Silken Web

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Smitha aged around 40 years, a landlady holding assets worth millions and mother of 19 year old Suresh was suddenly awakened from her deep sleep as she felt her nightgown being ripped away from her body and before she could come out of her sleep, she felt the heavy weight of a man empower her and pin her to the king size bed.

Being imprisoned in his hold she felt his rough hands slide down her back and on reaching her panties they ripped the thin garment away from her body. On being stripped, Smitha felt the man’s hand viciously reach over her chest and en-circling her arms they gripped her shoulders powerfully, bruising her tender skin. As Smitha was being manhandled she started to take deep breaths and when she felt his hot cock poking between her buttocks she bit her lips tightly waiting for him to thrust his cock deep into her cunt and assault her.

It took just a few seconds for the man to penetrate her from behind and when his cock got lodged in her almost dry cunt, he started to thrash wildly, all the while fiercely gripping her shoulders and embedding his finger nails in the soft flesh of her back.

His thrusts gained momentum and on the final surge, the man pushed Smitha’s head on the soft pillow and as Smitha struggled to inhale, he rammed his cock deep into her cunt and spewed his cum inside her. Having spent his cum in her he was up in a moment and went out of the room.

That man was none other than Smitha’s husband Veer Pratap. Who, since the day of their marriage 21 years ago had made love to his wife in the same fashion. Smitha had borne this assault from the past 21 years and today she was mildly surprised to see her husband use her body as he had stopped doing it from the past one year. What had brought this change she did not know?

As Veer Pratap felt the room, Smitha resigned herself on the bed thinking it was her fate and she could no longer amend it. As she felt, tired sleep took over her and she was in her dreamland.

The next morning Smitha was late in getting up and by the time she had her bath and came down, she saw her son Suresh, his uncle Ram Pratap (younger brother of Veer Pratap) his gorgeous wife Pushpa and her own husband Veer Pratap were at the table having their breakfast.

Smitha had totally forgotten that guests in the form of Ram Pratap and his wife Pushpa had come to their place the previous evening. Seeing them seated on the dining table, Smitha hurried over and smiling at them excused for being late.

The guests smiled back at her and when Smitha sat down at the table; her eyes were drawn towards her husband Veer Pratap who was engaged in a conversation with his younger brother’s dazzling wife Pushpa. Smitha saw her husband was discreetly eyeing his brother’s wife and as he felt her stare upon him he changed its course.

After finishing the breakfast both Veer Pratap and Ram Pratap got up and as planned earlier left on a hunting expedition. Smitha, her son Suresh and Pushpa were left behind in the big mansion.

As Smitha got up and walked towards the sink, Suresh followed her and as he got closer to his mother he was shocked to see the reddish bruises on her back. He knew they were fingernail marks and he stood wondering how they were on his mother’s body.

As Suresh stood pondering over the dark bruises on his mother’s back, Pushpa his aunt who had silently followed them saw him staring at his mother’s back and on seeing the dark bruises on her back instantly knew who was responsible for it.

Pushpa seeing Suresh engrossed in staring at his mother’s back came forward and to divert his attention said ‘Suresh will you please get me a glass of water’

This made Suresh to turn and go and as soon as he was out of her sight, Pushpa went near Smitha and taking hold of her sari covered her bruised back. Smitha was mildly surprised by this action and as she turned to face her she saw her son return with the water.

When Suresh returned back with the glass of water he saw his mother had turned and was facing him. After collecting some money from his mother as he left, Smitha looked at Pushpa with quizzical eyes. To this Pushpa asked ‘did you not look yourself up before coming down’

‘No. why?’ she asked little perplexed.

‘You better take a look at your back’ said Pushpa following Smitha to her room.

On entering her bedroom Smitha went near the mirror and pushing the sari from her shoulders when she saw the reflection of her back, she was shocked to see the dark bruises.

‘Suresh was staring at those marks, so I had to cover you up’ said Pushpa moving closer to Smitha.

Hearing those words, Smitha’s eyes got filled up as she felt Pushpa had reasoned the cause.

Seeing her gloomy face, Pushpa moved closer and placing her hands on her shoulder said ‘let me apply some ointment.’

Those words brought much relief to Smitha.

Pushpa fetched a tube of ointment from the bathroom and motioned Smitha to lie on the bed. As Smitha obliged Pushpa kneeled on the carpet in front of her and pushing aside Smitha’s olgun porno sari from her back she looked at the bruises and asked ‘is he a brute?’

‘Yes, he is’ replied Smitha as tears welled up in her eyes.

‘When did this happen’ asked Pushpa?

‘Yesterday night’ replied Smitha.

‘Did you not object’ asked Pushpa.

‘I could not’ replied Smitha. ‘Why’ asked Pushpa?

‘It happens every time’ she replied.

‘Every time he does it do you bear it’ she asked?

‘Yes, every time he makes love to me, I suffer’ saying this Smitha started to sob.

‘Relax’ saying this Pushpa went on to apply the cream tenderly on her bruised skin. The warm fingers of Pushpa on her back had a soothing effect and she relaxed on the bed.

Pushpa went on anointing her back in small circles and on seeing Smitha cool down a bit, the circles gradually became larger. Pushpa covering all the exposed parts of her back slid her fingers inside her blouse and holding it gently asked ‘shall I open it’

‘Yes’ said Smitha as Pushpa’s caressing had a soothing effect on her.

Pushpa then eased out the few hooks of Smitha’s blouse and pushing aside the flaps of her blouse and looking at the deep bruises on her back said ‘it is inhuman’

Hearing those words Smitha stiffened her body.

‘Relax dear, relax’ saying this Pushpa continued applying the ointment on her bruises and started to caress her exposed back and as Smitha calmed down, Pushpa’s fingers wandered all over her back and on feeling her warm flesh she said softly ‘it’s so smooth and soft.’

Smitha did not reply back but lay still on the bed.

Pushpa on anointing let her eyes roam over Smitha’s back and after having a look at the rich curves of her back and waist, she re-hooked her blouse and said ‘I pity you.’

Smitha got up from the bed and looking at her asked ‘what shall I tell my son, when he asks me?’

‘You leave that to me. I will take care of him’ replied Pushpa.

Saying thanks she got up and left the room.

It was evening when Suresh came home. Pushpa who was waiting for him escorted him to the living room and sat down on the sofa. When both of them had settled, Smitha came carrying two glasses of juice and after handing them she left.

As Smitha turned to leave, Suresh’s eyes were again focused on her back and after looking at her bruises; he turned and facing his aunt asked ‘what happened to Mom’s back?’

‘I think she was mauled by a cat’ Pushpa replied.

‘At her back’ asked Suresh surprised?

‘I think the cat jumped at her when she was sleeping’ replied Pushpa.

‘It has bruised her back badly’ said Suresh.

‘Yes, her beautiful back is badly bruised’ replied his Aunt.

Hearing the word ‘beautiful’ Suresh looked at his Aunt.

‘Does she not have a beautiful back’ said Pushpa with a smile?

‘I think …’ replied Suresh half heartedly.

‘What do you think’ asked Pushpa moving closer to him?

‘I think her back is beautiful’ replied Suresh.

‘You like it’ she asked him smilingly?

Suresh did not know how to answer her and he stammered ‘yeeess.’

‘You like it so much that you want to apply ointment on her bruises’ she asked in a mischievous way?

‘I don’t mind’ replied Suresh softly.

‘You are a naughty boy’ saying this Pushpa got up from the sofa. Her body movements were so peculiar that it made Suresh to stare at her body.

Pushpa saw him staring at her and this made her lift her arms and yawn showing off her gorgeous figure before going out of the room.

Her actions left Suresh in a trance.

When his aunt departed, his thoughts got diverted to his mother. He visualized her in his minds frame and when he saw her picture, his eyes roamed over her body and this made warmth run over his body.

On impulse he got up and threading his way he reached the sitting room where his mother was standing by the window. As he moved closer his eyes were drawn like a magnet to her back. Suresh stared at her shapely back. His eyes roamed over her shoulders blades, over her broad back and further down as he saw her curved muscular waistline, he felt a hot wave run over his body.

Suresh turned suddenly and left the room thinking it was wrong to stare at his mother’s body. Just as he left the room, Pushpa who was spying on him smiled on having caught him eyeing his mother’s back.

She stepped into the room and moving closer to Smitha said ‘your son seems to be eager to help you.’

‘Help me’ asked Smitha a little puzzled.

‘Yes, he wants to apply cream on your bruises’ she replied.

‘He knows about them’ Smitha asked Pushpa?

‘Yes, I told him a cat mauled you’ replied Pushpa.

‘Did he believe it’ she asked?

‘Yes, and I think he has now stopped wondering which cat it was?’ she said.

‘Don’t tell him’ requested Smitha.

‘No never, but please allow him to apply ointment if he so wishes’ replied Pushpa.

‘Yes, I will’ replied Smitha gaining confidence.

‘Go outdoor sex to him now and remember tomorrow will be my turn’ she said smiling at her.

‘Thanks’ said Smitha as she crossed over to the room where Suresh was watching the T.V.

Suresh sat upright as his mother came and sat by his side. When she settled down he said ‘I am sorry to hear about your back.’

‘Oh, it is nothing, forget it,’ she replied.

‘But your back is badly bruised’ he said.

‘Now it’s better and your aunt applied ointment in the morning’ she said.

‘Can I see it’ he asked gently.

‘Why sure’ saying this, his mother turned her back to him.

Suresh moved closer and taking a closer look at her bruises said ‘I think the wounds need more care.’

‘Do you mind applying the cream for me’ asked his mother?

Hearing the words an excited Suresh went and fetched the ointment and as he came back his mother saying ‘please apply it on my back’ stretched herself on the sofa.

Suresh was thrilled see her lying on the sofa. Squeezing some cream he moved closer and gently applied it over the wounds and spread it evenly. Suresh could not cover all the wounds as most of them were concealed by her blouse. He was in a dilemma as to how to proceed. Sensing this, his mother said ‘slide your fingers in.’

Suresh was delighted to hear it and bending over he slid his fingers inside her blouse to cover her bruises. As his fingers sneaked inside her blouse Suresh was excited on feeling the warm flesh of his mother’s back. He continued applying the ointment for some time and on feeling the warmth flesh of her body he was delighted.

Suresh stopped when he felt he had taken more time than was necessary and as his mother straightened up he smiled at her and said ‘call me whenever you need to apply the ointment again.’

‘Yes, I will’ said his mother with a big smile on her face.

The next morning as Smitha got up she felt her back was burning. She hurriedly got up and when she saw the wounds they looked more prominent. She quickly dressed and called Pushpa who was in the adjoining room.

When Pushpa came in she saw a worried Smitha looking in the mirror. Pushpa was startled to see her wounds had ripened. Instantly she ordered Smitha to lie on the bed and taking the ointment from the nearby shelf she set herself to anoint her.

As Smitha lay on the bed Pushpa set aside the top of her sari from her back and leaning forward unhooked her blouse and pushed the thin material away from her body.

Smitha shuddered as she felt Pushpa unhook her blouse and expose her back. She bit her lips and lay still on the bed.

When Smitha’s back was bared, Pushpa went on smearing the ointment on her wounds. She took great care in handling her wounds and when she finished applying the cream she got up and fetched the talcum powder.

Pushpa then started sprinkling the powder over Smitha’s back and when she had it all covered, she went on spreading the powder evenly over her back. This had tantalizing effect on Smitha. She bit her lips hard and hid her face in the pillow.

Pushpa saw her caresses were enticing Smitha. She sprinkled more powder on her back and waist. Then taking her own time she slid her hand from her silken back down to her waist.

Smitha’s body trembled when she felt Pushpa’s hand slide down her back and as it reached her waist she let out a moan which was blocked on the pillow. Pushpa went on caressing her waistline for a while. Then moving her hands and holding the loose ends of her blouse she said ‘I will fasten only the bottom two hooks.’

‘Why’ asked Smitha?

‘That way your wounds will be open and they will heal soon’ she said.

‘What about my son’ she said?

‘What about him’ she asked?

‘How can I go in front of him with my blouse open’ she asked?

‘You have to as you have no other option’ she replied.

‘But what will he think’ she asked again?

‘I think he will be pleased’ replied Pushpa.

‘Why’ asked Smitha suddenly?

‘Because, his eyes will be feasting on your gorgeous back’ she replied caressing her back.

‘Is my back so good to look at’ she asked softly?

‘It is the loveliest I have ever seen’ she said bending and planting a kiss on her shoulder blades.

Smitha shuddered as she felt her kiss. Saying ‘thanks’ she got up.

Pushpa was reluctant to let her go. But thinking of the kiss planted on her shoulders was enough to start with; she beamed at her when she got up.

Smitha had enjoyed all her attention. She felt elated and the whole day she roamed with her blouse open. Suresh was out with his friends and by the time he came back evening was setting in.

Suresh on reaching home went in search of his mother and when he saw her he gave her the new cream he had fetched from the Chemist.

Smitha was so pleased to see her son pay so much attention to her that she hugged him and said ‘thanks.’

Suresh was pleased with the outcome and looking at his mother said public agent porno ‘shall I apply this Mom’

Smitha nodding her head turned started walking towards the living room.

As she turned Suresh saw her blouse was open, baring most of her back. On seeing it he felt the heat surge over his body. He stood transfixed staring at her and when she moved out of his sight he silently followed her.

Smitha on reaching the sitting room reclined on the sofa, her back exposed inviting Suresh on.

Suresh moving closer took hold of his mother’s sari and pushed it from her shoulders. As the sari was moved from his mother’s back, his eyes were again riveted on her lush back. He saw her bare arms, her shoulder blades, her broad muscled curvy back and reaching down his eyes were glued on her curvy waistline.

Looking at her exposed back he instantly felt aroused and hiding his arousal, he went on to apply the cream. First he squeezed it over her wounds and then gently smeared it over evenly. While his hands were pre-occupied in anointing her back, his eyes feasted on every contour of his mother’s lush back. Smitha was getting excited by his soft caresses and deep stares.

On one instance as his hand caressed her back, it slipped down her silken back and Suresh slid down loosing his balance. This made his mother to turn and look at him. As she did Suresh had a glimpse of her bra clad breast for a split second. This made his pecker to throb in his pants. Pushing his pecker inside his pants he continued applying the cream and when he finished, he slid back the sari over his mother’s back.

Smitha realizing he had finished said ‘please fasten the hooks dear’ softly.

This was music to Suresh’s ears. Holding the loose ends of her blouse he fastened the bottom hook and when he tired to do the next one he felt his pull was insufficient to draw the ends of his mother’s blouse close together. He then sat upright on the sofa and holding the ends of her blouse as he pulled with little force, he felt as if he was gripping his mother’s breasts in his hands. He enjoyed this and taking his own time he fastened the third hook.

Smitha let out a soft moan as she felt her breasts being heaved as her son pulled her blouse which made the cloth to jab at her swollen breasts. She allowed him the liberty to fasten all the hooks and when he finished, smiling at him she felt the room.

All these actions were keenly observed by Pushpa and as soon as Smitha left the room and Suresh could hardly take a pause, she came and sat down beside him.

At first Suresh was taken back by her sudden appearance but after looking at her radiant smiling face he was glad he had her for company.

Pushpa smiled at him and holding his hand which held the tube of cream said ‘so, you bought her new ointment.’

‘Yes, I thought this would be better’ he replied.

‘So thoughtful and kind of you’ she said looking at his face.

Seeing her look at him he blushed.

‘Have her wounds healed’ she asked softly?

‘Yes, they are little better’ he replied.

‘Happy to be of some help to her’ she asked him?

‘Yes, it was my pleasure’ he replied back.

‘Pleasure to fasten her blouse’ she quipped suddenly.

‘Yes’ replied Suresh timidly.

‘Don’t you think she should let her beautiful back bare for another day’ she said toying with her loose hair.

‘Yes, it would be good for her’ he replied.

‘And good for us to look at her gorgeous back isn’t it’ she said blowing out air on the loose curls of her hair.

Suresh did not know how to reply. He kept staring at her playing with her curls and said ‘I think so.’

‘Yes, she has a fascinating back and I bet you must have loved seeing, feeling and touching it’ she asked moving closer to him.

‘Yes’ he stammered getting excited by her words and by her coming closer.’

‘Do you want to caress her back again’ she asked placing her hand on his shoulder.

Hearing the word ‘caress’ Suresh got charged up and when Pushpa moved her hand on his shoulder, he said ‘I would love to.’

‘Shall I will put a word to her’ asked Pushpa as she moved her hand from his shoulder and placed it on his cheek.

‘Yes, please’ he replied pressing her hand to his cheek.

‘You are so good’ she said caressing his cheek with her hand.

Hearing it Suresh smiled and holding her hand he planted a kiss on her palm.

Pushpa did not pull back her hand from his lips. Pressing her palm over his lips, ‘they are so warm’ she said.

Suresh opened his mouth as he felt her palm on his lips.

Pushpa continued caressing his lips with her palm and as he opened his mouth she slid a finger in and said ‘it is so hot’

Suresh could not withhold anymore. He closed his lips and held her finger captive in his mouth.

Pushpa blushed red on this and pushing her finger deeper in his mouth said ‘suck my finger’

Suresh lapped his tongue upon her finger and holding her hand he kissed her palm passionately.

Pushpa was aroused when Suresh holding her palm kissed it passionately. Brining her face close and pressing her cheeks to his she asked softly ‘do you like what you are doing.’

‘Yes’ replied Suresh as he continued sucking her finger and wetting her palm with his moist kisses?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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