Sophie’s Engagement

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“OH JOSH of course I’ll marry you!” Sophie exclaimed loudly as she threw her arms around Josh and hugged him tightly.

Grinning from ear to ear, she squeezed him tightly as his arms wrapped around her and lifted her from the ground.

“Thank you baby, you’ve just made me the happiest guy in the world!” Josh said ecstatically as he spun her around and then gently set her back on her feet in the lounge.

Sophie looked from the diamond engagement ring in her hands up to her loving boyfriend, now fiancée, and beamed with pure joy.

“And I’m the luckiest girl in the world Josh Seymour!” She said before leaning up and gently kissing him.

Slowly releasing her lips from Josh’s, Sophie sat down gently on the sofa admiring the ring in her hand. Josh knelt down in front of her and took her left hand in his, and gently slid the diamond ring onto her engagement finger, then he looked up at her smiling lovingly and Sophie smiled adoringly back at him. He was so handsome!

“I love you” She said while she looked deep into his eyes.

“I love you too baby.” He replied just as lovingly The adoring couple sat and stared at each other for a few more minutes before Sophie broke the eye contact by once again looking down at the ring that now adorned her finger making her officially engaged to Josh. She could have jumped up and down with excitement and sheer joy, but right then she just couldn’t believe this was actually happening. It was like her fairy tale dream but this was actually happening.

The ring glittered on her finger as it sat proudly next to her eternity ring and she just sat there and smiled dreamily at it. This was all actually real; she just couldn’t believe it.

“There’s only one slight problem though babe.” Josh said hesitantly, and Sophie looked up still smiling. Nothing would bring her down today.

“What’s that baby?” Sophie asked as she gently stroked down his cheek.

Josh looked at her nervously before he obviously reached a decision to get whatever he wanted to say out of the way and then he spoke.

“I want to get married in 3 weeks!” He said quickly then moved slightly back expecting some kind of tirade from Sophie.

Sophie laughed lightly and stroked his cheek again tenderly. She loved him so much she could just cuddle him up right then and never let him go.

“Why would that be a problem?” She asked amidst her gentle laughter Seeing her happy mood, Josh visibly relaxed and smiled at her again.

“So you’re not annoyed?” He said finally

“Why would I be annoyed at that?” She asked while laughing some more. He was so cute!

“It’s just, I know you’ve had this fairy tale wedding planned since you were a kid and well, I just want to be married to you as soon as I can; I’d marry you tomorrow if I could, but I know you want a big wedding and it needs all that planning and things and I didn’t know if three weeks was enough time…” He began to babble.

Sophie just laughed gently and laid her fingers over his mouth.

“Shhh.” She said with a warm smile, “Yes I’ll marry you, and yes I’ll marry you in 3 weeks.”

Josh relaxed completely now and smiled again as Sophie withdrew her fingers from his lips.

“Is 3 weeks gonna be enough time to plan everything?” He said as he held her hands now between his.

“You just leave all of that planning to me babe and I’ll make sure that 3 weeks is plenty of time, I can’t wait to be married to you.” She said when a thought hit her suddenly, “Only, when we get married, my name will be Sophie Seymour.”

“Oh,” Josh said as he looked down, then quickly raised his head to smile amusedly at her, “That doesn’t really go does it?”

Sophie smiled back at him with her own amused smile and shook her head.

“Well, how about I just take your name instead then, and then you can stay with your own name?” Josh asked her Once again a broad smile crossed Sophie’s beautiful features and she grabbed Josh and kissed him.

“Sophie and Josh Harper.” Sophie said wonderingly, “Yeah, that sounds good. Mr and Mrs Josh Harper. I like the sound of that.”

“Me too.” Josh replied before he kissed her again only this time he gently pushed her back onto the sofa until she was lying down.

Sophie kissed her now fiancée back passionately as he began to undo the buttons on his jeans. She was happier than she had ever been and this night was just about to get that much better.

Josh stood in the lounge buttoning his jeans back up and looking down at Sophie, his now fiancée, and smiled. She was always great in everything she did, especially sex, and she had lived up to her great reputation again. She was just like him when it came to sex, she liked risk, like public sex, and she loved to try new positions and places, and lately she had become more and more rough when she was having sex, more animalistic. So not only was she the sweetest and most caring girl he had ever met, she was stunningly attractive and the greatest at sex he had ever known.

Sophie pendik escort sat up on the edge of the sofa but she didn’t bother pulling her hipster trousers back on. Instead, she stood up with a happy, satisfied smile on her flushed face and faced him whilst holding her trousers behind her.

“Say, I’m gonna go and have a shower, wanna join me?” She asked with a coy smile

“Hmmm, well now, that is a tempting offer…” Josh began to say and was cut off as the phone rang.

Looking down at the caller I.D. Josh saw who it was before picking the receiver up without answering and turning to look back down at his gorgeous fiancée.

“I’ll be up in a minute.” He said to her lustfully as he ran his fingers down her cheek.

“Don’t be too long.” She replied huskily before gently kissing him and walking out of the lounge.

Josh watched her ass sway as she walked out of the lounge and returned her smile when she smiled over her shoulder at him. Then, after she walked out of the room Josh answered the phone.

Twenty minutes later, Sophie Harper was standing in the shower of her and Josh’s en suite with her eyes closed, feeling the hot water rapidly hit her beautiful face, soaking her long blonde hair down her back and running down the curves of her hot body. The water ran down her neck, over the large mounds of her 36C tits, down over her small, flat stomach and waist to finally slide down her long creamy legs.

Sophie loved the feeling of the water running over her body, it always felt so sensual. She loved fucking in the shower as well. It always felt so good to be pounded either from behind or up against the wall or door while the hot water ran all over her. She loved it so much that even just the thought of it was turning her on, even more so seeing as Josh still hadn’t come upstairs like he was supposed to have done a while a go. He must still be on the phone, she thought to herself absently.

As she ran her hands over her face and down the length of her hair she thought about her loving boyfriend and then brought her hand in front of her and opened her eyes to smile down at the shiny new engagement ring that she now wore. She was going to be married soon, in three weeks, and she couldn’t wait.

Her hands went back to run through her hair before she slowly moved her hands down over her face, then slowly moved them down her neck and onto her large tits. Her hands cupped her firm flash and gently squeezed. She loved to have her tits played with; it always turned her on so much. She had just had sex with Josh but she was still horny, and with the water running all over her body and her hands feeling herself up, she was getting hornier and hornier by the minute.

It wasn’t that Josh hadn’t satisfied her downstairs; she had had a great orgasm and enjoyed every minute of it. More so because she loved him so much. It was just that after what had happened at Josh’s poker party a week ago, she just couldn’t seem to get enough sex. She wanted more, because in one night she had been fucked by four different guys. The memories of that night made Sophie groan as she continued to squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples. She needed sex badly again.

But it wasn’t only the poker night that had her feeling so horny. Josh had gotten his big promotion a few days ago from Charles Riley and with his new promotion Riley had given Josh a brand new office next to his. Josh was now manager of his department and had received a huge bonus and a substantial new raise, enough so they had even talked about buying a new house in a more wealthier part of Gainborough. The reason for the promotion was Josh’s success with the contract a couple of weeks ago, the very night Sophie had first fucked Riley, and Sophie having sex with the old man had had nothing to do with it. But before Riley had given Josh his new office, he had wanted to show Sophie what it was like, ‘to get her approval, as she would know what Josh’s tastes were.’ Riley had said. Sophie wasn’t fooled by any of it, so she wasn’t surprised when it turned out that all Josh’s boss wanted to do was fuck her in Josh’s new office before he got it. Sophie also knew that the reason why Josh’s office was next to Riley’s wasn’t because he wanted to be kept close at hand, like Riley had told him, but so when Riley fucked Sophie in his office, Josh would be able to hear without knowing who was in with Riley.

Sophie moaned loudly at the thought of being so naughty and risky, at how good it would feel, but she quickly let go of her tits and forced herself to stop thinking about the poker party and Charles Riley. The old man made her sick, but his dick was good. The thought of Riley’s dick always made her think of Tyler’s hard ebony rod pumping in and out of her, it was the biggest cock she had ever seen, but quickly she forced the thoughts from her mind.

Instead she focused on being married to Josh and having a shower. She would be completely faithful to Josh, she tried to make herself maltepe escort believe, but whenever those thoughts managed to drift back into her mind, she knew that she wouldn’t be, that after the poker night she was a slut.

After a few more minutes of struggling not to think about cheating on Josh and trying to wash herself, all of her illicit thoughts fled as she heard Josh coming into the en suite.

“Hey baby, are you coming in, the waters lovely and hot?” She asked teasingly, wanting him to come and take her again.

“Sorry babe, I can’t.” Josh answered sounding excited, “That was Billy on the phone.”

Sophie wasn’t angry that Josh wouldn’t come into the shower, only a little frustrated, but that completely disappeared when she heard Josh say Billy’s name.

She continued to finish up her shower as she spoke.

“Oh wow, how is he babe? What’s he up to?” Sophie asked enthusiastically Billy was Josh’s younger brother and although like Sophie’s family, Josh’s family lived in Shorehaven, Billy didn’t. He was an air force pilot stationed in some foreign country for most of the year, and only very rarely did he ever get leave. Sometimes when he did get leave he couldn’t get back home and so consequently, she had only met him twice in the three years that she and Josh had been together. He was a great guy, funny and smart, just like Josh. He was also great fun to be around and the two times Sophie had met him they had all gone out with Josh’s family and friends and the night had been amazing fun. Billy was just one of those guys who were good to be around.

“He’s on leave and he’s at the airport right now.” Josh said excitedly, “And he was wondering if he could come over and stay with us tonight ’cause he wants to make his coming home a surprise for the family, then he’ll be staying at home for the rest of his leave. What do ya think?”

Sophie smiled at how sweet Josh was.

“Of course he can stay here baby, we have a spare room and it’ll be great to see him again.” She said sweetly to her fiancée and reached to turn the shower off before stepping out into the warm air.

It was another warm spring night and the bathroom window was open but Josh was standing holding her dressing gown for her and she smiled lovingly at him and she felt all warm inside. He was so sweet to her. Maybe being faithful wasn’t going to be so hard after all, because every time she looked at Josh she felt no desire for anyone else.

As she put her dressing gown on and tied the belt around her small waist, Josh continued.

“Cool, I’ll go phone him and tell him. He’ll be here soon but I think he’ll be tired from travelling so we’ll leave going out until tomorrow or something, with the rest of the family, yeah?” Josh spoke quickly, obviously anxious to phone Billy to tell him to come over.

Sophie laughed lightly

“Yeah ok baby, you better go and phone him and let him know then. I’ll go and get changed.” She said with a loving smile.

Josh quickly kissed her before hurrying off downstairs like a kid on Christmas morning. Josh got on with everyone in his family and missed them all, except his father who he didn’t get on with very well at all and who seemed to return the feeling, Josh had never been very forthcoming with why, but still when Billy came back they all managed to enjoy being around each other.

Sophie smiled after him and shook her head slightly. He was adorable and she loved him so much. Than she walked though into the bedroom to get changed.

Sophie took her time drying her long blonde hair, which fell straight naturally and combed it thoroughly before going to the wardrobe to decide what to wear. She had already decided that she just wanted to feel comfortable tonight so she reached in and took out her red lace bra and matching panties, a pair of her stone-washed blue jeans and a pink sweater.

After getting changed, Sophie stood in front of the full-length mirror in her and Josh’s bedroom while she pulled her hair up into a ponytail. The jeans were not tight but they still clung to her thighs and ass, defining both curves and leaving little doubt that what lay beneath was something to be desired. Her pink sweater, although it showed no cleavage, it also clung to the curves of her small waist and large tits, defining her slightly hourglass figure, clinging to her flat stomach and her emphasising fine full-size 36C tits. She looked hot, as she always did in everything she wore, but she was comfortable.

Finally after tying her hair up, and making sure that her long blonde ponytail hung central and down her back, and swung freely when she moved her sweet head, Sophie turned to walk downstairs to be with Josh and wait for Billy to turn up.

“Hey” Sophie said cheerily to Josh as she walked into the lounge, “When’s he gonna be here?”

“He should be here soon.” Josh replied in anticipation, he really was looking forward to seeing Billy again, “Should be about five or ten minutes I think.”

“Alright kartal escort then.” Sophie said with a smile, “I’ll go make a coffee. What does he have?”

“Oh, err, strong black with no sugar I think.” Josh replied as he continued to peek through the window towards the driveway. “Four spoons of coffee I think.”

Sophie had been heading through the glass doors into the kitchen when she heard Josh say how much coffee his brother had, and stopped.

“Four spoons!?” She asked incredulously, “Are you sure? That’s enough to keep him up half the night!”

“Yeah, four spoons.” Josh replied, still peeking out of the window, “He’s always liked the taste of coffee, and he said it helps him think quicker or something like that anyway. But it definitely is four.”

“Whoa.” Sophie said sounding amazed and then she turned to walk into the kitchen to put the kettle on for the coffee.

The kettle had just finished boiling when she heard Josh shout, “He’s here!” and then the front door opened and Josh was out to meet his brother. She smiled and gently shook her head. He really was so cute. Once again she felt warm inside from the thought of knowing that she was now engaged to Josh and that she was going to marry him in three weeks. She was so lucky.

She had just finished stirring the coffees when she heard two male voices, one Josh’s and the other obviously belonged to Billy. They were laughing and talking as Sophie picked up all three cups and walked through into the lounge.

The sight of Josh’s beaming face made Sophie feel all warm inside as she once again stepped through into the lounge, he was so handsome, and then her eyes fell the slightly shorter man standing next to her loving fiancée, his younger brother, Billy Seymour.

Billy was only an inch shorter than his brother and shared the same good looks as ran in Josh’s family, but where Josh was comfortably dressed; Billy was perfectly smart in his pristine Air Force uniform of dark blue. His dark hair was gelled back and his face cleanly shaven, and even though his build was not as big as his older brothers’ there was no mistaking the fitness of the physique under that pressed uniform. The stunning white grin of Billy’s that had won over so many of his female conquests that he told his family in tales at their get-togethers turned from seeing Josh to looking directly at Sophie and she could understand why so many women had given in to this man. Billy’s grin made her insides flutter and brought a slight blush to her smooth cheeks.

“Well Hi Soph.” Billy said to her as he let go of Josh’s right hand and turned towards her.

“Hi Billy.” Sophie replied as she gently placed the coffee mugs on the table in the middle of the room, trying to hide her blushing cheeks.

As she straightened up Billy opened is arms wide, clutching his Air Force hat in his left hand.

“How about a hug?” He said happily Sophie smiled back broadly, trying not to look like she was blushing at all, and lightly placed her arms around him and hugged him. As Billy hugged her briefly Sophie could feel the hardness of his body underneath his uniform, and the strength in his grip, even though he didn’t particularly squeeze her tightly.

As Sophie moved backwards, Billy stopped her with his hands holding onto hers and looked over her body before once again looking back at her beautiful face.

“I have to say Soph, you get more beautiful every time I see you.” He said honestly before turning to smile at his brother, “Josh, you sure are a lucky guy.”

“I know.” Josh replied to his brother and lovingly smiled over at her.

Sophie felt like blushing again, but this time from the warmth she felt inside. It was just then that she realised that Billy was still lightly holding onto her hands, so she looked at him and smiled. He answered with a smile back at her that set her stomach aflutter and once again brought crimson to her cheeks. She looked down quickly, trying to hide the effect Billy’s smile had on her from him, and tried to think of something to say, but Billy spoke first.

“Josh I’ve got so much to tell you.” He said as he let go of her hands and turned once again to his brother.

“I know, so have I bro.” Josh replied, looking ready to explode from impatience, “So let me go first, ok?”

“Ok.” Billy said looking slightly confused.

“You might want to sit down Bill.” Josh said, as he tried suppressing his smile.

The look of confusion deepened on Billy’s face but seeing Josh’s suppressed smile he knew it couldn’t be bad news. Sophie tingled inside too with anticipation for Josh’s words.

“Ok, so what’s the important news?” Billy asked interestedly Josh gave Sophie a quick look before speaking; “Me and Sophie are engaged!” He blurted out finally.

Billy’s face immediately turned from interest to over-the-moon joy for them both, and he leaped to his feet and grasped Josh’s hand and shook vigorously.

“Congratulations Big brother!” He exclaimed, “To both of you!” He said with a broad grin shared between Josh and Sophie.

“Thanks man!” Josh said, equally ecstatic, “But that’s not it, we’re getting married in 3 weeks!!”

Billy’s eyes went even wider and his grin broadened even more.

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