Sister-In-Law Joins the Hike

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I am pretty sure being a photographer is the best job in the world. I get to set my own schedule. I get to set my own prices. I can do the setting and poses that any other photographer is doing or I can just come up with one of my own. I love being a photographer.

I’m not anything special in the world of photography. I’m your basic portrait photographer that started just a few years ago. I do senior pictures for high school students, prom, baby, pets, family, and wedding pictures. Actually, I stopped doing weddings because I hated dealing with the bossy mothers who didn’t have a clue what was going on at the wedding. Up until a few months ago, the thought of doing naked photos never crossed my mind. Now, I am surprised how much I can get anyone to show.

Three months ago, my wife and I was visiting her sister, Elizabeth, in Colorado – right in the middle of the Rockies. Being a photographer from the Heartland, I was excited to be able to take pictures of all the mountains and different scenery. I have never been to the Rockies, so that added to the excitement.

As crazy as it sounds, I have never looked at Elizabeth as a sex object, and she is sexy. She was one of those who were just one of the boys. Before her husband got a job in Colorado, I knew if I needed someone to watch a sporting event with, I could always depend on her. She enjoyed playing cards with the guys and loved to shoot clay pigeons. She is actually the best shot among all of us that shoot. My wife is just like that as well. You can tell Elizabeth and Carol are sisters. It’s not like I picked the wrong one. My wife has enjoyed all of that as well, but she was a horrible shot and just enjoyed a few sports.

Now, when it comes to looks, they don’t look the same. That’s not saying one is ugly, it’s just they got the genes from the opposite side of the family. Carol, 24, was around 5’5″ with blue eyes and black hair. She is 130 pounds and has a nice 38D set of boobs. Elizabeth, 27, is taller (5″10″) and slim with black hair and green eyes. She is slim and I would guess she has B cups.

Now we arrived at their house on the side of the mountain. The place is amazing. They are about 20 miles from the nearest town where they shop. They have a nice stream just a quarter mile down the mountain the like to fish. And around 200 yards from the house was a log cabin that Carol and I were staying. Even though it’s not big, it does have electricity, plumbing, and all we need to get through the trip.

We were eating supper on the deck that overlooked the mountains. Elizabeth cooked us some nice rainbow trout that Dave had caught. It was a nice conversation because Dave was telling me about some nice scenery that I would love to take pictures of while I am there. It was such a beautiful place in the summer.

“How ’bout it Carol? Want to join me tomorrow morning for a hike?” I asked my wife.

She responded, “What time were you thinking?”

I answered, “I was thinking around dawn. I would love to take pictures of the sunrise. What time is dawn anyway?”

Dave answered, “Later than it is in the Midwest. It is more around 6:30 to 7:00. It would probably be go to head out on the trail around 5:00 though.”

Carol responded, “Not that early Honey. I want to sleep in a little bit.”

Carol looks at Elizabeth fake hospital hastane and it seemed that Carol was going to say something, but Elizabeth said, “I would love to go. I suck at taking pictures and would love to see what you see when you take pictures. I can help you find good scenery too. Is that alright Dave?”

“Yeah, that is fine with me. I have the day off and was going to do a little shopping,” Dave continues, “I figured if Carol wanted to, I could take her shopping. At the very least, she can follow me to the mall and she can go shopping if I’m a dud.”

Elizabeth responded, “Great! Lets make a day of it. We will be sure to be back for supper. This should be fun!”

That night, sex was great inside the cabin. We both were excited about tomorrow. Carol hopped in the shower with me and got soap in her hand and rubbed it on my chest and stomach. I love the feeling of her nipples poking into the middle of my back. With my left hand, I reached up and just rubbed her forearm as she rubbed my chest and stomach. With my right hand, I reached back and rubbed her outer hip and upper leg. She also kissed me on my neck. Not really doing anything for me but I respond to keep her happy.

Then she brings her hands down and grabbed a hold of my hard cock and started stroking. I love when she strokes me from behind while in the shower. I then turn around so I can get a good look at her. It is amazing see her all wet. She let go of my cock and it wasn’t only standing straight out, it was curving up. I love the fact that she has small areolas for her boobs. She also has a gorgeous smooth pussy.

She drops to her knees and continues to stroke my cock. Then she leans forward and takes my right nut into her mouth. While sucking, she rolls it in her mouth. We just started and I want to cum all over her then, so I do whatever I can not to. She did the same with my left nut and I just can’t help lean against the wall and have my hands all over her hair. She then takes the head of my cock into her mouth. She sucks on it and just rolls her tongue around it. I find it impressive because I can’t do that with most things that go in my mouth. Then she grabs my ass cheeks to help her push my cock in her mouth.

She is a great cocksucker, but I stop her before I explode and bring her to her feet. I then turn off the tub, pick her up, and carry her to the couch, both of us all soaking wet. I lay her down and spread her legs open. There is her nice smooth pussy looking at me. I lean forward and touch the tip of my tongue to her clit and roll it around. With my right hand, I reach up and grab her left boob and pinch her nipples. I then take her clit into my mouth and hum. She is so wet. I bring my hand down and put two fingers in. I finger her for a few seconds and figured I can’t take it anymore. I rose up and gave her a kiss.

While I went up, my cock went right into her pussy. She was so wet and hot. I rolled over so she could be on top. I love watching her ride me with her big boobs bouncing. I reached behind her and grabbed her ass to help me go in as far as I can. I can’t quite remember when it happened but all of a sudden, We were in doggy-style. Carol’s favorite position. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, so I thrust a few more times and unloaded my cum all fake taxi porno inside her. We actually didn’t even bother get up and dry off to get in the bed, we just fell asleep there all naked.

In the morning, the alarm on my phone went off from the bedroom. I had to admit, I chuckled a little with my wife and I naked in the middle of the cabin. Elizabeth or Dave would have gotten a scene if they walked in. I woke my wife up and got her to put on sweats and tank top and into bed. I took a shower and got ready for the hike.

I met Elizabeth up at the house. We had cereal for breakfast because she didn’t want to cook anything. She was also preparing sandwiches and munchies for lunch and whatever. Then we headed off. She was wearing hiking boots, blue jeans, a t-shirt, a hat and sunglasses. She also had a small back pack to carry stuff in. I had my back pack that had an extra pair of clothes and my camera stuff. I tried not to put too much weight in it. Then we headed off.

This is very interesting. Going hiking with flashlights is something I have never done before. I never thought I would do it in a place I was not familiar with at all. But it was exciting. It was fun following Elizabeth and talking about “guy” topics.

It might be the thin air, but it seemed we went 10 miles already. In reality, we went two miles. The dew was thick but at least the trail seemed dry. We reached the location and took a little rest. She told me where to set up the tripod. Obviously, that is all she needed to tell me. I could figure out where the sun will rise myself.

As I was getting ready and taking the pictures, Elizabeth was asking me photography pictures. I told her some basic photography dos and don’ts. After around half an hour of when the sun came up, we continued on our way.

We reached the waterfalls, the cave, and the different spots Dave was telling me about. Before we knew it, it was 11 oclock.

“Mike, before we head back, I was wondering if you could take some pictures for me?” Elizabeth asked.

Confused, I respond, “I could give you a copy of any of the pictures I have taken. I can just load them to your computer.”

She said, “No, they aren’t those pictures. I have always wanted pics of me out here in the nature.”

“Well, okay. You are gracious enough to go on the trail with me. Do you have…,” I said.

I kind of trailed off in the middle of the sentence when I realized Elizabeth had taken the backpack off and was taking off her shirt.

“Uh…Elizabeth…what are you…” I stuttered.

Before I could finish my question, she answered, “This is what I want to take pictures of – me nude in nature.” When she said nude, she lifted the bra up and her boobs flopped down. Now I am not thinking she is B anymore. I can see C with nice pink nipples.

She noticed me staring at her boobs and gave a little chuckle, “I see that you like them. I don’t think you ever thought I had them. You always treated me like a sister, or one of the guys. That is what I love about you.” While she was saying this, she had each boob in a hand and squeezing them together. “So, how about it? Can to take pictures of me?”

“Uh, okay. What the hell. You are already naked.” As I said that, I raised the camera and took a quick picture. What a gorgeous lady family stroke porno she is. “How about you come over here and lean on the tree?”

As we took pictures with different nature objects, different articles of clothing came off. I sure hope my wife will never see these pics. I don’t think I can explain as to why I took nude pictures of her sister.

Before I really knew it, she was down to just her thong, literally. I couldn’t help it, I got hard. I was hoping she wouldn’t notice. I tried to hide it by going down to a knee or get behind a big rock. Then she lifted the thong over to reveal her smooth pussy.

“You know, I am never this smooth. But when I got up, I decided to shave it all just for this,” she said.

I thought, “She had this all planned out and knew I would take pics.” My cock was also in a very uncomfortable position, so I reached down to adjust without thinking about it.

“So you do like what you see,” Elizabeth says as she gets up and walks toward me. “No need to suffocate little Mike.” She drops to her knees before me and starts unfastening my pants. I wanted to say “No, I’m married to your sister,” but it was not coming out. This hot, naked lady was on her knees in front of me in the middle of no-where.

My cock springs out. “Mmmm, I didn’t realize you are so big. If I had realized this, I would have fucked you years ago.” She then started licking the bottom of the head by flicking the tongue. Her left hand had a firm grip of my cock and her right hand was playing with my balls. I couldn’t say anything or do anything. I was paralyzed.

She then took me into her mouth. She was better than her sister, wow. I reached down and got a good feel of her boobs. Wow, very firm but still very soft. I then realized I didn’t want to forget this so I grabbed my camera.

I pointed the camera and said, “Elizabeth.” When she looked up, I got a nice picture of her with my cock in her mouth. Wow, very hot. My wife would never let me take a pic of this. I continued to take pictures. Then she had me take all of my clothes off and she took off her thong. I forgot she even had that on. Then I laid down on the ground.

As I laid on the ground, she got between my legs. The pictures I was taking are priceless and I jerk off to them every day. She continued to suck on my cock.

I wanted her so much then, I grabbed her arms and said, “Fuck oral! I want inside that tight pussy of yours!”

She was breathing too heavy to say anything and got above my cock. She rubbed my head up and down her pussy with her right hand and was rubbing her clit with her left hand. Then she slowly went down and got my head inside her. She moaned. Then she worked her way all the way down. I grabbed her tight ass and shoved in as far as I could go. She then moaned really loud and was saying she was cumming.

I knew I was about to explode, so I got her off of me. I got to my feet and started jerking off. I came all over her face. It was the most I have ever cum. I had to take a picture of it. I got her sitting back on a rock, legs spread open and her boobs on display and face covered in my cum.

Then we realized that we were hungry. We got cleaned up, dressed, and ate lunch. Then we started heading back to the house. We actually got back before Dave and Carol. We had a nice supper and just hung out for the night before going to bed.

I never got the chance to go on another hike with Elizabeth alone.

Now, I one thing I have done since this trip is taken nude photos of a few females that I knew. But those are stories for another time.

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