Stacy Ch. 05

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Forty minutes after the phone call, my army buddies arrived with both Miranda and Emma in tow. We were soon all out by the pool in our swimming costumes. Miranda looked stunning in her tiny red bikini and Emma was elegant in her more modest black one.

“Hey Jack,” Miranda said, taking her first plastic glass of beer from Mitch. “How old is Stacy now?”

Stacy was a topic of conversation I would have preferred to have avoided around Emma. There was just something about her that made me uneasy; almost as if I was an open book to her. “Eighteen,” I said in an off-hand tone of voice, hoping to sound disinterested.

“Does she still compete?”

Damn. “Yeah, she does. She has a competition sometime in the middle of this week. Wednesday, maybe.”

Emma was lying on one of our sunloungers and turned her head my way. “She competes? What at?”

I didn’t know whether not being able to see her eyes behind her dark sunglasses was a good thing or a bad one. “Gymnastics. Stace is pretty good.”

“Oh? I used to compete in the gymkhana when I was her age.”

Trying to deflect the conversation into other areas, I plastered on a look of interest. “Really? Did you have your own horse then?”

She smiled and it was dazzling, making a warmth spread in my chest. Jeez, she was beautiful! “Actually, I had several. Daddy owns a couple of stud farms and likes to spoil me.”

Liam perched on the bottom edge of her lounger and nudged her knee, “Tell them what Daddy bought for you this week.”

She scowled at him. “Stop bragging honey. It’s vulgar.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “How can I be bragging if it is you who got the sports car and it wasn’t even your birthday?”

“I told you he likes to spoil me. I’m still his little girl to his eyes and he was in a good mood.”

“Hell,” I said, still not being used to just how immensely wealthy Emma’s family were. “I wish my folks could afford to spoil me like that. What put him in such a good mood?”

She used one hand to pull her sunglasses down her nose a little so that she could peer over them and look me directly in the eye. She held my gaze for a moment longer than was comfortable before pushing her sunglasses back up her nose, “I have no idea.”

“Fuck me!” Cooper hissed, staring past us, so I twisted my head around to see what he was staring slack jawed at.

It was like a tide of nubile teenage flesh flowing out of the house. Stacy had said that if my friends were coming over she was inviting hers, but I wasn’t expecting this. The noise of their chattering, giggling and laughing was considerable but I barely heard it as the lithe, sylph-like bodies strolled into the sunlight clad in the wispiest bikinis imaginable. Slim legs; firm, toned stomachs; small breasts; flowing hair and pearl white smiles flooded the patio and bunched around the near end of the pool. There were about eight of them, but it was almost impossible to snag my eyes away from all the bare skin to be sure.

“This is my dumb-ass brother and his friends; ignore them if you can,” Stacy chirped over the constant buzz of their talking.

The brat looked glorious in her tiny yellow bikini. True, she had almost no womanly curves on her child-like body, but she did move with the sensual grace that made her a natural gymnast. Her long blonde ponytail curled over her left shoulder and she squinted in the bright sunshine as she stared defiantly at me.

“Can’t you and the pep squad do something indoors? We’re trying to have an adult party here and could do without a bunch of vapoured kids,” I told her.

“We’re not kids,” she reminded me. Like I needed that with all the flesh on show! “As for vapoured, I think the word you meant was vapid. However, ’cause they don’t print dictionaries with centrefolds and staples, I can understand you getting it wrong.”

“Fuck off, Stacy.”

She grinned because it was clear her barbs were getting to me. She really did love to pit her wits against others, and usually won. The bitch. “Your verbal flexibility astounds me as always, Jack, but we have as much right to use the pool as you do; although granted your sweaty gorilla mates do need to wash off more than us.” She made a show of pinching her nose and wafting a hand in front of it.

“Fine, but don’t think you’re getting any of our beer,” I sulked. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Cooper in the act of handing a plastic cup full to a very pretty young thing with hair so blonde it was nearly white. “Hey!”

He turned to me and shrugged. “I paid my share of the money, One-shot, so if I want to give this cutie some, I will.”

“Yeah, don’t be such a tight ass, Jack,” Miranda added.

“Don’t you start Miranda, ’cause sure as shit you didn’t put up any money for the keg.”

“No,” she admitted, “but Mitch did and we share everything, don’t we honey?” He looked like he wanted to agree with me, but knew it was best not to put Miranda in a mood if he was hoping to get laid, so nodded. Traitor.

“Sod it!” I snapped and stalked over to sit beside Emma.

The bahis firmaları gymnast team dissolved into girlish giggles, laughter and bubbling chat as they all spoke at once. It didn’t help my mood to see how beautiful they all were, with slim, athletic figures that had only just crossed into adulthood. It was like a fantasy come to life. There was a couple of sweet blondes, a girl with raven hair so dark it seemed to be tinted with blue highlights, and even a delicious redhead who had a nose dappled with the cutest freckles imaginable. All this young flesh was barely contained in ribbons that pretended to be bikinis and I had to tear my eyes away.

“Let them enjoy themselves, Jack,” Emma said, soothingly. “It’s not long since we were that young and a beer was the ultimate way to show how grown up we were.”

“Emmie,” Tank-boy chuckled, “One-shot ain’t ever grown up.”

I couldn’t help but smile at that. “This, coming from you? Thanks, Liam.” I sighed and leant back against the small, three brick high border to one of mom’s flowerbeds. “It’s just that the beer will not go as far with eight others drinking it.”

“And that’s a problem?” Emma asked, removing her sunglasses with a look of concern.

“Huh? No,” I replied, a little too quickly.

“One-shot gets rather possessive about his beer,” Cooper told them, dropping his bulk beside me. “He’s an alcoholic.”

“What?!” I gasped. “No I’m fuckin’ not! I just like a drink, that’s all. What’s wrong with that?”

“Nuthin’, man, nuthin’!” Cooper hastily said, holding up a placating hand defensively.

Not liking the direction of the conversation, I drained my glass and got up to refill it. Stacy’s mates were clustered all over the patio, each holding their large plastic glass of beer as if it were gold. I pushed between the redhead and the ash blonde to get to the keg.

“Calm down a bit, One-shot,” Mitch suggested from nearby.

I sagged a little and nodded; I was being unreasonable but it was a common reaction when I crossed paths with the brat and old habits die hard. I twisted the tap and let the beer fill my glass as I shot a sideways glance at Stacy. The brat was ignoring me and chatting to Kimberly who looked amazing in her tiny pale blue string swimsuit. My eyes roamed over her small breasts, not as tiny as Stacy’s but still small for a girl her age, and I was sure I could see a nipple between the netting of her bra’s cup. That stirred me and I dropped my gaze lower to examine her bikini bottoms. They too were woven with a mesh that allowed the briefest glimpses of the flesh beneath and, like my kid sister, she also seemed to be completely shaven. It was probably something to do with the skin-tight leotards they wore when they competed that would have looked strange with even a small mat of pussy hair bulging them out.

A sweet, bubbly giggle and a snickered laugh to my right made me glance at the redhead and her pal. They were pointing at me and obviously amused. Even as I tracked my eyes to where they pointed, the other girls turned to stare, and everybody saw the beer overflowing my glass and splashing down onto the ground.

“Hey, One-shot!” Liam shouted. “Go easy, would ya?”

I scowled and flipped off the tap, lifting my glass and sucking some of the frothing nectar to stop it spilling. Kimberly slid to my side. “Hey, Jack,” she purred.

“Uh, hey,” I returned. What was it with this girl that seemed to short circuit my power of speech? I honestly did try to make eye contact, but I missed by at least a foot. She didn’t appear to mind, and possibly even stuck her little titties out a bit more for my inspection.

“Why do your friends call you One-shot?”

There was no way I was going to answer that and for a small second I was relieved when the brat intervened. Yeah, stupid of me, I know. Her voice dripped with venom as she flashed me a beautiful smile while she played to her audience. “Oh, go easy on him, would you? He’s already standing up and drinking; if you make him use up brain power to talk as well, he’ll fall over.”

All the girls giggled, but the redhead was in the middle of a gulp of beer and it came blasting out in a spray as she nearly choked with laughter.

“Way to go Amber. Very classy,” Kim congratulated her. The girl looked mortified and her face pinked up as she smoothed the back of her hand over her lips to brush off the beer.

“So?” the sex kitten said, turning her attention back to me. “Why do they call you One-shot?”

“Tell ’em Jack, I dare you!” Liam hooted.

Kim seemed to take a little pity on my obvious discomfort because she turned to our reed thin joker and folded her arms over her small breasts. “How about we start with why they call you Tank-boy?”

“That’s easy,” Stacy sniped before he could answer. “He has the brain power of a goldfish.”

To his credit, Liam thought that was as funny as the girls did. Unfortunately, it didn’t distract Kim. “So, tell me why,” she persisted, batting her eyelids at me as she did so. Before I could even kaçak iddaa open my mouth, the brat chirped up again.

“Are you serious? He still thinks that it’s an amazing coincidence that Mom and Dad named him Jack when that is what everybody else calls him too!”

“Drop dead!” I fired back amid all the laughing. Stacy just screwed up her face and stuck her tongue out at me.

Cooper was the only one who didn’t join in; he had be sliced by Stacy’s sharp tongue once too often to take pleasure in her doing it to others. Foolishly, he even tried to defend me from her. “Why don’t you lay off him?”

It was a bit like seeing an accident coming and not being able to do anything about it. She swivelled her gaze around to him and frowned as she looked him up and down, “And why don’t you shut up and go back to your hobby of collecting?”

“What are you talking about you little git? I don’t collect anything!”

“Oh, really? In that case, why do you have so many chins?”

“Woohooo!” Tank-boy whooped, raising his hand before Stacy. “You got him there, babe! Gimme five!” Stacy grinned from ear to ear and spanked his palm with a loud slap.

Coop was nearly purple and idiotically tried to even the score. “What makes you think you’re smarter than me? Just because you go to college? I’ll have you know I went to college too!”

“Really? Who did you get to sign for the package you were delivering?”

That did it. I strode forward, grabbed the brat by her shoulder and frog-marched her back over near the house. When we were far enough away from the group for our whispers to be private, I hissed, “Knock if off! What the Hell is wrong with you? Can’t you even try to be nice to my pals?”

She pouted, “I didn’t invite them, you did!”


“So I thought with Mom and Dad out of the way that you and I could have spent the time in better ways than getting pissed!”

Ah. That cooled my anger toward her. “We will, Stace, I promise. Behave yourself this afternoon and I’ll wrap things up early so that we can do stuff.”

Her pout was softened by a sheepish shrug. “I thought you were going to make a night of it, so I invited Kim to stay.”

“Oh. Oh well, I am sure that we can still sneak some alone time together. When she is asleep, perhaps.”

“Okay,” she grumbled, still not too happy.

“Now play nice,” I warned, spanking her little butt as we went back to the group.


Gradually the sun travelled across the sky and we got drunk while watching the girls shriek and frolic in the pool. At one point Miranda had Kimberly seated on her shoulders, while Emma had Stacy and the two teenagers were wrestling to see who could overthrow the other. The other girls had divided into pairs also and a huge free-for-all had developed. Teenage girl-flesh glistened in the water as they all thrashed and whooped.

Us guys were sat on the flagstones of the patio, our backs against the house wall as we drank and watched the show. I can’t speak for them, but mentally I fucked each and every one of those teasing nymphs. Images of gliding my cock into smooth, bare young cunt filled my mind. I daydreamed of reaming the redhead’s ass while duelling tongues with Kimberly.

“Did Stacy tell Emma that Kimberly was staying the night?” Liam asked me.

“Yeah, apparently she is.”

He groaned and punched me playfully on the upper arm, “Are you gonna fuck her, One-shot?”

I did have an image to keep up so I just leered back at him. He whooped and laughed, “I knew it! You dirty dog, you!”

There was a shriek from the pool as Stacy and Emma toppled over, eliciting cheers from Kim and Miranda. Slipping a leg over Miranda’s head, Kim slid down her body, belly to belly. For a moment, it looked as though the girls were going to kiss each other, then Stacy leapt over to them and sent them all crashing beneath the surface in a huge splash.


Later, when I wandered out of the house after a visit to the bathroom, I found everybody sat in a rough group around one edge of the pool.

“Yeah, once,” Sophie, the raven-haired cutie mumbled, dropping her gaze as the rest all chuckled and laughed.

“What are you doing?” I asked, crossing my legs as I sat on the flagstones beside Emma’s sunlounger.

“We’re playing truth or dare,” Stacy laughed, wiping her eyes as she saucily nudged Sophie. “Your turn, Soph.”

The black-haired teen flicked her eyes about the group and settled on Cooper. “Truth or dare?”

Amid jeers and gentle ribbing, Cooper beamed a huge smile at the attention. “Dare.”

Miranda leant over from her sunlounger and whispered into Sophie’s ear, who nodded. “I dare you to moon everybody.”

“Oh, puh-leeease!” Stacy groaned. “If he’s thick skinned enough to show his face, his ass is not gonna be a problem.”

Cooper scowled, stood up, yanked his shorts down and wiggled his expansive butt in my kid sister’s face. “Kiss this you stroppy cow!” Everybody howled with laughter, causing Stacy to frown. When Coop finally kaçak bahis pulled his shorts back up and sat down to chug his beer, she waved a hand at him. “Enough already. Put your pants back on and put your ass away. Oh, you have. That must be your face, sorry.”

It was petulant and somewhat childish, which made me realise just how broad the age gap between me and my little sister was. I wasn’t sure whether I felt ancient, or uncomfortable about how young she really was.

“Your turn Cooper,” Miranda told him, obviously in charge of this little game.

“Okay,” he grinned evilly. “Stacy, truth or dare?”

She narrowed her eyes at him, sure that he would demand something humiliating if she chose dare, so she said, “Truth.”

“Are you a virgin?”

The shocked intakes of breath from her young teammates reinforced the age gap. Personally, I thought it was a mild ‘let-off’ question, but the reaction of her friends reminded me that for them it was horrendously embarrassing. Stacy’s lovely brow wrinkled and her grin dropped from her face. “I meant dare,” she said, quickly.

“Okay,” Coop nodded, looking far too happy. “French kiss er… Amber for a full minute.”

“Ew! Gross!” the little redhead gasped, wrinkling her face in disgust.

If looks could kill, I’m sure Cooper would have been stabbed to death by Stacy’s glare. She took a deep breath and then crawled on hands and knees across the circle to Amber. The redhead seemed amazed that Stacy was going to do it, and looked wildly about for support. Finding none, she screwed her eyes up, tilted her head and waited for the kiss in the same way someone waits for a blow they know is about to land. Stacy cast a glance at me and then closed her eyes and began to kiss Amber.

“Use your tongue!” Cooper instructed when it was obvious that she wasn’t. Amber flinched when Stace made a show of wriggling her tongue into her friend’s mouth and swirling it around.

“Oh yeah!” Liam growled, watching the two teen girls snogging. “Oh fuck, yeah!”

It was a very arousing sight. My kid sister’s long blonde ponytail grazed up and down her bare back in time with the bobs and twists of her head as she turned her face left and right, thrusting her tongue deep into her friend’s mouth. The whoops from the guys, and the gasps of utter disbelief from her teammates, got louder when Amber stopped squirming in disgust and very obviously began to return the kiss, meeting Stacy’s tongue with her own. I felt a twinge of lust watching this act between my sister and her semi-reluctant pal because my own lips and tongue remembered how good it felt to have Stacy probing them.

When my sister finally sat back on her haunches, breaking the kiss, she exchanged a telling look with Amber and then blew a raspberry to Coop as she moved back to her place in the circle. “My turn,” she said amid a scatter of applause. “Mitch, truth or dare?”


“Which girl here do you fancy the most?”

He glanced around the young gymnasts, studying each one; Amber, with her lovely red hair and freckles; Kimberly, with a brunette ponytail almost as long as Stacy’s; Sophie with her raven hair trimmed into a short page-boy bob; Jennifer with the long ash blonde hair that was nearly white; Lucy, the shy brunette who seemed to try and hide every time someone looked at her; Sara the very posh blonde who insisted we pronounced her name “Sar Ra” and Ronnie, who hated to be called Veronica and had her dyed black hair cut in exactly the same style as Sophie.

“Does it have to be just one?” Mitch said, flashing his handsome smile that made the teenagers melt and giggle nervously.

Miranda gave him a poke in the ribs with her foot and they exchanged a smouldering look for a moment. I could tell from my time with her that it was not a look of rebuke, but more of a ‘go on, you know what to say’ type glance.

“Sarah,” he finally said, looking at the willowy blonde. She blushed as her friends all squealed with delight, but still muttered, “Sara!” Mitch winked at her and she blushed even deeper.

“Your turn, Mitchell,” Miranda pointed out when he settled back to drink his beer.

“Oh. Okay, Emma, truth or dare?”


“Tell us about the most exciting time you had sex.”

The gym team howled with delight, but Emma didn’t seem to mind. She sat forward as if bringing us all into a deep, dark secret. “It was in the living room at my home, one evening. We had been watching the television with my mother, but she fell asleep. So, I climbed onto his lap and we did it right there on the sofa, beside her.” The whole group burst into shocked gasps and thrilled giggles while Emma just slid a glance over to me before continuing. “It was fantastic! We had to be so quiet and keep the movements impossibly slow so as not to bounce her around. It was the most wonderful orgasm I have ever had, trembling like a leaf, biting down on his shoulder so as not to gasp out when I came. After that, I climbed off and we watched the rest of the film, cuddling until mother woke up.”

“Wow!” Amber sighed. “Weren’t you worried about getting caught by her mother?” she asked Liam. He shrugged with an almost hurt look on his face. “It wasn’t with me. Must have been a boyfriend before I came along.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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