Summer Suspicions Ch. 05

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I fell asleep quickly after the ladies left my room. I did get a kiss from Lacy, which was nice and we all planned on talking about this the following morning. Before I fell asleep I stopped the recording and let the computer render the video so I could check it out when I woke up. I slept very well again; fucking three women really takes it out of you.

I woke up early, don’t know why but I couldn’t get back to sleep, not with my mind racing about the three women and then I remembered the video. Sitting naked in my computer chair, I started the video and skipped a head to when they all came in my room. It turned out better than I had hoped. The light made all the difference and I had a great little porn foursome starring me and three lovely ladies. Of course I was soon hard watching the hot action and stoking my cock slowly. I decided not to ejaculate again, knowing better I would need it later.

Seeing Lacy’s incredible body on screen was spectacular, I found myself pausing the video and admiring her large breasts and watching the video me play and suck on them. By the time the video ended I was so turned on my cock was ready to burst and I had to let it go all together because even the slightest touch was going to make me nut. I had to tighten up to stop my climax and a little glob of semen still escaped but I stopped from a total climax.

I turned the video off, trying to calm my cock down and put some clothes on. I left my room and found the only one up was my father, getting ready for work. I was surprised he didn’t know anything about this and I wasn’t going to be the one that said anything.

“You’re up early,” he said seeing me come into the kitchen.

“Yeah, couldn’t sleep for some reason.”

“I wish I could go back now, I’m sure I could. So did Lacy spend the night again?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“She’s sure an attractive girl, don’t you think?”

“Very… I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.”

“Yeah, no kidding, but don’t tell your mother I said that.”

“I won’t.”

“Kind of fun to have a sister that has such hot friends, eh?”

“Oh big time, Dad,” I said and mumbled, “You have no idea.”

“Well, I’ll see you tonight, got to go.”

He slapped me on the back and was soon in the car on his way to work. I just sat in the kitchen staring at the clock, bored out of my mind. Knowing it could be hours until the girls were up; I came up with an idea because my cock wouldn’t settle down after watching that entire video and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I went back upstairs and opened Lisa’s door, peaking in the dim room. Both women were sound asleep in the queen bed together, Lacy the closest to me. I walked over quietly and watched them sleep, before realizing how creepy it was. This was something Edward would do to Bella and I hated that show! Good hell what was wrong with me? I thought about the patches under Lisa’s dresser but didn’t see the need for them anymore since everything was out in the open. So, without thinking much of it I pulled the sheets back and slipped in behind Lacy and put my arm around her. She was dressed in her night shirt and stirred slightly from my touch before jumping away.

“Luke! What are you doing?” she shouted, sitting up, startled.

This of course woke up Lisa who rose up on her elbow to stare at me.

“Really, Luke? It’s seven in the morning, go back to bed and leave us alone.”

“I thought we could… you know,” I started.

“We know what you thought, not happening, now leave. We’re tired.”

“Seriously?” I asked, shocked.

“Yes, get out… We’re not doing you right now… Judas what’s wrong with you?” Lisa asked, plenty perturbed.

I got out of bed, headed toward the door, looking back once until Lisa pointed to the door making me leave. That didn’t work out like I hoped it would. Maybe I should have opted for the patches. Not to be discouraged I snuck into my parent’s bedroom and got into bed beside my mom.

“Hello, Son… Can’t sleep?” she asked.

“Nope, and Lisa and Lacy kicked me out.”

“So you came to me… last? Gee I’m honored,” she said sarcastically.

“Well, two’s better than one, right.”

“Not to mention their half my age and you have a constant hardon for Lacy.”

“True, are you mad?” I asked.

“No, come closer,” she said.

I snuggled up to her, spooning her from behind and rested my semi hard cock on her backside. I draped my arm over her and put my hand on her breast.

“Your father didn’t leave very long ago.”

“I know, I talked to him a little in the kitchen before he left.”

“He likes to hold me like you are, but always ends up playing.”

“Can’t say as I blame him.”

“I knew you would say that. You remind me of him so much, especially when we were younger.”

My cock was fully hard by then, but I hadn’t started moving my hand on her breasts; just holding it still and cupping her full bosom. I wanted to play and I wanted her but I didn’t know what she was thinking or what she would do this early in the morning. At least canlı bahis she hadn’t kicked me out yet like the younger women.

Suddenly the door opened and both Lisa and Lacy came in.

“Thanks a lot, Luke, now we can’t get back to sleep,” Lisa said.

“We thought we’d find you here since you weren’t in your room,” Lacy smiled.

Both of them looked very nice in their short braless shirts. It was much different image between the two, Lisa’s shirt clung to her small round breasts and Lacy’s fell straight down from hers pushing her shirt well away from her body from the tits down.

“You haven’t started without us have you?” Lisa asked.

“No, not yet,” Mom responded. “He’s being a gentleman.”

“Well, we can’t have that,” Lisa, giggled and both her and Lacy jumped onto the king bed with us.

I guess once they woke up the idea of messing around didn’t sound so bad anymore. I stayed snuggled up to Mom, content to stay put and see what the girls did.

“He’s being a gentleman but his penis isn’t. It’s rock hard, smashed against my ass,” Mom said, laughing.

“Mmm, sounds delightful… we should teach it a lesson or two,” Lisa said pulling the sheets off Mom and me.

Lacy pulled my arm and soon both of them had me on my back. Mom rolled over to help, surrounding me on all sides with hungry looking women. Lacy reached out first and grabbed my cock through my shorts I had put on.

“I’ll say. His big cock’s begging to be punished.”

Lisa tugged off my shorts once Lacy let go long enough. I took off my own shirt and let the ladies gather around my throbbing and oozing dick. This punishment and lesson they had planned was going to so totally rock. They began with their hands, gently caressing my balls, shaft and circling my oozing head with their fingers, playing in the pre-cum and driving me absolutely crazy. I was oozing so much they were able to draw lines down my shaft with their fingers in my slick juices, laughing as my cock would lurch on its own when they teased the slit for more pre-cum.

Before long all of them were naked as they took turns getting undressed and teasing my cock. It really got my blood flowing and I was dying to fuck them or at least get a blowjob by then. They were in no rush… it was early and we had plenty of time alone with nothing to do today while Dad was at work. I of course was admiring the view as they played. I highly recommend, if you get the chance, to have three fine ass women naked to look at and play with you, to not pass it up. Just a helpful hint.

They all looked amazing, especially Lacy with her curvy body, large breasts and good hell that ass was out of this world. Speaking of that ass she began an interesting conversation as the girls continued to tease my cock.

“So tell me, you two… what does anal feel like?”

“Difficult to explain, it’s different than normal sex… you kind of have to experience it for yourself,” Lisa said.

“True… it can be very pleasurable if you take the time to do it right and I must stress a lot of clit play… that’s key,” Mom added, sticking her finger in my slit.

“So what do I have to do to be able to try it?” Lacy asked, which made my cock jump and my heart race.

“You’ve got to be really ready for it, especially for something like, Luke’s monster, here,” Lisa said grabbing my shaft hard for the first time.

“So, maybe something smaller to begin with? Like I need to work up to him?” Lacy asked.

“Yeah, that might be a good idea, I wouldn’t try and do it without experiencing something smaller before,” Mom added, leaning over and taking my head into her hot mouth as Lisa pulled me vertical.

Holy hell it felt amazing after all the talk and teasing. I thought I might nut right in her mouth it felt that good.

“Have you ever had anything in there before… like a finger or toy?” Lisa added.

“No, nothing.”

“Wow, an anal virgin… how special for Luke. What do you think, Little Brother… what would you do to have Lacy’s ass for the first time?”

“Umm… well, whatever she wants,” I said, not really knowing what to say.

“It will be my privilege, Luke… I want you to be the first,” Lacy said, actually blushing a little.

“Well, alright then. Looks like we’ll have to start training that tight ass of yours for his giant cock. Hopefully you’ll be ready before I have to go back to school.”

Mom was still sucking me, not adding to the conversation and it was difficult to concentrate on exactly what it meant to be the first to fuck Lacy’s ass because Mom was really sucking my cock well, deep, wet and when she sucked she practically inhaled me. She came off me to say something.

“It only took, Lisa four weeks before she tried it, so we should have you ready before then.”

“I can’t wait to get started… does he get to help?” Lacy asked.

“I’m sure he will, now that he’s not out cold,” Lisa giggled. “But all this anal talk has gotten me so wet and horny. It’s time to ride that big cock!”

“Did you bring any condoms?” Mom asked.

“Oh shit, we forgot and bahis siteleri I don’t want to leave to get some,” Lisa said already on her knees and climbing over me.

“It’s up to you?” Mom said.

“Just don’t cum inside me, Luke… can you manage that?” Lisa asked.

“I can, I’ll warn you when I’m getting close,” I said very excited to not have to have a condom on my cock.

“Good,” she said easing down onto my ragging hardon while Mom held it up for her.

Lisa’s pussy was very wet and hot. The sensation was noticeably better without the condom and Big Sister’s pussy wrapped my cock in bliss.

“Mmmm, yeah, that’s the spot. Fuck, I love your dick, Luke.”

She fell all the way down on me and then pushed her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy on my cock. Lacy was smiling and watching and Mom was playing with my balls from behind Lisa. I reached up and took both Lisa’s breasts in my hand and palmed them before using my thumb and index finger to play with the nipples. Suddenly Lisa, yelped and kind of jumped, looking back at Lacy.

“Oh, my… I wasn’t expecting that!”

“Sorry, I just got the urge to.”

“What did she do?” I asked.

“She stuck her finger in my ass!” Lisa, blurted and giggled.

“Sounds like you’ll have to return the favor,” I said as Lisa rose up and eased down on my dick again.

“No… don’t take it out… it feels good,” Lisa said to Lacy.

Fuck! The idea of Lacy’s finger in Lisa’s ass while she rode my cock had me all sorts of excited. The idea was so hot to me and it also gave me a great view of Lacy’s tits as she knelt next to my sister’s rising and falling body. Mom kept playing with my balls and Lisa picked up the pace, driving hard down onto my cock with Lacy’s finger stuck up her ass. Lisa’s nipples were taunt and very fun to play with when they got hard, pressing out quite a ways off her small round breasts.

The pleasure only increased the longer she rode me, my cock felt wonderful being caressed by my sister’s wet pussy as she slammed down onto my legs as I lay in my parent’s bed. Lisa seemed to love my cock again and I think the added finger in her ass was helping. She was definitely going to cum before I did. And I loved watching her cum.

When she started to shake and tighten up on my cock the pleasure really rose, almost taking me too far but her climax was too much for her to continue rising and falling. Instead she fell forward on to me and lay on my chest, vibrating with pleasure and holding me tight.

“Little Brother… you’ve ruined me… I’m addicted to you and what you do to me.”

I felt Lacy pull her finger out of Lisa’s ass and lean over to us. “Is it my turn now?”

“I guess, if I have to give him up,” Lisa answered.

She rolled off of me and Lacy whispered to me, “I want you to fuck me,” and fell on her side next to me.

I rolled over immediately grabbing a hand full each of her tits as she opened her legs. Good hell her breasts were amazing as was her body under me. She was the perfect woman, everything about her just felt and looked phenomenal. I eased forward, pressing my head into her wet and ready pussy. She moaned loudly as I buried my cock as deep as it would go and pinched both nipples. I leaned down as her eyes were closed and kissed her. She returned the kiss, grabbing my head and pulling my mouth to hers in a wet impassioned collection of kisses. It was hot, my body was on fire with pleasure from my hands on her breasts to my lips on hers and my cock shoved solidly inside this perfect woman.

Then Lisa had to go and ruin everything by sticking her finger in my ass!

I tried to pull away but since my cock was shoved tight into Lacy there wasn’t anywhere I could move. At least Lisa used some kind of lube and didn’t try and dry fuck my ass but it still surprised the shit out of me and I freaked out, yelling at her.

“What the fuck! Get your finger out of my ass!”

“Just relax, Little Brother, trust me.”

“I thought Lacy was being trained not me.”

Suddenly she moved her finger and a strange sensation rushed over my body, shutting me up fast. It was euphoric, sending deep waves of extraordinary pleasure I had never felt before all over me. She moved again and the waves increased making my cock lurch inside Lacy.

“Holy fuck! What are you doing?”

“That, my little bro is your prostate,” she said, pushing on it again.

“Ahhhh, good hell that’s intense…. Where did you learn this?” I asked.

“I’m a nurse, remember?”

I couldn’t respond, she was just going crazy on my prostate and the penetrating sensations rushed over my body. I started to shake on top of Lacy; pretty much forgetting I was supposed to be fucking her. Lisa was taking me to a new realm of pleasure I didn’t know existed but absolutely loved. The sensation wasn’t just centered on my cock like in a normal orgasm, this was full body and insanely powerful.

“He’s doing something?” Lacy said.

“I think he’s cumming, but not,” Mom said.

“Yep, he’s experiencing his first prostate orgasm, and I think he likes bahis şirketleri it,” Lisa said.

I began to pant and shake on top of Lacy. I couldn’t control myself, totally overcome by the pleasure flooding my body as Lisa continued to work my prostate over. It was difficult to breath and I no longer could hold myself off of Lacy, falling on to her with all my weight. I can’t explain it well enough to make you understand how good it felt or how it felt but just know it was exceedingly enjoyable so much I had never been so seemingly out of control of my own body before, even when drunk.

“I think he’s had enough or Lacy might get crushed,” Mom said.

“Okay,” Lisa said, pulling her finger out of my ass as I continued to be overwhelmed and incapable of anything really.

Mom and Lisa rolled me off of Lacy and I lay on my back, staring at the ceiling until the sensation’s slowly left my body.

“Wow, you really did a number on him,” Lacy said.

“Yeah, I wasn’t quite expecting that much of a reaction.”

“You okay, Luke?” Mom asked.

“Mmmm, yeah… fuck yes I am. Lisa that was incredible.”

“And you were worried; see what happens when you try new things.”

“How was I supposed to know it would feel like that?”

“You weren’t but I bet you’re glad it did.”

Lisa had opened a new chapter of pleasure I never knew existed and was scared to even try until now. I wondered if there was anything else her schooling had taught my naughty big sister.

“You have no idea. By the way, what did you use for lube?” I asked.

She started laughing, “My own personal recipe, right from my pussy.”

Mom started to laugh, and Lacy just shook her head.

“Well, at least his cock’s still hard,” Lacy said, rolling onto me and working my hard shaft back into her with no hands.

“I guess I’m going to have to fuck you now,” she said looking down at me.

It was odd, I expected my cock to explode as soon as she began riding me but the prostate massage had a strange effect on my cock. It remained hard but took a while before the pleasure returned enough to raise my balls and approach climax from the penile stimulation. By then, Lacy was well on her way to her own as I played with her tits and enjoyed the visual of her hot little body riding my big long cock. I felt weak from the new orgasm but I was slowly recovering lying on my back and letting Lacy do all the work. She rode my cock so well and touching her exceptional body only increased my stimulation.

“You ready for your first anal lesson?” Lisa asked.

“Umm… I guess…. yes, I think I am,” Lacy answered as her confidence grew.

“Okay, now just relax, this shouldn’t hurt a bit.”

I felt Lisa’s hand steal some of the juice off my cock and begin to smear it around Lacy’s tight hole. Lacy stopped riding me and I saw her hold her breath as Lisa got ready to stick her finger into Lacy’s butt.

“She’s really tight, wow,” Lisa said.

“Just go slow. She’ll open up,” Mom instructed, watching carefully from behind Lacy’s tense body.

I could feel her pussy tighten up when her ass did, she was fighting it, it seemed, not relaxing like she should.

“Ohhh…. Ohhh wow… okay that’s not bad… ohhh shit it does feel different,” Lacy said and I assumed Lisa had managed to get her finder inside.

“I’ll just hold it here if you want to move again on Luke.”

“Okay,” Lacy panted and I could see the effect the added digit was having on her.

“Just ride him slow, enjoy it,” Mom said.

Lacy’s face was pure bliss, she even closed her eyes and rose steadily up and fell back down on me.

“You’re right about his dick, I’m addicted as well,” Lacy said as her climax took over her body.

I held her steady as she shook and convulsed on my cock and Lisa’s finger, pushing me very close to my own orgasm. She was making small movements on my dick as her pussy tightened and pulsed, stimulating my head so well I was going to cum.

“I’m real close, like going to blow any second,” I said.

Lacy looked disappointed but rolled off of me anyway and my mother grabbed my cock and began to stroke it, pushing me over the limit and causing my dick to erupt in a high burst of very white semen. I had never seen it that color before nor the thickness as it arched up out of my shaft and cascaded down onto my stomach. It must have been the massage, Lisa must have released some deep seated cum and now it was spurting out of me in gobs.

Mom kept stroking and my cock kept sending the bright white ropes out onto my body as I jerked and flinched with each contraction.

“Wow, look at him go!” Lisa cheered.

“That’s pretty cool to see that,” Lacy added “more fun than the condom.”

“It’s so white this time,” Mom added.

“And thick,” Lisa said touching the lines of cum on my stomach.

She tasted it and dipped her fingers in for more, “Pretty good.”

Mom let go of my cock and it fell to my tummy, among the puddles of cum and began to shrink. Lisa moved right in and began to lick off my semen and suck the end of my penis. She seemed to be the only one that wanted to eat it because neither Mom nor Lacy moved forward. They just watched Lisa lick me clean and swallow my thick load on her own. She ate everything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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