Stephanie’s Hot Mom

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Matt had been going out with Stephanie for just a week. Stephanie was a real nympho and was constantly asking for sex. Matt was extremely attracted to her, at least physically. What wasn’t to love? She was gorgeous. Nice blue eyes always hidden behind a strand of long, healthy black hair. She was considered one of the hottest girls in school.

A week into their relationship, Matt and Stephanie had already fucked about 15 times. Matt wasn’t complaining, his girlfriend liked every possible position and liked it many times a day… and she was hot! He wondered to himself what her mom must have been like when SHE was Stephanie’s age.

One day, as Matt was finishing up with Stephanie in her upstairs bedroom, he heard her mom walk into the house. He had never met her mother before, but he supposed she must be like any other teenager’s mother. Most of his friends’ moms were in their mid-40s and none of them were in shape. As he walked down the stairs, he noticed a tall, tanned, dark haired woman unloading groceries on the counter. She had a great ass and long, black hair with sunglasses resting on her head.

“Steph, you have a sister?” He asked his girlfriend.

“No, Matt, that’s my mom, Jenna.” Replied Stephanie.

Just then, Stephanie’s mom, Jenna, turned around and looked at Matt from head to toe with a smile on her face.

“Hey, Stephy, who’s your friend?” She asked.

“Mom, this is my boyfriend, Matt.”

“You didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend”, her mom said, “Hi, Matt, I’m Jenna Carling.”

“Hi Mrs. Carling.” Matt replied.

Matt had trouble keeping his eyes on her face as he shook her hand. Her tits were almost popping out of her dark tank top. And they were really nice.

That evening, Matt had supper at Stephanie’s house.

“Where’s Dad?” Stephanie asked.

“He and your brother are gone on a fishing trip. They won’t be back for another week.” Jenna replied.

“But I thought they were coming back tonight?” Stephanie asked again.

“No, sweetie, they left for 2 weeks. They’ve been down there for the week, but they’re spending another one down there.”

“Well, then, can Matt spend the night? We’ve got to study for an exam tomorrow.” Asked Stephanie.

“No problem, honey. Just be sure bahis firmaları to study. This is your last year of college, you don’t wanna’ flunk it.”

That night, Matt slept at Stephanie’s. They went to bed at 10:00 P.M., but Stephanie wouldn’t let Matt sleep. She started rubbing his cock with her hand and started kissing him.

“What about your mom? What if she hears us?” Asked Matt.

“Don’t worry about it, she won’t know a thing.” Stephanie assured him.

Stephanie quickly started getting undressed, revealing a nice pair of tits. They were big, round and firm. She had a really nice rack, Matt thought. Matt got undressed and Stephanie immediately sat on top of him and they started fucking.

Stephanie was grinding her pussy back and forth with Matt’s cock inside her. Her hands on Matt’s chest, she flexed her ass back and forth over him. Matt’s hands rested on the side of Stephanie’s hot ass and went with the motions of her going back and forth.

They fucked for a good while when suddenly Stephanie’s moans started turning into low cries and then into loud moans and cries.

Matt felt he heard somebody coming up the stairs, but Stephanie wouldn’t stop and Matt was too much into it to pay much attention. That is, until suddenly, Stephanie’s door opened and her mother, Jenna walked into the dark room.

Stephanie immediately screamed and got off of Matt and covered herself with some blankets, leaving Matt totally nude.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry”, Jenna cried, “I just wanted to come wish you good night. I’m so, so sorry!”

“Mom, please, get out!” Cried Stephanie.

Unsure what to do, Matt got up to grab his clothes but tripped on Stephanie’s legs, fell off the bed and hit his head hard on the side of her desk.

Stephanie immediately went over to see if he was ok but she couldn’t see anything. She asked Jenna to turn the lights on. Once the lights were on, Jenna too went over to see if he was ok. He was groaning but seemed fine.

“Does he have a concussion, you think?” Asked Stephanie.

“I don’t know. Should we call 911?” Jenna asked back.

“No, no, I’m ok. There’s no need to call an ambulance. Oh God, my head.” Matt complained.

“Here, get on the bed.” Jenna said.

Stephanie kaçak iddaa and Jenna helped Matt up and lay his naked body on the bed.

“Wow, Stephanie, your boyfriend’s packing! Nice stuff.” Jenna said, looking at Matt’s cock.

“Mom! Please! Are you ok, Matt?”

“Yeah, I think I’m fine. But my head, it REALLY, really hurts.” Matt replied.

“Oh, I wish I could do something to relieve the pain, but we’re out of Advil”, Jenna said, “But maybe…”

Just then, Jenna whispered into Stephanie’s ear.

“Mom!” Stephanie said.

“Well it’s just to help him out, honey.” Jenna replied.

“Yeah, but coming from you… That’s a little weird.”

“I’ll guide you. I won’t do anything else.” Jenna replied.

Stephanie looked at Matt for a little while, who was holding a hand over his eyes and forehead and groaning. She then looked at his dick and started touching it softly. She then started stroking it gently until she began going down on him, kissing and licking his cock at first, and then shoving the whole thing in her mouth and pumping. Meanwhile, Jenna was caressing Matt’s body with her fingers, rubbing them on his chest.

Feeling awkward, Matt felt like moving away, but couldn’t. He was enjoying his blowjob too much.

“Wait, Stephanie”, Jenna said suddenly, “Let me show you something I’ve learned.”

Jenna then moved closer to Matt, gently wrapped her hand around his cock and started sucking his dick, licking the back of his shaft, right where to soft spot is. Matt could instantly tell she was a pro at this. He felt a little guilty enjoying Jenna’s blowjob more than Stephanie’s, but he couldn’t help it. Matt then put his hand on the back of Jenna’s head and started pushing his cock deeper into her mouth, and not once did she gag. Simultaneously, Stephanie sat on Matt’s chest. He could feel her warm, wet pussy on his torso and she started making out with him.

Then, Jenna stopped sucking on him, but Matt couldn’t see what she was doing since he was making out with Stephanie. A few short moment’s later, from the corner of his eye, he saw Jenna had taken all her clothes off, revealing an incredibly fit body, nearly as fit as Stephanie’s, only with bigger tits.

“Pretty fit for a 37 year old, huh”, Jenna said, kaçak bahis noticing Matt was looking at her, “36 D’s they are. They’re not real, but they’re not much bigger than what they once were. You wanna’ fuck my tits?

Matt couldn’t reply, but managed to mumble a “yes.”

Jenna spit on Matt’s dick a few times and stroked it and then Matt felt his cock grinding against Jenna’ chest, between a pair of nice, firm tits. He tit fucked her for some time before she stopped, threw one leg on the other side of Matt, grabbed his cock and sank it into her surprisingly, really moist pussy. He noticed she had her back to him, but he could still sense her tits bouncing up and down. She was fucking him really fast, his cock sinking fully into her every time. She was bouncing up and down on him and he could feel and hear her ass clapping against his groin area. She was really wet and hot.

After a while, Matt started thrusting too and started fucking the living shit outta’ Stephanie’s hot mom, as Stephanie rubbed her wet pussy on Matt’s chest, always kissing him. The feel of Jenna’s hot, wet pussy wrapped around his dick, Stephanie’s hot, moist pussy rubbing on his chest and Stephanie’s tongue wrestling his, mixed with the sounds of loud cries of pleasure coming from him, Jenna and Stephanie, the sound of skin clapping together made Matt shoot for almost two loads-worth of hot cum, totaling 9 long streams of cum and drips into Stephanie’s mom’s hot pussy, incidentally making her cum at the same time.

Just then, Stephanie got off of Matt, went towards her mother and got on her knees under her mother’s pussy as Jenna poured Matt’s hot jizz out of her wet pussy and into Stephanie’s mouth, which Stephanie swallowed in 2 gulps. After that, Jenna sucked Matt’s dick dry.

“Feeling better, honey?” Jenna’s mom asked.

“Holy fuck, yeah!” Matt replied.

“Hope we can get together again, Matt.” Said Jenna, before leaving the room.

“Steph… That was REALLY hot.” Matt said to his girlfriend.

“Yeah. It’s the first time this has ever happened. I never knew I could get so much pleasure from just rubbing my pussy on a man’s torso.” She replied.

They went to sleep and woke up the next day as if nothing happened (of course, Matt and Stephanie fucked before getting out of bed). Exactly 6 days later, Matt got to fuck both of them at the same time. Jenna told him it was one last time before her husband and son came back. But that story will have to be told another time.

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