Stepmom’s Bargain Ch. 3

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My life was turned upside down after I had a racing accident on my motorcycle. It wasn’t the injuries that was the biggest effect on my life, it was the sudden interaction with my stepmom that threw me into a tailspin. I was flat on my back in the hospital where she worked as a nurse and I had been there for awhile, unable to ‘relieve’ myself. It had gotten to a point that all of those tight nurses outfits had even caused me to get an erection when my stepmom was tending me. I hadn’t had sex or even jacked off in a couple of weeks and I began noticing for the first time how hot she looked in her uniform.

My stepmom noticed my hardon every time she came in and I swear she would lean over the bed brushing those big titties across my dick on purpose. I realized my suspicion was the truth when she offered to relieve me since I was obviously overdue for release. She began giving me a handjob right there in the bed. It felt wonderful, but she realized that she hadn’t gotten a towel to catch my cum in and she began to go get one, only I begged her not to stop even for a second.

She looked at me and down at the purple monster in her hand and said ” I guess I’ll just have to catch it in my mouth.” With that said she went down on me fully engulfing my cock. I couldn’t believe it. I had never felt a blowjob that great in my life. She seemed to be enjoying it too as she took her time bringing me off. Her slow sensual sucking brought me to the edge of cumming and she somehow kept me right there forever. When I blew my load into her mouth finally, she kept sucking until I was completely done. Then she dropped the big bomb on me- she offered to do that on a regular basis if I gave up racing.

She kept her word even after I got released for homecare, sucking me at different times of the day and week. It was a powerful incentive to hang up my helmet for good, even though racing was my favorite thing in the world before the accident. My dad had come back home from overseas when he found out about the wreck, and he stayed until a few days after I had come home. I felt kind of weird knowing that the two of us finally had something in common though we were rarely around each other anymore. I guess that was why my stepmom did what she did, lack of a man around to satisfy her needs. But could I really fulfill ALL of her needs?

Even though the bj’s were out of this world I was still tossing around the idea of going back to racing. My girlfriend began to sneak in and play nurse when my stepmom was away. One time my girl came in so unbelievably turned on that she stripped and mounted me as soon as she slipped bahis firmaları into my room. I was amazed at how hot the fuck was, and I didn’t find out until later that she had just come from the gym where an older girl had had her way while they were in the showers together. While riding my cock again another time she related the story of how the two of them began by washing each other’s backs, and then the other girl poured shampoo all over her own tits and pressed herself against my girls tits.

The two of them began to giggle and rub against each other, tits to tits at first, then the girl reached up with her hands “to get soap up underneath” my girls tits. My girlfriend returned the favor and the two of them began rubbing soap all over each other’s tits. The talk between them died away and they came together in a kiss while their hands explored the rest of each other’s bodies. Lastly the other girl turned her around and began rinsing her front, rubbing her down as she did. When my girlfriend turned to face the girl again the other girl slid down and placed a long kiss between her legs. She began to lick her deeply and before long my girl came. The orgasm was good but it freaked her out. She left the other girl to finish rinsing off alone, and came straight over to my house.

The second riding was as intense as the first, even though my girl had to control herself a bit in order to even be able to tell me the story. I finished her off from behind and shot my load deep up her hot pussy (which I normally didn’t do, “just in case”), she thanked me and left me to snooze some more. Yes, I was almost fully recovered now. So what should I do? I could race and keep fucking my possibly bi-leaning girlfriend or stick with the wondrous suction of stepmom. Looking at it side by side, I imagine you could guess what I would choose.

With my dad gone overseas again for another three month stretch it was just me and the ‘head nurse’ at the house, at least when she didn’t have her card playing girlfriends over. Hmmm girl-friends or girlfriends? I had wondered how she kept from cheating on dad, anyways I assumed she hadn’t been with another man, but what about another woman? I decided I might ask her about that later on, but first I had to tell her I planned to take the racing contract the sponsors had offered me if I got a doctor’s approval. I waited up until she came home, she was late, and drunk it seemed as she slithered in from the garage.

Before I could say anything she began removing clothing, “don’t worry Donna gave me a ride.” She stripped down completely before me, stealing my speech. After kaçak iddaa doing a short catwalk turn she slipped onto my lap and kissed me fully on the lips. The kiss was for than I had expected from her, it was without an ounce of the previously motherly laced restrained kisses she had recently given me during our interludes. My hand found her breast and she pushed it down between her legs, which she spread wider. I felt my hand passing over her bush, and I meant to stop, to pull back, but my fingers curved on their own (I swear) to slip into her wet folds.

My hand massaging her pussy she freed my boner and began massaging my dick while continuing her rain of kisses. I could barely breath much less tell her I wanted to stop. She stood me up and removed my clothes sucking me down her throat in between garments until I was as naked as she was. I found myself on my back with her rising up to impale herself on my dick. What the fuck was I doing in this situation! This is way overboard! Then I was inside her.

She dropped slowly down onto my lap and sat there breathing heavily and rubbing her tits with her eyes closed. As I watched in awe/horror she began to rise up again and then lower herself down over and over. Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit. I thought over and over again as the sensation was so hot I couldn’t help but pump back against her. It was a totally different fuck experience having an older, more full bodied woman riding my cock. I couldn’t believe how different it was between her and my young hot girlfriend. At that point I knew I had to take this woman from behind.

I had always been kind of afraid to really tag my girlfriend when we fucked doggystyle, but my stepmom had wide hips and a nice healthy ass that just begged to be taken. I breathed for her to get on all fours and after just a moment she bit her lip and slid off my length. It looked so good to see those hooters hanging and that ass up in the air. She positioned herself with her knees on the edge of the couch, using the back of the couch for support with her hands.

I took up position behind her and quickly worked my way into her pussy again. “Oooh, shit this feels good” I remember thinking out loud. My stepmom moaned her agreement and urged me on to fuck her harder, make her cum, fill her with my cum. Never had I had a woman talk to me in such a way. So much for the easy decision I thought as I pounded against her ass like I had always wanted to do to my girl. My stepmom was really getting off, begging me to cum inside her. She didn’t have to wait too long for me to get there.

Like a fire hose, I went off inside kaçak bahis her with four or five last slaps against her hips before I collapsed over on the couch beside her. She disappeared for a few moments and then come back sipping on some water. I took in the sight of her all wet from sex, I could smell the sex on myself and coming from her, and I began to get aroused again. She slid down onto the floor and sucked me gently into her mouth, I shuddered finding that she had an ice cube in her mouth too!

She kept up that treatment until the cube was no more, by that time I was more than ready to fuck again, “lay down on the couch” I said. She moved over me and slipped down onto her back, spreading her legs wide for me. I thought about tasting her, but didn’t relish the thought of tasting my cum, though it appeared she had cleaned herself out while she was gone earlier. I didn’t have to worry about it though, “fuck me” she said, “just fuck me nice and slow.” I climbed onto her and inside her and began to do just that.

We matched hip movement shortly after I began and before I knew it, she began to rock her hips faster and faster, moaning and whimpering until she cried out, “give it to me now, babe, I’ve needed this for so long” I raised her legs and leaned into her driving myself ultradeep into her pussy, taking over the control of the fuck completely. This was another first for me as far as positions go and I loved the extra feel I got from it. I began coming almost before it seemed I was ready this time, and went on through a series of short spurts until I popped one big one and then was spent. I collapsed this time onto the floor. Oh, shit. I thought to myself. Now, what?

I awoke the next morning to find a note on the table while my girlfriend floated around me, talking away. The note read, “Thanks for taking care of me last night. I needed it. Love, mom.”

With my girlfriend reading over my shoulder, I explained, “Donna got my mom drunk again last night. She came home wasted” As for myself, I had pulled a muscle sometime during the frantic fucking the night before. Maybe I hadn’t recovered as well as I thought. My girlfriend leaned into me kissing me, “what’s that smell? You smell funny.” She stepped back and looked at me. I waved it off, “I was working out and when I hurt myself I tried to rub some stuff on it. I got four different lotions, and medicines on me.”

With sudden inspiration my girlfriend’s face lit up, “Do you want to take a shower together? I can rinse you off real gooood?” I smiled back, “A shower sounds real good, be gentle with me.” She pranced past me down the hall, “I’ll get the water ready, don’t waste time.” With a sigh of relief I replied, “I won’t.” I’ve got to end this before it blows up in my face. If my girl finds out then everyone will find out. It’s got to end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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