Steamy Evenings with Mom

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Steamy Evenings with Mom


Hiss groaned, head rolling back. Sitting on the edge of the bed in his parents’ bedroom, the young adult cougar panted heavily, the two tentacles sprouting from between his shoulder blades undulating gently in time with his pants. They didn’t seem to know what to do with themselves, flicking this way and that way, as he scanned his eyes around the room, gaze sweeping over family photos and a minimalist, rustic room that simply screamed of Fyr’s homemaker charm.

After all, his father would never have thought to design a room so comfortable. He struggled to keep his thoughts from what was happening, not because he didn’t want to acknowledge it and enjoy every wonderful second of it, but because he wanted it to last just a little bit longer. It could all be over so soon if he gave himself over to instinct and just…

The cougar yowled, tucking his chin down to his orange-brown chest, just barely touching the scoop of chocolate-cream that trailed down his front to where his thighs joined with his torso. Fyr had always said how his colour was stronger than the slick brown of his father’s coat, but there was no denying the relationship between them, not when one was looking at the set of their jaws and the more obvious tentacles sprouting from between their shoulder blades. He laid his ears back and mewled pitifully, pleadingly, as he looked down at his mother, the dragoness with her tongue wrapped oh-so-wonderfully around his uncut cock.

Slurping happily on his shaft, Fyr shot him a smirk, eyes glinting with mischief. He shuddered. She had him exactly where she wanted him and was more than happy to keep him there too. The crimson dragoness purred around his length as she took him deep into her muzzle, twirling her long, flexible tongue around his full length. Stars exploded behind his lowered eyelids and he gasped loudly, squirming in place, though entirely unwilling to move from the pleasure that was very nearly too much for him to bear.

“We shouldn’t be doing this…”

He should have known better than to think that such a feeble protest would have done him any good. His utterance trailed off as if he had not quite finished what he’d meant to say, words cumulating in a breathy moan that almost sounded more feminine than masculine. But he was a strong, young cougar through and through and there was no doubting that when his cock was buried deep inside his mother’s muzzle, the tip of his shaft tickling the back of her throat. Tail flicking, he clenched his jaw and arched his hips up from the edge of the bed, claws tearing through the sheets.

Damn it, he thought through a daze of pleasure, loathe to leave the world she’d taken him to. They’d have to sort those out later, or else his father would wonder just what his wife had been getting up to when he’d been out of the house. Not that he was one to talk.

“Fuck, mom…”

Hiss gnawed the inside of his cheek, giving up on imagining anything else but exactly what was happening to him. Along well and truly for the ride, the cougar howled and bucked, tail lashing as he thrust up from the bed and leaned heavily back on his palms for leverage. He could have stood, but that would have put him at too great a height for Fyr’s hot muzzle and so he ground and thrust erratically between her soft lips until orgasm crept upon him.

Like every other with his mother, he wondered if it would be stronger than the last and he was, yet again, not disappointed. In the instant before he ejaculated, Fyr leapt to her paws and tackled him to the bed with a feral yet playful growl, draconian tail thumping heavily into the bed. He grunted, winded but far from lacking arousal, need coursing through his veins, and the dragoness purred softly as she straddled his hips, taking him deep into her needy pussy, already dripping with her own arousal. Hiss trembled, paws caressing her scales as he lingered on the very edge of ecstasy, the moment full of promise of the pleasure to come. Was there anything that didn’t get his mother horny? Even sucking him off had her eager for more, always more.

Not that he minded. Fyr exhaled heavily, jaws clicking together as she rested her paws on his chest, lightly digging into his fur as she rolled her hips sensually.

“Yes,” she moaned, twisting her head to the side as she rode him, hind paws planted firmly into the bedspread. “This is how you’re cumming tonight, kitten.”

He shuddered at the nickname – he’d otherwise not heard it since he’d been a much, much younger feline – but said nothing, claws lightly pricking into her hips. Thrusting up into her tight, soaked cunt, Hiss gave a true cougar yowl, tentacles squeezing Fyr’s breasts, and filled her with his cream, body thrumming with illegal bahis indescribable pleasure. His tentacles contracted, flicking over the dragoness’ nipples and she whimpered, head lolling back as her tongue hung limply from the corner of her mouth.

Spurt after spurt of thick cum flooded her passage and Fyr cried out softly, arching into the touch of the tentacles around her breasts even though she was not yet near a climax of her own. The cougar hissed through his teeth and gripped her hips almost painfully hard, forgetting himself in the moment as claws pressed into scales. Fyr bore it, however, breath harsh in her muzzle as she rode out his explosive climax with every drop of lust she had left to give.

Exhaustion and drowsiness hit swiftly and Hiss groaned as he slumped back on the bed, eyelids already lowering as his cock softened and slipped from Fyr’s pussy. Her sex clung onto him, tight around his girth, as he drew away and his breath caught in his throat, squirming from as sensation attacked his mind, a little too much when sensitivity was heightened. He made no complaint, however, and purred as Fyr lay down beside him, scooting in close to his side with a self-satisfied smirk on her muzzle. Hiss chuckled breathlessly and she tucked her head beneath his chin, nose against his shoulder. He’d never seen a lady so pleased with himself, though Fyr had always been one to go after what she wanted and take no prisoners.

He was lucky that, this time, it was her son that she’d desired.

Downstairs, the front door opened and closed, a dull creak announcing the entrance of another of their household. The duo froze, wrapped up in each other’s illicit embrace, hearts hammering – could they spring apart in time? – until a familiar voice drifted up the stairs.

“It’s meeeeee! I’m home!”

Hiss relaxed. His sister. Well, Helena wouldn’t come disturb them in the master bedroom, that was for sure. She didn’t want anything to do with their parents these days, too interested in young males with strapping bodies. There was no way she’d interrupt them.

If it had been Ropes… He took a deep breath, holding it for longer than strictly necessary. If it had been his father, the interruption would have been a very different tale indeed.

His sister gave a muffled curse, a low thump emanating up the stairs. Exchanging a look with Fyr, Hiss rolled his eyes. Did that dragon get any less clumsy?

“Going out again, so just letting you know I’m here!”

The dragoness’ voice grew fainter as she moved deeper into the house, maybe the kitchen, and away from the stairs, continuing her monologue as if to let them know exactly where she was at any given time. It was not unwelcome as the dragon and the cougar slowly but surely relaxed in each other’s arms, guilty looks exchanged and heart rates blessedly returning to something resembling normal.

“Hello?” Helena shouted again, voice echoing oddly as if she was cupping her paws to her muzzle. “Anyone up there? Mom? Hiss? Someone? I’m gonna be out with friends in town, so I don’t want any of you saying that I didn’t tell you I was going out or something! I’m telling you now, you hear me? Can you hear me?”

She paused.

“Dad? You here?”

Hiss groaned and pressed his paw to his face, covering his eyes. Shaking her head, Fyr lifted her muzzle from Hiss’ chest and sat up, propped up on the palms of her paws.

“Yes, dear!” The older dragon called back, lips pulling up in a smile. “You have fun now! And call us if you’re gonna be too late, alright honey?”


Hiss chuckled. He could almost see Helena’s scowl as she no doubt muttered to herself about how she was a full grown dragon and didn’t need to call her parents anymore. And that may have been true, but it was still polite to let their parents know. At least that was what Fyr said and he was hardly in a position to voice any disagreement with his mother, not anymore.

Sighing, he ran his fingers down her arm lightly, drawing her attention back to him. Arm around her, he lay back down and pulled her with him, insisting that she relax even as the tip of her tail flicked like that of a pet cat. The front door bumped into the frame again as Helena departed as quickly as she’d arrived.

“How are we going to work this?” He said at last, sprawled across the bed with his arm almost too casually looped behind his mother’s shoulders, pretending nonchalance. “If we keep doing…well…” He blushed. “You know what I mean. If we keep doing it here, we’re just going to get caught at some point.”

He paused, looking at his mother seriously for what seemed to be the first time that evening. Perhaps he should have paused to consider things more closely earlier on, but it was too late for second thoughts in a drawling, sweetening afterglow.

“That’s not something you need to worry about,” Fyr said after a pause that had seemed to stretch out while thoughts flickered by one another. “This is between you and me and you and me only. Our little secret.”

The dragoness giggled, tail curling illegal bahis siteleri up over his. He shivered, but pressed on, unwilling to let it go now that he’d begun. They had to be careful – more careful than they were being.

“But what if dad…”

“Shush now.”

He sighed. The conversation was going nowhere, but it wasn’t a conversation he wanted to have anyway. Yet sometimes he wondered if the thrill of risking discovery was what Fyr enjoyed even more.

Fyr pressed her fingers to his lips, eyes suddenly serious. Unconsciously, he straightened his back, standing to attention like he had when he’d been just a kitten. Old habits died hard.

“You let me worry about that and you just keep doing what you do now, honey,” she murmured, kissing his nose. “We’ll get by all right, don’t you worry about it.”

Sighing again, Hiss nodded and looked down at his chest, ears drooping to the sides of his head. She was right, of course. It wasn’t worth worrying about. It was all going well so far and, well, who would he be to give up such amazing sex with a smoking hot dragoness? It wasn’t in the nature of any young male.

His breath slowed as he relaxed back into the bed, but Fyr had other ideas.

“Ah-ah, none of that. We’re not getting ourselves into trouble here, but, for now, sugar…”

Hiss gulped, his mother turning a suddenly predatory gaze on him. She wriggled away, using her tail to roll herself over onto her side, pussy tucked in close between her thighs. Giggling, she crooked a finger in a ‘come hither’ motion, eyelashes lowered and eyes smouldering. Taking a deep breath, the young cougar bit his lip, cock already stirring back to life and hardness once more. It didn’t take him long to recover when she was there egging him on.

“You owe me. Come show me why you’re the young stud that all the girls are talking about these days.”

The cougar’s tail flicked, a sliver of anxiety churning snakes into his stomach. And then one of his tentacles bopped him on the nose as if to ask him what on earth he could be so worried about – after all, he had a hot dragoness stretched out in front of him just begging for attention.

He grinned suddenly, teeth showing in a flash of white. Purring, Hiss butted his head softly into his mother’s thigh and nuzzled up her leg to the sweet flower of her sex, drooling his seed and her arousal: the most luscious cocktail imaginable. Still purring, he played his tongue over the swollen nub of her clit and shivered with pride to hear her moan, two fingers and then a third sliding easily into her wetness.

Sneaking a look up the length of her body, he teased his tentacles over her breasts and shot her a wink that would have struck dumb a lesser female. But not his mother. She was better than all the other females he’d been with and taught him far more by a long shot.

So why shouldn’t he give her all she deserved and more too?

“It’d be my pleasure, mom.”


Hiss took a deep breath, breathing in the scent of the mountainside, layered with evergreen trees. Fyr hopped out of the truck, splattered with mud from a several hour drive, and cooed at the sight, clapping her paws to her best. Before them stood a pristine log cabin, complete with front porch, which perched on the side of the mountain as if it had sprouted its logs from the fertile soil itself. Hiss’ ears flicked, catching the sound of a babbling creek – from where though? – and birds flitting from branch to branch, singing a song that only they knew the tune too. No traffic and absolutely no anthro life, besides themselves, disrupted the peace of the scene and, even standing there for such a short while, Hiss murmured softly as just a little of the tension slipped from his shoulders.

Some places were still, as yet, untouched.

“How’d you find out about this spot?” He asked, eyeing the log cabin with an appreciative flick of his tail. “It’s so secluded out here… I don’t think anyone would be able to find us, like, ever if we didn’t want to be found.”

He helped his mother heave her suitcase from the truck and set it down as she contemplated her answer, gaze sliding away. He smiled. His mother always did that when she was thinking.

“That would be the idea,” she answered at last, evading his question neatly. “No one is to find us up here.”

She paused, looking him up and down.

“Isn’t that what you wanted?”

Hiss chuckled and brushed his fingertips across her bare upper arm. In a strapless dress – daring, for her – she could not have looked any more stunning. Hiss shivered. Who needed those silly girls at school when he had a hot dragoness wanting him? He knew enough to know exactly when he was a damn lucky cougar and, regardless of everything else, wasn’t about to let that go in a hurry.

The dragoness neatly balanced a smaller holdall bag on top of her suitcase – males always seemed to pack ever so lightly for time away – and leaned into her son, one arm slinking around his waist.

“Hey,” she murmured, eyes grazing the skyline as she looked canlı bahis siteleri past him. “We’ve got some time left tonight, wouldn’t want to waste it just sitting around, would we?”

Hiss hesitated.

“I thought we could get comfortable in the cabin?” His whiskers twitched. “Don’t you?”

He’d thought it was obvious why they were in such an isolated spot, but clearly Fyr had other ideas. Spinning away from him, she spread her arms wide as if to take in the whole mountainside in one fell swoop. The hem of her dress floated around her knees and she laughed giddily like a schoolgirl, bouncing up from the balls of her hind paws, which were only clad in sensible flats. Hiss would have been disappointed if he’d not had eyes for all other parts of her firm, scaled body.

Fyr turned a wicked look on him, tail curling about her legs with a sudden mind of its own as she shifted her weight from one leg to the other.

“Don’t you want to explore?”

Fyr grinned, though Hiss could not have said that he believed her desire for exploration was anything but sexual. Hiss sighed and brushed his fingers back through the fur on top of his head.

“Well, yeah,” he said with a shrug, a yawn tugging at the back of his throat. “But y’know I don’t want to be tired for the track meet on Monday.” That and other things. “Got to keep my strength up and all that.”

Fyr smirked, a teasing look crossing his mother’s face.

“Oh, I am sure we can keep your strength up,” she purred, tapping the side of her muzzle. “If you don’t want to come out exploring with me, maybe you should be practicing for the meet?”

She tilted her head and cupped her chin thoughtfully as if contemplating something that had only just crossed her mind.

“If you want to be lazy here, sonny-boy, you got another think coming.”

Fyr drew herself up tall, lips pressed together with laughter sealed behind, although her eyes were nothing but serious. Hiss gulped and covered the reflex by scratching his throat.

“I’m sure your coach would be ever so impressed if you kept up your fitness just before the meet by running up and down the mountain,” she continued, smirk growing by the second. “Sure, you’ll recover from cardio in time and, heck, it damn sure shows dedication, doesn’t it? Better than sitting on your tail like all those other jumped up school jocks chowing down on cheeseburgers and that garbage!”

Hiss folded his arms across his chest and narrowed his eyes.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me.”

Fyr chuckled, eyes glinting. The trees rustled behind her, ripe with spring leaves.

“You may be an adult cougar now, but I’m the one who keeps a roof over your head and your dirty socks off the floor. So, the least you can do is keep your dear ol’ mom company out in the wilderness, surely?”

The cougar shook his head; it wasn’t really a question he needed to answer, nor a question that she expected an answer to. There was certainly only one right answer to the question.

“Sure.” He tried to hide his sigh, painting a cheery (if fake) smile on his muzzle. “I’ll just get myself out of these jeans and into something more…hike worthy and I’ll be ready. Okay?”

Fyr raised an eyebrow, the tip of her tail curling back and forth as if she simply could not possibly keep it still.

“Out of your clothes? You’ll be giving a dragoness ideas if you keep on talking like that, sugar.”

Hiss’ cheeks tingled with warmth beneath his fur.

“I…” The blush crept into his ears. “Um…”

Fyr giggled as Hiss looked down at his hind paws, shuffling his weight from one to the other and crossing an ankle behind as if he was a kitten caught with his mother’s cream all over again.

Fyr blew him a kiss and ushered the cougar to the cabin with a flap of her paws.

“Come on now – off with you! Get ready and I’ll meet you out here.”

Used to following his mother’s instructions like a, mostly, obedient kitten, Hiss trotted into the cabin and moseyed about, hunting down what could be a bedroom. All doors looked the same and he ducked into the living room and the kitchen before finally locating a room containing a massive, queen-sized bed with an oak frame, all freshly made up with clean sheets. He shot it a knowing look as he changed out his clothes, an element of his cocky nature returning as his tongue became untied. He was sure he’d be very well acquainted with that bed before the end of their little vacation.

Fyr was already out at the front of the cabin tapping her paw on the ground and checking her petite wristwatch when he finally arrived.

“At last!” She grinned and threw her paws up in the air, feigning exasperation. “You take longer than a lady getting changed, heavens!”

Hiss half-shrugged, hiding his smile, although it warmed his eyes nonetheless.

Leaves dried in the sheltered nooks of the cabin’s front yard crunched underfoot as they shouldered their backpacks – light enough and just with a little food and water to keep them going – and made their way out and up the mountain trail. A narrow, winding track gave them a solid, stable surface in which to place their hind paws and, regardless of how remote the cabin was, it was clear that the track itself had been used over and over again by furs and animals alike.

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