Sister Pt. 03

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**It’s worth noting these are complete works of fiction, it just happens that it appeals to me as a writer. I thank those of you who have been supportive so far as well, giving thanks those who’ve been critical.**

**I would also like to thank ontheroadforever for his guidance and corrections in editing this for me**

Chapter 1

The last time my sister and I had been left alone, it had resulted in us fucking like wild animals. She had also given me complete control over her whenever we were alone. As a result, things had changed a lot between us. Even our parents had remarked that it was refreshing to not see us constantly arguing all the time. We would occasionally resort to name calling and bitch fights but things were mostly good between us.

My sister and I had both finished our summer term of college. This year, however, things were a little different with our usual summer schedule. Our parents were off on a cruise that would take them around the world and leave my sister and me alone for almost 6 weeks.

The morning they were due to set off, my sister’s friend showed up and I felt my heart sink. It had become normal for her to spend weekends alone with me. We always enjoyed that time together. Her friends had kind of accepted it, but they still thought it was weird. Undoubtedly I was some kind of weirdo that hated been alone or something along those lines to them.

I’d just finished typing my post on our group forums telling them my time would be short for a bit, while I helped sort stuff for our parents and generally attempted to be a functioning adult while they were off enjoying life. I could hear the girls talking in the hallway.

“Come on Emily, you can ditch him! It’s not like they would know. This party is gonna be epic and James will be there! I know you wanna fuck him…”

My heart skipped a beat and sank as I sighed softly closing my computer down before clearing up some of the stuff in my room.

“I can’t! I gotta look after Joey,” said my sister.

“Let the little freak fend for himself! Jesus, he’s old enough now. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were fucking him or something…” Her friend snapped.

“He’s not a freak! Let him be! I feel bad when he’s all alone,” Emily replied, there was a flatness to her voice which I knew to be the one that warned her friend to watch her words now.

“He needs a life or a fuck,” said Liz I think. It was based on the shrill voice that left you wanting to strangle her till she was quiet.

“He’s actually quite cool, and if not for him, I would not be having my free time to enjoy. He’s helped keep my grades up, least I can do is not leave his scrawny ass all alone for six weeks,”

Her friend sighed and by the footsteps on the stairs I assumed she’d left, I shook my head and continued clearing my room. When I finally looked up my sister was stood in the doorway, she must have caught the look on my face because she crosses my room standing in front of me.

“Ignore her, she doesn’t know anything. I’m free for six weeks so you had better not disappoint me. Besides, all those parties are not good for my head,” She sighed softly. I think she was having some kind of identity crisis, or a breakdown.

“What about James?” I replied in sarcasm. This time, she simply grabbed my cock through my pants with a smile.

“James is a dick. He wants in my pants. Nothing else.” There was smoothness to her voice that made me shudder inside.

“You’re growing up,” I laughed swatting her hand away

“No I just want more these days,” She shrugged “Anyway, I need to go clean up my room. Dad said they’re leaving in an hour.”

I nodded and slapped her ass as she headed out of the room.

Our first weekend had been fairly quiet; we had chatted, watched a few films, and discussed various things over the weekend. She had even tried to learn to play my game without much success.

Monday evening rolled around pretty quick. After I had cleared the dishes away from dinner, I went to my room. As I was getting changed, I heard my sister knock on the door.

“I’m gonna get changed, then can we go for a beer?”

It was a request she had asked before but I had never wanted to do. Going to a bar with my sister had always meant putting up with her friends.

“Sure, that’d be cool,” I replied, pulling off my shirt. As I bent down to search my drawers I caught her taking in my body before she went into the rear bedroom to change. I then crossed the hall to her room to open the bedroom door, watching my sister as she was peeling off her top.

“No closed doors,” I said.

There was something wicked in the way smiled before she nodded, “Of course sir.”

She grinned. It was a wild smile that sent a shiver through me, but I had decided I was going to test her own rule over the next few weeks. I had also been reading a lot of porn, namely because I didn’t want my parents walking in on me while I was actually watching porn. That was sure to get me into some serious big ass porno trouble. After all, my parents actively avoided the subject.

As we sat in a booth by the back of the bar my sister looked at me for a moment then slid my beer to me. “That was fun,” she smiled.

“What was?” I asked confused as to her statement.

“You making me get dressed in front of you,” she replied taking a slow drink of her beer. I shrugged and prayed she’d let it drop. Of course, I knew better.

“Just wanted to see if you’d do it,” I finally managed to say before taking a drink to hide the flush on my cheeks.

She leant across the table ensuring I got a look down her cleavage.

“I told you anytime you want something, I will do it.”

“As long as we’re alone,” I corrected her. She simply looked to me shrugged and smiled.

“Whatever you say, sir.”

It was cryptic, but so was look on her face as she leaned back, watching me. I won’t lie; at this point, I was a little confused as to our arrangement. It was also at this point a guy walked up to our table. Looking at me, then my sister, he smiled.

“Hey, gorgeous, fancy coming and joining my friends over here?” he said.

My sister looked to the three guys at the bar who were smiling like morons and then back to the guy at our table. She took her beer and pointed it at me, and said, “I’m here with him,” and then swigged from the bottle.

“But he’s your brother, right? The guy behind the bar said so,” the guy replied.

“Yes, that’s right he is. But I’m out tonight with my brother,” she replied. This time, there was a tone of her voice I knew well; one I was usually on the other side of. Simply put, it meant that’s the end of this conversation.

“I need another beer,” she smiled, pushing the empty bottle at me.

I nodded and slid up from my seat. The guy replaced me quickly enough as I made my way to the bar, already figuring my night was all but over.

“Two more, Ricky,” I said to the friendly bartender.

“Stuart likes your sis; he thinks she’s hot.”

My response was a simple shrug. “Don’t they always?”

“She is hot,” Ricky replied as he opened two more bottles, placing them on the bar. I handed him a note to pay and he returned my change.

As I made my way back to our table, the guy stood up, allowing me back into my seat before he finally left us alone looking somewhat confused. I looked at my sister for an explanation and she simply smiled.

“Told him, he and his friends couldn’t measure up to you on your worst day,” I half thought she was kidding and yet something told me she wasn’t.

“You told him about us?” I whimpered at her. She just looked at me with a look of defiance.

“I left things to his imagination. I told you I’m all yours.”

And with that, she drained her bottle and went to the bar. The guys tried their luck again and were eventually shut down by something Ricky said to my sister. As she came back, she took my hand.

“We should grab a crate and go home. It turns out I’m not in the mood to be out after all.”

I watched her for a moment, then followed her out. We picked up a couple of crates of beer from the supermarket on the way home and walked largely in silence. It was obvious in her mood something had upset her. As we got home she had me put the beer in the fridge and bring one to her in the front room.

As I entered she caught me a long deep kiss that almost made me drop the bottles. I reacted enough to cause her to break the kiss and slump onto the sofa.

She said, “I’m sorry, I just can’t be dealing with assholes today. I wanted to try and be normal, do normal shit but I can’t can I?”

“I um … You could have gone with them if you wanted. I wouldn’t have complained, Emily,” I countered.

It was a bad thing to say and knew it as soon as I said it. She caught me by surprise as she looked me dead in the eye and said, “Yea I could, part of me wanted to. And part of me wanted to kiss you right there in front of them all. I wanted to be a normal couple, but we can’t which bites.” She shrugged picking up a bottle and popping the lid with her keyring bottle opener. “But seriously, this is what I want right here. Now stop being so fucking jittery around me!”

“You want a bottle of beer? Hey, wait! I’m not jittery!” I protested quickly

“Uh-huh,” she replied with sarcasm. “OK, now that we’re alone, I wanna ask you something.”

I was cautious but agreed to her asking me anyways. Truth be told, my reply wouldn’t have mattered. Whatever was on her mind, she was gonna ask anyway. “The last couple of times we’ve been alone you’ve done nothing. Why not, considering our rule?”

I was actually stuck for an answer other than the fact I genuinely feared where we had gotten to. I enjoyed fucking my sister more than I should. She was only one of two girls I’d ever been with, and the first was a really bad experience. Not only had she told everyone, but she told how bad it was. I never big tits porno really got over that, but that was before my sister. She had disagreed with my ex’s view of my bedroom skills. Finally, I found an answer.

“Scared I guess. I mean, what happens if you get pregnant? It’s not like we’re being careful. You said when I wanted, so there’s that too.”

“You’re such a fucking liar,” She laughed shaking her head “You know damn well I’m on the injection, and even if I wasn’t, I couldn’t care fucking less. Do you know I haven’t touched another guy since we started doing this? I told you I was yours and I meant it.”

I looked at her and she had that look in her eyes and I knew she wasn’t kidding. That only furthered the fact that I was afraid of where we had gotten to. It also meant that this time, I was going to test her.

“OK, so earlier you said anytime. Before it was when we were alone. So which is it?” I asked now curious to see what she had in mind.

She took a long slow drink from her bottle and smiled. However, there was an intent that genuinely set me on edge.

“Anytime, anywhere… do what you want. I don’t fucking care anymore.”

She’d had only had three, maybe four bottles by this point so she was far from drunk. My sister could out drink pretty much anyone I had ever seen her drink against. Even I wasn’t dumb enough to try and keep up with her.

“What about mum and dad?” I stated firmly

“Don’t let them catch you,” my sister replied playfully “Or let them; what’s the worst thing they can? Throw us out, so who cares?” This defiant streak against our parents wasn’t new; she had long since fought them on every detail of her life from bedtime to curfew, and usually she won by simply annoying them enough that they just stopped fighting her.

I sipped on my beer, remaining quiet as I thought through her words, my mind spinning at what my sister had rather pointedly stated. I sipped once more as she sat opposite watching me.

“Cat got your tongue?” She smiled softly a wicked smile that I had come to recognise as the one when she had intentions.

“No just a little confused as to your sudden recklessness,” I shrugged in reply. She watched me for a moment before putting her beer down and standing, “OK I’m going to take my beer outside, so you can stay here and sulk or you can come with me and as thanks, I’ll cook you anything you want.”

I was hungry, and of the two of us, my sister was admittedly the better cook. As we made our way outside, she slid her hand into mine, like a regular couple out in the backyard on a cool evening. We sank down on the patio chairs. The great thing about it was, our father had installed heaters so we could enjoy evenings at our own leisure.

“OK so no closed doors, what other rules do you have for me?” It took me a few minutes, but the look on her face was demanding an answer, so I blurted out the first coherent thought that came.

“No clothes in the house,” it was half a request half a question when she giggled and simply nodded I was taken by surprise.

“Yes sir,” she replied, “OK stay here and relax, I’ll bring dinner when it’s ready.”

I nodded as she made her way to the kitchen.

I was feeling a little nervous about what was happening now. She was keeping her end of our little arrangement, and I was failing as a pervert who should be taking every advantage I could get. I oddly had ideas and now they were quickly eluding my head. A half hour passed, and my sister returned. She wore a bathrobe and was now carrying a plate of bacon, eggs, sausage, and beans. She knew me well. I couldn’t help but smile as she set the plate on the table. She then sat on the floor and watched as I ate.

“Are you not eating?” I asked as began cutting up the plate and started to eat.

“I will in a little while; for now, I’m happy.”

I frowned a little before finishing my meal. She promptly got to her feet to clear away my plate, and take it back to the kitchen. I was a little confused but didn’t argue. Finally, she returned and stood before me. I couldn’t help but admire those gorgeous curves, her body had been getting me hard for quite some time. I won’t even deny I had thought about her even before our affair started.

Time passed, and it was getting late now. We made our way inside, locking the doors and heading to bed for the evening. I had planned to do some reading, and hopefully, sort some of my summer essays giving me more free time. As I entered my room, I turned around to see my sister standing between my room and hers.

“Like what you see?” She asked.

I could do nothing but nod, she smiled looking at me, “You said no clothes right?” And with that, she dropped her robe and unhooked her bra. Her breasts spilled out as the restraints were removed. Slowly, she reached down to her thong.

“No, come here,” I stated quickly.

She nodded and moved to stand in front of me. I was sat on the edge of the bed and she was standing before me. I slipped blacked porno my hand up her thigh, and she cooed softly, my fingers easing into the edge of her thong before slowly beginning to peel it down, revealing her to me. She stepped back and kicked her thong aside as she stood now completely naked in front of me “So what now?”

My mind picked through a bunch of ideas before I finally slid up my bed, and beckoned her to me. Without hesitation, she crawled to me, sitting straddled over my hips; her warm pussy was resting on my hip bone. I could tell she was already wet as she sat looking at me.

“I like this, but I want more,” she whispered softly.

“More?” I asked, curious now.

“More… demand. I said anything, anytime, so abuse it.”

My brain screamed at me to do something…anything! Yet my body refused to react as she sat straddling me, looking for direction. I watched her as she sat staring into at me, her hands on my chest, the heat of her wet pussy resting against my now hard cock. It was there it hit me. I had once heard my sister tell a boyfriend she wouldn’t suck his cock because blow jobs were a waste of her talent. Considering how wild she was, I could half understand.

“I want you to suck my cock,” I finally stated, half expecting her to slap me or walk out of my room and tell me never to try to touch her again. She reached up, pulling her bobble from her hair with practised ease. She retied her hair and smiled, sliding down my body. Kneeling between my legs she looked at me.

“As you wish,” she said, her voice soft as her hand wrapped around my hard length. Her eyes never strayed from mine. I could feel her breath against my cock now as she lowered her head slowly. She looked back at me before sinking her mouth over my cock. I tensed and groaned, feeling the heat of her mouth surround me.

The sight of my sister bobbing up and down on my cock was incredible. Slowly she let my cock slide free of her mouth, her eyes now looking to me. She smiled before returning her mouth to my erect cock, her hand working the shaft as she bobbed and teased the tip with her mouth and tongue. Everything she did was deliberate every motion methodical and slow now.

She moaned around my cock as the vibrations sent a shudder through me. She withdrew, looking to at me.

“You taste so good, Joey.”

Without warning, she suddenly swallowed my cock, taking me all the way down her throat. Her body tensed as it pushed her gag reflex before she eased back. My cock slid free of her mouth and she wiped her lips with a smile.

“Not gonna finish?” I asked sternly. She smiled and shook her head. I slid back, watching her.

“I thought you said anything I wanted?”

“I sucked your cock,” she replied smartly. “Doesn’t always lead to cumming you know.”

It was a rather matter of fact, but there was an element of her daring me. I watched her for a moment before I nodded.

“OK, we should get some sleep. It’s been a long day.”

Her eyes stared at me; the look on her face was exactly what I wanted, as she looked shocked and annoyed. I had the reaction I wanted, and I intended to push her as far as I could. After a few minutes, she got to her feet and nodded, as she made her way toward the door.

“Where are you going?” I asked firmly.

“You said I should go to bed and so, as ordered, I am,” She replied in an insolent tone.

I thought it through for a minute, then pulled back my quilt.

“I want you to sleep right here.”

I actually managed to make that sound quite commanding, as my sister looked back at me with a wink. She carried on toward her room. Frustration rattled me, and I didn’t hesitate as I scrambled out of bed and quickly caught my sister. My hand grasped her hair causing her to squeal in surprise.

“Joey! What the fuck…you’re hurting me, you prick!”

I didn’t waste time arguing as I dragged her back to my bed. Forcing her to bend over, I kicked her legs apart as my hand kept her head pinned. My free hand struck the flesh of her ass; the slap echoed through my room and my sister screamed as the short sharp pain tore through her.

She squealed, “Don’t you fucking hit me again! Get off me, you fucking prick!”

My response was to merely tighten the grip on her hair and slap her ass a second time; this time, the opposite cheek. As my hand hit the flesh of her buttock, I noted the hand print left before, and again my sister screamed. Instantly her flesh reddened with another hand print. My third slap produced only a whimper from her. My grip in her hair released slightly, and I slapped her again. This time, I got a grunt.

Finally, I released her and she remained in place, her ass red with hand prints as I stood watching her. She pushed her hands above her head as she set herself more, this time looking over her shoulder. There were remnants of tears to indicate the pain, but she was far from hurt. I watched and waited for the inevitable verbal thrashing I was about to get. There was a dark look on her face as her eyes met mine.

“I dare you to hit me again,” she smiled, so dangerously it actually aroused me further.

I didn’t wait for her to say it again and struck her ass. She whimpered, then looked at me.

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