Strip Club with Aunt Alex

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It was the summer after I graduated from college and my job didn’t start for two weeks. I took the opportunity to travel out to New York to visit my aunt Alex. I had always thought Alex was a beautiful woman and we always enjoyed time spent together but I could have never suspected how memorable this trip would turn out.

My aunt Alex was 38 years old. She had been married once but it has been a couple of years since the divorce. She never had any kids so she has been able to maintain a beautiful figure on her five foot six inch frame. She has brown hair with blue eyes, a combination on a woman that always draws me in. Physically she is still in great shape. She didn’t quite have the same tightness she did when she was 27 – I can still remember admiring the tight bikinis she would wear. This is a more mature Alex. An aunt, like wine, that has matured with age. A woman who is still in her sexual prime and isn’t afraid to show that side to the right person. She has beautiful B cup breasts that are still pretty perky, an ass that a man could easily grab in enjoyment and hips that flare out just enough to illustrate the pure sexuality that a man craves for in a woman.

Just out of college, I am 22 years old. I am six foot one inch, a solid 180 pounds with blondish hair and blue eyes. I couldn’t help but be sad that college had ended but on the same token excited to start the next chapter in my life. The job I was going to start would set me up for a nice career but would also require a lot of hard work. Taking some personal time before the hell started sounded like a great idea. I had never been to New York so visiting Alex accomplished the goal of seeing my favorite aunt as well as a landmark city. My trip was scheduled for Wednesday through Sunday. Unfortunately, Alex could not get off of work during the week, but that was alright.

The weekdays had a pretty basic routine to them. During the day I would travel the subway and wander around Manhattan with no real goals or agenda. I visited all of the touristy locations and ate some of the classic New York food. By six o’clock, I would be back at my aunt’s apartment in Brooklyn so we could eat dinner and spend time together. Wednesday through Friday we kept things pretty relaxed. We went out for dinner, had a drink or two and went to bed at a reasonable hour.

During the day on Saturday we explored the city a bit together. We went to an outdoor market, we wandered around Central Park and generally enjoyed our last full day together. For the last meal of the trip, we planned on a nice dinner out at a steak house. Unfortunately, her current boyfriend, Mike, would be joining us. The dinner, despite the undesired company, went well. We enjoyed a couple of drinks, ate a wonderful meal and was in no rush to finish. Conversation was pretty mundane and typical. We talked about my time in college, my plans now that I graduated, the upcoming job that I was about to start and any women that were in my life right now. When discussing women the conversation became interesting when we side tracked and started talking about strip clubs. I mentioned that I had an interest in going to Scores, the iconic New York strip club. It was a topic I was hesitant to bring up in front of my aunt but the alcohol in my system threw any inhibitions out the window. Alex and I had always been close so I knew that she wouldn’t be offended, I just wasn’t sure of her opinion on the matter. Surprisingly, the topic piqued her interest! She said that she had never been to a strip club but confided that she had always been interested in going and said that if there was ever a time it was tonight!

Mike and I got very excited at this opening and the three of us agreed that after dinner finished that we would all go to Scores. This showed me a whole new side to my aunt and I was very impressed that she would be willing to go. It also turned me on thinking of her by my side in such a sexually charged club. I figured that this was a once in a life time opportunity and that if I passed this up that I would never get the chance again. Little did I know that it was this experience that would open our world and break down all inhibitions that we had towards each other.

After dinner, we jumped into Mike’s car to drive to Scores. He owned a BMW two seat coup so Alex was forced to sit on my lap. The night was young and we only had a couple drinks in us but we were looking forward to turning a good night into a great night. I have to admit that it was erotic to feel my aunt’s ass on my crotch on the drive to the club. I definitely felt a slight tingle in my balls but I attributed it more to the inevitable prospect of having a woman rubbing her tits in my face than from my aunt sitting on my lap. At this point I probably had the same thoughts as Mike, that he would be the one to satisfy my aroused aunt after the club while I stroked myself to completion in the other room.

We get into the club and get seated in the middle of the room. We are at a comfortable bench that forces us to sit side by side but we are facing the main stage. Alex sits in between me and Mike, puts a hand on each of our thighs and exclaims canlı bahis how excited she is that we were there. We order a round of drinks and settle back to watch the show. The smile on Alex’s face was ear to ear and I could tell that she would get into it and really enjoy herself.

The first girl stepped up onto the main stage. She was probably about 22 with dark tan skin bleach blond hair and a skimpy bikini. She had long firm legs, a beautiful firm ass and fake but very luscious C cup tits. By every man’s definition this woman was smoking hot and I couldn’t help but notice that Alex’s eyes were glued to her! Just like I was the moment before, Alex was checking out every inch of this woman’s body. She was studying the dancers every move and expressing amazement at the lithe ability she was able to smoothly and sexually dance upon the pole. Mike handed her a dollar bill and told her to give the dancer a tip. Eyes wide with amazement and excitement, my lovely aunt took the dollar and walked up to the stage. The dancer noticed my aunt’s approach right away. She crawled on all fours to my aunt, caressed her tits in front of Alex’s face, turned around and gave her ass a slap. On cue, my aunt slipped the single into the dancers bikini bottoms before turning and practically skipping back to the seat between us. As if the dancer wasn’t enough the vision of my aunt getting her first dance in a strip club caused a twitch in my dick.

After this dance she became very confident in the environment. She started looking around the room at all the women and asking us which one’s we liked. A couple minutes after her arrival from the stage the first woman approach our area and asked if we would like a massage. She was wearing more clothes than all the other women so wasn’t revealing much but she was actually very attractive. Checking her out, I was slow at hearing her question so was amazed when I heard Alex saying that I (her nephew) would love a massage!

Really?!? Is my aunt going to buy me a massage? The masseuse stepped up on the bench and asked me to scoot forward so that she could sit above and behind me on the top of the bench. With her legs straddling my body I felt her warm hands strongly start massaging my shoulders. I figured this would be a good indication as to how my aunt would react when I got a real dance so I leaned back a little and started enjoying the massage. All of a sudden I feel a third hand rubbing against my body, this one on my thigh, and I notice that it is Alex!

“Are you enjoying the massage?” I’m not sure if she is talking about her own hand rubbing up and down my leg getting dangerously close to my semi erect dick or the masseuse’s but it doesn’t matter because the answer to both questions are the same.

“Yeah, it feels good. You didn’t have to get it for me though.”

“This is our last night together and I want to enjoy it!” she says.

The massage ends and my aunt pays the masseuse the money owed. Giddy at how the evening is turning out, she looks around the room for the next woman to please one of her men. Rounds of drinks continue coming to the table and level of intoxication increases as the night develops. Mike and I each get a couple dances, typically with women that Alex chooses. If a woman came up to us that was mediocre or not good looking then she would be the one who turned them away. I have to admit, though, that her intuition in our taste of women was always spot on. The women that made the cut always gave good dances and it appeared that Alex enjoyed watching as much as we enjoyed receiving them.

“So which of these women would you like a dance from?” I ask.

“Huh? Me get a dance?”

“Hell yeah, you are so into it you should get the full experience!” I say. “My treat for the massage.”

“Well,” she hesitates “that blond has been giving other men good dances, I wouldn’t mind getting one from her.”

I make eye contact with the dancer Alex is referring to and call her over. I tell her that my aunt would like her first dance at a strip club. The dancer smiles seductively and tells my aunt that she is going to have one hell of a show. Any guy who has seen another woman getting a dance at a strip club knows that there are very few rules amongst women. Guys can’t touch a thing but a woman can cross those lines. This is what I was hoping for when I offered the dance and this is exactly what happened!

The stripper starts off my straddling Alex and rubbing her tits in her face. Immediately upon contact my aunt shoots her hand out and again grabs my thigh. Just as quick as the shock came she relaxed and started enjoying the moment. Her hand loosed on my thigh and started rubbing up and down. She needed her hands to do something and she did not yet realize that she could caress the woman dancing on top of her. The dancer leans back, giving my aunt an opportunity to take a breath, and instructs her to caress and squeeze her boobs. I did not enjoy my aunt’s hand leaving my thigh but my dick felt an amazing jolt of energy course through it once I saw her cup the dancer’s natural C cup breasts. Not to be left out, the dancer amazingly lowers her head into bahis siteleri my aunt’s chest. She squeezes Alex’s breasts together and gives a couple of quick pecks to the cleavage showing between the fabric of my aunt’s blouse. Alex’s body reacts immediately her back arches and she pushes her boobs further into the dancers face. A wild smile of astonishment and exhilaration cracks her lips.

After giving my aunt one hell of a tease, the dancer decided to mix it up and give my aunt a different perspective. She stood up, turned around, straddled my aunt’s legs and bent over showing off her nice ass. Not needing a second invitation Alex’s hands shot up to the dancer’s ass and started massaging her cheeks. She leaned in and got so close that I thought that she would either kiss it or bite it, unfortunately, neither happened. The dancer leans back and places her back directly on my aunts chest. Alex takes advantage of the new position. She reaches up and grabs those supple breasts for a second time. The song finishes moments later and I can see the disappointment on my aunt’s face. She clearly enjoyed the dance. I hand my aunt the cash for the dance and she gets one last touch of the dancer’s leg before the moment is officially ended.

“Wow” is all Alex can manage as she watches the dancers hips sway side to side as she heads back to the dressing room.

We all realize that the best part of the night at this club just happened and that it was time to leave. We finish our drinks and head for the door. Mike drove us back to Alex’s place in Brooklyn. Alex again sat on my lap and this time it was a lot more erotic. Thoughts of the back massage, the dances I had gotten and the dance that Alex got were going through my mind, but the feeling of my aunt’s hands rubbing up and down my thighs was the one thing constantly nagging at me. And now that she was again sitting on my lap I could not help but getting aroused. My dick could sense her soft ass and slowly grew to its full six and a half inches. I could tell that she felt me, I could even swear that she was slowly grinding her ass into my throbbing dick.

A few blocks from her apartment she says, “Do you mind just dropping me and my nephew off at my place?”

“Huh?” Mike asks with a mix of surprise and sexual frustration.

“It’s been a long day and I just need to unwind for a little bit so I can get a good night sleep. Sorry, I know you are all worked up but tonight’s not good. I’ll call you tomorrow.” Alex says.

Just then we pull up in front of her apartment. He looks over with a bit of disappointment in his eyes and nods approval. “Ok” he says.

Alex and I get out of the car and head into her apartment. Once inside, she goes to the bathroom so I head to the spare bedroom to change. My mind again starts racing and brining up all the erotic moments at the strip club. By instinct I unzip my pants and pull my hard dick out of my boxers. I take my erect cock in my hand and give it a couple strokes, the vision of my aunt’s face in the dancer’s boobs encouraging me.

Suddenly, I hear the toilet flush and am rudely torn away from my fantasy. I heard her footsteps walking to her bedroom and knew that I just avoided being caught masturbating. I finish getting undressed but decide that it is not time to go to bed yet. I throw on a pair of mesh shorts and a tee shirt.

After going to the bathroom and giving my dick a minute to deflate I went to the living room to watch a little tv. Jerking off to my aunt seemed ok but I wanted to make sure that she was also in bed so that I wouldn’t get caught in the act. I was sitting on the couch looking for something to watch when she walked out of her bedroom. She was wearing a see through black one piece teddy and a black thong. I knew then the effect the club and car ride home had on her. I could see her hard nipples poking against the transparent material.


“Uh…what?” I said.

I said: “I had a great time tonight, did you enjoy yourself?”

“You know I did! I still can’t believe how into it you were. Have you really never been to a strip club before tonight?!?”

“No, I had not. I was never with a man that I felt comfortable going with. I have had some kinky partners in the past but it takes a special connection for a woman to feel comfortable in that situation.” She slowly walks over to the couch and sits down next to me. “I probably would not have gone if it was just Mike and I but as soon as I heard you were interested in going I knew I wanted to.” She puts her left hand on my thigh and gives me a sweet yet wicked smile.

Now that I am wearing my mesh workout shorts there is not much between her hand and my dick, and with a mind of its own it decides to start growing again. I put my arm around her and pull her in for a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. “I’m glad that you felt comfortable. You definitely gave me a night to remember!” Her arms wrap around me, a temporary relief of more embarrassment and my hard dick poking another of her body parts.

“Well,” Alex starts. “I was hoping that you would be open for one more dance for the night?” I look at her curiously bahis şirketleri so she continues. “I felt how hard you got when we were driving home and I couldn’t tell if it was from me or if you were just thinking of the women at the club.”

“To be honest, it was you that got me aroused, having my arms wrapped around you and your ass in my crotch was too much. I know that you are my aunt and I was feeling a little weird about it so I tried thinking of all the dances but in the moment it was all you.” I blushed.

“Good!” Alex exclaims. She straddles me on the couch and whispers in my ear “how about a dance then nephew? I got so wet on the ride home and want to show my appreciation. Plus, I bet I can give you a better dance than those bimbos at the club

I wrap my arms around her and cup her ass, “Sure, I would love one last dance for the night!”

Alex stands up, turns off the tv and puts some dance music on. Her back is to me and her hips start wiggling to the beat of the music. She turns her head and catches me staring at her beautiful ass. She lifts up her teddy revealing only the black thong; she slightly bends over and gives her ass a slap. “You want a little closer look of this ass?” she asks.

“Oh yeah” I say. She walks over to me, moves between my legs and again bends over. I reach up and tentatively cup one of her ass cheeks over her teddy with my right hand.

“Yes, I want to feel you grab my ass. Unlike those prudes at the club you can touch me however you want!” She puts her hands on my knees and gives me better access to exploring her ass. I lift up the teddy and for the first time feel the silky smooth skin of my aunt’s ass. I caress her swiveling cheeks and give her a nice little slap.

“Ohh!” she exclaims. She slowly brings her ass down into my crotch and rubs her ass against my rock hard erection. “Looks like I got your blood flowing again nephew! I know that this is turning me on.”

I put my hands on her hips and pull her back to my chest. I place my left hand on her stomach and slowly slide my right hand up to cup her left breast. I can feel her hard nipple through her teddy and hear a gasp escape from my aunt’s lips. Realizing this was an opening, I reach up and pull the strap of her teddy down and release her left breast. I cup her beautiful B cup in my hand and place her nipple between my fingers. Her body becomes completely relaxed as she starts getting the attention she was hoping for.

“Oh Alex,” I whisper in her ear, “your boobs are so perky and perfect. Can you turn around so I can see them and have you rub them in my face? I would really love that!”

With no need to say anything, Alex stands up turns around and straddles me. I reach down and slowly pull her teddy over her head. I reach up with both hands and start caressing her breasts. I pull her close and take her left nipple into my mouth. Moans start escaping her lips again as I lick, suck and nibble on her hard pebble sized nipples. I slowly work my way back from one to the other, reveling in the fact that I have my aunt’s nipples in my mouth and her warm crotch hovering above my rock hard dick.

I look up and our eyes meet. We can look into each other’s soul and can the others desires. We know that we have gotten into the land of taboo and neither of us cares, our carnal sexual desire will rule the night and will dictate what we do. I am not her nephew at this moment and she is not my aunt. Right now we are two extremely aroused adults who want each other. We are two horny people who need each other. In response, she bends toward me and places her full lips against mine. We both feel the electricity of the night transfer through the other’s lips. Our mouths open and our tongues find each other’s. It takes only moments before we are kissing with a level of reckless passion. Without breaking our kiss, I lay her down on the couch and get between her legs.

For a moment our kiss parts as she pulls the tee shirt over my head but we quickly continue the dance our tongues were doing. My bare chest now pressing against hers increases the level of electricity that we are both experiencing. Her legs wrap around my thighs and her arms wrap around my torso. She lets her hands wander around my back slowly working their way down to my ass. She cups my ass and I start to dry hump her through my shorts and her panties.

I can only allow ourselves to be teased so much. “Bedroom?” I ask.

“Yes” Alex responds.

I stand up, offer my hand and walk her hand in hand to the bedroom. Just before reaching the bed I pull her body close to mine; her back to my chest and my throbbing dick once again poking into her soft ass. I start kissing her neck, I work my way down to her shoulder and continue kissing my way down her back. I end up on my knees and my lips start exploring that soft ass I have been fantasizing about all night. Reaching up, I grab my aunt’s thong and slowly slide it down her long legs. I spin her around and sit her down on the edge of the bed. Her legs spread open awaiting my touch. I notice that she has a nice patch of pubic hair above her pussy but that her lips are cleanly shaved. I can feel the heat emanating from her and know that she needs a good licking. I teasingly kiss the inside of her thighs slowly working closer and closer to the sweet nectar that her pussy is clearly producing.

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