She Owed Me

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My wife, she owed me one, a hot one and she knows I like them nasty.

She works long hours and last night when we finally fell asleep, she had been the only one of the two of us to have rally gotten off. So, she owed me.

I love getting her off, too. I had played with her by candle light. Done delicious things to her body and nasty things to her mind. She came screaming (as usual) and screaming and finally making me stop fucking her. Then, somehow I managed to persuade her that a little more tongue action wouldn’t hurt. After all, she could just lie there with her legs apart and her butt up on the pillow that puts her juicy cunt right where I want it. “Come on Baby, I’m just going to have a little taste or two.”

And so, we went around again. God, I love fucking with her, making her whine, moan, yell, beg, scream, call me names and, from time to time cum as if she feels like the fucking world is ending. I’m crazy about the body contact, the feelings, the smells, the sounds, the conversation, such as it is, the nasty games I make her play that slow the progress of events that she wants so badly to hasten; it’s such torture for her and I’m just the kind of person to get off on her agony.

So, ataşehir escort by the time that we were really finished with her, she was looking at an even earlier morning departure for work than usual. She really had to get some rest on that account and on account of what I had just put her through. She was too dead for me to even be able to get any interactive pleasure form jerking off all over her.

it was just way too late for us to spend time on me and I almost always like it when she owes me one, anyway. Of course I like it when I owe her, too. So, I blew out the candles, kissed her, told her what a slut she is and reminded her of her orgasm debt.

The following night she came home even later and from an even longer day. By the time we were ready for bed the possibility of sex was not even a question. At least I didn’t think so. Kisses good night, lights out, some cuddling and when she started breathing heavily, I picked up my MacBook Air and started surfing stories on, you’ll never guess where, right?

A while later, I realized that my wife, that little slut, who had been curled up with me when she went to sleep, was no longer asleep. She was awake and looking over my kadıköy escort bayan shoulder and asking me whether I was reading out of “general interest” or whether I was “planning on getting excited.”

She’s just not usually the kind of girl to start things off by asking in so many words whether I was planning to get myself off while she was asleep. And I love to push her to say what’s really on her nasty little mind.

“That depends.” I told her, “on what you’re thinking about, slut.”

By that time she had begun working on my dick, it was feeling pretty good and with an incipient hand job on the verge of becoming a reality, we both knew that her manual activity has supplanted any need that I might have felt for her to fess up verbally.

“What are you reading?”

“Perverted incest stories,” I said.

“You’re the nasty slut,” she told me as she started twisting my right nipple. Naughty girl always knows how to get my attention. I am getting so horny remembering it all.

“Fuck! Tell me nasty things,” I demanded she took my left hand and put it on my cock, told me I was so bad that I could jack myself off while she rubbed her big tits all over me, played with escort maltepe my nipples and told me what an incest loving perverted slut I was. Am.

“What are they doing?”

“It’s his teacher; she’s a friend of his mother and they both have him alone in the classroom. They are both going to fuck him, maybe even have him fuck them in the ass, too, but, first they’re driving him crazy with their naked bodies and fucking with him. Jacking him off. Sucking him. Making him suck their tits and tell them which one of them he likes best.”

She tells me what a dirty teenager I am wanting to fuck my mother and my teacher and letting them treat me like a sex toy.

“That’s what you are, aren’t you, just a nasty little slut of a sex toy for your mother and your teacher, aren’t you?”

“And now you’re going to cum on me, aren’t you?”

“Big time cum all over my big tits while i twist and pinch your nipples. Give it to me God Damn It! shoot it now, shoot it on me just like you want to shoot it all over them, you horny bastard!”

“Fucking A, you dirty slut. Get you mouth down on my dick and suck it all out of me. Suck it hard, Suck it all!”

“Yes, God Damn It – Now! Now! Yes! Fuck, Baby. Oh shit, you are such a nasty cocksucker. Fuck. Damn!” “Oh, Baby, yeah. That’s so good.”

Too bad her early morning call forced us to make it all happen so fast. On the other hand she did manage to get the slate cleared, even if she did leave it a little cum stained.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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