Stoned Submission Ch. 16

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Ch. 16 … is the Best Policy

Author’s Note: Reading SueDanym’s Pussy Trick for Anal Treat really helped me move on from writer’s block with this one. Recommended read.

* * *

The ding-ding of the 6:03am tram, in conjunction with a sweeper truck, stirred Grady to mumble and roll over in sleep. His cheek welcomed the refreshing cool of the pillow while his body made gentle contact with feminine warmth.

Annika was sleeping sprawled on her stomach, pillow punched and gathered beneath her ear, blankets riding low over her hips. She was a hot sleeper, breath low and heavy. Grady easily matched his breathing with hers.

Half lucid, he stroked a hand up and down her back, warm palm meeting morning fresh skin, drifting in that comfortable ‘in between’ amid sleep and dreams. Eyelids flickering with growing wakefulness, he moved his hand moved down to push the blankets away and he caressed the flesh of her buttocks.

Shadowed lilac light broke gently through curtains that weren’t drawn the night before.

Hazily registering the soft strokes on her derriere, Annika sucked in a breath before exhaling on a long sleepy sigh. Grady shifted again beside her, pushing her hair away to the side to access her neck.

Annika sighed again, turned, eyes closed, to face Grady and bask in the soft morning warmth of him. She made a small ‘hmm’ sound in the back of her throat and buried her nose in the hollow of his throat.

Emboldened by her sleepy sounds, Grady gently journeyed his fingers over Nika’s silken lips, waking her up with tender labial lip stroking, fingertips tickling. He traced her folds with middle and index fingers, up to circle her buttocks and down between her thighs, the slow rhythm of his touch almost hypnotic.

Annika sucked in a deep breath and burrowed her face between two pillows, rolling her hips.

Grady opened one eye and smiled, reading her body language perfectly.

He wriggled his middle finger between Annika’s warmth, found her engorged, wet and wanting. He rubbed the pad of his finger against her clit before sliding back to her pliant core.

Adding a second finger to his ministrations, Grady gathered her juices and spread them back over her core, probing and pressing the opening of her vagina. Seducing more lubricant from Nika. Eyes now adjusted to the dark, Grady saw her back ripple with goosebumps in response to the cool morning and the pleasure of his touch.

Grady shifted truly to his side, his chest making contact with Annika’s shoulder and upper arm. His free hand swept through her sable locks and spread across the base of her skull, fingertips digging into her scalp, sending pinpricks of pleasure down her spine. bahis firmaları Confusing nerve endings.

Slick fingers moved back up to circle around her clitoris, trapping the growing nubbin between middle and index fingers, twitching around her pleasure. Her sigh of contentment was lost between cushioned comfort.

Taking a fistful of her hair, Grady turned Annika’s face back to his, breathing her air as he stroked his fingers back to her anus, spreading her need. He rested his forehead against hers, eyes half mast, hers still heavily closed with the refusal to fully awaken.

He added a third finger to borrow through her folds, the tip of his middle finger probing her pliant core before moving back to her clenching sphincter. Her entire gash was growing slicker with growing desire and she parted her thighs slightly.

Message received, Grady thought and probed her anus with a fingertip, two, warming her up gently, eyes fixated on her face, wondering what she dreamed behind closed eyes.

“Look…” he breathed, the sound of his voice muffled in a padded moan as he felt the softening of her anus around his fingers. He used her juices to lubricate her puckered hole, poking and probing the whole time.

Annika sighed before hiding her face between the pillow crevice once more, rolling her hips in welcome of his touch.

Grady shifted, blankets spilling over the foot of the bed, and straddled the backs of her thighs. He manoeuvred Annika’s almost listless body to place a small pillow beneath her hips before rubbing his hands up the length of her back. He leaned over to the nightstand and took from there a small tube of cannabis oil. He squeezed the liquid gold into his hands, rubbed his palms together heating the oil, before spreading it over his throbbing dick.

The velvet heat in his hands spreading over his shaft made Grady close his eyes in pleasure. He imagined feeling that heat intensified buried deep inside Annika’s puckered hole.

He then rubbed the whole of his right hand through Annika’s gash, oil mixing with juices, heat on heat.

“Oh,” came the guttural reply from between the pillows. Her muffled responses to anticipated pleasure added to the dreamlike atmosphere in the soft morning light.

Grady gripped his shaft, stroking himself, adding her juices to his slick, throbbing length before repeating the process with his other oiled hand, rubbing his entire palm from clit back to anus, splitting her cheeks. Stroking her in genitals over and over until her body grew tense with need for more.

Annika moaned a muffled fuck into the bedding.

Holding the base of his shaft, Grady slid his dick between her pussy lips, grinding, coating himself in her pussy juices. The kaçak iddaa tip of his cock made frequent contact with her clit, eliciting more sleepy sighs from his lover.

He then guided his penis up through curved creases to push against the opening of her wrinkled hole. Annika sighed and rolled her hips beneath him as he penetrated her with his throbbing bellend.

The heat between their bodies, intensified by the oil, spread. Her cunt tingled and her ass hole clenched; his dick was aflame, deep red with fire.

Gently thrusting forward, Grady slowly filled her back cavity completely, head spinning at the flaming grip around his dick. They groaned together, dark and low, and Grady spread his hands across her lower back, his body weight splitting her ass cheeks slightly.

Slowly, sensually, Grady thrust himself into her, building them both up. His still-slick hands slid heavily up her lower back, massaging the base of her spine in time with his thrusts, thumbs pressing hard, fingertips spreading the width of her waist. He watched her lower ribcage expand with deep and heavy breaths, her shoulder blades shifting with the rhythm of her upper body.

Annika then turned her face to the side, giving Grady a profile view of her pleasure. Her eyes were closed, chin tilted up, mouth flowing with silent moans.

Nika, seeking pleasure to intensify the feeling in her anus, thrust forward against the pillow between her thighs, the soft, featherlike touch a stark contrast to the stretched heat in her behind.

“Oh, Gray, Grade…” she breathed, turning her head to the other side, seeking fresh coolness from her pillow. Her warm brown locks half covered her face, stuck her to spittled lips.

The vulnerability on her face made him recall her shy, secret words the night before — Everything I am with her, I give to you — making his head swim, chest tighten with emotion. An emotion he couldn’t express in any other way than this.

Crazed, yet tethered.

Borderline insane.

Knowing she was close, a tangled web of nerves, and wanting her to release the pleasure her face and clenching sphincter promised, Grady increased his pace, the faster friction boiling to a heatwave.

He wondered again what she saw behind closed lids.

And that thought snapped him.

Fingers digging into her kidneys, he bucked hard, changing the tempo into a furious beat. Annika’s shocked cry fuelled him, made him tighten his grip on her flesh, pulling her back hard against him.

His thighs bulged under the strain of movement, and he slapped her left ass cheek hard — crack! — to vent his frustration.

Her eyes flew open and she cried out at the contact, at the sound, blue blind lust.

And called His kaçak bahis name.

He felt her strong contracting response and slid forward, hands now splayed under her shoulder blades. Her lengthened breathy moans and the smack of her ass against his thighs mingled into melody, his own rhythmic “oh fuck, oh fuck” adding to the beat.

“Come for me, Nika,” he growled, slapping her right ass cheek, hand stinging from contact. “Fucking come!”

At the command, Annika cried out, the sound extending as Grady hooked two fingers around her bottom teeth, pulling her mouth open wider.

Her legs stiffened beneath him, ass cheeks clenching together hard, harder, holding him in. She grasped his hand, biting down on knuckle and squeezing tight. She pulled her kneecaps up, toes flexed against the mattress, holding on for dear life.

“Let go,” Grady grunted in her ear, himself on the precipice, the point of no return.

His sweaty chest met the oiled slickness of her back, the added contact pushing them both forward, racing to their climax.

Her hips bucked forward, grinding her cunt against the cushion beneath her. She tasted metal as her teeth scraped over Grady’s knuckles, sucking the hurt away at his impassioned response. Knees splayed wider, a deep arch formed in her lower back, and she clenched Nika hard, harder, before finally giving into the pressure, body releasing. Once again she hid her face, hips arching back to hold him inside her as her orgasm raged on.

Grady’s heat flooded Annika’s pulsing anus, her contractions of pleasure sucking his seed deep within her. They continued to move and grind through their mutual pleasure, extending it beyond sanity.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried on a long exhalation, her hips rolling forward, heated flesh tingling against the pillowcase, seeking solace.

Grady collapsed onto her, dead weight, skin fusing with hers, his cheek pressed to the base of her skull. The spread of her back with each laboured breath matched the erratic beat of his heart.

After a moment, he gathered himself, and pushed her hair to the side so he could kiss the skin behind her ear.

“Hmmm,” he hummed, and from the movement in her jaw, he knew she was smiling. She rubbed his forearm and shifted, twisting her torso to face Grady. His damp chest pressed against her sensitive nipples and he smiled as she sucked in a breath. He lowered his head and brought her breast to his mouth, sucked his sweat from her areola, nipple popping noisily from his mouth as he lifted himself up.

In the crack of sunlight peeking through the curtains, they stared quietly at each other, poker face almost, somewhat stunned by the undeniable shift in their connection.

Then Annika offered him a shy smile and lifted her head to kiss him chastely on the lips.

“You really are my Sir, aren’t you?” she whispered against his mouth, hand cupping his cheek, before drifting off into dreamless sleep.

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