Son “Accidentally” Impregnates Mom

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Big Tits

My mother was 18 years old when she gave birth to me. I never knew my father and she never made an effort to tell me who he might be. It was always suspected that it was a married man who worked at the bank with her, but nobody was saying for sure.

Growing up with a single mom we never wanted for anything and lived a comfortable life. My mother was very open around me and was not the least bit embarrassed to have me see her in just her bra and panties. The same held true for her in her many beautiful and sexy nightgowns.

My mother never dated any men at all as she was always home with me. When I turned 18 and had been driving for a couple of years I began to go out on dates with girls I met in school. My mom would be home alone during these times and I was aware she had a dresser drawer with more than one style of dildo inside. I can’t recall ever hearing her pleasure herself but I’m fairly certain she did and just kept things quiet.

When I was 19 years old my mother was only 37. She was a genuinely beautiful woman who had one of the most complete sets of vintage lingerie I had ever seen. Loads of satin, nylon, lace, ribbons, slips, garter belts, stockings, of all kinds; you name it she had it and wore it. Working in a bank and wearing sexy and beautiful lingerie under her business attire I think gave her a sexual thrill, and without male companionship it seemed to be the entire thrill she needed.

I had dated 3 different girls when I was 18 and I had sexual intercourse with one of them, but we only did it once. All three of the girls had dumped me and it really hurt with each one. My mom would always say;

“There are plenty of girls out there. Don’t worry. You’ll find someone.”

I had a close relationship with a forth girlfriend and I thought things were going great, when one Friday evening she told me we needed to stop seeing each other and it was over. I was taken by surprise and really felt down about being dumped again.

I drove home and went to my room and could not get to sleep. I sat on the edge of the bed wearing just my boxer shorts with only the lamp on my desk on in the room. I just stared at the floor and felt sorry for myself.

Seeing the dim light on in my room my mom got out of bed and came to my door to ask what was wrong.

“Are you alright? Is there anything wrong?” She asked.

I looked up from the floor to see her standing in my bedroom doorway wearing her pink chiffon with black lace trim baby doll nightgown with matching full cut panties. I could see the nipples of her breasts through the double layer chiffon. I could also see she was clean shaven between her legs which as far as I knew was something new for her. I had always noticed a pubic bush of hair when she wore just her bra and panties around me.

“I was just dumped again tonight.” I said with a sigh.

“Oh honey. I’m so sorry. I thought she was a really nice girl.” Said mom.

“I did too. I could tell I had some deep feelings for her. I’m pretty down in the dumps about it and I’m so tense I can’t sleep.”

With that my mom came over to the bed and sat down next to me. I felt the chiffon of her baby doll brush my skin. She put her hands on each of my shoulders and started to message my shoulders.

“You do feel tense. Let me just rub your shoulders to help you relax.” She said as she rubbed harder.

As my mom messaged my shoulders, every few rubs as she was pushing, her breast would brush against my arm and I felt her nipple getting larger.

“Having a relationship with another person is a tricky thing. I know. Why do you think I have stayed away from dating any men while you were growing up?”

“Yeah, why was that?” I asked.

“I just never came in contact with any that I thought would make a good father for you and a good husband for me.” She replied.

My mom’s messaging was beginning to loosen me up in my shoulders and I began to feel relaxed.

“Your rubbing is beginning to relax me mom. Thanks so much for getting up and caring.”

“You know I always want the best for you baby.” She said with a smile in her voice while still continuing to rub.

“And if you don’t mind me saying, you look breath taking in your baby doll nighty.” I just blurted it out and have no idea why I did.

“Oh, honey. Thank you. You know how I like to be extra girly. I try to be as girly as possible when I go to bed and that is why I have such a full wardrobe of nightgowns.”

“I can’t believe you have never found a man to help you feel as girly as possible. You are in your prime and very beautiful.” I continued.

“Well…It has been very lonely for me all these years.” She said.

“Don’t you use your selection of dildos to satisfy your needs?” I asked.

“I use them, but not as much as you would think. I have some strong needs and a dildo just doesn’t do what a real male penis can do. If I’m not sharing too much.” She said softly.

The room got a little quieter as I said; “not at all. Your needs at your age are not at all a surprise to me.”

As grup sex our discussion continued, she did not stop rubbing my shoulders and I guess it was not too much of a surprise to either of us, my penis began to become erect. My mom noticed the rising tent in my boxers and said;

“Is this making you uncomfortable honey? I can stop if it’s doing to you what I think it is doing.”

“What do you think it is doing?” I asked.

“Well baby, even I can see in the soft light your penis is getting hard and pushing against your boxers.” Said mom.

I squeezed my legs together quickly to disguise my erection, but all that did was cause me to get bigger and harder.

“I’m sorry mom. It’s been a trying day for me. Your message of my shoulders feels so good I really don’t want it to stop. And your baby doll nighty is so feminine and pretty it’s making me excited.”

My mom took her hands off my shoulders and placed them in front of her breasts.

“I’m sorry honey. The soft light of the room and sitting next to you on your bed has got me a little excited too.”

“Really? How?” I asked.

“Well, without getting too graphic, my nipples are getting pretty big and very sensitive. And I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’m kinda wet in my panties between my legs.”

“Mom! That’s a lot of detail!” I said in amazement.

“I know darling, but I haven’t been intimate with a male in almost 20 years. And the site of your boxers sticking up is getting me excited.”

The room fell silent as both of us sat motionless next to each other and I again felt the chiffon of her baby doll against my skin. The silence was broken by my mom as she said;

“Honey. It’s just you and me. You’ve had a big disappointment today and I’m thinking you’re feeling unloved. But you are not unloved. I’ve always loved you.”

“I know that. And you are right. I feel sad this evening, but at the same time, I’m a little embarrassed to tell you, I’m feeling a very strong attraction to you in that sexy nighty.” I said softly.

What happened next changed both of our lives forever and it was the most intense, emotional experience either of us had ever had.

My mom spoke just as softly and said; “I’m flattered you find me so attractive. This is one of the most sexy baby dolls I own and I’m happy to see it has you stimulated. My nipples are bulging on my breasts and I’ve never felt my panties so soaked with my love juices.”

“What are we going to do?” I asked.

“If you’ll allow me, I’d like to expose your penis out of the fly in your boxers.”

“How about I just take them off? It’s all I’m wearing.” I softly said.

“Oh…If you want to, that would be better.” Said mom.

I lifted my butt and slid my boxers off without leaving my place on the bed. My penis stood straight up in a size and hardness I had never experienced in my life.

“Oh sweetheart, your erect penis is beautiful! And it’s so big, and it looks so hard! Can I touch it and stroke it?” Asked my mom.

“I actually can’t wait for you to do it.” I said in a breathless way.

My mom reached out her hand and gently wrapped it around my throbbing cock. Just her touch made my penis jump. She then whispered in my ear;

“Turn your head toward me and let me kiss my baby.”

I slowly turned my face to hers and our lips came together as she slid her tongue into my mouth and I returned the favor as our tongues intertwined. At the same time she began to stroke my throbbing erection up and down slowly. This continued for at least the next five minutes as she was careful to stroke slowly so as not to make me cum.

As we pulled our mouths apart my mom asked;

“Can you spread your legs apart while sitting? I want to get down on my knees between them and orally enjoy your huge erection.”

I did as she asked and as she got up from the edge of the bed, the one light in the room shown from behind her and outlined her breasts perfectly through the chiffon of her baby doll. I saw her nipples were huge and her breasts were looking as if they were pointing up. I also caught a glimmer of the light as it reflected off of her leg and it was obvious it was now wet with juices from her vagina.

As my mother slowly lowered herself between my legs in front of me I saw what a really beautiful and sexy woman she was, and at only 37 years old how sexually attractive she was to me. From this moment on she was just like any girlfriend I had ever been with, but my breath was taken away by her beauty.

“Baby, you have the biggest and thickest erect penis I have ever seen.” Said my mom as she moved her mouth toward the helmet of my cock.

She softly touched her warm lips to the tip of my penis and I felt her tongue wiggle into the little slit on the tip. The feeling sent a bolt of excitement through me and I let out a heavy sigh.

As she heard this she pulled back from my cock and said; “So you like it when a sexy girl puts her lips on your cock?”

“I like it! I like it a lot! And latina fuck tour porno right now you are a very sexy girl!” I said breathlessly.

“OK. Let’s get you a little wetter and warmer” She said as she gently but quickly slid my now achingly hard erection into her mouth.

The sensation was better than anything I had ever felt in my life. I heard the juices of her mouth and felt the tip of her tongue licking completely around my cock. She continued with this for about three minutes before she pulled off and said;

“I’m going to stand up now, and I want you to leave my baby doll top on, but I would like you to slowly pull down my panties. Can you do that for mommy?” She asked playfully.

“Of course.” I answered quickly.

As she stood up with the soft light behind her I could see between her legs and the clear outline of her vaginal lips that were clearly swollen to a size I had never seen on a female before. The crotch of her panties was indeed soaking wet.

“Slowly pull them down and when I step out of them I would like you to bend in and lick my pussy lips. As you do this I’ll direct your tongue toward my clitoris.” My mom said in a soft loving voice.

I did as she asked and for the first time tasted the juice of her soaking wet vagina and the taste made my cock throb even more. She let out soft moans as I slowly licked her pussy. We did this for at least 5 minutes. I could have gone for another 20 minutes, but the soft moaning was interrupted when my mom said;

“Honey…it’s time for us to sexually copulate. In other words, mommy wants you to fuck her.” She said softly and sweetly and it sounded so natural. She continued;

“I’m going to lie on my back on the bed and spread my legs. Leave my baby doll top on and get on your knees between my legs. I’ll reach out and guide your huge, man sized penis into my vagina.”

As we did this, my mother carefully and lightly pulled my erect cock into her wet lips. She instructed;

“Push honey. Push your cock into mommy.”

I gave a very light push and because she was so wet I instantly slipped the entire length of my erection into her vagina. She gasped a quick gasp as our pubic bones banged together.

“Oh my God! You feel so big! And you feel so good! Now, without moving, bend down and suck on my nipples through the chiffon of my nighty top.”

I was totally into the moment and did as she requested. Her nipples were huge and sticking straight up in her nighty. In the soft light of the bedroom she looked stunningly beautiful lying below me on her back.

“Oh baby this feels so wonderful! I’ve never felt more sexually aroused than I am right now!” Said mom.

As my mother and I were fully sexually connected with our genitals she lifted her legs and wrapped them around the back of my butt as if she wanted to push my throbbing cock even deeper into her pussy.

“Don’t pull back just yet honey. I can feel your huge penis pulsing inside me and I want to feel your enjoyment.” Said my mom breathlessly.

“I’ve never had such an intense sexual experience with anyone as I am having with you mom. I’m totally loving this feeling.” I replied equally out of breath.

“You are a good boy to your mother and I’m a good mother to you. We both deserve the wonderful feeling we’re having right now.”

“Your pussy is so wet mom. You must really be turned on.”

Her legs pushed me in even tighter and I could feel her swollen vaginal lips actually tightening and releasing around my rock hard cock. Again and again her pussy lips messaged my pole.

“I am really turned on baby. But I want you to let me know before you cum. I still get my period and I have never used birth control.”

It was as if her saying that was an automatic trigger. My cock began to convulse and I was immediately aware I was shooting hot cum inside of my mother. Her legs were still wrapped around my butt holding me into her.

“I can’t stop it mommy. I’m really cumming. Harder than I have ever cum in my life.” I said a bit desperately.

“Oh dear God! I feel it! You are filling me up each time you twitch. I can’t unwrap my legs fast enough to let you pull out! Well, you are all in now. Keep cumming as much as you can. I love the feeling of a man ejaculating inside me and I love the idea my man is my son.” Said mom.

As she unwrapped her legs from me I kept thrusting slightly forward and I was still squirting my semen and sperm deep inside of her. I finally began to feel slightly limp and I gently allowed my penis to slide out of her soaking wet vagina. Still lying on top of my mom after our lovemaking I had a natural instinct to lean down and tongue kiss her deeply. She responded with her tongue as we both rolled together on our side.

In the dim light of my bedroom as we laid facing each other my mother kissed my cheek and said;

“Well sweetie, you have really filled me with your semen and sperm. I’m between periods so we’ll have to wait and see if I get pregnant.”

“I lezbiyen porno really didn’t mean to cum so hard mom. I was just overwhelmed with the feeling of us fucking. It was like nothing I had ever experienced.” I said quietly.

“I know honey. I felt it too. But I think you really wanted to ejaculate inside me, and that’s okay. I really wanted you to do it too.” She said sweetly.

I kissed her again on her lips.

“This has been quite a Friday night. Would you mind if I put my panties back on and I stayed here in your bed with you tonight?” My mom asked.

“I wouldn’t mind at all. In fact I really don’t want to let you out of my sight for tonight. Is it alright with you if I stay naked in bed with you tonight?”

“It’s perfect. Now let me find my panties and we’ll cuddle together and drift off to sleep.” Said mom.

We slept intertwined in each other’s arms and legs all night and of course, as happens with any normal 19 year old male, I woke up the next morning with a rock hard erection. My mother woke up when I did and she felt my erection on her leg. She stroked it gently and kissed me on my lips.

“If I’m going to become pregnant there is nothing we can do about it now, so we might as well enjoy ourselves as much as we can.” Said mom.

With that we began to tongue kiss and I felt my mother’s vagina getting wet again as my hard cock bumped into her fully shaved pussy lips.

“Would you mind getting on all fours so I can pull down your panties and fuck you from behind doggy style? I asked.

“Mind? Honey, I’d love it. Promise me you’ll finger my nipples as my breasts hang down in front.”

“I promise” I said with a smile.

My mom was on her hands and knees on my bed as I gently lowered her panties and spread her legs apart ever so slightly. Her pussy actually dripped on the sheets she was so wet. She tilted her pelvis a little forward and reached back with one hand to guide me into her pussy. My cock seemed even harder today as I effortlessly slid all the way inside her from behind. Mom gasped and said;

“That’s it baby. Fuck me as hard as you can and cum inside me just like last night. I want and need your sperm inside me.”

I began to thrust my long cock back and forth in her vagina. I leaned onto her back and reached around to her hanging breasts and took her nipples into my fingers and began to squeeze and pull on them as she let out moans of delight.

“Oh fuck me baby! I want my son to fuck me as hard as you can and I want you to ejaculate inside me a full load of cum!” My mom said in a loud voice.

“Mom, I love having intercourse with you. I can’t get enough of your pussy around my cock! I don’t want to fuck anyone but you!” I said just as loud.

At that moment I let loose with a jarring ejaculation. I shot load after load of hot semen and sperm into my mother as she moaned;

“That’s it baby! Fill up mommy with your seed. I want your semen as deep inside me as possible. It feels wonderful to me!”

Our Saturday morning lovemaking lasted a little more than an hour. After that we showered together and could not keep our tongues out of each other’s mouths. We engaged in sexual intercourse four more times that weekend.

On Friday morning I had only seen my mom in her lingerie around the house and by Sunday evening we had shared intense sexual intercourse six times in two days. I had ejaculated mass amounts of semen and sperm into her vagina. It was all but certain she would get pregnant if she could.

For the next two months my mother and I were sexually active with each other on a daily basis. Usually in the evening when she got home from work. We never used any kind of birth control. She told me her coworkers remarked how she was glowing at work as if something for her had changed. She told no one her new sexual partner was her son.

“Mom, I really love how you can flex the lips of your vagina to squeeze and release my penis. The feeling of you pulling me inside you and clamping down is pure ecstasy for me!”

“I love squeezing my pussy lips on your big cock. I can’t get enough of your penis inside of me. I’ve never felt more alive.” Said mom with a sigh.

Our sex play explored several variations. Traditional missionary intercourse, doggy style intercourse, titty fucking, fucking my mother when she was totally dressed without her panties, stroking my hard cock to ejaculation and spraying her on her face, tummy, and naked ass, and oral sex with my mom able to get my entire erection into her mouth and down into her throat. Plus I learned how to orally please her wet pussy with my tongue and suck on her clitoris until she came so hard her vagina shot her love juice all over my face. We both were truly satisfied sexual partners for each other.

We had just passed the three month mark of having daily intercourse when my mother confirmed she indeed was pregnant. Based on what the doctor told her about how far along she was and both of us counting backwards, it appeared she became pregnant the first time we had intercourse.

In a way, this news gave both of us a little freedom. My mom said she wanted to have the baby and tests confirmed our baby was a healthy little girl. Mom and I agreed to never tell anyone that her own son was the father. She would tell the hospital she was not sure who the father was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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