked inside again but there was no paper or any other telltale item.

“There’s been some sort of mistake,” I told Count Dracula.

“What’s up?” he said.

“This package has my name and address but I didn’t order these,” I said.

“It happens, no big deal,” he said. “Don’t worry about it.”

“What are you telling me?” I asked.

“It’s called brushing. Scammers send unsolicited stuff to people to increase their online ratings. Just keep it, you can’t send it back.”

“Oh…Okay.” I clutched the box tightly and smiled as I turned back to my room.

I set the box on my bed and retrieved the wig from inside. I placed it on the pillow. I pulled out the stilettos and placed them on the floor. I sat on the bed. I kicked off my sneakers and pulled off my socks. I daintily dipped my toes into one of the stilettos, hoping it would fit. I eased my heel into place. It fit beautifully. I put the other one on. I immediately felt a rush of excitement seeing these sexy shoes on my feet. I got up and carefully took a few cautious steps toward the full length mirror on the closet door. I pulled up the legs of my sweatpants to my knees to get a better view. I scrunched my nose at the incongruous sight of these sexy shoes on a body clothed in a university branded sweatshirt and gray sweatpants hiked up to the knees. I took off my sweatshirt and sweatpants and looked in the mirror again.

“Much better,” I said out loud. I had on a lacy black bra and black bikini brief panties. I reached ankara evi olan escortlar for the wig. It was luxuriously long and full and I was not sure if I knew how to wear it. I figured out which way was the front and managed to put it on. I smoothed the hair with my fingers and was taken aback with the image in the mirror. “Whoa!” I gasped. I looked like a different person. I felt a gush of wetness between my legs. I was hot! I looked at myself from different angles and loved everything I saw. My new hair and heels had a magical affect on me. I felt electric.

I angled the closet door so I would be able to see myself in the mirror from the bed. I sat on the bed and opened my legs wide. I liked the view. I pulled the crotch of my panties to the side to expose my pussy. My labia glistened with wetness. I plunged my fingertips inside and was drenched. I played with my clit and quickly orgasmed. I smiled at the girl in the mirror. I took off my panties and bra. I liked the way I looked naked, wearing nothing but the gorgeous stilettos.

I rummaged through my bottom desk drawer for the gift Carly bought me. She had gotten it for me when I broke up with my boyfriend Andy last year. She thought the gift was both funny and useful. “You’re smart and pretty,” she had said. “You’ll find a new and better Andy in no time! In the meantime, until then, you have our friend here, Dick!” and she handed me an eight inch dildo wrapped in a bow. I was angry with her for not treating my breakup with Andy as seriously as I thought she should. I never used her gift. I was eager to try it now.

I eased myself onto the bed and took out the dildo. I propped up some pillows and liked the position I was in, as I had a good view of myself in the mirror. I stroked my nipples and ran my hands all across my body. I was immensely turned on. I put the head of the dildo up to my slit and rubbed it across the slick opening. I pushed it inside. “Mmm,” I moaned. The size of the dong in me was bigger than any dick I had ever had. It felt good to be penetrated with a long, thick cock. I wished it was real as I rhythmically moved it in and out, in and out, again and again, until I came hard, clenching the dildo strongly with each shudder.

“That was nice, wasn’t it?” I asked my reflection.

“Mmm hmm.” I answered.

“Where r u?” My phone buzzed with Carly’s text.

“Studying for orgo,” I texted back.

She texted me a picture of herself in her sci-fi fantasy princess costume. She looked beautiful and fierce, and in that moment I experienced a familiar feeling of slight jealousy. When I looked in the mirror and saw my sexy naked self, that feeling immediately vanished.

“Wow! You look great!” I texted.

“I want to see you in your cute nurse uniform!” Carly wrote.

I picked up the scrubs and stethoscope I had set aside for my Halloween costume. “I certainly won’t be wearing these tonight!” I said as I tossed the items into the bottom of the closet.

I put my bra and panties back on. I looked through my closet and found a black mini-dress I never had the courage to wear. I had bought it on impulse when I went to the mall and saw it on a mannequin. It was a sleeveless V neck with a zipper running vertically down the front. When I got home I decided it was too short and too tight, leaving nothing to the imagination. It has been hanging in the closet, unworn, until now. I put it on and zipped it up partway so the opening showed my lovely cleavage with the lace of my bra peeking out. “Sex Goddess!” I said out loud.

I could not believe the extraordinary transformation I had just made. I giggled at my reflection. In my sexy dress, with flowing, cascading hair caressing my breasts, and those absolutely pornographic stilettos, I felt on fire. I was dripping with sexuality, and I knew I’d have my pick of guys tonight.

Will anyone recognize me? I wondered. Will they be shocked? I wanted my new persona to be kept secret.

I took out a folder from my backpack. I put the contents, which were handouts from calculus, in a neat stack on my desk. The folder was made of a stiff, shiny black cardboard, which was perfect for my needs. I drew a stylized butterfly shape onto the folder. In each wing of the shape I drew ovals. I used the scissor and carefully cut out the shape and each oval within. I opened the pencil drawer and found a glitter pen and used it for embellishment. I punched a hole on each end. I reached for the ribbon that Carly had tied into a bow around my dildo and tied it through the holes of my masquerade mask. I put the mask to my face and secured it by tying the ribbon behind my head. That was the finishing touch to my Sex Goddess costume.

By the time I arrived at Danny’s house, the party was fully underway. Costumed party goers were dancing and drinking. Music blared. I surveyed the room and noticed people checking me out. I spotted Carly, and as I had suspected, she was surrounded by a crowd. She always had an admiring audience. I didn’t think she would recognize me so I got closer. Her admirers turned towards me. elvankent olgun escortlar I smiled broadly and blew a kiss to the group.

Danny approached and handed me a cup of beer. “Welcome, welcome,” he said. “I’m Danny. What’s your name?”

“Winter,” I said, and took a big swig of beer. Just then I noticed a football player in his team uniform approaching us. “Nice costume,” I said, and he laughed. He was Keshawn Aubrey, the quarterback. He was well known and well liked on campus. He was tall and attractive with long dreadlocks touching his shoulders and tattoos on his arms. I felt some very pleasant sensations between my legs. Option One.

I noticed my ex boyfriend Andy sitting alone on the couch. He was munching on some chips and looked a bit out of place. He was dressed like Dr. Who with a very long colorfully striped scarf wrapped around his neck, stretching down to the floor.

I started thinking about our lovemaking. I haven’t slept with anyone since we broke up. Remembering the way he used to go down on me caused a surge of wetness in my panties. I wondered if he were to taste my pussy tonight would he realize it was me? I thought about how Andy was the only guy I ever did anal with. He had coaxed me into it, and after a few times, I really enjoyed it. Recalling his penis inside my tight ass made me excruciatingly horny. Option Two.

Option Number Three was standing next to Carly. He was wearing a steampunk costume and had a chiseled smile. He had the looks of a model or film actor. His athletic build and relaxed manner were alluring. I had never seen him before. I locked eyes with him and smiled.

I was weighing all my options for an erotic encounter tonight. Who would be the one my Sex Goddess would have? The star quarterback, my ex boyfriend, or the handsome stranger? I didn’t want to choose, I wanted them all!

I decided to begin with familiar territory. I sat on the couch next to Andy and said, “Hi, I’m Winter.” I tried to change the tone of my voice so he wouldn’t realize it was me.

He swallowed hard and said, “Andrew, uh, Andy, people call me Andy.”

“Nice to meet you, Andy,” I said as I stroked his leg.

His eyes widened when he realized I was coming on to him. “Very nice to meet you too. Really, really nice,” he stammered.

Keshawn approached carrying two cups of beer. “I brought you this,” he said, handing me a cup, and sat beside me on the couch. I took a gulp and thanked him. Andy looked crestfallen that Keshawn interrupted us. “Sorry, guy,” he said to Andy. “I didn’t bring you one.” Keshawn took a sip.

“It’s all good,” Andy said disingeniously. He adjusted his scarf, loosening it around his neck.

Keshawn leaned in close to my ear and said, “I’d love to get to know you better.”

“I’d like that too,” I said.

My phone buzzed with a text from Carly. “Y r u not here?” I looked up to where Carly was standing, still next to the handsome model/actor. He was looking at her phone too, watching her texting me.

I excused myself from Keshawn and Andy and positioned myself near Carly and her companion. I nonchalantly sipped my beer and texted back, “Still studying.”

Three dots indicated a message was being composed. It came through and read, “I wanted to introduce u to my friend Derek.”

“I’ll try to come later, but no promises, OK?” I wrote.

Carly turned to her friend and said, “I don’t think Summer’s coming. She’s studying for her chem midterm. I really wanted you both to meet. Sorry, Derek.”

“Another time,” he said. “I’m going to get a beer, you want one?”

“No, I’m good,” Carly said.

Derek turned quickly and bumped right into me. “Oh wow, sorry!” he exclaimed. “I made you spill your beer. Let me get you another!”

“Okay, sure.” I liked all the attention I was getting tonight. Derek went to fetch us some beer and returned moments later. “Sorry again,” he said, handing me a fresh cup.

“No worries,” I said, smiling.

“My name’s Derek, what’s yours?”

“Hi, Derek, I’m Winter.”

“Winter, interesting name. Like the season.”

I took a gulp from my cup. I noticed Carly watching us. I said, “I’ll let you get back to your–“

“Friend! We’re just friends. She has a boyfriend. He’s a buddy of mine,” Derek said.

“Okay, good to know!” I said.

Carly approached us. “I love your outfit and masquerade mask,” she said.

“Mmm hmm” I said, not wanting to use my voice because she would instantly recognize me.

“I’m Daenerys. I mean, that’s my costume, from Game of Thrones. I’m Carly, that’s my name.”

I leaned in close to Derek’s ear and said, “Find me later.”

I walked down the hall and started opening doors, peeking into bedrooms to see if any were empty. I hoped that Derek would be following along soon enough.

Keshawn appeared next to me. “Looking for someone?” he asked.

“Not anymore,” I said. Keshawn came close to me and leaned in for a kiss. I hungrily kissed him, our tongues and lips intertwining. I was supercharged with sexual energy and rubbed my etimesgut sarışın escortlar hands down his back, pulling his body close to mine. I moved my hand to his stomach and then down to his crotch. His stiffness was instantaneous. I was equally turned on, feeling my vagina pulse with anticipation.

Andy emerged from the bathroom. He saw us kissing and said, “Okay, yeah, have fun. I’m just gonna squeeze past…Excuse me,” trying to get out of our way in the hall.

I grabbed his hand. “Join us.”

Andy’s eyes widened. “Join you?” He asked, his voice cracking.

“It’s all good,” Keshawn said to Andy, with a grin and wink.

I opened the door to the unoccupied bedroom, and we all went inside. Keshawn closed the door and resumed kissing me. Andy hung back and watched us for a while.

Keshawn took off his uniform revealing an amazingly muscular, trim physique. When he removed his boxer briefs, I was in awe, incredulous of the size of his beautiful cock.

Keshawn led me towards the bed. He reached for the zipper of my dress. “Let’s see what you got,” he said, unzipping slowly. The dress slipped down to the floor. I took off my bra. He pushed me to the bed. I reclined on the bed and Keshawn slid my panties down and removed them carefully over my stilettos. Those heels would be staying on!

I opened my legs wide. “Let me have a taste of that,” he said. He started gently circling my clit with his tongue. I moaned approvingly. He lapped at my juices and returned to my clit. He licked along its side and began using more pressure there. I orgasmed quickly and cried out, “Yes!”

I looked over at Andy. He was stroking himself and approaching the bed. He undressed and sat down next to me.

Keshawn moved up and penetrated me with that enormous cock of his. The eight inch dildo I had inside me earlier dwarfed in comparison with Keshawn’s massive dick. I gasped as my pussy stretched around Keshawn’s manhood. I could feel the tip of his cock ramming against my cervix. His rhythmic thrusting felt amazing. I surrendered to his size and enjoyed the sensation of my pussy being completely filled. Mind-blowingly pleasurable waves of ecstasy rushed through my pussy and throughout my body. I felt exhilarated. It was a full-body orgasm.

I reached for Andy’s hand and guided it to my breast. Andy had been hesitant to join in and needed my encouragement. I stroked his cock. His body was familiar, and I wanted that now. I gently pushed Keshawn off me and got up. Andy was sitting up straight on the side of the bed with his feet on the floor. I positioned myself in front of him, facing away, and sat on his lap, opening my legs so his cock could slide into my pussy. I held his hands as I bounced up and down, working my vagina around his penis. It felt good, but that was not what I was after. I raised myself a bit and Andy’s dick slipped out of my pussy. I reached down and guided the tip up to my asshole. My pussy juices drenched his dick, and I hoped that would be enough natural lube for him to easily slide into my ass. I lowered myself down onto his stiff, wet cock, and enjoyed the bit of pain as my asshole stretched, taking the whole length of his penis into me. I sat still on Andy’s lap, enjoying the full feeling of Andy’s cock stuffed into my tight asshole. Andy began moving his hips and pumping me. I matched his thrusts. With the added height from my stilettos, each thrust down was especially forceful, making my ass tingle with pleasure. My legs were wide open, the way I had posed in front of the mirror earlier. I felt amazing and sexy and powerful.

I reached for Keshawn. I stroked his penis and then took him in my mouth. I liked having both men at the same time. I thought of Derek. How nice it would be if he were here too!

I heard the doorknob turn. My Sex Goddess had willed Derek here! “Wow, I’m good!” I thought. I couldn’t see the doorway but I heard the door open and close. Keshawn was holding the back of my head and gliding in and out of my mouth. I wanted to look at Derek but the way Keshawn held my head close to his body, I could not see much. I closed my eyes and continued sucking Keshawn and riding Andy. I felt a mouth on my pussy. I did not expect Derek’s lips to be so soft and delicate. I loved the feeling of my pussy being eaten out while simultaneously being fucked anally and orally. I reached down to touch the back of Derek’s head as his tongue danced around my clit. My hand encountered a lush head of hair. I looked down and saw it wasn’t Derek. It was Carly! Just then I had an exquisite orgasm, my sphincter pulsating around Andy’s dick, and my clit throbbing in Carly’s mouth.

I moved off Andy and away from Keshawn and sat on the bed. Carly stood up and gave me a long, sensuous kiss, transferring my pussy juices from her lips to mine. After the kiss we looked into each other’s eyes. I wondered why Carly had come into the bedroom. What about Winter made Carly so attracted to her? I had not seen her boyfriend tonight, did they break up? While I pondered these questions, Carly’s expression changed. She went from sultry and seductive to hesitant and confused. I wished I could know what she was feeling. Was it regret? She turned to leave and I held her hand. “Stay,” I said. She moved away and I let go of her hand as the distance between us grew. She quietly exited the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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