Straight 21 , Taken by 2 Black Gays

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


I (Charlie) turned 21 yesterday, now on Saturday I could finally legally go to the bars. I knew I needed my ID since I looked younger than 21. All 5’4″ 135lbs was dressed and ready to go when my buddy who was supposed to go with me called telling me he couldn’t go, seems he had the flu. Deciding I still wanted to go I went by myself & hopped into the new RAV4 my parents gave me yesterday.

I went to my 1st bar it was just a non-descript neighborhood place, at the door they asked for my license and after 3 minutes of questioning me they let me in. Inside there were maybe 20 people mostly in their 40’s so after one drink I left. The second bar was in the city about 15 minutes away. After another difficult time convincing them I was really 21 I was let in.

There were maybe 30-40 people, almost all guys, inside but looks like it could hold 2-3 times that many. Looking around most were in their 20’s to early 30’s and the music was pumped up loud so I decided this was more my kind of place.

Walking up to the bar I ordered a beer and found a small table and sat down. After about 10 minutes two black gentlemen approached and said hi to me, which I acknowledged back to them.

1st George introduced himself holding out his hand waiting to shake hands. He looked maybe 35 or so around 6′ 1″ and muscular about 190 lbs.

Next Jon shook my hand saying he was glad to meet me. He was I would say 25ish, taller than George at maybe 6’5″ not as muscular pendik escort bayan but maybe 220 lbs.

After introducing myself they asked what brought me here. I told them it was my 21st birthday and with that they insisted on buying me drinks.

George sat down while Jon went to the bar finally coming back with three drinks. Handing me mine they both said happy birthday and I downed it. After 2 more drinks I began feeling a bit woozy and I wasn’t able to talk, it was then each put an arm around me walking me out the door. Everyone in the bar must have thought I was drunk as I staggered as they took me out.

Once outside George looking thru my pockets found my key, after pressing the door button several times he finally found my car. After loading me inside he drove my car while Jon followed in his.

George drove into an old colonial home and parked in the garage, after pulling me out they put me on a couch in the basement.

Still unable to move I slurred the words, “what are you doing why am I here?”

George said, “you’re gonna be our little fuck boy and you’re gonna suck our big cocks. Maybe if your good I’ll suck your little white cock bitch.”

Jon came in and said, “Give him your cock George I want to see his face.”

George stood up taking his pants and underwear off, out sprang a huge fat 7″ cock that was growing bigger as it approached my mouth.

“Open up you little slut,” George hollered at me.

“No, come on man I’m not gay I don’t want to suck cock,” I slurred.

Jon grabbed maltepe escort my nose with one hand and jaw with his other pulling open my mouth. Once open George started flicking the head against my lips I was horrified to find his cock now hard was almost 8″ and fatter. Pushing his cock inside his head rammed against my tonsils causing me to gag.

George slapped my head saying, “you little pussy take it down your throat I want it deep.”

After pulling out a bit George pushed even further in, again I gagged and again I was slapped in the head. Once more pulling out he rammed it even deeper, so deep I felt my throat almost tear open, this time however I didn’t gag. To be honest I actually enjoyed the feeling once the pain went away, without realizing I began bobbing my head a little feeling it slide up & down in my throat.

“Look at this little bitch he likes it, he’s a good little cock sucker,” George screamed.

While sucking cock Jon lifted my ass up off the couch after ripping my pants down he began sticking his tongue in my naked ass. Once he soaked my hole he stood up I was still sucking George off but could see him pull off his pants and out popped a massive cock at least 9″, not as fat as George but still much fatter than my 6 1/2″ thin cock.

Jon spit into his hands and lubed his cock, then pushed his massive head against my ass. Pausing a second he said, “my cock is gonna rip your ass open boy,” then with one thrust pushed half his shaft inside.

The pain was intense as it felt like my ass was ripped wide kartal escort open. Thinking they would do even worse if I bit down on George’s cock I fought the urge to clamp down and kept sucking him off while Jon’s cock was paused in my ass. The pain lessened after a few seconds but that wasn’t to last long as Jon with one last push forced his cock almost completely inside me.

“George this boy took my whole cock,” Jon yelled.

“Ok Jon fuck that little white boy I want your cum to fill his ass as he swallows mine,” George said.

Jon Began sliding his cock in and out each time he reentered me I felt my ass tear until finally I was either too numb to feel the pain or the pain vanished. Suddenly without pain my ass felt like it was almost grabbing at his cock each time he pulled out as if it wanted it inside. Then without realizing each time he pushed in my ass pushed back against him at the same time I began sucking George’s cock to the same beat Jon was fucking my ass. Not only this but I could also feel my own cock getting rock hard as they raped me.

“Look George he’s liking this, he must love both his holes being filled,” Jon said laughing.

“I know look at this little bitch suck my cock,” George said.

Within a few minutes I could feel both cock tighten inside both my holes and suddenly my ass was being filled with cum and I was swallowing another down my throat. As they both came my own hard cock shot a load of cum all over the couch.

After they were both done Jon saw my softening cum soaked cock and said, “look this boy loved it look at that little dick.”

Both men dressed and forced a drink down my throat, I felt the same feeling as I had in the bar only this time I passed out into a deep sleep.

As I drifted off I wondered if and when they would let me go.

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