Spanish Hairlem Ch. 1

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I live in a small town outside Madrid with my parents my father Emilio; mother Conchita and older sister Isabella. Isabella has always been my role model and when I finished school I wanted to like her. She had spent two years in Madrid and come back a different woman. More confident and more importantly a boyfriend. She had a job as a teacher now in our town and her boyfriend Miguel was no staying with us as a paying guest. I guess they didn’t want to get married.

Last evening I had a wonderful experience. It was my birthday and I was a little down so Miguel and Isabella asked me to go out with them. I went through my wardrobe several times trying on different outfits. I wanted to look sexy yet not blatantly too revealing. I eventually chose a black mid thigh length dress, it was fairly low cut – enough to show a modest cleavage, I wore black hold ups but did not bother with a bra. I fixed my hair up and applied my make up. Looking at myself in the mirror I thought I had achieved the ‘right’ look, sexy yet sophisticated. Isabella on the other hand looked very sexy. She is a brunette and light eyed.

She had a lovely flowing dress and her ample figure was hard to hide. She looked very confident and she gave me a hug to cheer me up. We went to a pub and then to dinner. Miguel looked smashing. How I wished he was my boyfriend. During dinner I kept stealing glances at him. He was about 6 feet tall with the bluest eyes. His hair was black and it touched the neck of his dark blue shirt. At the top of his shirt tufts of black hair stood out. A man with a hairy chest always turned me on and he definitely had a chest full of matted hair. I was sure Isabella would be running her fingers through the mat of hair on his manly chest.

Just watching them talk and laugh and the handsome look on Miguel’s face made a shiver go down my spine and the pressure between my legs grow even fiercer. I closed my eyes for a brief moment and imagined his lips nibbling izmir escort bayan my earlobe while his masculine hands slid up my shirt toward my eager, aching breasts. But it is soon time to go home. I thank them both and Miguel bends to kiss me on my cheeks. I feel elevated and I am wet between my legs. I want to banish all these thoughts as we drive back home. I am sitting in the back while Isabella and Miguel are up in front. I am sure she has her hands on his lap and is caressing his manhood.

I go up to my room and I spy Isabella entering Miguel’s room. I needed to see what they are upto and to know what she must be doing to him. I am aroused as I put my fingers between my pussy lips. I have very thick pubic hair. Conchita my mother being a hairy woman herself never let us girls shave our body hair. She always said, “Only prostitutes shave their armpits. I have very hairy armpits and your dad likes me to stay hairy and its better if you girls stop thinking about shaving your armpits and vagina like the American actresses” Initially I wanted to shave at least my underarms but after it grew into huge proportions I have been used to the hirsuteness of my body. I parted my curly pubic hair and played with myself but my curiosity got the better of me. I had to see what was happening in Miguel’s room. I could feel the wetness down between my thighs, my clit throbbing with pure animal desire. My body was so alive it almost hurt with being so horny. I ran my hands down the front of my shirt, over my sensitized breasts and to the front of my short skirt and between my legs.

I went to their room but it was locked. I pulled a chair and climbed on top and looked through the skylight. I heard her saying, “Can I take your cock out while we talk?” She was already unsnapping his jeans and unzipping his fly and took out a huge prick. Using one hand she daintily ran her shiny red fingernails up and down the underside of his pulsing penis. I put my fingers escort izmir between my legs and I was completely wet.

“God, its so beautiful”, she said softly, staring at the twitching pink pole as she played with it. “Can I kiss it?” Before he could answer she put her mouth on the tip of his engorged pole. He removed her dress and I could clearly see her hairy body. Though she is very hairy and has dark tufty hair in her armpits she has much less hair in her underarms than me. I daresay he was looking at her unshaven armpit splendor.

She bent over and placed her lips directly on the cockhead. Her cheeks hollowed as she kissed it gently and purred deep in her throat. Then I noticed her throat muscles moving and she began to slowly corkscrew her face over the head. Suddenly, she opened her mouth and a huge wad of saliva spread over the tip and began to slowly cascade down the shaft and he grabbed her by the hair trying to stuff more of his cock into her willing mouth. It was an erotic sight as I put one finger deep into my hairy pussy as I started to masturbate. I was on the verge of an orgasm but I couldn’t take my eyes of them.

. Isabella was saying “Mmmm”. It tastes good, Miguel. It always tastes so good your prick is so big much bigger than my forearm”, without lifting her face. She parted her lips slightly and slid her mouth about an inch down the head and her tongue began to dance on the tip. She was French-kissing his cock as she moved her lips up and down his shaft as soft hissing sounds escaped her lips. “Aaaaah…” The sounds were coming from the back of her throat as she savored the kiss.

She made love to the head with just her lips pecking, lapping and cooing like a contented cat. She stopped what she was doing took out his massive dong and then she reached up and placed two red lacquered fingertips behind the shaft and braced it as she extended her tongue against the bottom of the slimy wet prick. She looked directly into izmir escort his eyes and dragged her tongue slowly up the shaft. The juices rolled and gathered along the tip and spread over the wet pink flesh and her lower lip in a foamy white mess. When she reached the head she swiped it all up, swallowed, and licked her lips like she just had a taste of ice cream. “Mmmmm, so fucking good!”

She angled her face and went back down for more; licking in long slow strokes and swallowing each time she reached the head. “Ahhhhhhhh Isabella, you are the best cocksucker I have ever known and you have the most hairy armpits in all of Spain,” he said. I certainly took strong exception to that. While I may not suck cock like sister Isabella but my hairy armpits had much more hair than Isabella but I could not claim to have the most hairy armpits either in Spain or even in Madrid because that honor had to go to my dear mother Conchita. She had the most hirsute armpits. It grew at least 6 inches long all the way up from the tip of her big breasts almost a foot up. It was jet-black and very curly and extremely thick and my dad Emilio loved her hirsute body. I remembered once as a child walking into their room unnoticed and Emilio was putting his what seemed like a monster dick into her bushy armpits and saying “Conchita darling I want to cum all over your hairy armpits. I want to wipe my cock in your armpit hair” and then he started shooting what I now know as sperm into my mother’s unshaven pits. That sight astonished me but it remained with me.

Isabella kept sucking his huge penis as his cock drove in and out of her mouth. He was literally fucking her mouth and suddenly he started groaning as wads of cum flew out of his cock into her mouth. She struggled to keep her head straight as his cock erupted as I played furiously with my hairy pussy. I didn’t notice that I had started moaning and I had a massive orgasm. Even as Miguel had finished coming he looked up as did Isabella and spotted me.

What would happen to me now. I was wondering whether this was my chance to at least touch Miguel’s monster cock or maybe feel it between my lips but would my sister Isabella allow me that opportunity…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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