Sister Act Ch. 01

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Sam opened the door. She was wearing a tight, low cut top, which clearly showed off her large breasts, with a pair of short shorts. She pushed her sunnies up onto her head, and smiled as I stepped inside and gave her a hug. ‘Hey Ben, what are you doing here?’ she asked.

‘Actually I came to drop something off for Jon’, I replied. ‘What are you up to?’

‘Just relaxing in the sun in the garden.’ Sam said, ‘Trying to get a headstart on my summer tan! What d’you think?’ She turned around showing off her shapely body, which was in fact nicely tanned. I could see her nipples, slightly hard, outlined by the tightness of her top, and the fact that she was bra-less. Her tight shorts showed that she had very small, if any, underwear on as well. In short, she looked fantastic.

‘As gorgeous as always Sam.’ I replied with a smile.

‘Aww you always say the best things babe!’ She said, kissing me on the cheek. ‘Everyone’s gone out, but come in and keep me company. D’you want a drink?’ She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the cool interior of the house.

It was a hot day, and with nothing else planned, I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to hang out with a half dressed Sam in the sun and have a few ciders. We went through into the kitchen, and grabbed a couple of drinks.

‘I’ve been sitting out in the garden. There’s a spare recliner out there for you as well.’ Sam said. We wandered out into the garden with our drinks and lay on the recliner chairs side by side. It was great sitting out in the garden in the hot sun, sipping on a cool cider, chatting away to Sam. I took my t-shirt off as I got hotter and just sat on the recliner in my shorts. The first drink went down nice and quickly, the cold drink providing a refreshing change from the heat. I went inside to get a new drink for each of us.

When I came back out, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sam had taken her top off and was lying face down on the recliner. Her large breasts were pressed into the recliner, giving me a great side-boob view. Her nicely tanned back indicated that she had done this more than once. In this position her tight shorts clung to her sexy arse, showing off her curves and her shapely legs. My cock began to grow uncomfortably in my shorts as I stared at her.

‘Don’t just stand there staring you naughty boy,’ Sam said with a hint of a laugh, ‘bring my drink over here.’ I walked over and handed her her drink.

‘Before you sit down again, could you please put some sunscreen on my back babe?’ Sam asked.

‘Sure. Where is it?’ I asked.

She reached under her chair to grab the bottle and passed it to me. I squirted some of the sunscreen onto her back, and began to rub it in. Her back was hot from lying in the sun, and I could feel the warmth from her body radiating into my hands.

‘Mmmmmm, your hands feel nice on my back Ben.’ Sam said quietly. ‘Make sure you cover all of me, I don’t wanna get burnt. Such a bitch getting sunburnt.’

‘You want me to do the back of your legs as well?’

‘Yes please, babe.’

I began rubbing the cream into her legs, working on her sexy legs, and massaging her tight leg muscles. I worked up her calves, then onto her thighs, making sure I rubbed up and the cream underlapped slightly under her shorts. I spent extra time rubbing her warm thighs, enjoying the small sounds of pleasure that Sam was making.

‘Ben, could you take my shorts off? Then I can get an even tan.’ Sam asked.

‘Sure, babe. Do you do this all the time when you’re at home?’ I asked with a laugh.

Sam laughed, and then replied, ‘Maybe…why…does that turn you on?’

‘Definitely.’ I said, laughing, then I lightly tapped her arse. ‘Such a naughty girl you are.’

I began to slide her shorts down her legs, wiggling them down over her arse. She arched up slightly to allow me easier access to take them off. I was right when I guessed earlier that she didn’t have much in the way of underwear on. A tiny, lacy g-string, was all that was now preventing Sam from being totally naked. I couldn’t help remembering that the last time I had seen her with this little amount of clothes on, we had just finished an amazing sex session. Needless to say, my cock was now straining to be released from my shorts.

‘Please make sure you put some on my arse, Ben – definitely don’t want that burnt!’ I began to rub the cream into her gorgeous arse cheeks, rubbing all over, and just teasing my fingers down to the top of her thighs, inches from her barely covered pussy. I could feel her body tense slightly as my fingers got closer to her pussy, before sliding away again. Sam began to shift slightly, almost willing me to touch her hot lips. She was gasping lightly, as she wriggled slightly.

‘Mmmmm, you definitely know how to put sunscreen on!’ Sam said softly to me. ‘Can you do my sides as well, babe. I think you missed them before.’

I rubbed some cream into the sides of her body, making sure that I lingered when I got to where her escort ataşehir breasts were pushing out sideways. I caressed the curve of her beautiful breasts over and over again, enjoying the light moaning noises she was making, and enjoying the effect I was clearly having on her. My cock was like a rock in my shorts, and I desperately wanted to free it and stroke it.

Suddenly Sam grabbed my hand to stop it from moving on her right breast. She shifted her body slightly and her breast shifted in my hand until I could feel her nipple pressing into my hand. I softly teased her large areola, and rolled her nipple lightly between my fingers. I could feel her nipple stiffening from my touch. Her eyes were covered with the sunnies, but I could see her mouth opening slightly in pleasure. Her breath had quickened noticeably and she was moving around a lot.

I noticed that her arm on the far side had moved and was now under her body. I could see the muscles in her arm working, and the material of her g-string was moving. She had sneakily moved her hand down to pleasure herself and was rubbing her pussy while I rubbed her hot nipple. I thought my cock would explode with how hot this was.

Sam moaned quite loudly, and arched her body slightly. ‘Fuck! Ben you tease! You’ve got me so hot…my nipples are so hard!! My clit is so wet and slippery babe!!’

I kissed her softly on her neck, as I continued to rub her hard nipple. I moved my other hand down to her gorgeous arse, squeezing it lightly. I teased the inside of the tops of her thighs, feeling the heat from her hot pussy, and also feeling her legs tensing as continued to rub her pussy. I moved until my fingertips were touching her panties – they were drenched.

‘Oh fuck yea Ben, touch me please!!’

I slid her barely-there panties to one side, my fingers touching her soaked pussy lips. Sam moaned loudly as I made contact with her pussy lips, her hand still moving under her body as she rubbed her clit. I slowly slid two fingers into her wet folds, her wet heat enveloped my fingers as she pushed herself slightly back onto my fingers. Sam gasped loudly as my two fingers slid deep inside her wet pussy.

‘Shit…oh fuck that feels good Ben!! Oh God you’re gonna make me come so hard…oh shit!!’ Sam moaned loudly.

Sam liked to be loud when having sex; so living out in the country was perfect for her. It was so hot finger fucking her pussy outside, listening to her moan and pant. I started plunging my fingers in and out of her wetness faster; her fingers were rubbing her hard clit even faster, as we both took her to the edge of her orgasm.

‘FUCK…oh shit…oh my god Ben!! I’m gonna come babe!! Oh fuck…oh god I’m so fucking wet!! Finger my pussy babe!! Oh shit…OH GOD…OH MY FUCKING GOD…I’M COOOMMMMIINNNNG!!!’ Sam’s moans got louder, until she came, screaming loudly in her final release.

I could feel her pussy muscles clench around my fingers as her legs trembled. She arched her arse up off the recliner, forcing my fingers deep into herself, as her hand was a blur on her clit. Her panties were pushed way to one side now. Her orgasm hit her hard, screaming her pleasure, her pussy juices instantly increased, soaking my fingers and her whole pussy area.

Sam collapsed forwards briefly to regain her breath for a few seconds. Then suddenly she sat up, grabbed me and kissed my hard and deep. Her hand felt up my leg to feel my hard cock in my shorts. Without another word, she stood and grabbed me by the hand and dragged me back inside. We practically ran through the lounge and down the short hall to her bedroom.

Sam shut the door quickly behind us. She turned back to me and basically threw herself at me, kissing me hard, as her hands worked my shorts and boxers down my legs. It was bliss to finally release my hard cock from the confines of the clothes, and it sprung out, sticking straight towards Sam. I in turn moved my hands to her tiny underwear, pulling that down over her arse and down her legs. I admired her fully naked body, her large tits topped by her stiff nipples, and her shaved pussy shining with her juices from our earlier fun.

She pushed me backwards until I was lying on my back on her bed. Both now naked, Sam straddled me, kneeling over my body. She leant forward to kiss me, her large breasts dangling down onto my chest. As she kissed me deeply, she lowered her hot pussy lips onto my shaft, sliding up and down my hard cock, just teasing me, and soaking my shaft with her juices. Sam moaned into my mouth every time her hard clit made contact with my cock.

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I grabbed her hips and lifted them slightly, before lowering her onto my rock hard cock. I could feel her hot, tight pussy stretch over my thick cock as I entered her inch by inch. I slid in with no resistance as Sam was already so turned on.

‘FUUUCCCKKKK!!’ Sam moaned loudly, ‘Shit Ben, you feel so fucking good inside me!! Oh god I love your cock babe…oh kadıköy escort yea!!!’

‘Oh Sam…shit yea babe!! Your pussy is so tight on my cock!! God this feels good!! Oh god yea…fuck me Sam!! Ride my cock ’til you come!!’ I moaned back.

Sam leaned up into a sitting position and began riding my hard cock. Her amazingly tight pussy was gliding up and down my shaft as she bounced up and down. Her tits were bouncing wildly, her mouth open as she moaned in pleasure. Her long hair framed her face as it flowed down to her shoulders, bouncing along with the rest of her body. I reached up to play with her nipples, causing her to moan even more loudly.

‘OH MY GOD…FUCK!! OH SHIT…I’M GONNA COME BEN!!! SHIT…I’M GONNA COME…OOOHHHHH GOD!!! I’M COMING…I’M COMING…OH GOD I’M COMING!!!’ Sam moaned loudly as she reached her orgasm, riding my cock. She continued to bounce on my hard dick. I could feel her trembling with pleasure as she came, her pussy clenching on my cock, with her juices running down my shaft.

‘Oh fuck Sam that was so hot babe!!! Oh yea you feel good on my cock!!’ I moaned.

She collapsed forwards onto my chest breathing deeply. I held her tight and began to slide my cock slowly in and out of her wet pussy. I could hear her gasp as I fucked her slowly. I lifted her up slightly and moved my head forward to suck on her stiff nipples. I swirled my tongue around her areola, before teasing her hard nub. I alternated between the left and right breast. Sam was beginning to moan again as I was still thrusting my cock deep into her. I began to pick up the pace.

‘Oh shit Ben…oh god!! Fuck, you’re gonna make me come again!! Suck my nipples!! OHH FUCK…OHHH YEA…SHIT!!! I’M COMING AGAIN…OHHHHH GOOODDD!! FUCK I’M COMING SO HARD…OH MY GOD!! FUCK…OHH BEN, DON’T STOP…I’M COMING AGAIN!! OHHH SHIT…I’M COMING!!! OH FUCK…I CAN’T STOP…OH SHIT…FUCK!!!’ Sam was screaming loudly as I thrust up into her. My mouth was still teasing her hard nipples as her pussy clenched tightly on my hard cock. Sam was breathing heavily as her whole body shook through multiple orgasms.

For a couple of minutes, we just lay there, with me holding her close and my hard cock deep inside her. Shit I needed to come! Sam, seeming to sense this, slowly eased herself off me. Lying on my back on her bed, my throbbing hard cock was sticking obscenely upwards, glistening with Sam’s pussy juices. She leaned down and bobbed her mouth down on my cock a couple of times. I gasped in pleasure as her warm mouth engulfed my shaft, and her tongue swirled around my cock head.

‘Oh fuck, Sam, that feels so good babe!’ I moaned to her.

She smiled as she stood up. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet as well, my stiff cock bobbing slightly and sticking out towards her. She turned around and placed her hands on her bed and bent over, inviting me to fuck her from behind.

‘Fuck me hard and deep, Ben.’ Sam moaned, ‘I want your come babe, I want you to come now.’

After all the teasing and fucking, I was ready to explode, so I was more than happy to fuck her and give her my hot load. Holding her hips gently, I guided my cock into her soaked pussy. I could feel her hot pussy lips sliding over my cock head and down my shaft as I slowly entered deep into her. There was no resistance as her pussy was already so wet. Sam moaned loudly as I entered her, and over her voice I thought I heard a car door slam shut. I stayed still for a couple of seconds, listening, but heard no further noise and so dismissed it as a neighbour’s car.

I pulled back slightly, feeling the agonising pleasure as Sam’s wet pussy lips slid along the length of my shaft. Again I slid back deep into her wet folds. Again and again I repeated this motion, slowly building up the pace. Sam was moaning with each thrust into her, and her hands were clawing at the duvet cover, clenching the material tightly in pleasure. I fucked her harder and faster, thrusting deep into her. My body slapping against her arse with each thrust into her. I could feel the muscles inside her pussy clenching tighter onto my cock with each thrust.

‘Fuck, Sam, you’re gonna make me come babe!! I’m so close babe!! I wanna explode!!’ I moaned to her.

‘Oh god Ben!! Oh yes!! Babe, give me your come!! I want it so bad!! I want it all over me!! I want you to cover my face and tits with it babe!! I wanna titfuck you ’til you come all over them!! OH FUCK!!’ I could feel her legs trembling and her pussy clenching tightly. Her dirty talk had the added effect of getting her close to orgasm. ‘Oh shit…again…oh my god…again!! FUCK!! OH MY GOD!! I’M GONNA COME AGAIN!! SHIT!! OH GOD…I’M COMING!!! FUUUUCCCCKKK I’M COMING SO HARD…OH MY GOD…I’M COMING BEN!!’ Her pussy was gushing it’s juices all over my cock, clenching tightly and almost sucking my come out.

‘Oh fuck, Sam, I’m gonna come babe!!’ I moaned. At those words, she slid off my cock and turned around, dropping to her knees maltepe escort bayan at the end of the bed, with her back to the door. She grabbed my stiff cock, and gently placed it between her ample breasts.

‘Holy shit, Sam, I’m gonna fucking explode babe!!’ I moaned as I stroked my hard cock up and down between her slick tits. Her large breasts were so soft and warm as I pressed my hard cock between them. They were wet from the combination of my pre-cum and her pussy juices. My cock was so hard as I stroked between her tits, I could feel my balls tightening as my come was straining to be released.

‘Fuck yea Ben…come all over me babe!! Cover my face and big tits with your come!! I wanna taste your come and see it all over my body Ben! Oh god, please come for me!!’ Sam moaned.

‘Here it comes babe…oh fuck Sam!!! O yea…oh shit!! I’m fucking coming babe!! I’m gonna spurt my come all over you baby!!!’

Suddenly the door to Sam’s room burst open, ‘Hey Sam have you got…oh shit!! Sorry!!’ Emily, Sam’s younger sister walked in. She stopped dead in shock as she took in the view in front of her. Her sister naked, knelt on the ground at the foot of her bed, moaning as I stroked my hard cock in between her large tits, while I was also moaning my pleasure.

I was too far gone to stop by this point, and I couldn’t help but jerk my hips forward as come began to spurt out of my cock. I could feel the come boiling up my shaft as I felt a huge orgasm coming through me. The first spurt of come was one of the most powerful I had ever had. It exploded from the tip of my cock and flew clean over Sam’s shoulder and hit Emily just above her right breast. The next three spurts were also very powerful, and sprayed across Sam’s chin, cheeks and into her open, waiting mouth. I continued to spurt a few more times, getting smaller each time, spreading come across her breasts, with the last of my come overflowing from the tip and flowing down my shaft, joining the juices between Sam’s tits.

Sam and I both looked around in shock at Emily, who was still standing staring at us open-mouthed, although the look in her eyes was no longer of shock, but to my eyes was of lust, as she stared at my still hard cock and Sam covered in my come. She turned quickly and left the room and a few seconds later we heard her bedroom door down the corridor shut.

‘Shit I can’t believe Ems saw us!’ exclaimed Sam, as she looked up at me.

‘Saw us?!? I came on her!!’ I replied in utter shock.

‘Shit is that how far you shot that first spurt!!’ Sam said. ‘Well, as impressive as that is, and how hot that is, this is still bad.’

‘Should we go and see her?’ I asked.

Sam sighed, ‘I guess we should…or it will just be super awkward later on.’

We cleaned ourselves up quickly. I slipped into a pair of shorts, with no underwear on, while Sam just threw on a long t-shirt that reached half way down her thighs. We slowly opened the door and walked quietly out and down the hallway. We approached Emily’s door. Sam took a deep breath and was just about to knock on the door, when we heard what sounded like a moan from inside. She paused, as we listened. We could hear quiet sounds coming from her room rhythmically.

‘Sam, I don’t think we should knock just yet. Let’s just have a peek through the window to make sure she is ok, and then maybe we can talk.’ I suggested.

We walked outside quickly, but quietly. As we approached the window to Emily’s room, we noticed the window was open slightly. The unmistakeable sounds of sexual pleasure were drifting through the open window. Was Emily playing with herself?? Sam held a finger to her lips, then slowly lifted her head to look through the window. She quickly ducked back down.

‘Holy shit, she is playing with her pussy, Ben.’ Sam said, with a look of shock on her face.

I crept closer to the window and sneaked a peek through as well. Emily was lying on her back in the middle of her bed, plunging two fingers into her clearly wet pussy, while her other hand rubbed her clit. Her clothes were discarded all over the floor as she lay naked on the bed.

I had always fantasised about seeing Emily naked and her body didn’t disappoint. Her hair was dyed blonde at the moment, with streaks of black, which framed her pretty face. She was slim, but, like her sister, had huge breasts. They stood out even more on her petite frame, as she was short as well. I would always try to sneak a peek down her shirt, as she had a tendency to wear tight, low cut tops. They were absolutely fantastic, at least an F cup (I found out later that they were a G cup!!). At his moment, her large nipples were standing up rock hard. She had a great set of legs and a tight little arse that looked even better naked.

I ducked back down below the window, out of view. I looked over at Sam, who was breathing quite heavily, while her eyes had a lusty look to them. Her nipples had stiffened beneath her t-shirt, and she was unconsciously pulling on her t-shirt in order to create greater friction on her nipples. Needless to say I was rock hard in my shorts, again. I reached over and stroked Sam’s stiff nipples softly.

‘Oh fuck Ben!! This feels so good…but it’s so bad as well!!’ Sam whispered to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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