Summer Camp Ch. 02

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Sarah looked at Chloe in shock, awe and horror. At once she realised that she not only had a twin sister who she did not know about, but that she was also making out with her, and planning to do much, much more.

Chloe had to get off of Sarah’s body and just sit beside her on the bed, as she too was equally freaked out by this revelation.

Sarah repeated Chloe’s words from just a few moments ago “We’re twins?!”

“Erm yeah I guess so. We do look alike after all. Before I went red I was a natural brunette”

Chloe spoke, with less confidence than her usual demeanour.

“My mum told me when I was 16 that I was adopted, but you know, I never would have thought that I had a sister, let alone a twin”

Chloe looked into Sarah’s eyes and just saw her own staring back at her. She reached out her fingers to touch those of her sisters, trying to comfort her.

Both girls’ fingers interlocked and an electric jolt shot through them in that moment. There was an attraction, an undeniable lust that was present between them, yet things just couldn’t happen between them.

“I-I’m sorry Chloe, this is just all a bit too weird for me right now. I hope you understand”

Sarah grabbed her things in a hurry, throwing on her dress as best she could as she almost ran out of the door, and into the dark night of the campsite, finding her way back to her own room.

As Sarah fumbled about in the dimly lit campsite, she managed to do up her dress and put her shoes on so that she at least looked halfway decent to anybody that might walk by.

A few minutes later she arrived back at her room. Upon opening the door she could immediately see the difference between her room and Chloe’s. What she once thought of as her palace, her safe zone from the horrid staff now looked like a shanty in comparison.

Switching on the lights she saw her basic brown leather sofa, slightly worn from years of camp residents sitting on it, and her small, basic television with rubbish aerial reception.

She slumped down onto the sofa, taking in its familiar musty smell combined with her own perfume from when she was getting ready.

Turning on the television the only channel available was the local news, which she’d always found boring before, but now it was a welcome background noise, drowning out her thoughts of what actually had gone on this night.

It was late, and Sarah really needed to sleep. Normally she would have slept naked, but as being naked reminded her too much of tonight’s activities she decided to wear a pair of shorts and her boyfriend’s loose tee-shirt which smelled slightly of him still.

Standing in front of the mirror Sarah slipped out of her dress. As it fell away from her body she noticed a distinct red mark on her breast. Stepping closer to the mirror she noticed it was an imprint of Chloe’s lipstick lips, left there almost like a present, canlı bahis but to Sarah it was a reminder, a dirty reminder.

She went into the bathroom and got her sponge and wet it under the tap. She scrubbed the mark, but like the person who left it, it was stubborn and would not come off straight away. Sarah got annoyed with Chloe for leaving it there, but she was also annoyed at herself for letting it happen.

Sarah scrubbed harder and while it eventually came off, she was in tears by the time it had, buckling down onto her knees and sobbing into her hands.

The next morning was the official start of camp and a 6 a.m. wakeup was definitely not the thing that Sarah had wanted. She just wanted to sleep, to forget it ever happened and to hopefully not bump into Chloe.

She sluggishly got up and dressed into ‘camp appropriate’ clothing, which consisted of a tee-shirt and shorts for Sarah, with sensible walking shoes for the dreaded hike later on today. Opening the door she saw her own face looking back at her, albeit with red hair. It was Chloe, with a big smile on her face.

“Good morning happy camper, how’re you feeling today?”

“I hate that stupid catchphrase, and especially from you Chloe” Sarah said, looking angrily at Chloe.

“Geez, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or in the wrong bed this morning” Chloe winked as she finished her sentence.

Sarah couldn’t help but smile. “Shut up, shut up. That didn’t happen last night ok? It can never happen again either! You’re my sister, let alone my own twin”

“Oh shh. You and I both know before we found out we were into it. You can’t deny that. Now come on, I’m supposed to get you for today’s camp activities” Chloe tried grabbing Sarah’s hand, and although she caught it for a second, Sarah shook it off.

“Stop it, you can’t do that” Sarah said angrily.

As both girls started walking up towards the main hall they passed by people who kept staring at them, doing a double-take on the girls, as if they couldn’t believe what they were looking at.

Sarah looked worried and spoke up “Why is everybody staring at us? Did you tell anybody what we did?”

“Of course I didn’t, don’t be silly. They’re probably staring at us because we’re twins and we look alike” Chloe looked over at Sarah and smiled at her.

“Urgh don’t remind me. Can we just get through today and well the entire summer please? I don’t really want this lingering over us”

The two girls approached the door of the main hall and walked in. It was a huge room with big, bright photographs of nature and the surrounding area hung up on the walls. Sarah always noticed the big, creepy old painting of the founder of the camp hung up at the other end of the hall from the doors. She noticed that it always seemed as if he was staring at you as soon as you walked in. There were lots of dining tables, all exactly bahis siteleri the same, and all which seated four people except for the staff table which was big enough so that it could seat all twenty of them.

Chloe walked over to the left, where all of the other staff members were waiting and Sarah walked over to the right, where the campers were waiting. The leader of the camp spoke out and told everyone to be seated as breakfast was going to be served.

All of the younger campers rushed about to try and sit with their friends and when the buzz was over there was only a few tables remaining. Sarah found one which was empty and sat down on her own. She didn’t really want to mingle with anyone today.

The camp’s chefs entered shortly after Sarah sat down and then they rushed about the hall delivering food onto each and every table. Once they had finished a wave of noise washed over the hall as the sound of people eating and scratching plates with their knives and forks happened in unison.

Sarah ate what little she wanted, and poked at the rest.

Over the noise of everybody eating she could just hear a female voice “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap I’m late!”

A petite, only five foot tall girl ran into the hall and quickly flicked her shoulder length blonde hair from side to side in the hope of finding a place to sit down. She spotted Sarah’s table and hurriedly went to sit down.

“H-hey there. I’m sorry I’m late. It won’t happen again”

“No need to apologise to me. I’m not staff” Sarah said apathetically.

“Oh I thought you were, I’ve seen you about in a staff outfit. Do you wear a wig or have you just recently dyed your hair or something? I swear you had red hair when I saw you”

The mysterious girl placed her head to one side and looked closely at Sarah, trying to examine her hair.

“No I don’t wear a wig or dye my hair. You saw my twin sister” Sarah received a spark up her spine which made her shiver at those words.

“Are you cold? I’m not surprised. The door is open and you’re barely wearing anything. That’s cool that you have a twin though. Sorry, I’m rude for not introducing myself. I’m Heather”

“Hey Heather. I’m Sarah, and my twin that you saw, she’s Chloe”

“Aww you guys have cute names”

Heather grabbed some food off of the plates on the table and ate a little bit before the Camp Leader spoke out and told everybody that breakfast was finished and to make their way to the entrance to the camp.

The same buzz that happened when breakfast was served was heard here now too. Everybody got up and walked outside and to the entrance. Sarah and Heather were lagging behind everybody else but eventually they too wandered outside into the bright sunshine, a remarkable contrast from the electrically lit main hall.

At the front gates the camp leader told everybody to group up and that they’d be assigned bahis şirketleri a staff member to keep them safe. The younger members grouped up into the exact same groups that they were in from breakfast and each had a member of staff leading them in front.

Dragging behind at the back was Sarah and Heather, without any staff supervision and quite a way behind the rest of the groups. The two girls passed some trees and were going into a wooded area without clear sightlines of the main group.

Out of nowhere two hands grabbed Sarah’s shoulders “Heyargh!”

Sarah jumped in fright and Heather screamed at the sudden movement.

A girly laugh was heard behind them. “You two should really watch out, you never know who’s lurking in these woods. I could have been a sexual predator!”

The girls turned around and saw Chloe, who just laughed at their annoyed faces.

“I thought you were a sexual predator anyway?” Sarah spoke with a sarcastic tone.

“Oh well I am, but shh don’t tell anyone else” Chloe looked at Heather and winked.

“Hey Blondie, welcome to camp. Sorry about the scare, it’s just a sisterly thing. I’m sure you understand. My name is Chloe”

“H-Hi there. I’m Heather. Yeah Sarah said your name was Chloe. I saw you yesterday actually, walking to the ball in your red dress. You looked very pretty”

“Aw, thanks beaut. I’m sure you looked lovely too. Nice to see my dear old sister has been talking about me though. She was a little grumpy this morning, so it’s good to hear she’s cheered up a bit”

Sarah looked very angry at this point but daren’t say anything in case she said anything about last night in front of Heather.

“Are you two close sisters? Do you get along?”

“Oh yeah, we get on very well and we’re super close” Chloe said, winking at both girls, emphasising ‘very’ and ‘super close’.

“Argh shut up Chloe” Sarah said, pushing Chloe with a hard force to Sarah’s right.

Chloe virtually flew as she was pushed and she stumbled into the bushes, through the bushes and out onto the other side where there was a steep ditch.

“Crap” Chloe shouted as she teetered over the edge and began to fall down.

A thud was heard when Chloe landed at the bottom.

“Oh no! Do you think she’s alright?” Heather had a worried tone in her voice.

“Should we rescue her?”

“Heather you go on ahead and find the others. Tell them that Chloe fell and that I’ll take her back to the infirmary”


Heather ran off in search of the others while Sarah traversed through the bushes and found Chloe lying there at the bottom of the ditch.

“H-hey up there. This hurts you know”

Chloe laughed but coughed in pain “Ow”

Sarah tried to climb down carefully, and just about managed it but she needed to take a small leap at the end which landed her beside Chloe.

“Ok, take my hand and I’ll try to get you up and out of here”

Chloe grabbed Sarah’s hand but instead of letting Sarah pull her up, Chloe pulled Sarah down on top of her.

“How about a little sisterly fun in the mud?”

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