Sister – Sister Ch. 06

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“We can talk about it tomorrow. I’m sorry but I’m going to bed.”

He crawled in between the cool covers, and fell asleep almost immediately. He felt her as she came to bed and crawled very close to him a little later. But then he was asleep again. Robert awoke to the bed shaking thinking that what he felt was an earthquake.

He looked at Katie who had her back to him, and a hand between her legs rubbing herself violently. It didn’t take very long until she was groaning, and then suddenly she was relaxed again.

When she fell asleep, he began to drift off. He awoke at one in the morning. She was doing it again. He placed his arms around her as she continued to masturbate wildly. When she finally came she turned around and hid her face in his shoulder and cried, hugging him hard.

“I’m sorry Robert,” she sobbed, “Sometimes I just need it so bad, I can’t stand it.”

“It’s OK Kitten, sometimes I need it too.”

“Honest Robert? You need S-E-X?” she asked, spelling it out, “as much as I … do?”

“Of course Kitten. There are times that I have to play with my penis, to relieve myself just like you were doing.”

She got much closer, reached around him and pulled him as close as she could. When she pushed her belly against him, he was unable to control himself and began to get hard. He knew that there were rules against what they were thinking, so he moved back just a little, hoping she hadn’t felt it, but it was too late,

“Robert was that your peepee poking me?”

“Yes … I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. I like the feeling. It was nice.”

“You had better go to sleep, my sexy little sister, before I …”

“… before you what Robert?”

“Before I spank you bottom for being a naughty girl.”

“I’m not naughty, I’m just interested. I have never been in bed with a man before. It’s really nice. I like the feel of your body against me.” “Go to sleep, we have almost eight hours of driving tomorrow.”


“Well we want to get into Salt Lake to catch the train.”

“But you said that the train departs at four in the morning. Wouldn’t it be better to get there around midnight so we wouldn’t have to wait so long?”

“I guess but I don’t have our tickets yet and I have to turn in the car.”

“You should call the car rental and ask where you can turn it in late, near the station, then call the station and make reservations for us on the train.”

Robert was pleased that she knew a little bit about the outside world, and used her logic. He squeezed her hard and gave her a kiss on her forehead. She in turn grabbed hold of his face and pulled his lips down to her. She kissed him long and soft, finally sucking on his lower lip. Robert was a little excited and shoved his tongue into her sweet mouth, touching her tongue.

They continued this action for about a half hour, until he was on his back, and she was lying on top of him, her legs on both sides of him and her crotch rubbing on his swollen cock.

“Oh, your peepee feels so nice rubbing me down there Robert.”

Robert remembered that she was his half sister, and shouldn’t be doing this.

“Kitten maybe we should stop, before we go too far. Go to sleep and we can talk about it in the morning.”

“Robert,” she said, crawling off of him, “I’m so excited now. I have to relieve myself again.”

As she lay on her left side, with him close behind her, she slid her hand into her panties and began to rub.

“If you want, I will help you Kitten.”

“How”, she asked looking at him over her shoulder. Robert reached under the covers took hold of her panties and pulled them down and off her feet. He then removed his jockey shorts and got close to her.

He lifted her right leg over his, and placed his hard penis between her legs pressing it to her crotch, her labia wetting his penis. Robert then moved his hip forward causing his sister to moan. He moved front to back for a while, then reached around with his left hand, taking hold of her full breast, playing with the nipple.

As she had been ready to cum when he began, she squirted and murmured, “Robert.” He then pulled his penis free and she said,

“No don’t take it away from me … please.”

Robert gently rolled her on her back and placed himself between her legs. Lowering his mouth to her bare pussy, he began to lick the tender mound. Katie made a light scream and said only,

“Oh R-o-b-e-r-t.” As he sucked and licked she grabbed the sheets on both sides of her, her knuckles went white, her mouth open and her eyes shut tight. In the half hour Robert sucked and licked the pussy of the little ex-nun, she sprayed in his face three times. Finally he moved her legs up so her vagina was next to his mouth. He pushed his tongue inside of her, tongue fucking her, and she came again.

Robert lay down next to her and with her last small amount of energy she placed her arms around his neck, smiled at him and said,

“You are wonderful. That was the first time I have ever felt that good in my life. I love you little brother, ankara escort and if you ever want to call me “baby” I won’t mind. Robert kissed her lightly on her mouth, her nose, her cheeks, then moved down to her neck where he sucked a little too hard making a slight discoloration. She was becoming hot again and begged him for more.

He wasn’t sure she was ready but decided he would take a chance, and slid her hand down to his very hard penis. She grabbed it as though she was drowning on the ocean, and his penis was a life preserver.

“OH Robert, thank you for everything you are so good to me and you know exactly what I need. This is the first peepee I have ever touched. The other postulates and I always talked about having a peepee to play with. Jenny told me that her boyfriend slid his into her many times and they made love, before her parents sent her to the nunnery. Is that what you want to do to me Robert?

“Yes Kitten it is, but not until you are ready.”

“I think that I’m ready now Robert.”

“But I don’t have any condoms, and I don’t want my sister to be pregnant with my baby.”

“What are condoms Robert?”

“They are little rubber things that I put on my penis so my juice won’t squirt into you and get you pregnant.”

“They told us about pregnant at the convent, and said that if we wanted to be married to God, we would have to get a tubal.”

Do you mean a tubal ligation.”

“I think so, is that a bad thing?”

“When did that happen?”

“When I was thirteen and started my flowing blood.”

“Those bastards sterilized you so you couldn’t have babies. They tied your fallopian tubes so a man’s sperm couldn’t mix in with your egg?”

“Is that bad Robert?”

“Only if you want to have children.”

“I have never wanted to have children, Robert. Are we going to make love now?

“Do you really want to?”

“Oh yes. Jenny told me that it was the most wonder feeling in the world, and I want to do it with you. Would you mind doing it with your sister?”

“No. If it’s what you really want.”

“I really want to Robert … with you.”

Robert wanted to treat her special, so he held her close for a long while, and kissed her tenderly. Moving down to her neck, he sucked long but not hard so as not to leave marks. She was responding to him with her whole body now.

He kept moving down kissing her just above her breasts, which were turning a bright pink; he then turned his attention to her nipples that stood up like little pencil erasers. He could feel that she was at the height of her excitement, due to the impulsive and uncontrolled movements of her body, so very slowly he knelt between her thighs.

She surprised him when her legs, hooked around his and attempted to pull him in. She was in fact very ready to take the next step, and who better to do it with, than her own brother, who loved her more than he ever knew he could.

He held his cock and gently slid the head up and down her slit touching her vaginal opening, then returning back to her clitoris, and back down again. Robert could feel he was making progress when he felt her short nails scraping his back. He was happy that the convent had made the nuns keep their nails short.

Knowing that his sister had never had a man before, he wanted her first time to be special, and slowly pushed his swollen cock into the slippery entrance of her vagina. She moaned and groaned, as the feeling to her was beyond anything she had ever experienced. She was no longer a child of God. With Robert’s help she had become a child of lust. She loved the feeling he was giving her and would do anything to make him feel wonderful too.

Taking a long time Robert eased his penis into her pussy. It took almost forty minutes to push it in all of the way. He felt bad when her broke her cherry, because of the extreme pain it caused her, but she never complained holding him tight the whole time.

All she did to ease the pain was bite her lower lip. When his cock was finally in her all the way, she looked in his eyes and smiled, then nodded her head letting him know she was ready to do it with him.

As her pussy was so tight, Robert began very slowly which caused an almost intolerable feeling of a craving and desire for both of them.

“Please Robert.” She said.

“What Kitten?”

“Please do it to me a little faster. It won’t hurt me honest. I love your peepee in me. You are the part of me that has been missing for so long. Do it faster … please.”

He pulled his cock out almost all the way out which caused an audible sucking sound. When she thought he was going to remove his penis, she moved her hips up fast attempting to keep it inside of her. She was pleasantly surprised when he shoved back in to her, meeting her upward thrust with great force.

It was a little painful, but wonderful as he caused her to cum again. She was thirty-three and at the height of her sexual peek. Robert was now wondering if he would require mechanical assistance to keep her satisfied?

He decided escort ankara to go for broke and really “put it to her” as the saying goes. He doubled his efforts and jammed it deep into her as hard as he could. She was beyond excited and cuming every few minutes. She now was where she was supposed to be, and loved every second of it.

To her being a sex partner was much more important than being a nun. Oh my, she thought, he was making her squirt again. He was wonderful, and she loved him more than just a half brother. If this was the way it would always be, she would never have to touch herself again.

He was fantastic, and he knew everything she needed. Now she had to find out everything her little brother needed. He made her cum again, and then he squirted in her. When he rolled off of her, she crawled in to his arms and told him what a wonderful brother; and lover he was.

He made her so happy she didn’t know how to tell him. She would be his as long as he wanted. Soon as they were both satisfied they fell asleep. The next morning they awoke at six thirty, and she reached down and fondled his cock.

“Do you like my cock?” he asked.

“Cock? Is that what you call it. I like the name. Can I call it a cock too?”

“Sure you can. Cock or Penis.”

“What do you call my peepee slit Robert?”

“A pussy, or a vagina and when I’m really excited maybe a cunt?”


“Mr. Cock, meet miss. Pussy.” She then laughed and began stroking Robert’s penis. “Robert touch my pussy and make it wet. Then we can do what we did last night. I liked that a lot.”

“You want to fuck again, this morning. Aren’t you hungry?”

“Not right now. We can eat later … can’t we? She asked smiling biting her lower lip.”

“We can do anything you want baby, anytime that you want.”

She then flopped on her back, spread her legs and opened her arms.

“No,” said Robert, “It’s your turn on top. I want you to sit on my lap.”

Katie looked at him in a strange way. She had never heard of such a thing, but if that’s what he wanted, she wasn’t going to say no. She knelt next to him for a few seconds not sure what to do.

Her cute little nighty was complementing her tiny shape. He showed her what to do, and how to swing her leg over him. When she did, her pussy became a target for his cock, and although it was tight, it slid in with little trouble. When she felt his cock buried inside of her, she was complete.

Katie looked at him, for a minute smiling, however didn’t know the next move.

“Robert I’m not sure what to do. Do I jump up and down or what?”

“Move a little forward Kitten and then back. Do what ever feels good to you.”

“Everything feels good. Everything.” She moved a little forward, not really knowing what to expect. After only a few moves and seconds later, she was in sexual heaven rocking, front to back, a little harder each time, her hands on his chest.

Within minutes Robert was fascinated that his sister, the ex nun was sitting on his cock and moving as fast as any girl he had ever know. She loved everything about sex and constantly asked questions about everything. She slowly began moving forward, feeling the telltale signs of an impending orgasm.

When she lay down on his chest, he thrust up into her vagina hard, she squealed an ear piercing sound that made all the dogs within a half-mile set up and cock their ears. Luckily the sound she made was almost inaudible to the human ear.

Although Robert wasn’t really horney when she began, he was now getting into it, and enjoying her extravagant act very much. She was naturally sexy and enjoyed everything they did together. He wondered if she would ever suck him. That would come in the future, as there was no rush. After all they had only really known each other less than twenty-four hours.

Robert began to feel like he was going to cum when she had he third orgasm. He placed his arms around her, fucking as hard as he could driving his cock up into her vagina. She sat up a little and looked straight into his eyes. She had an expression as though something was not right. Like it wasn’t what she was expecting somehow.

Seconds later her pussy shout out a thick creamy discharge; all over her little brother’s cock and testicles. Her involuntary action triggered Robert to begin cuming on his own mixing his juice with hers, and she could almost feel her cervix sucking his sperm in to her.

This was way beyond anything she had ever hoped would occur. Now she understood why God had given her all the equipment for sex, he wanted her to use it and be happy, and make somebody else happy also.

Although she had slept well and hadn’t got out of bed yet, she lay down on her brother’s chest, breathing hard, his stiff cock still imbedded inside of her. She always knew all those years, while she prayed constantly for guidance, that there was something missing.

She had attempted to fill her need for something by pleasuring herself, two or three times a day, but it never came close to what she and Robert ankara escort bayan had been doing with each other. She had reached an epiphany and now knew the real purpose of life. It had nothing to do with praying for world piece, it was making someone you loved happy, and enjoying what they had to offer in return. She believed that if everyone would do that, there would in fact, be world peace.

Exhausted, she crawled into her little brother’s arms cuddling as close to him as possible. He was warm and a little wet where her perspiration had dripped down on him.

They awoke again at eight-forty-five and although she had given Robert her let’s do it smile, he told her that they were going to take a shower, and then go to breakfast. He wanted to cover at least five hundred miles today. He called the “Hertz” rental company, and had found out that he could drop the car at the train station twenty-four hours a day.

When they got out of bed, she looked at him like a little girl who had been told that she had been grounded for being naughty. When he asked her what was wrong, she said,

“Nothing Robert,” then looked down at the floor biting her lower lip.

He knew right away what was going on.

“Sweetie, there is more to life than just sex.”

“You can say that, because you have been doing it for years. I just found about it yesterday.”

“But if you do it too much, you’ll get board with it, and won’t want to do it anymore.”

“Never Robert. I’ll never get board doing it with you.”

“Come on Kitten, let’s take a shower.”

“Together? Is that ok?”

“Of course it is, besides it saves water and we can wash each other’s backs.”

As he was already naked, she stood there looking at his wonderful penis, just wishing … and breathing hard.

He turned on the water, then pulled her nighty over her head and gently pulled her into the shower. He unwrapped the bar of motel soap and began to lather his hands. When he placed them on her full tender breasts she moaned, thinking that this was wonderful torture.

As Robert washed his sister’s titties, her nipples stood up showing that she was in the mood. Robert then moved down and washed her stomach, then moved down telling her to spread her legs. Washing her hairless mound and slit, she groaned with the feeling of intense pleasure he was giving her.

He grabbed her shoulders and told her to turn around and bend over. He lathered up his hand and began washing between her but cheeks. When he slid a finger into her rectum, to clean it, she knew that there was more to come. He slid a soapy finger into vagina, and then quickly rinsed it. She knew that this was the only way she would ever take a shower from that time on.

As she was bent over, Robert got behind her and slid his cock into her vagina. All she could think of was, ‘Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy’. Holding her hips, he thrust forward and began to fuck her again. This was going to be the best shower she ever had. Her pussy was squeezing him and milking him to get the most out of what they were doing; with the warm water beating down on them adding an extra level to their love making.

After the second time she came, she almost fell over, so he turned her around and sat her down on a little shower seat. She sat there taking great pleasure and delight in what he had just done for her, wondering why his penis was still hard.

“Why are you still hard?”

“You looked a little tired, and I wasn’t ready to cum yet. It’s ok.”

She took the soap from him and washed his testicles, then moved on to his penis. She spent a long time washing, caressing and fondling it. She rinsed it off and then asked,

“What can I do for you? How can I make it special, like you make it for me?”

“Would you like to kiss it a little?”

“Do girls do that?”

“Yes a lot of them do. Some of them even take the whole thing in their mouth and suck on it until it squirts. Then they swallow the guy’s stuff.”

“Really? It doesn’t hurt them?”

“No. It’s just like when I suck you between your legs. You said you liked that.”

“Oh yes. That is wonderful. Do you want me to do it?”

“Only if you really want to.”

“I’m not sure I can do it like other women Robert.” She was now sitting on the shower seat, with his cock not two inches from her face. It was long, hard and beautiful. She stuck her tongue out a little and touched the tip of his penis. It didn’t taste bad and she knew it was clean, as she had just washed it.

Taking just the tip of his long penis in her mouth, her natural instincts took over and she sucked a little. Katie then moved her face foreword a little more and took the whole head into her mouth. She sat there for a moment, unsure of what to do until she heard Robert say,

“Suck … harder … baby.”

Katie started to suck just a bit more, until she decided it really tasted kind of good. It wasn’t a foreign piece of something that shouldn’t be there, as it flied her mouth and felt really nice. She knew that her brother would not intentionally hurt her so; she sucked a little harder, and enjoyed his penis in her mouth. After just a few minutes Katie felt her brother’s hands on the back of her head holding it steady, as he moved his hips plunging deeper into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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