Shower Games

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I arrive at your apartment a little after dinner, video in hand. We had been friends forever, so I have brought my pjs to change into for some comfy, snuggle-on-the-sofa movie watching. You take the video, approve of the title as we both love comedies, and I excuse myself to change into my purple monkey pjs. The pjs were purple — not the monkeys; they consist of a little spaghetti- strap tank top and capris. I check my reflection and bunch my long brown hair in a ponytail, then skip out of the bathroom.

You have the movie fast forwarded past the annoying previews and the lights dimmed when I come back. You rock. I join you on the sofa, stretching out and dragging a blanket over me, snuggling up and using your lap as a pillow. The movie starts and you absentmindedly run your fingers through my hair, stroking it. Between the warmth of the blanket and the caresses I begin to feel sleepy.

Chuckling, you grab the blanket and whip it off me. “Hey!” I yell in protest. “What do you think you’re doing!?? It’s freezing!” I glare in mock anger and try to get the blanket back, but you hold it beyond my reach. I jump on you and knock you to the floor, movie forgotten, and manage to get my blanket back after a bit of rolling around. In the fuss, one side of my pj top had slid down, exposing most of my breast. I notice you looking and you look away quicky, blushing, as I hike it back up.

“Meanie,” I grumble as I pull the blanket around me. We watch the movie some more, lost in the plot, until I grow bored and playfully roll onto the floor. I look at you, and you smile down at me, laughing. I squeal and hide my face in my arms, and shuffle across the floor until partially hidden. I peek out at you again, laughing, and you cross the room and pick me up, shaking with laughter.

You cuddle me to your chest, and suddenly do something you had never attempted before. You kissed me. Very gently and warmly on the lips. Then you put me down, flushed, and return to the sofa.

I have always loved your shyness. Always the gentleman, never trying ataşehir escort bayan anything with me like other guys had. I return to the sofa and curl up next to you, then turn off the movie impatiently and throw the remote into the corner.

“Let’s talk about something interesting,” I say with a twinkle in my eye. “Tell me a fantasy of yours.”

If you could have blushed any more I might have been blinded. You stammer a bit, looking uncomfortable, while I tease you and call you chicken. Finally, you say quietly, “I’ve always wanted to do it in the shower.”

Impishly, I spring to my feet and offer you my hand. “Why, sir, it is your lucky day! You have both a shower and a girl at your disposal.”

You look startled. “You mean it?” you stammer. I nod, grinning mischievously, and pull you to your bathroom.

You immediately start to fuss about, looking for towels and washcloths, while I stand watching you. I root through your cupboard, looking for shampoo, and find a small rubber duck.

“Well lookie here,” I giggle. I place it on the soap shelf, first squeezing it to hear it wheeze like a 103-year-old asthmatic. You look and flush again, finally getting the towels and other gear together. You stand there looking at me.

I peel off my tank top and throw it at you. You catch it and hold it for a moment, transfixed by my 38-B perky breasts. I know for a fact that you are a virgin since you are too shy to make a move, and I let your gaze wander over them for a moment. Catching yourself staring, you look at the tank top in your hand and drop it to the tiles. I step out of my capris and look at you expectantly. You rip off your clothing self-consciously, trying to shield your body from me. I giggle a bit and go to turn on the water.

I step in and let the water run over my hair, plastering it to my head. I reach out and pull you in beside me, and snap the shower curtain shut. We gaze at each other for a moment, letting the water run over our bodies, and then you pick up the soap and lather it against escort kadıöy a washcloth. Clearing your throat, you ask: “Where do I start?”

“Hmmmm my back,” I say, pulling my hair out of the way and turning around. Awkwardly, you rub the washcloth over my shoulders, down my spine, and, shyly, over my bum. Gaining more confidence, you wash down the back of my legs. By this time, I’m a bit damp where the shower hasn’t hit me and decide to take things into my own hands.

I steal the washcloth from you and massage it over your chest and shoulders as you run your fingers through my wet hair. My tongue darts daintily over the underside of your jaw as I rub my erect nipples across your chest, reaching over your shoulders to rub the washcloth across your back. Your lower lip gets sucked into my mouth and I gently flick my tongue over it. You encircle me with your arms.

I slip my body down yours and crouch at your feet to wash your legs. When I have them lathered I reach for the shampoo and rub it into my hair. You look down at me as the suds lazily drip over my breasts and down my back, and I grin impishly up at you. I let the water carry the shampoo away and replace the bottle. I spot the duck and turn it so it is facing the wall. You laugh. “Can’t have the duck corrupted.”

“Shhh, it thinks I’m a good girl,” I laugh. I rub my cheek up the inside of your right leg, pausing to gently kiss and flick my tongue over your inner thigh. Rubbing my hand along your hip and outer left thigh I repeat the treatment, this time nibbling a bit. I can’t resist biting.

I straighten up, flick my hair away from my face, and kiss a light path along your collarbone, sucking warmth into the skin at the hollow, then trace a path down your slippery chest with my lips. You cup your hand under my chin and bring my gaze level to now, your eyes stunned.


“Just surprised… that’s all.”

I smile at you and kiss your lips, then continue my descent. Teasingly running my tongue around your naval, I let my body slide maltepe escort down yours more, “accidentally” brushing my cheek against your balls. I smile mischievously up at you, the water running over my face. You smile seriously down at me. Suddenly, one of your balls is taken into my mouth, lying against my soft tongue in the warmth as my arms encircle you.

You groan. “Good thing you turned the duck around.”

I roll your ball over my tongue, then let it pop out of my mouth. My tongue flicks over the sensitive skin, and I blow gently on it to bring a chill to your skin. I move my mouth to the other side, humming deep in my throat to vibrate it. When I look up at you again your eyes are closed, and your hands come down to rest on my shoulders.

Bringing one arm forward to let my fingers caress the flesh behind your balls, I nuzzle toward regions slightly farther north. I suck the head of your cock into my mouth, letting it rest in the velvety softness for a moment before flicking my tongue over it. I hear you groan. I suck more of it into my mouth, bobbing my head over the end, still caressing you with my free hand.

I lather soap in my other hand and wrap it around the base of your cock, gently stroking, my cheeks hollowed from the suction on the head. I continue stroking, moving my mouth back to your balls, humming and sucking.

The grip on my shoulders tighten, and I know you are close. I continue stroking and watch as your cock erupts, shooting cum at me that the water washes away.

I slide up your body and kiss you deeply. You run your hands through my hair again, and I shut off the water. Giggling, I jump out of the shower and grab all the towels. Drying myself off tolerably, I throw them back to you.

I yawn. Tenderly, you pick me up even though you know I hate being lifted off of the ground, and carry me over to your bed. You slide me under the covers and tuck me in, caressing me as you do so. You flick off the light and start to leave.

“Where are you going?” I ask, propping myself up on my elbow.

You pause. “To the sofa.”

“After THAT?” I ask incredulously. “No freakin’ way. Climb in.”

You slide in next to me and I curl my body against yours, and as the bed grows warm we fall asleep, both slightly startled at the sudden change in our friendship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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