Sharon’s First Time Ch. 06

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I thought about what my new boyfriend had said, “If you want a guy to stay interested, tell him you are married. Nothing is more exciting to men than another man’s wife giving herself to him. All men share the fantasy of fucking someone else’s girlfriend or wife.”

This new man in my life offered a variety of complications to my life. The fact that he was the father of one of my students being the largest problem. If anyone at school or the district office even suspected that I was involved with a parent, I’d be fired immediately.

I also knew he was a parent, but I didn’t know if he was married or not. I knew very little about him, other than I had succumbed to his advances at a movie, and later that we had fucked in the back of his Suburban after what was supposed to have been a parent/teacher conference.

I was captivated by this man, and knew I wanted to see him again.

“So,” I said to my boyfriend, “What do you think about this situation?”

“Hey,” he said, “I’m not going to try to tell you what to do. You are an intelligent, sensual, experienced woman. You know the pitfalls that you might encounter.”

“I know I’d like to have you all to myself,” he continued, “But that is a decision only you can or will make.” “As long as I don’t have to stand in line to get some pussy from you, I’m cool with the arrangement.”

“I know you well enough to know that you probably would stand in line,” I said.

A couple of weeks later my school was having a science fair for the advanced students. I was hoping that Zack had entered the fair and that his father would attend. It started Friday afternoon with set-up for the students.

When I walked through the science lab area I was pleased to see Zack setting up his project. I walked over and said, “Zack, nice to see you involved in the science fair. Are your parents coming to the event tonight?”

“My Dad will be here for the judging,” he said.

My heart rate increased when I heard that Mr. Bryant would be there, but I knew that noting could possibly happen at such an event where other parents and the other teachers I taught with would be present.

The fair started at 6:30 and I was pleased at the turn out for the event. I did notice when Mr. Bryant arrived. I also made a point of staying away from them as they put the final touches on Zack project for the presentation.

During the judging I walked around the room and made small talk with the students and parents from my class. When I got to Zack, I said hello to his father, “Nice that you could come tonight,” I said.

He smiled back at me and said, “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

“I hope I can count on you to come as often as possible in the future,” I said, smiling coyly at him.

His smile and a somewhat shocked expression made me know he understood completely what I meant. He was being discrete, but we both knew what I had meant and what we wanted.

I wished Zack good luck and continued circulating to chat with other parents and students.

After the event was over I walked back to the science room to see that the parents were helping the students to pack up their projects. I watched from a distance as parents and students left group by group.

My plan was to run into Mr. Bryant and Zack in the school parking lot. As they left and headed down the hallway to the front door, I left by a side exit nearer the parking lot.

They were already loading Zack’s project into the back of the Suburban when I approached and said hello.

“I hear your project was very good Zack,” I said to him. “I know you put a lot of work into it and made it interesting and exciting.” “Congratulations on a job well done.”

“Thanks,” Zack replied.

“Now you can relax for the weekend,” I said. “No homework, your project done, you and your father can enjoy the weekend.”

“I’m having a sleep over at David’s house tomorrow,” Zack said.

“That is nice,” I said. “Your Dad can enjoy some time to himself.”

“I was hoping to take in a movie,” Mr. Bryant said.

I felt myself flushing with embarrassment, knowing what he meant by the comment. “I rarely get to the movies,” I said. “My weekend is pretty much filled with chores and school work. I have to take some time tomorrow afternoon to get my car washed. Maybe after my 2 pm hair appointment I can get to it. It has been way too long since I have been to the carwash.” I hoped that I got my point across to Mr. Bryant, but not so obvious that Zack had any idea as to what was going on. “Well, enjoy the weekend,” I said. “See you on Monday Zack.” “Enjoy the movie, Mr. Bryant.”

“Thanks,” he said, “Enjoy your weekend as well. Hopefully something will come up to make it enjoyable.”

I looked directly into his eyes and said, “That would be nice.”

When I got home I called my boyfriend at his studio. “I need to use your place tomorrow afternoon,” I said. “And you need to be out.”

“This sounds interesting,” he said. “I’ll need details.”

“No ataşehir escort details as yet, but I need your place in case something comes of what I may have started tonight.” I said.

“Oh God, not Mr. Bryant again,” he said. “Fucking in his car isn’t good enough anymore?”

“Shut up,” I said. “I’m planning on using your advice and telling him I am married.”

“Shall I ask who the lucky groom is,” he asked.

“That would be you. Is that OK,” I said.

“Am I the jealous type who will hunt him down and kill him or beat him up for fucking my wife,” he asked.

“I am going to tell him that you don’t know anything, but that we have to be discrete to keep you from finding out,” I said. “I need to have him think that we live there, the perfect place for us to get together.” “He can come here because we are far enough from school that no one will recognize his car. I can’t go to his place because I don’t know where he lives and he has a son.”

“Oh yea, Zack, the kid in your class,” he said. “What is the plan for Zack tomorrow? Is he coming along to watch? I didn’t know your grade had a sex Ed component to it.”

“You are such a perv,” I said. “No, Zack is having an overnight play date with another kid from school.”

“Ok, but you are going to owe me,” he said. “I’m not too happy about my girlfriend fucking this other guy, and me not being able to watch.”

“Just leave me a key and get out of the place tomorrow afternoon and evening. I’ll send you a text message when he has left. I’ll give you the key to my apartment if you need a place to go,” I said.

After I hung up the phone I hoped that I hadn’t done something stupid to screw up my relationship with him for some time with a man that probably wasn’t right for me. But God, how he excited me.

The next day I knew it would be a day I wouldn’t forget, but I wasn’t quite sure if it would be a terrible day or a wonderful day.

I busied myself with a variety of tasks, morning grocery shopping, picking up my dry cleaning, etc. Around noon I was home, in the shower in preparation for my afternoon. I soaped up my big tits and caressed my nipples as I felt the warm water play over my body. I thought about what had happened the other times I had been with Mr. Bryant and my mind raced through the sexual experience we had shared and the pleasure we had given each other. I recalled the taste of his come from when he came in my mouth in that little room at the movie theater. I recalled the feel of his tongue on my clit as he brought me to an intense orgasm on the back seat of his Suburban.

I recalled the feel of the leather seats on my back as I writhed in pleasure as wave after wave of my orgasm coursed through my body.

Standing there in the shower I inserted two fingers deep into my cunt and began stroking myself to a climax. I was already aroused and images of his face, his body, and his cock sliding into me filled my mind. A few moments later I began to climax. I felt the muscles of my vagina constrict tightly around my fingers as the pleasure of sex coursed through my body.

When I had pleasured myself I set about making sure my vagina was completely smooth for Mr. Bryant to enjoy. I lathered it up and shaved it, then shaved it again to make sure it was completely smooth.

After I toweled myself dry I spread body oil all over my pussy and tits. I let it soak in before starting to get dressed. I selected a sexy bra and thong set, a short skirt and a tight white blouse to wear. I chose a pair of heels but I really thought it might look strange me at the car wash in heels, but I didn’t care. They made my legs look long and sleek and my ass tight.

A few hours later I fixed my hair and makeup and headed to my car. The carwash Mr. Bryant and I had visited before was closer to my school than my apartment so it took almost 20 minutes to get there. I was a little after 3 when I pulled around the abandoned gas station to the abandoned car wash. As I drove around the front building, I was disappointed to see that I was alone. No other cars were there.

I felt a wave of stupidity sweep over me, “Well Sharon, you got all excited for nothing,” I thought. “You were just another fuck to him.” I pulled into one of the bays and stopped. What a fucking idiot I was to think he’d show up. I was pissed at myself and as I was getting ready to leave I heard another car pull around the building and into another bay. I couldn’t see what kind of car it was, so I waited a few moments before getting out of my car. As I walked around the bay to the next bay I realized it was Mr. Bryant’s car. As I approached the driver’s side back door swung open. I approached and looked into the car. I noticed Mr. Bryant setting on the back seat, so I slid in next to him.

He moved to me and kissed me and I leaned into him to return the kiss. His hand went to one of my tits and his palm caressed the fabric of my blouse over my boobs. I pulled back and then noticed that kadıköy escort bayan there was another guy setting in the front seat watching us.

“I need to talk to you,” I said.

“Not now,” he said. “It has been so long since I’ve fucked you.”

He was grasping eagerly at my blouse to try to get it unbuttoned. I felt my nipples harden as his warm hands cupped and squeezed my full breasts. He pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. I felt the heat of his passion in his kiss and felt the heat of my passion also rise as I returned his kiss.

He lay back and pulled me with him. My boobs were pressed tight against his chest as we kissed and he ran his hands down my back and over my ass. I could feel his cock getting harder. His hands found the button on the back of my skirt and he quickly unbuttoned it and pulled the zipper down. His hands then moved to the hem of my skirt and started pulling it up toward my waist. Soon it was bunched up around my waist and his hands moved back to squeeze my ass. His hands felt hot on my skin. My ass was uncovered except for the thin strip of material of my thong.

I could feel me excitement growing as he rolled me onto my side and slid off the seat to a kneeling position next to me. He rolled me over onto my back and smiled as he started unbuttoning my blouse. Once unbuttoned he pulled it open to reveal my full breasts barely contained within my sheer bra.

“God your tits are so beautiful,” he said. His hands went to the shoulder straps of my bra and tugged them down. He pulled them down until my breast sprang from the confinement of my bra. I tried to sit up to slide the blouse and bra off but he pushed me back down. I was somewhat constrained by the blouse and bra, but I was able to reach up and unclasp the hook on the front of my bra.

As my breasts sprang from my bra he moved one hand to my tits and pinched my nipple. It was already hard and I felt a bolt of excitement course through me body. He pulled his hand from my nipple and lowered his head and began sucking eagerly. His tongue flicked over my hard nipple as his hand moved down my body to my cunt.

I felt his hand move down over my belly and I tingled with anticipation as I felt his hand stroke my vagina through the thin material of my thong. I felt the warmth of his hand on my pussy and instinctually opened my legs to allow him access to my cunt. His fingers found my slit and traced its outline along the thin material covering it. He pushed his finger along the slit of my swollen cunt slowly.

I felt my cunt getting more and more excited. I could feel myself becoming moist with anticipation. I felt his fingers move to the edge of the thong and slowly push it aside. He then plunged two fingers into my excited pussy. I let out a gasp at his penetration and I wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him tightly against my tit.

His fingers probed my cunt eagerly. I reached out with my hand closest to him and started stroking the front of his shorts. I could feel his cock, hard and twitching, inside his pants.

I moaned, “Get it out,” while I stroked him through his shorts. He quickly pulled away from my tit and pulled himself up. His hand pulled away from my pussy and I watched as he unzipped the fly to his shorts. He pulled them down quickly and his beautiful, hard cock sprang free.

I quickly moved my hand to his balls and cupped them. They were heavy and large in my hand. After a few seconds I moved my hand to his shaft and wrapped my hand around his dick.

He moved his hand back to my pussy and began fingering me again. As he entered my cunt I clenched down tightly on his fingers.

I lay there on the back seat of his Suburban with my legs spread as I stroked his cock while he fingered my pussy. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations that were sweeping over me. The warmth and thickness of his dick in my hand, the pleasure of his fingers probing my cunt and teasing my clit, and the excitement of doing all this in his parked car. I felt like a slutty high school girl.

Kneeling next to the seat he was smiling down at me as he fingered my cunt. I had a tight grip on his dick and slowly began to stroke it.

He moved closer to the edge of the seat, not close enough that I could suck his cock, but close enough so I could lick the head and part of the shaft as I stroked it. His fingers continued to probe my cunt and his thumb raked over my swollen clit. He slid his fingers in and out of my cunt fucking me deeply with each thrust — just like he would with his cock if he were fucking me. With each deep thrust I clenched the muscles of my vagina tightly around his fingers. As I clenched I let out a small whimper of pleasure.

I lay there on the seat of his Suburban as he finger fucked my eager cunt. His fingers probed me and his thumb flicked at my clit. I felt my body tingle with excitement as he filled my moist cunt with his fingers. I knew I would be coming soon, his touch and my excitement escort maltepe was just too much to control.

I concentrated on the pleasure he was giving me. I moved my head back from his cock and looked up at him. “I love the way you finger me, Mr. Bryant,” I said.

Moments later I felt my orgasm begin to wash over my body. My entire body convulsed with pleasure as he rapidly pushed his fingers in and out of my cunt. As I spasmed he continued to probe me extending the length of my orgasm. My ass squirmed all over the seat as my body uncontrollably twitched with pleasure.

He stopped fingering my pussy and pushed his two thick fingers deep into my squishy cunt as my body was wracked with the intense pleasure of my orgasm. He didn’t say a word, but looked down at me as I came.

When I stopped climaxing, I looked up at him and said, “I want you to fuck me, Mr. Bryant, but not here.” “I have a place where we can be alone and comfortable.”

I pulled down my skirt, and sat up on the car seat. I clasped my bra and buttoned my shirt. I leaned to him, kissed him and said, “Follow me, but not too close.”

I got out and hurried back to my car. I started and drove slowly out of the abandoned car wash and onto the street. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw his Suburban pull out behind me. We drove about 10 miles to neighborhood where my boyfriend lived and had his studio. I parked my car and motioned him to park nearby and walked to the doorway of the old industrial building that had been converted to working lofts.

I waited inside the door and found the key in my boyfriend’s mailbox as usual and waited until he came in and we walked to the elevator. “Not exactly what I had planned for you to be living in,” he said. “I pictured something more apartment like.”

We entered the elevator and rode up to the top floor where the studio was. I looked at him and said, “I have something really important to tell you,” as I stepped off the elevator and unlocked the studio door.

He walked in and took a look around. I noticed that one of the work tables in the studio was covered with erotic image of me, but Mr. Bryant hadn’t noticed.

I took his hand and walked him through the studio to the bedroom. I smiled and turned to him. I took one of his hands and lifted it to one of my breasts and moved to kiss him. He squeezed it as he kissed me back.

I stepped away and moved to the edge of the bed. I put one hand on the headboard and lifted one of my lets to remove my shoes. “No, please, leave them on,” Mr. Bryant said, his eyes following my every move. I looked back at him and smiled.

Slowly I moved to start unbuttoning my blouse. I looked directly at him and could see the intensity of his lust for me as button by button was undone. When the blouse was undone, I reached around behind myself and unbuttoned the waistband of my skirt. I slid the zipper down and slid the skirt slowly over my hips and let it drop to the floor.

I stepped out of my skirt and peeled off my blouse. I stared at him and said, “You’re going to get undressed, aren’t you?”

My words got his attention and he mumbled something as he quickly started undressing. I moved to the bed and sat on the edge as he pulled off his shoes, his shirt and his pants. I motioned him over to me. As he approached I smiled up at him and reached out to stroke the front of his boxers.

His cock was pointing straight out as I slid his boxers off and grasped his prick with my hand. I put my hand under his dick and hefted it. It was thick and heavy and I wanted it.

I looked up at him as I guided the head to my mouth. I licked the head and swirled my tongue over the ridge of his cock head. “God, yes,” he moaned as I quickly engulfed the head with my mouth. My hand moved down and gently cupped his balls. I squeezed them gently as I took his cock deep into my mouth.

While I was sucking his prick I felt his hands move to my tits. He caressed their fullness and I could feel the heat of his hand through the thin material of my sheer bra. My nipples hardened to his touch and I moaned as he began pinching my hard nipples.

After a few moments, I felt his hand move down the bra until it found the front clasp of the bra. His fingers expertly unclasped the bra and my breasts sprang from their confinement. His one hand moved to my full breast and I pushed my tit into his warm hand.

He squeezed the fullness of my breast for a few moments, and slowly I pull back and his cock slipped from my mouth. Again I looked up at him as I moved back and lay on the bed. He smiled as he moved to the bed. I spread my legs and slid my hands down over my breasts to my belly to the thin material of the thong covering my tingling cunt. He smiled as he knelt on the bed and moved to a position between my legs. His cock was pointing straight out as he moved to me and bent down to kiss my hard nipples. I tingled with excitement, but neither of us said a word.

He moved closer to me, took his cock in one hand and with his other hand slid the thin material of my thong over, exposing the swollen lips of my vagina. Seconds later I felt the heat of his cock head on my cunt. Expertly he guided his swollen cock head up and down between my moist and tingling cunt lips.

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