Skiing with My Cousin

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I had just landed my first entry level job in central Maryland at age 22, but I had no savings and no cash flow. I learned that a distant Aunt had a vacation home in the area which went unused for most of the year and negotiated a deal to stay in it in exchange for keeping the pipes from freezing and cutting the grass. Living there, I got to reconnect with a second cousin, my Aunt’s youngest daughter Shannon. She was in her early 40s but drop-dead gorgeous: slim, athletic, adventurous, and fun-loving. She was married to this sad sack of a man who had given up on life and she was happy for my occasional company.

When that first winter began, we both learned of our mutual love of alpine skiing. The skiing in the mid-Atlantic is not the best, but it will do in a pinch. We made plans to go skiing after I got off work on a Friday at Ski Liberty in Southern PA where the trails were lighted for night skiing. I got my gear ready, filed the edges of my college-vintage skis and applied a fresh coat of wax. I bought a rack for my 1986 VW Sirocco and loaded it up, picked up my second cousin and headed for Fairfield, PA. We bought a pair of lift tickets and had a blast skiing well into the night.

By the time our lift tickets expired, it was snowing sexmex porno quite heavily, creating fairly treacherous driving conditions. While I was a bullet-proof and fearless and a 20-something, Shannon had a couple of kids and was more risk averse. She asked if we could ride out the storm at a local hotel and head home in the morning.

The hotel, as luck would have it, had only a few rooms left (because of the storm) and none with two beds. We shrugged and booked the room. While she went upstairs, I returned to my car to retrieve a bag from the trunk with some overnight essentials I always carried as a consequence of living a semi-homeless existence with no fixed address.

I got up to the room and Shannon was in the bathroom getting ready. I mentioned that I had some overnight supplies and she was free to avail herself of whatever she needed. I brushed my teeth, pulled on clean boxers and hopped into bed while Shannon completed her bedtime ablutions.

She emerged minutes later wearing her panties and one of my blue starched pinpoint oxford cloth work shirts (I always kept one or two in my “bug-out bag” in case of a work emergency. The shirt was generously proportioned on her tiny frame and hung to her middle thigh, stranded teens porno but for some reason, I found it irresistibly sexy to see my 40-something cousin wearing one of my button-down shirts. She slipped into the queen bed beside me, whispered a good night, and switched off the light.

I awake hours later to feel Shannon spooning me with her arms wrapped around my body, her warmth enveloping me entirely and her soft breath on my neck. I turned over to face her and wrapped my own arms around her lithe body. We remained in this soft, chaste embrace for some time until she slowly roused from her slumber, finding herself in the arms of her 22 year old second cousin who was wearing only boxers. My erect cock was pressing into her tummy by that point and there was no denying my arousal. She sighed deeply and pressed herself into me, grinding her hips into my pelvis. Her eyelids fluttered open and she met my gaze directly, not saying a word, merely leaning in for a deep kiss. My mouth and tongue met hers in a hungry wet kiss. She reached down an extracted my cock and began softly stroking it. I placed a soft hand on her breast, still clad in the soft cotton fabric of my pinpoint work shirt.

Throwing caution street blowjobs porno and marital fidelity to the wind, we quickly stripped off each other’s remaining clothing (except for the oxford cloth shirt) and began making love like crazed rabbits. Her husband had not been taking care of business for this still highly-sexualized 40-something women. She took my cock hungrily and gave me the best blowjob of my life.

She stayed on my cock until I was able to recover my erection, which at 22, thankfully, did not take long. She pushed off of my chest, rose up and swung a leg over my body, and gently settled on my cock, taking its full length into her warm, wet vagina, still wearing my shirt. She shuddered deeply and began slow rising and falling on my cock, her hands placed on either side of my head, connecting us only with via her pussy and my cock. I could feel her pussy gently pull on my shaft with her inner labia as she bobbed slowly up and down, pausing each time at perigee to grind her pussy into my crotch. Shannon clearly needed this release after decades in a passionless marriage.

Shannon gradually increased the pace and power of her thrusting as she approached climax. She was unimaginably wet and in total command of our lovemaking. Suddenly, she shuddered and moaned volubly, collapsing on my body with her snatch spasming violently and deliciously as it gripped my young cock and milked it for all my young cum. She kissed me deeply and stayed on my cock as my erection subsided, sighing contentedly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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