Summer of ’87

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The summer of 1987 was by far my best and I’m sure I’ll never forget it. I had just completed my junior year of college and was going back to be a senor in the fall. My grades were good and I just about had a lock on graduating with honors next year. As soon as I graduated, I was to head right into the company firm and as far as I could see my life as a kid would be over.

I believed my dad shared these same feelings with me. Therefore, as both a reward for my hard work and as a farewell gesture to my youth he gave me both the lake house and the boat for the summer. This of course, included the company credit card that went with the house. As I have enjoyed the generosity of my parents all my life, don’t expect me to apologize for it now.

I’ve spent many summers at the lake but this would be the first on my own. I’m sure dad wanted me to enjoy myself but I think he wanted it to be a test of my responsibility as well. As I said earlier, I felt this would be my last summer of freedom and I planned to enjoy it to its fullest, I just hopped I didn’t end up disappointing dad.

My first morning, I called Hal our boat mechanic to come check out the Spectre. It was a beautiful boat with a huge engine and I wanted to be sure that she was running perfectly before I hit the water with her. I’d been told she was capable of speeds in excess of a hundred miles per hour and I thought this would be the summer to find out. As I waited for Hal I got on the phone to see who was here, of course, the only one I cared about was Penny. I knew my summer wouldn’t start until I could be with her.

I had many friends who either lived or as I did, spent the summer around the lake. Of all of them, I think I enjoyed Penny the most, she was adventurous, she liked to have fun, and damn I thought she was sexy. I know many of my friends called her fat but no one would deny she had a cute face and even cuter boobs. Her eyes were the bright blue that my art teacher would have called cerulean. With a tiny button nose and a big smile full of straight white teeth, I found her look pretty. Her ever present ponytail, long and blond was sexy to me as it bounced and swung while she either danced on the shore or skied behind my boat. My thoughts of her ran along the lines of voluptuous, yes, her belly was kind of soft and full, but with those huge jugs of hers plus her big ass that just cried out to be squeezed who looked at her stomach. She had no qualms about showing off her curves in one of her tiny bikinis and after a couple of rum and cokes; she often would be the first girl to shed her top. She was one of those rare toe-heads who by the end of summer had transferred her skin color from pale white to a honey brown.

I dialed her number with thoughts of lust on my mind, her hello even sounded sexy.

“Why Teddy Johnson, however did you know I was lying here thinking of you?”

“I bet you say that to every boy who calls you. I’m having the boat inspected as we speak, so you want to go skiing when he’s done?”

“But I want you here right now,” she sounded petulant, “You know Teddy, I’m escort bostancı laying here naked, can you guess what my hand is doing.”

Damn I had an instant boner as thoughts of seeing her naked and playing with herself ran through my head.

“How about I drive over now and we can come back here later to ski?”

I yelled to Hal as I ran out the door to lock up when he was done and I was off. I know I drove like a man possessed and I guess that’s what I was, I couldn’t get that mental image of her out of my head. I knocked once and then let myself in, walking through her little cottage to the porch out back.

There she was naked as promised, sitting on an Adirondack. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted back with her pony hanging down. She had her big thighs wrapped around the arms of the chair and both hands between her legs. Her ponytail swung as her body rocked against the onslaught of her own two hands. When she came, it was with a grunt and a great heaving followed by a spasm as her clit was now too electrified for even her own hands. Her head still tilted back, she opened her eyes to look at me.

“I knew you were there sweetie, it made me hot to cum for you. Oh I see you liked it as well.”

She reached out to grasp my erection through my shorts. I told her she better stop or I’d make a mess,

“Can I do you, come on drop those pants I wana do you.”

I did as she asked and watched in amazement as she leaned over to jack me off as she watched close. I warned her I was ready which only made her speed up. I came in great ropes, shooting across her deck, it’s funny, but I remember watching that ponytail of hers swaying in time with her hand movements. When I finally finished she gave the tip a kiss and then handed me a tissue for me to clean up my mess. As I dabbled and daubed the remains of my shotgun blasts of sperm, Penny put her suit on. As we walked out the door, she grabbed a cover-up and we headed for the Nook for some breakfast.

By the time we got back to my place, the calm morning glassiness of the lake had turned to afternoon chop. We decided to stay in and see if what kind of mischief we could get into. We sat on my deck drinking Heinis, as Penny got naked to work on her tan. When I went inside to get another round, I brought a bottle of Jager out with me. Penny accused me of trying to get her drunk but she took a shot with me and then another.

By four we were both half-baked by sun on the outside and Jagermeister on the inside. We went in to get out of the heat and find something to eat. I was glad to see that Yolanda the housekeeper had brought in some supplies in anticipation of my arrival. We feasted on cold chicken and even colder champagne along with a salad thrown together by Penny. After lunch, Penny asked me to oil her body and I readily agreed. Still naked she lay down on her back and I liberally poured the oil on her belly and tits. I was taking great delight in rubbing it in to her skin, her body was soft to my touch and I was sending waves of pleasure through both her and myself. Her nipples ümraniye escort stood erect as I pinched them with my oily hands. I worked my way down to her hairless snatch and then as a tease, I reversed and started at her feet. It felt so erotic massaging her toes as I took each one separately in my fingers. I worked my way up her legs doing both, ankle to knee and when I got to her thighs, she put her foot on my shoulder for support as I vigorously rubbed in the oil. She spread herself apart for me with her fingers and as I rubbed the oil into her snatch, she watched me. My fingers coated with the oil, I pinched her clit repeatedly only to have it slip from my oily grasp. Suddenly she grabbed my hand in both of hers and she held it in place as she orgasmed.

My erection was throbbing but I wasn’t through and I told her to turn over. Her legs already done I started at the nape of her neck. With her ponytail draped over her shoulder, I worked the oil across her back and down. At her bum, I stopped and poured a generous amount and let it trickle down her crack. I knelt between her legs spreading them apart with my knees. After working the oil into her ass I worked on her crack and then on her tiny pink rosebud. I had no idea if Penny liked her ass penetrated but when my finger slipped past her sphincter, her moan told me, she did. I worked my finger slowly into her ass and soon she was pushing back against my thrusts. I worked another finger in easily and once she was thoroughly open I replaced my fingers with the head of my cock. She rose up on her knees eager to receive me. I wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt her but she kept pushing back taking more of me in and then in one lunge I was buried in her ass, balls deep. I stopped to let her catch her breath but soon she was rocking back and forth so I began to move as well. The feeling was heavenly as her ass so tight and yet so lubed made me slide in and out with ease. I told her I was ready to cum and she begged me to leave it in so I came deep inside her ass.

We took a little nap side by side and later awoke refreshed and ready for more. We fucked twice more that night and then after a midnight bowl of ice cream we slept the night through. In the morning we were both awakened by the sound of a powerful boat motor, I knew it had to be Rod and when I looked out the window, I saw I was right.

I put on my suit and Penny her cover-up and we went out on the deck to meet him.

“Man you two look like shit, you party all night? Come on guys you’re missing all this glass, grab you ski and I’ll pull you.”

I looked out on the lake and other than the wake that Ron’s Tige had made it was smooth as you could get it. First Penny ran back in and put on her suit then jumped in to observe. Ron threw me the line, I put on my ski and told him to hit it, once the slack was gone I jumped off the dock and we were racing across the lake. We made it all the way around and back to my dock in less than an hour but my body felt as if I’d skied for hours. I coasted into the shore exhausted but exhilarated as well. I was in kartal escort bayan pretty good shape as I had played on the university tennis team last semester but I guess skiing uses different muscles.

Penny was next and she asked for not too far or too fast. I observed and we gave her a nice short ride and when she tired, she simply let go of the rope. I drove for Ron’s turn and mister daredevil wanted it fast and furious. He used a board and knew more tricks than I could believe. Jumping and twisting on his board, he always looked as if ready to crash but he never did. We ended up at Cafe on the Water where we tied up at their dock and had breakfast washed down with bloody Marys on their patio. Of course, they all knew us well there and I just put our lunch on my tab.

Ron asked us if we were going to the big barbecue and bond fire at south end that night. I said sure but Penny said that she had a date in town and in fact would be gone all weekend. I was glad to hear this because I didn’t want Penny to get any ideas about us being exclusive and I guess she felt the same. After breakfast, Ron dropped us off at my place and then Penny said she should be going as well. I told her I’d take her home in the boat, as I wanted to see how she ran. Once I got Penny home, I put my foot in it and my Spectre flew as it bounced along the tops of the afternoon chop.

That night I met Susan at the big bash; I had seen her before but never had the opportunity to talk to her. I already knew she was sexy by the way she looked but I was glad to find she had a sense of humor as well. We ended up back at my place and I was so happy that Yolanda had stopped by that day to tidy up. Susan was not as sexy as Penny and I felt as if she needed far too much foreplay to get in the mood. Not that foreplay is a bad thing, it was just I was ready long before she was. No matter for she still was a great piece of ass and I managed to fill two condoms that night. In the morning, I took her back to south end to get her car and as I left, she gave me her cell number and invited me to call anytime. I did keep her number but I never called.

The rest of my summer went pretty much the same, skiing all the glass we could get in the morning, in the afternoon hanging out and maybe a boat ride across the lake. At night, we partied as we all took turns hosting to minimize the damage. If I may boast, I ended up sleeping with four different women that summer somehow managing to keep all of them happy and yet not snagged by any of them. Penny was the most fun and she was the only one I kept hooking up with and the only one I miss. I promised her I’d keep in touch but once back in school I soon forgot my promise.

After that summer I never got back with Penny again and I think that’s the biggest mistake of my life. I ended up marring Sharon from school, she is the perfect corporate wife, and that’s good. Often, late at night, after we’ve made love I think back on that summer and Penny who loved all things sexual. She not only enjoyed it she made sure you enjoyed it as well and believe me I miss that. I know that Kyrkjebø, sang “You Can’t go Back,” and she was right but if I just had one chance I’d return to that summer of 1987. That last summer of a carefree life and maybe one more time with Penny, if not the girl of my dreams at least the girl of my fantasizes.

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