Sinful High Class Mom Ch. 02

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This is a revised version of a story I wrote titled “Naughty High Class Mom Pt. 2 under hotteat60


Lust was consuming me by the second. My nipples were burning through my thin dress. I decided that I had to fuck my son’s giant cock. I had to please that huge cock in a way no girl or woman ever has, and I am quite sure there have been many. I began to think about the black rap star and how many young girls were vying for his attention just to fuck his big cock. It must be the same for my son: the star quarterback with a huge cock. Even if just to fuck a cock so huge for the novelty, what women would not want to at least try my sons huge cock once? And I certainly was no exception. We have always been very close; in fact we were more like best friends than mother and son. God I was so hot just thinking of blowing his great big hung cock then fucking it again and again this weekend.

When Kyle came out of the shower he had on a baggy pair of trunks. He passed my room and stopped in his tracks to look in on me. I smiled and said, “So what do you think baby. Do I look hot enough for you?”

I could instantly see his enormous cock swelling menacingly in his trunks. He responded with, “Fuck mom you are a drop dead fucking knockout!”

I then asked him to help me with my zipper. As I began to feel my son’s hand on the zipper I turned my head to the side and then uttered in a very seductive tone, “If you would like to see the body you have been jerking that giant fucking cock off to all these years, you could unzip it baby.”

I then reached my hand back, feeling his enormous cock against my burning ass, then put it behind his head and pulled him towards me. I let my tongue reach out so that we could kiss. Kyle’s tongue instantly met mine. Our hot tongues flicked wildly across each others for minutes as we both moaned like animals in heat. I began moaning louder as this incestuous kissing was driving me wild.

My son then said, “Yeah mom, let that hot pussy cum for me baby. Make it cum all over my big cock baby.”

Oh fuck, that did it. I began to shake, moaning, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck I’m cummmmmmmmmmming baby. All over that great big turned cock of yours.”

After I came my son said confidently, “That’s how hot I’m gonna make you cum this weekend mom. For years I’ve been dying to fuck you mom. You’ve got a killer body that’s designed for fucking and my big cock could tell you’re hot to fuck too.”

This was a side of Kyle that I have not seen before. It was obvious that he had lots of experience and was used to getting his way. I am quite sure having gorgeous looks and a 14 inch cock gave him confidence over all guys his age or older. I knew then that this was not going to be awkward but rather more like two highly sexed people fucking at the top of their game.

Kyle then pulled the zipper down all the way and I let my new dress hit the floor. When I stepped away from it I heard him moan approvingly saying, “Fuck yeah mom, fuck yeah!”

I then turned to see his expression as he stared at my body hungrily. It reminded me of the type of animal lust the black rap star had. This was not my son, but more like a self-assured stud who appreciated an older woman with a sexy body.

I said teasingly, “So I overheard you say you used to stroke that huge cock thinking about me baby.”

My son’s eyes burned with lust as his hand began rubbing along the endless length of his massive cock. My eyes instantly watched him touching the freakish bulge in his shorts. He asked almost smugly, “Yeah, what else did you hear mom?”

I walked to him and kissed his lips softly with my tongue and said teasingly, “I heard you say that your huge cock measures 14 inches baby and my mouth has been watering ever since , just thinking about pumping it and licking it then sucking it off.”

As I said that I squatted down on my high heels and began to pull off my son’s now uncomfortable trunks. When I pulled them over his knees his cock was still inside his shorts waiting to be freed! Finally his trunks were at his ankles and my son’s massive cock was released.

Thinking about the black rap star I said in an amazed voice, “Oh god baby you are so fucking huge. I’ve had a real big cock once before but yours is even bigger!”

His cock shot way out past my face and over my shoulder. I marveled at the wild maze of big veins that protruded along the top and sides of the monstrous shaft. I then took it in both hands and closed my index finger and thumb. Even though I have rather long fingers there was at least 4 inches of my son’s shaft between my thumb and index finger!

I then lifted it, shocked by its amazing weight and put it against my son’s taut stomach. I gasped as it towered up above his tight pectoral muscles! I knew we only had an hour or so before we had to leave so I began stroking his giant cock lovingly in both hands.

I cooed slyly, “Lover would you like me to take the edge off your giant cock before we have to leave?”

He replied almost annoyed, realitykings porno “I fucking beat off twice today thinking about your fucking hot body mom and I just beat off again in the shower a few minutes ago as I thought about fucking it with my big cock, and look at how fucking big I am again for you baby. What do you think?”

I didn’t even reply. I began licking up and down both sides of his angry shaft. I then began kissing it as I uttered, “Soooo fucking huge. I can’t believe how fucking huge your cock is baby!”

I kissed and licked his massive cock for over 15 minutes. My son then demanded, “Spit on it baby. Make it nice and wet mom.”

As I eagerly did what he asked, I looked up at him and smiled slyly thinking to myself, ‘God he knows just what he likes!’

As I did this I couldn’t help but to think just how taboo and nasty this was. At that very moment my son surprised me by saying, “Yeah mom get real nasty with my big turned on cock. Get it nice and wet baby.”

He then said almost arrogantly, “Yeah baby, enjoy that big cock that you’ve been missing from dear old puny dad!”

I looked up at him and said sexily, “Oh baby I love what were doing, you’re making me so fucking hot!”

I then stood and we kissed wildly as I pumped his oversized shaft in my left hand. I ran my palm over the top of my son’s mammoth cock then twisted it so that my palm slid back down the long length caressing the underside of the club like shaft.

Kyle said, “Yeah mom, that’s how you pump a big cock. Oh fuck yeah that feels great baby.” My son then began kissing my engorged nipples and said, “Fuck mom I’ve been dying to suck on these big fucking nipples. You’ve got the biggest pair I’ve ever seen!”

My son then said, “Keep playing my big cock while I work on this big ass nipples mom. I want to make you cum again baby. I want to work on these great big nipples until your pussy shoots off.”

He stuck his tongue out showing me he wanted to kiss some more. I eagerly gave my son my tongue as he expertly rolled and pulled then kissed and sucked my inch long nipples between his skilled thumb and index finger. I began moaning deeper as my talented son brought me so close to the edge of another wild orgasm.

Knowing he had me he said, “Go ahead baby let those big horny nipples cum like your turned on pussy did.”

That did it. I began to tremble as my son said confidently, “Fuck yeah. Give me another nice cum baby!”

We then began kissing hotly as my second orgasm with my son shot right through me and I moaned, “Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuck yeah baby!!!”

As soon as it ended my son said, “Now bend over at the waist baby so I can look at your sexy ass and those long fucking legs in those hot stockings while you keep playing with my big cock.”

I could not believe that these demands were coming from my own 18 year old son! He was so confident about how he wanted to be played with. He had the confidence of a much older man, not an 18 year old boy.

As I bent over I tried to open my mouth wide enough to at least take in his huge cock head. After minutes of frustration I finally managed to get my insatiable mouth over the giant crown of my sons cock head. He moaned loudly, “Oh Fuck Yeah baby not many women can do that to my cock. FuckYeah your real good baby. Real Good ahhhhhhhhh!”

After a while I would alternate between licking, kissing and coating his gigantic cock with saliva, then inserting my sons huge cockhead in my mouth as I ran my tongue over the crown. As my son thoroughly enjoyed his mothers cock sucking techniques he looked at my body and said approvingly, “I fucking love your sexy look mom. Those high heels and sexy stockings on your long hot legs are driving my big cock crazy baby.”

I then went back to squatting on my high heel pumps determined to bring my son’s massive 14 inch cock off and said, “I’m glad you like my look baby. I wanted to dress sexy for you. I am going to dress like this all weekend lover just to keep that 14 inch monster turned on for me.”

As I continued pleasuring my sons giant cock with my mouth and hands I said, “It makes me feel so naughty dressed in my stockings and high heels like this, kneeling in front of you while I’m stroking and blowing your great big horny cock baby.”

I then remembered the black Rap star telling me to tongue fuck his big black head with my wild tongue. I then flicked my hot tongue wildly over my sons baseball sized cock head for a few minutes as I looked up and smirked at him. The result was the same as he looked at me moaning his approval.

He said approvingly, “Oh fuck yeah, that’s the way to blow my big cock mom. Tease the fuck out of it baby!”

I then added to the heat taunting, “Do you like the way I’m tongue fucking your giant cock baby?”

My son snarled, “Oh fuck that’s so nasty baby!!!”

I then stood and we kissed again as I stroked him along the side of my thigh high stockings, pumping him into a frenzy. rip her up porno I slipped back to kneeling and repeated this teasing game of blowing and licking then standing and kissing until his moaning and breathing quickened. His guttural moaning indicated his need to cum.

I continued on, determined to bring my sons 14 inch cock off saying, “Oh baby do you like the way your mothers soft hands feel stroking your huge hot cock?”

“Oh fuck yeah mom. Keep playin’ with it baby. Don’t fucking stop.” he moaned

As I began to feel his giant shaft pulse uncontrollably I said wickedly, “Oh baby I could feel your great big cock getting ready to explode. Is there a nice big hot load in there for me baby?”

“Oh mom, wait until you see how much cum jerks out of my big fucking cock,” he said boldly.

I knew that I had to watch this incredible spectacle and said naughtily, “Oh baby I’m going crazy, let me watch you shoot your great big fucking load!”

Suddenly Kyle announced that he was ready to shoot. At that point a clear liquid began to trickle out of the 2 inch slit of his cock head. This continued for almost a minute. The hot liquid was running through my fingers and coated his giant shaft as my hands continued pumping it devotedly. Even this pre fluid was more cum then most men produce in an entire orgasm!

I fueled the fire teasingly, “Come on baby let me watch you drop that great big load! Do it baby, do it for me.”

My son then moaned,”Oh fuck mommmmmmm!!!”

Suddenly his monstrous shaft began twitching and convulsing and a long rope of cum- over 2 feet long shot out past my face hitting the wall on the opposite side of the room!. This was followed by ten more blasts equal in size and power! I was so stunned by the amount of cum and the power of each blast that I momentarily stopped jerking my son’s huge cock.

Sensing my shock my son said, “Don’t stop fucking my cock with your hands mom, there’s a lot more left.”

I was so amazed at the erotic sight of my son’s enormous cock shooting blast after blast of cum that I actually came too, just by watching and stroking him! It was the most cum I have ever seen including the young black rap stars! My own son came as much as 10 horny men combined!

I couldn’t believe the sight in my sons’ room. Cum was splattered against the wall and was dripping on the floor. It looked like a vanilla milk shake was splattered against the wall! Along the ground was a stream of cum that lead back to my son’s still engorged cock! I then instinctively began licking and tasting the drops of cum that trickled out from the end of his beautiful, massive cock. I noted the wonderful taste and made a note to myself that I was going to drink more than a few hot loads of my son’s cum before this weekend was over.

I continued kissing and slow stroking Kyle’s monstrous cock which disbelievingly remained huge. “So fucking big; so fucking beautiful baby. So much fucking cum,” I moaned over and over as I lovingly worshiped my son’s massive cock for another 30 minutes.

Kyle then pulled me to him and we kissed passionately for almost half an hour before we got dressed to leave for the dinner. In the car he drove and we couldn’t keep our hands off one another. My son’s right hand was all over my long crossed legs. He said, “Keep crossing those sexy long legs mom. That makes my big cock wild.”

His touch was turning me on like crazy, as Kyle ran his fingers up my calf to the elastic tops of my sheer thigh high stockings. At every stoplight we would dart our tongues out and kiss crazily until we were prompted by the car horn behind us. I ran my manicured fingernails along the length of his tremendous shaft which stirred angrily in his pants.

I moaned in his ear saying, “Oh baby, I can’t wait to get back to your apartment so that we can really fuck and get into becoming lovers.” As I continued to teasingly play with it, I still could not believe how enormous it felt after just shooting such a staggering load of cum!

When we arrived at the sports dinner it was clear to see just how popular my son was. He did not introduce me as his mother but rather as his date, using my name Vivian. When we entered the room I noticed every women looking at my son with lust in their eyes. He told me afterwards that he had noticed all his friends and all the men checking me out, and in the bathroom four of his teammates commented on how “hot” I was.

Kyle received six awards for different types of achievement. Throughout the ceremony all I could think of was my son’s giant cock and how bad I wanted to get back to his apartment so that we could get into fucking. When the awards concluded we started dancing. My son held me so close that I could easily feel his mammoth, pendulous cock brush up against my thigh. I whispered teasingly in his ear that there should have been an award for the biggest cock. After a few songs we were on fire to get back to his apartment and begin our taboo mother and son fuck.

As soon rus porno as we were in the car my son started running his skilled hands up and down my long stocking covered legs as I eagerly massaged his huge throbbing cock. As he played with my long legs he continued commenting on how sexy they were and how hot my stockings looked. Although the drive was only a few miles to Kyle’s apartment it seemed as if we would never get there! I was lost in lust as I thought about actually fucking my own son and that he had such an enormous, oversized cock.

I began moaning and had a wonderful soft orgasm. As I came we pulled into the parking lot. As soon as my son turned the key our tongues went wild kissing and exploring each others mouths. I was so fucking hot!

I said,” Oh fuck baby my ass is on fire. You’ve got me so fucking worked up. Let’s go inside and play all night baby. I need to suck and fuck that great big cock of yours soooo bad”

He then added, “With what I have in mind for your hot body mom it’s going to take the whole weekend to play with you baby.”

Once inside we went hand in hand into the living room and began a very sexy kiss with our mouths wide open and our tongues darting wickedly across each others. This heated kiss lasted nearly an hour as my son’s hands ran up and down my stockings and over my turned on ass. Kyle would slowly spread my ass cheeks causing me to moan.

He said, “You’ve got an amazing ass mom. I’ve pumped my big cock off so many times thinking about eating it,” he said.

His hands would run up my sides over my stockings as he remarked, “Your legs are so fucking hot mom, and these stockings are driving my big cock insane.”

This was such torture and he knew it. My son was so in touch with turning women on, and not just any woman, but his own mother! He brought me over the edge when he said, “Do you like the way I’m playing with your hot ass and those sexy long legs baby?” At this point our mouths closed on each other and I moaned through an intense orgasm as I continued kissing my sexy son.

After I came we began kissing madly. My son then untied my choker and slid my dress down. My nipples were so long and hard that my son had to pull the material away because they were caught against the thin fabric. Once my big nipples were freed they stood out over an inch long and were throbbing with lust.

My son said approvingly, “Fuck mom you’ve go the biggest pair of nipples I’ve ever seen. I’ve wanted to play with them for years.”

He then began kissing them and flicking his tongue over each one. As he continued this treatment he began running his hands over my stocking covered legs and back to my ass. He would then kiss me saying how much he loved my huge nipples. This went on for over an hour while he sucked my aching nipples and eventually rubbed one while he sucked the other.

I began moaning again and my son asked knowingly, “Do you like the way I’m working your great big nipples mom?”

“Oh baby your driving me so fucking wild. I’m so fucking hot,” I responded.

My son continued kissing me and sucking my engorged nipples until I couldn’t take it any longer. Sensing my need to cum he said, “Go ahead mom, get off again so that I can start sucking your fucking snatch.” I finally released a shuddering orgasm as my son continued pinching my overly sensitive nipples while we kissed franticly.

After I came we continued a very passionate kiss as or tongues explored each others mouths. My son then began pulling down my dress. As he exposed my thigh high stockings my son moaned approvingly. Once the dress was down I stepped out of it remaining in my tan thigh high stockings and high heel pumps.

Kyle looked at me lustfully and said, “Oh yeah, fuck mom you are one sexy bitch.”

My son then removed his cloths and I nearly came from the sight of his beautiful sculpted body and the overwhelming size of his mammoth cock. I couldn’t believe the way it hung down an inch above his knee. The girth so massive it resembled the width of a soda can.

My son then told me what he wanted and said, “I want to watch you walk around the room mom while I play with my big cock baby.”

My son sat on the sofa with the most massive hard on I had ever seen. As he slowly pumped his giant 14 inch cock before my disbelieving eyes I walked seductively around the room. My son’s eyes were riveted to my body and I was enjoying every second of this. As I seductively walked on the hard wood flooring my high heels clicked adding to this wanton scene.

After a while I would approach my son with lust in my eyes as I watched him stroke that monster cock. I would bend at the waist and take it in my hands and pump it slowly, then kiss and lick the enormous head. My son’s hands would run up and down alongside my nylons thrilling me with his touch.

As my hands pumped slowly I said in a deep throaty voice, “Such a huge fucking cock, its soooo fucking big baby. I’ve never pumped such a big cock.”

I would then kiss my son for a few minutes then back off and resume the slow teasing walk again. The next hour turned into the most erotic scene imaginable. This play went on and on, and the more turned on my son became from watching me the more excited I became at seeing him pump that glorious mammoth cock.

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