Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 24

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After picking me up in front of Sarah’s house, Mom drove straight home; no detours for sex in the park or at a gas station. My mind was on her naked body under the robe that she had pulled on to come get me after I called. She parked in her spot in the driveway and instead of pushing her door open to get out, she swiveled her body toward me and lifted her right leg into the space between the front seats. Her wet pussy glistened in the illumination from the streetlights. She opened her robe to expose her breasts and then dropped her fingers to her sex to spread her labia as an invitation.

I readily accepted her invitation and stretched across the center console to push my speared tongue into her sopping wet pussy. She held her outer lips apart until I was in place and then she released them and pulled my head firmly to her sex. She moaned hard and humped up her hips. One of her hands went to her tits to fondle her nipples.

I pushed myself further across the console and kissed my way up out of her pussy to her trim stomach and then up to her tits. She groaned when I kissed my lips onto her right nipple and her hips lifted again. I pushed an index finger to her clitoris and barely touched it as she launched upward a foot or so. She groaned hard and settled back down again.

I pushed myself back across the console so I could resume my attack on her sex. I flicked my tongue in a feather touch across her clitoris. She slowly lifted her hips as she sensed my breath on it. I moved down and flicked my tongue in every direction on her vagina. She whimpered when I drilled my tongue as deep as I could manage into her pussy. I tongue-fucked her into one orgasm and then finger-fucked her while I rimmed her anus through a second. I had an erection but there was no urgency on either of our parts to use it. We were engrossed in the moment.

Mom was gasping for air and I was looking for any sign that she wanted me to continue. I would have done this until daylight if that’s what she wanted. She ran her fingers through my hair but didn’t pull me in for more. Her breathing turned to a series of contented coos

As I pulled away from her sex, she let my hair pull through her fingers. I sat back up in my seat just staring at the contented look on her face. She was the sexiest woman on the planet at that moment.

The light in the portico came on. Dad must be up waiting for us to get home. Mom grinned at me and maneuvered back to face forward. She opened her door and got out. I got out too. She pulled her robe tight and we walked together to the front door. Dad opened the door before we got there. He grinned when he saw the look on Mom’s face. Dad closed and locked the door as we filed past him into the foyer. He said, “I guess I’m up for the day. Would you like to join me in the hot tub?”

Mom leaned into Dad and kissed him and said, “That sounds wonderful.”

I declined, even though there was a possibility of enjoying another ‘Mom Sandwich’ in the hot tub. We hadn’t done that there yet.

Dad peeled Mom’s robe off and ran his hand through her wet sex and then tentatively placed his wet fingers to his tongue. He gave no indication whether he liked it or not but he didn’t go back for more. I knew he didn’t like performing cunnilingus and never had. Both Mom and Aunt Mary had told me that. There was no ‘like father, like son’ there. I loved it.

I went up the stairs to my room while Mom and Dad went hand in hand to the backyard. I decided to stop by their bedroom to watch them in the hot tub. It was a little chilly and Mom hustled to the hot tub and wasted no time climbing in. Dad stripped off his tee shirt and boxer shorts and goosed her ass as he climbed in right behind her. It was still too dark to see them under the water but they kissed passionately and I smiled to myself. I loved that my parents loved each other as much as they did.

Our lives had changed a lot during the summer. Like many families, we had been all heading in our own directions. Dad working non-stop. Mom feeling sexually neglected, even though she and Dad were having sex almost every night. She just didn’t remember it in her sleepwalking state. The twin’s lives were intertwined as twins usually are. I had two years of college before I was off somewhere to start my life.

Now our family dynamics were completely changed. We were closer, at least for now. We did things together as a family. I snickered at that thought. We loved each other and freely expressed that love. We all knew it wasn’t normal or even right, but it was what it was.

The sun would be up before long and it would be Mom and me alone for four or five hours, before Dad returned from golf and then it could be the three of us until the girls got home from their sleepover at Sarah’s and then it could be the five of us for the rest of the day. I wanted to keep Mom at home with us rather than wandering around contemplating fucking some random guy that rings her bell. I hoped that Dr. Jaffrey could help her with hypnosis or something when we see vivid porno her tomorrow. Mom was as worried about her current state of mind as Dad and I were.

I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. I was sure I smelled like sex, even though I didn’t notice it. Mom hadn’t said anything in the car even though my cock had been in five different women today. Whatever; I wanted to start fresh and clean with Mom when Dad left.

I slept hard until I heard Dad jangling his golf clubs out of the coat closet in the foyer. I could hear Mom and Dad talking downstairs but I couldn’t make out any words. I already had a morning woody going and I stroked on it a few times as I contemplated sex with Mom. It was so hard and just the sensation of my hand stroking it made it even harder.

I got to my feet and caught a view of my naked body in the mirror on the bureau. My cock was waggling everywhere. It was pointless to go to the bathroom. I wouldn’t be able to piss through this erection anyway. I crawled up into Mom’s bed and laid out on my back with my cock propped up by my hand to point at the ceiling. It waggled around and it jumped when I flexed it.

I heard the front door shut and then Mom hurrying up the stairs. She went past her door heading for my bedroom. Moments later, she walked into her bedroom and grinned at me and stripped off her robe. I smiled and flexed my cock when she caressed her hard nipples. Her face was already flushed red with sexual anticipation.

I was positioned in the middle of the bed with my legs pointing toward the foot posts and I released my cock to let it bob up and down off my stomach and grabbed the posts on the headboard. Mom climbed up on the bed and took a position at my waist, on her knees, sitting back on her heels. She took my granite-hard cock out of mid-air and lazily stroked it from tip to balls. She glanced from my face to my cock. She was biting her lower lip trying to decide how she wanted me first.

I was surprised when Mom released my cock and crawled onto my chest and slid herself toward my face. She lifted her sex to my face and bent forward over my head. I let go of the headboard and took both breasts in my hands. She moaned and held my hands where they were. I pushed out my tongue to her clitoris and she surged up and away. She came back immediately and placed her sex on my mouth again. I drilled my tongue deep in her vagina and she went spastic for a moment. I tongue-fucked her until she whimpered and burst into an orgasm. Her sex was all over my face until she settled down and then took a position so that I could rim her anus with my tongue. She flinched a few times as she was still breathing erratically. I lashed my tongue around and around her rosebud and she began a constant moan. I thought I might be able to get her off by tonguing her ass but she moved off my face and stood up on the bed, bracing herself with her hand on the wall.

Mom turned around facing the footboard and took a new position with her feet at my knees and sat down on my thighs. My cock was bobbing hard against the crack of her ass. She reached between her legs and pulled my cock to her anus and lifted her hips up with her legs and pushed the tip of my cock inside. She groaned hard and then leaned back and put her hands under my armpits so that her only contact with me was the tip of my cock in her anus.

She used her legs to bob her hips up and down on the tip of my glans and cried out, “Oh Jesus, Baby. You’re so hard. She pushed her anus down my shaft and we both groaned hard. She stopped and adjusted where she always did and then started fucking my cock. I let her take full control and take my cock into her as she wanted. She drove her hips up and down the full length of my cock as she whimpered in her delirium. She was throwing her head from side to side. I cradled her tits in my hands and tweaked her nipples.

Mom was getting tired and her driving hips began to tremble. I released her tits and grabbed her waist to help hold her up. That worked for a moment and then I held her in place and began thrusting my hips up and down and Mom let out a scream and yelled, “OH MY GAAWWDDD. YESSS. YESSS. DO IT.”

I didn’t know what ‘DO IT’ meant particularly: keep fucking her ass like I was, or cum in her ass. I wasn’t ready to cum yet but I was getting there. I kept fucking my cock as deep in her bowels as I could. Her body tightened in my hands and she threw her head from side to side, dragging her wavy, auburn hair over my face as she exploded into an anal orgasm. Her sphincter muscle pulsed as her clenches tightly gripped my cock. She was controlling the action again. She screamed, “I’m cumming Baby,” as she flailed her body around on her hands and feet. She was going everywhere, dragging my cock along with her.

I was trying to hold myself back so we could go another round in a new position but her pulsing grip on my cock pulled me over the top of my climax and I gushed many strong surges of cum into her ass. She screamed again as she felt me woodman casting porno unloading in her. “OH JESUS. YESSSS. OH MY GGAWWDDD.” I let her pulsing sphincter milk me dry and then she sat herself down on it and lowered her back to my chest. I had her weight on me now and she flexed her sphincter on my cock. I wrapped my arms around her and gripped both of her tits. She cooed in contentment.

Suddenly, the front door slammed shut and there was the sound of thundering feet coming up the stairs. It could only be the twins. We didn’t move and waited a moment as Mom’s bedroom door burst open and June and Julie moved to the footboard. Julie said, “Oh good, we didn’t miss too much. We remembered that Dad would be playing golf this morning and had Sarah drive us home early. She was pissed with us, but who cares.”

Mom raised her head off my shoulder to watch the twins strip off their clothes and join us on the bed. In Mom’s position, laying on her back on top of me with my cock buried in her ass, her pubic mound was the highest point on her body and the twins went right for it. Julie drilled her tongue into Mom’s pussy first and Mom muttered, “Oh gggawwdd,” and pushed her hips up at her face. Julie let June take her turn and between them they brought Mom up to a crescendo and let her drop back before driving her back up again. My cock was as hard as ever and Mom was pushing her hips up at the twin’s tongues and I timed her hip movements to begin fucking her ass again with properly timed hip thrusts of my own.

I realized that Mom was holding her breath and I whispered in her ear, “Breathe. Breathe.” The air, trapped in her lungs exploded from her and she lurched her body up as she burst into a vaginal orgasm. The girls took turns slurping her juices from her spasming pussy.

I could feel Mom’s vaginal orgasm through the thin membrane on my cock. I stopped to enjoy the sensation. Mom didn’t like that, so she started driving her hips up and down again while the twins attempted to keep their lips on her pussy. She was groaning hard as she drove herself down on my cock. She lowered her head back to my shoulder and turned and kissed my chin and whispered, “Can you cum in me again, Baby?”

I couldn’t see the twins over Mom’s body, sprawled across me. The vision in my mind of the four of us spurred my balls to a caldron of bubbling cum and I lurched us all upward as I launched another load of jizz into Mom’s ass. She screamed hard and tried to join the action. She couldn’t do much with the twins between her legs. I felt a hand grip my balls and fondle them as if she were squeezing the jizz out of them. I didn’t know which of the twins it was, but it didn’t matter. I launched several powerful shots of cum as I thrust up my hips with each one and then they became less powerful and my thrusts stopped. I laid there unmoving, as my cock continued to flex automatically.

Mom was heaving air into her lungs and her tits rode the waves. When she was content that I was done, she pulled her ass up my shaft and dropped herself off to my right side. The twins pulled back to let her go and at Mom’s urgent directions, ran to the bathroom for a towel. My double load of cum in her ass was oozing from her gaping anus and there was nothing she could do to stop it until June pushed the towel in to stop it.

Julie laid her body along my left side and kissed my nipple. June had brought back a wet facecloth along with the towel and she began washing my softening cock. She kept washing it until it started to rise again and then she grinned at me and pushed her lips down the shaft. She held it in her mouth for a long time breathing through her nose. She randomly flicked her tongue along the shaft and then pulled back to lock her lips on the ridge and drilled her speared tongue into the ‘spot’. Her blonde hair laid across my chest as she rested her head on my stomach while she tongued my cock. Mom had recovered and was caressing June’s left breast. June moaned on my knob as she reacted to Mom’s attack.

I had cum in Mom’s ass, twice this morning and I was back up again. I wasn’t surprised as I laid there between three gorgeous women. This had become a Sunday morning ritual. We could have done much the same if Dad had been here, but this harkened back to the days before Dad was involved with all the excitement, risk, guilt and adrenaline flowing through our bodies.

Julie pulled off my nipple and climbed up to plant her sopping wet pussy on my lips. I kissed her clitoris and sucked it between my lips. Julie moaned hard as her body writhed. I gripped her ass-cheeks and moved her up so I could drag my tongue through her sex to her anus. She rolled her hips forward and back and she muttered, “Oh fuck, Dex. Yes.”

The heat that was building between Julie and me raised June’s libido and she lifted her head off my stomach and began a full-length blow job. I groaned hard into Julie’s sex and she groaned in response. Mom rolled on her side facing me and moved away to make room for me and türkçe alt yazı porno the girls. She started fingering herself as her libido was rising again too.

June continued her blow job for a few minutes and then she pulled off, captured the following saliva and stroked it onto my glistening cock. Then she kissed the knob and pushed herself up and climbed over my hips facing Julie’s back. She bent forward and kissed Julie’s shoulder blades and then raised herself up and reached behind herself to guide my cock to her sex. She eased herself on, groaned and stopped at the usual spots and then began riding me like a stallion. She pushed herself up with her thighs and let gravity slam her back down. I groaned into Julie’s pussy each time June’s full weight dropped back on my hips.

June leaned forward and grabbed Julie’s tits and pinched her nipples as she began sliding herself along my hips dragging my cock along a different angle. Then she let my cock come out of her and she started dry-humping me, sliding my shaft along her clitoris. Then she maneuvered her hips to scoop my cock right back into her pussy and resumed her fucking motion.

Julie was the first to go. She grabbed the headboard and began thrusting her hips on my entire face. It hurt when she began grinding her clitoris on my nose but I didn’t complain. She screamed as she crested the wave and her body acted like a wave too. Her body undulated spastically as I tried to push my tongue into her quaking pussy. Her orgasm was powerful but short lived and then she slid herself down my body to collide with June’s body as she rocked herself on and off my cock.

Mom sat up and moved in to kiss Julie’s closest tit and Julie moaned and held Mom’s face there as she savored the sensation of June’s hard nipples on her back.

June was the next to explode into a powerful orgasm and it wasn’t short lived. I felt her pussy clenching on my cock for more than a minute as she uttered, “Oh my God. Oh my God,” like a mantra. She pulled Julie back against her as she rode my cock through her climax. I had a vague sensation of an orgasm building but it was a long way off. I made no attempt to pull it forward. I was content with things the way they were.

Mom decided to join the action and she climbed up on my left thigh behind June and began grinding her wet pussy on it as she cradled June’s breasts and fingered her nipples. June pushed herself back against Mom’s firm tits, pulling Julie’s body with her. I propped up a pillow behind my head and just watched my ladies luxuriate in each other’s bodies.

The twin’s eyes were closed and impish smiles adorned their faces. Mom’s eyes were open and she had the wild look of lust in them as she looked over June and Julie’s shoulders into my eyes. My cock was softening in June’s pussy and she randomly squirmed her hips around in circles, to keep it hard.

The girls seemed content to stay right where they were but Mom had other ideas and she kissed June on the neck and whispered something in her ear. June’s eyes stayed closed but the look on her face changed to one of annoyance. Her moan was one of annoyance too. She released Julie’s breasts and pulled her hands from Julie’s hands that had been holding them. Mom released June’s tits and June lifted herself up and off my cock. She whimpered when it came free. June fell off toward Dad’s side of the bed pulling Julie with her. Mom reached forward and gripped my hard, gooey cock and slowly began stroking it as June and Julie maneuvered around to watch whatever Mom’s plan was.

Mom continued to grind her sex down my thigh to my knee as she bent forward and tucked her chin to her neck and inhaled my cock. She moaned around my shaft as my knob pushed into her throat. I let out a groan as my hips lifted. Mom bobbed the entrance to her throat on my knob a few times and then slowly pulled herself up my shaft as she looked up at me. Her eyes were on fire. I glanced quickly at the twins. They were grinning broadly as they watched Mom working on my cock. I could almost see their gears turning as they took mental notes of Mom’s skills.

Mom pulled her lips up to the knob and lashed her tongue around the ridge and then she let my cock ease out through her tightly pursed lips. Her eyes never left mine as she kissed her way along my shaft and sucked in each of my balls and pushed them around inside her mouth with her tongue. She grinned at my reaction as I let out a groan and muttered, “Oh my gawwdd.” She held my cock in her hand as she flicked her tongue along the spongy underside of my cock all the way to the tip.

It could have been the throat job or her tongue lashing on my shaft or mouth on my balls or just the lustful look in her eyes that pulled my orgasm to the front of my consciousness. It didn’t matter, but there it was. My cock throbbed hard in Mom’s hand as she rolled her lips over the tip of my cock and pushed her lips into my pubic hair and then pulled back up and off.

Mom slithered her pussy back up my thigh and then lifted one leg and set herself down with her legs straddling my hips. She pressed her pussy to my balls and rubbed them around her sex. She grinned at me as she felt them moving around in my ball-sack. She looked down at me and said, “You’re going to cum soon.” I smiled back and nodded.

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