Sis Helps Out

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Thinking about how depressed my brother was last week at my 40th birthday party. It seemed like his life had taken a down turn. Just this morning he had called me and said he had just lost his job again. It was the third job this year where a company was downsizing. I told him at my birthday party, if he needed any help to call me and his older sis would do anything she could to help out. He is the baby of the family, just turning 28 this year. He informed me on the phone how he had been working on a home based business. He seemed very excited about it so I told him I would stop by later today and he could show me his idea.

That afternoon I slipped on my jean shorts and tank top and heading over to his house. We sat around and had a bottle of wine and just made small talk.

“Sis, can you keep an open mind if I show you my new home-based business?” He asked after an hour of just chit chat.

“Well sure, I mean what kind of business is it. It is legal, isn’t it?”

“Oh yes, it is legal. Just a little different from most.” He answered. ” I guess, well. I should just show you.” He added.

I could tell he was nervous as I followed him into the back of the house. When I walked into the back room, it looked like a photographer’s studio. With cameras and video cameras all sitting on tripods.

“What is so bad about this, you were always good with a camera. You have a knack for bringing out the best of people in pictures.” I looked in the far corner of the room. ” Wow, that is a huge computer system you have over there.”

“It is more than a computer. It is also a server.”

“What is that?”

“Sis, I, I, I take pictures and put them on my personal web site.” I followed him to the computer, he sat down and started punching the keys. “I guess I should show you what kind of picture’s?” He didn’t turn around and look at me as the screen popped up. I was in shock as the web site popped up. The name of it was called HOUSEWIFE URGES. I was speechless as he scrolled through the pictures of girls stripping and posing in suggestive poses. Then he showed me the video’s of them stripping and some of them were even using dildos and other toys. I hadn’t even noticed that I had leaned over to get a better view of the screen, until he sat back in his chair. His head pressed into my very large tits. When I realized, he was rubbing his head across them I stood up quickly.

“How, how do you get them to do things like, like for you?” I stammered.

“Well, I pay them sis, and that is were I am having a problem right now.”

“Why is that a problem?”

“You see I have promised my subscribers that I would post a new girl every week.”

“Are you telling me that you want me to lend you money to pay some bimbo to strip for your website?” I yelled at him.

“Not exactly.” He answered.

“What do you mean, not exactly?”

“Today will be a week since my last post. If I don’t have someone, I will lose my subscribers. I was hoping you would pose for me.”


“Yea sis, come on, you have an outstanding body. I would never have asked but since I lost my day job, well I’m in a real bind.

“I could never do anything like that, besides I’m twice the age of any of those girls you have shown me.”

“Come on, you have a better body than anyone on my site. Let me ask you a question, why do you wear those old cut off jean shorts?” he asked

“Because I like them and they are comfortable.”

“Maybe, but isn’t also because you like to have men look at you also? I have been with you in the mall when men check you out. Don’t think I never noticed how you put a little more swing in your hips once you catch someone looking.”

“But that is different, It is just harmless flirting. It’s not like I am going to do anything with them.”

“It’s no different, I’m the only one here and just think of how many men will be looking at you in their home on the computer.”

My mind flashed to men looking at me. “But do you think they would be, you know?”

“Jacking off?” He looked up at me smiling. “Yes you could have men from 18 to 80 stroking their cocks as they look at your sexy body. Just think of how they would be shooting cum and wishing you’re with them. My mind was filled with that image, men lust enough to cum just looking at my pictures.

“Ok, little brother. I guess you have a model.”

His taboo heat porno idea was to take them in the kitchen. He had me reaching high putting glasses in the cabinets. I could feel my tight jean shorts sliding up into my ass cheeks.

“That’s good sis, now reach higher so you show more cheeks of that ass.”

I did as he wanted.

“Let’s adjust the shorts just a little.” He said

I felt his hands on my ass as he pushed the shorts up higher to expose my cheeks. His camera was clicking away as he took more pictures of me from behind. Then he had me doing dishes and getting my tank top wet, so my lacy bra could be seen through it. Within minutes I had my tank top off and was unclasping my bra to expose my big tits.

“Oh shit sis, wow you have great tits!”

He took a picture as I blew him a thank you kiss. He took pictures from all angles as I slowly slid my jean shorts down. I saw his big smile as he noticed no panties and a bigger smile went he looked at the front and finding no hair also.

“I always thought you had a shaved pussy. Since you like to wear those skimpy bikinis to the beach.”

“Now bend over the counter and point that great ass at me.” “Ah, very nice, now look over your shoulder and part those thighs like you are waiting for a nice big cock.”

I did as he asked, my mind flashing thoughts of all those big cocked strangers. Thinking how they would be jacking off as they looked at my pictures. Then he had me on the floor, spreading my legs. Then I started playing with my soaking pussy, working two fingers into me. Then licking the warm juices off of them. I closed my eyes and started playing with my pussy faster.

“Oh yea, that’s it sis, work that pussy. Think about all of those cocks and all those men jacking off. Maybe even a few black cocks.”

My eyes flew open with the image of black men looking at my pictures. My fingers were a blur as I worked my pussy faster.

“Well, well, well. You like the idea of a black man stroking his cock as he looks at your white pussy, sis?”

He could tell by the look on my face. I have thought about it.

“I will be right back, sis.”

He walked back into the kitchen holding a huge black dildo. I was so life like, so long and fat.

“Lets have some fun.” He said with a sly grin.

He held the dildo against his bulging pants. Soon I was on my knees making love to the fat black dildo with my mouth. He had the camera pointing down clicking away as I sucked faster. As I looked up into the camera, I could picture a black man pumping my white mouth. My fingers still working my soaking pussy. I saw a big wet spot forming in my brothers pants and I lost it as my body exploded with an orgasm.

The next morning my husband handed me the phone.

“It’s your brother and he seems very excited about something.” I grabbed the phone.


“Hey sis you got to come over here, you won’t believe it but I have had more than 100 people join just today. Your pictures are being downloaded like crazy!” “They are begging for more pictures and a video! Are you game?”

I looked at my husband getting ready to leave for a day of golf. I knew it would be another long boring Saturday. I flipped the sheet off of me and spread my legs for him to see.

“Honey, are you sure you want to play golf today?”

“Sorry babes, got to run.”

Without a good-bye kiss he was out the door.

“Yes, I’m game little brother. See you in a little while.”

After my shower I went to the dresser to grab some cut off shorts. Then I thought “fuck him” I went into the closet and grabbed the little white mini dress. The one my husband told me to never wear out of the house because it was too short and showed a lot of cleavage. He had bought it for me to wear just for him on the rare nights when he wanted to fuck. I slid the dress over a white lacy bra and white thongs. Finishing the outfit off with a pair of white 4″ pumps. I slipped into my little sports car, my dress riding high on my tanned thighs. I put the convertible top down and dark sunglasses on. I stop along the way to grab a couple of bottles of wine. On the way back to my car I heard.

“Mrs. Williams, is that you?”

I turned to see a clean cut younger black man sitting in his SUV I kept my distance but answered.

“Do I know you?”

“Well teach that bitch porno kind of, I used to play basketball with your son Steve in high school. I’m Jason.”

“Jason, Jason, sorry I don’t remember Steve talking about you.”

I leaned over to put the bottles in the car, knowing I was showing him a lot of my cleavage.

“Well in school they called me J bone.”

I had heard Steve talking about a friend of his named J bone and how his father wouldn’t let him come over to the house because of his color. I turned around and leaned back into my door. I could feel his eyes burning into my white skin.

“Now that name rings a bell.” I answered.

“So how is Steve doing in his first year of college?” he asked

“He is doing well. Don’t you two talk anymore?”

“Naw, we kinda lost track of each other after the summer. Hey, would you mind giving him my cell phone number, you know incase he would like to call me.”

I walked to his window, my tits were the perfect height as they laid on the edge. Glad I was wearing my sunglasses as my eyes traveled over his muscle bound young body. He handed me the phone number.

“So, Jason why did they call you J bone?” I asked.

“Oh Mrs. Williams, you know just a nickname.”

That is when I noticed he wasn’t alone. His friend leaned in from the dark backseat.

“Go on man, tell her. A fine ass white lady like her would find it interesting.” He spoke up.

“Shut up man, it is really just a nickname, Mrs. Williams.”

“Fuck you man, look lady he has 13″ of black cock and when hard it curves like the letter J.”

“Oh J bone, I bet you are very popular with the girls.” My nipples showed through my tight white dress, showing my new interest. If my husband had just fucked me this morning, I might not be having the thoughts running through my mind right now.

“Aw hell no, only hot ladies in their prime seem to appreciate what J bone has to offer.” His friend spoke up again.

I could see that Jason was very embarrassed so I rubbed his arm gently. “Hunny don’t worry, a boy endowed like you may get you into places others can’t.” I smiled and slipped his phone number into my exposed cleavage.

When I arrive at my brother’s house, he was so excited. He showed me where he had 50 new subscribers over night.

“Look at this shit sis, I have hundreds of e-mails saying they will join if I show a video of you with a huge black cock. Man if I knew of any black guys I would be in serious money.”

“Well little brother I might be able to help you with that, but it I do it we become partners and I get half of the new income.”

“Half, are you crazy!”

“Look they want to see me and it will be my pussy getting fucked.”

I hear the phone ringing then.


“Hello, baby.” I said in a sultry voice.

“Who is this?” He answered.

“Is this J bone, J bone with the big black cock?”

“Yes, who the fuck is this?”

” It is Mrs. Williams and I wanted to know if you would like to fuck my white pussy today?”

“You still wearing that sexy ass white dress?”

“Yes baby.”

“I’m on my way.”

I gave him directions to the house. My brother videoed the conversation for the start of the movie. I met Jason at the door and whispered.

“My friend will video tape us so I could see his big black cock fucking me.”

He didn’t seem to care as he kissed me and grabbed my ass through the white dress.

“I have wanted to fuck you for years Mrs. William’s.”

“Please call me Barb or whatever else comes to mind, baby”

His big young hand never left my ass as I lead him to the couch. His other hand quickly invaded my soaking thongs under my dress as we sat down. I let out a moan as he inserted a finger into my soaking pussy. Our mouths mashed together exploring each others tongues. I pulled away and gasped as my hand fell on the huge bulge in his pants. I quickly released his huge black cock, that true to his nickname had a beautiful curve to it.

“Oh my god, that is huge!” I blurted out.

My mouth enveloped the fat salty tasting head. I looked at the camera as I took his thick cock into my white mouth. My hand caressing his black balls as I started sucking harder. He spread my white thighs and ripped the thong out of his way. I was laying on team skeet porno my side on the couch as he pushed three of his big fingers into my pussy. My short white dress now bunched around my waist. My brother moved so he had a shot of those black fingers working my pussy and my mouth inhaling his cock. I felt my brothers hand on my thigh as he spread my legs wider, causing my white high heel shoe to bounce as Jason worked my pussy harder and deeper with his big fingers. I heard my brother suck in his breath as I worked the thick black shaft into my throat. The curve of it made it so easy to slide in. His big black balls moved closer to my mouth.

“Oh shit, damn you can suck a cock, you slutty white bitch.” Jason grunted.

I moaned my approval for being called names as my head started bobbing on his throbbing cock. My brother pulled the top of the dress down so my braless tits sprung free. Jason grabbed a handful of my hair and proceeded to thrust up into my mouth. I squeezed his big balls and I gasped in shock as he filled my mouth and throat with a huge load of cum. I tried to swallow but a lot of it spewed from my mouth. I t dribbled down his black shaft and some splashed on my tits. I felt his cock going soft in my mouth. My pussy needed cock, so I bobbed my head to get him hard again. I looked up into his eyes.

“Oh please, I need to get fucked. please…”

“Looks that the camera man could handle that.” He answered

I looked over at my brother as he flopped out a thick cock. I couldn’t tell Jason it was my brother.

“Oh no Jason, I want black cock.”

But I couldn’t help but look back at that fat cock hanging out his pants. He had the camera going from his cock to my face, showing my eyes devouring his long thick cock. It was swinging as he walked slowly toward me.

“Damn, white boy must have some black in him.” Jason joked.

My mouth was drawn to the cock swinging just inches from my face. My lipstick painted lips stretched around the fat head. I sucked on the couple of inches that would fit into my mouth. My hand stroked the shaft that was becoming even longer. I looked up into the camera as I sucked the huge cock. I tried to take more into my mouth but I gagged as the fat head hit my throat. I had to feel his big cock inside me, so I turned around and pointed my ass into the air.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” I squealed as I felt the fat head forced into my pussy. Then he gripped his shaft and started moving the head up and down in my now drenched pussy. I wiggled my ass as he started sliding into me slowly. I sucked in a deep breath as he stretched my pussy. It seemed like it would never end as it went deeper and deeper. I moaned loud as I finally felt his beer belly pressing into my ass. Before I could catch my breath, he started pounding my pussy harder. I could feel my pussy lips gripping the thick shaft and his fat balls slapping my clit. I looked over my shoulder to see he had the camera pointed at my pussy as her thrusted faster in and out.

“Oh shitttttt.” I screamed as I felt his thumb was inserted into my ass.

“Oh yea dude, get that asshole ready for black cock.” Jason told him.

I looked over to see Jason had enjoyed the show since his black cock was nice and hard again. No one had ever put anything into my ass before, but then again I had never done anything like this either. My prudish girlfriends would have a cow if they ever saw this video. I spit on my hand and started to lube up Jason black cock. My brother pulled out and my soaking pussy made a loud smacking sound. He put the camera on a tripod as I faced him and eased my ass onto Jason’s cock.

“Eeeeeeeee!” I yelled as the first cock ever went into my virgin ass. My brother put on a ski mask as I started riding that black cock. My skirt bunched on my hips and my big tits bounced. He grabbed my tits and pulled me down on his cock that impaled my tight white ass. My eyes made love to the camera as I worked my ass up and down on his black cock. My brother walked up as Jason laid back on the couch.

“Time for some double penetration, slut!” My brother ordered.

“Awwwwwww!” I yelled as I was filled like never before. I looked up at his ski masked-covered face and he plowed into my pussy. I worked my hips as both of them abused my holes. It felt like a constant orgasm as they thrusted into me harder. My brother was grunting as he fucked like a wild man. My body was convulsing as they continued the hard thrusts. Then they had me on the floor jacking over my face and tits.

“Yesssssss!” I screamed out as they covered my face with hot cum.

Now I get personal requests online for some very wild sex, but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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