Sharing the Wealth

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Samantha (Sam) knew her son was good looking. At 19 years old, a college junior already and at 6’1″, 185 lbs it was obvious this kid would do well. Peter or Pete as his friends called him, played football and was proud of his achievements. He probably wouldn’t make to the pros but it did afford him many contacts and beautiful college girls. Sam was also aware of Pete’s achievements on and off the field. Pete’s father had left several years earlier but that didn’t seem to matter anymore. Sam was doing well in her own business and could afford to live in some comfort at this point.

Sam also knew that Sarah, Pete’s latest girlfriend, was a real jewel. She was smart, outgoing and sexy as she could be. At 5’3″, 118lbs, 36C — 22 — 33 she turned heads wherever she went. Sam also knew that Sarah had plans on keeping hold on Pete. Sam was quite a looker herself. At 5’5″, 125 lbs and a 38D –24 — 35 figure she could turn heads too and she knew it. That is one of the reasons her business had done so well. Her suppliers were mostly men that would cut their cost to her to the bone while she would make a healthy profit reselling their wares. Even the 2 women she purchased from had their eyes on Sam’s figure. Sam knew it and she used it.

It was the end of the school year and a full 2 months before Pete had to report for football camp. Pete knew he had to keep in shape so he ran and lifted weights everyday keeping him in shape. Sam would leave home about 9 each morning to check on the store and make any major decisions that had to be made but by 2 pm she was free to come and go as she pleased. Sarah would stop by to see Pete about noon everyday for lunch and noontime sex with Pete while mom was away.

It was the first Friday of Pete’s vacation and as usual Sam headed for the store. Only today she had little to do and little to worry about. By 11am she was done and left to do some shopping before heading home. At noon, right on time, Sarah walked into the house to see Pete with a surprise.

“Pete, do you want the surprise I have for you now or do you want to wait until after lunch?’

“Now, I want to see it right now.”

“OK, sit on the bed and close your eyes.” Pete sat down and tried his best to keep his eyes closed but he just didn’t have the will power. He was peeking as Sarah stripped her short summer dress off over her head standing naked before Pete.

“OK, open your eyes. Here’s your surprise.”

Pete opened his eyes to see Sarah naked but something was different. There was something missing.

“Oh that’s beautiful! You’re shaved. No more hair on your pussy!”

“Just the way you wanted it. Clean, neat and ready to party. Are you happy now?”

“Happy, I’m more than happy. Come over here so I can get a better look.”

As Sarah was approaching Pete to show him his gift Pete’s mom was coming in the backdoor. It was 12:30 and Sam was thinking about taking a dip in the pool so she headed to her room to change. Sarah was now standing inches in front of Pete while he sat on the bed. Pete reached out and took Sarah by the hips bringing her pussy closer and closer to his face.

“Sarah, this is beautiful. Did you really do this for me?”

“Of course silly, why do you think I would do it then run over here. You said a bald pussy would turn you on didn’t you. Well, here it is. Wana taste?”

“Damn right, I want to eat your little pussy all afternoon.”

With that Pete pulled Sarah over on the bed on her back and spread her legs as wide as he could get them. Sarah was already turned on and her love juice was running down between her legs. Pete reached underneath Sarah’s ass and pulled it up to his face so he could help himself to her juicy, shaved pussy. Sarah’s head went back and her eyes closed tight as Pete started to lick her cunt. Sarah was moaning as Sam walked passed the open door. Sam stood in awe as she saw her son who was still fully clothed lick Sarah’s pussy. Sam immediately started getting horny since it had been almost a month she her last encounter with a customer in the back room of her store.

“That’s good Pete. Keep licking my pussy. That’s it….deeper….stick you tongue in deep. Fuck that’s good. I’m gonna cum….keep that up I’m cumming…”

Sarah’s orgasm started covering Pete’s face with her cunt juice. Sarah grabbed Pete’s head and pulled it hard against her convulsing cunt as her orgasm swept over her.

“Oh fuck…I’m cumming…Keep fucking me with your tongue….Fuck you eat my pussy so good…. Damn I’m cumming again!!!”

Sarah had no sooner started down from her first orgasm before the second one hit her even harder. Sam looked on in amazement as Sarah started her second orgasm in less the 15 seconds. Sam’s cunt was leaking juice which was not running down the inside of her thighs. She couldn’t believe how horny she had gotten just watching her son eat Sarah’s slick cunt. Just as Sarah started to recover from her second orgasm Sam slipped back down the hall. She was horny and confused but knew she was in no shape to confront Pete and Sarah on this right now. Sam went türkçe alt yazı porno back to the door and opened it then slammed it shut and called for Pete.

“Oh shit, mom’s home. Get dressed. I’ll stall her until you come down.”

Pete wiped his mouth and then headed down the steps towards his mother’s voice while Sarah slipped on her dress and fixed her hair. In a matter of seconds Pete was hugging his mother. What he didn’t realize is that Sam could smell Sarah’s pussy juice all over her son’s face. This made her smile because she already knew what had happened and surprisingly enough Sam liked the smell and the taste. This only served to make her even wetter than she was.

A couple of minutes later Sarah came down the steps looking fresh as a daisy. She approached Sam and gave her a hug. Sam hugged Sarah back but at the same time got dizzy from being so close to her. Sam could smell Sarah’s sex as she held her close. Sam sat down quickly on the couch.

“Mom, are you alright?”

“Yea, I’m OK. It must be the heat. I think I’m going to take a swim and cool off. Do the two of you want to join me?”

“Sure, Sarah and I would love too.” “Pete, I’m sorry but I didn’t bring a swim suit. I didn’t know we were going swimming today.”

“That’s OK Sarah. I probably have a suit you could wear. Come on with me and let’s see.”

“OK….are you sure?”

“Of course. You’re almost family now.”

Sarah and Sam headed towards the master suite while Pete headed up to his room to change. Sam found some suits she hadn’t worn in quite some time and told Sarah to try them on.

“Here? You want me try them on with you here?”

“Why not? We’re both adults right? It’s not going to bother me. As a matter of fact I’ll get my suit on while you try those on to see what you like.”

Sarah slowly started to take her dress off while Sam was getting undressed. Sarah held her dress in front of her while Sam removed the remainder of her clothing. Sarah was amazed at how beautiful Sam was naked. Sam hunted for her suit while Sarah continued to look at Sam’s body. Sarah had never been attracted to a woman before but now she was getting hot all over again in the presence of Sam.

“How is it coming along? Finding anything that will fit?”

This jolted Sarah back to reality and she hurriedly selected a suit that she liked and slipped it on. Luckily it fit although Sarah’s tits were bulging out the top. Sarah was dressed before Sam found the suit she was looking for.

“I think this will work. It fits nicely. Thanks Ms. Thompson.”

“OK, none of that. If we’re close enough to undress in the same room then we’re close enough to call each other by our first names. Call me Sam, everyone else does.”

“OK, thanks Sam. This is great. Sam?”

“Yes Sarah?”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, you can as me anything.”

“Well, this is kind of personal but how do you keep your body in such good shape? It is beautiful and so sexy.”

“Why thanks Sarah. To tell you the truth I can’t take credit for all of it but I do work out 3 or 4 times a week but the rest is genes and plastic surgery.”

“Well whatever it is it looks great. I can understand why Pete tells me he has a hard time keeping his hands off you.”

Sam looked up in surprise. This is first time she ever heard that Pete had any interest in his mother except as a mother.

“Sarah, are you sure about that? I mean I’m flattered. A woman of my age attracting any younger man is flattering but Pete? I don’t know what to say.”

“Did I say something wrong? I didn’t mean to let the cat out of the bag. I thought you already knew that Pete had a thing for you. I can’t blame him though after I’ve gotten a look at you.”

“Thanks Sarah but I must say that you are a beautiful woman yourself. Especially after…”

Sam caught herself starting to let her cat out of the bag but stopped short.

“What do you mean after…”

“I mean seeing you when you were changing. You have a very sexy body and I can understand why men and women would go after you.”

“Thanks Sam…Uh, we’d better go. Pete is probably looking for us by now.”

Sam and Sarah walked out of the bedroom together giggling like schoolgirls. They found Pete already in the pool.

“Wow, what a site. The two most beautiful, sexy women I have ever seen.”

Sarah and Sam hugged each other and said “Thanks” together then joined Pete in the pool. After a little while Sam said she was going to lay in the sun and Sarah said she wanted to join her. The women pulled up a lounge chain, put some sunscreen on and proceeded to work on their tans.

“Pete, would you get Sarah and I something to drink? A nice cold vodka and juice would be great.”

“Sure mom, anything else?”

“I think that will be all..Thanks”

Pete ran into the house but appeared back out a minute later.

“Mom, I forgot. I drank all the juice we had this morning. I’ll run to the store for some more. Be back in a minute.”

With that türkçe ifşa porno Pete was gone out the back gate.

“Sam, that was sweet of Pete to run out like that. He sure is a considerate guy.”

“I think so too. While he’s gone lets get some sun in the areas that don’t usually get it. OK with you?”

“Good with me Sam,”

With that Sam and Sarah shed their swimming suits and lay naked in the sun. In two minutes both had dosed off in the mid-afternoon sun unaware that Pete had returned. Pete came through the front door and went directly into the kitchen to fix the drinks. After making a large pitcher of drinks Pete proceeded out to the pool only to be surprised by the site of the two women he left only minutes before laying naked in the sun. Pete put the tray with the drinks down on the table between the two women and just stared. His cock getting harder by the second as he viewed what must have been the most erotic site he had ever seen. Pete looked at his mother’s naked body with amazement as she lay on her back with her eyes closed. She was a vision of beauty and sex. Her pussy was almost shaved with just a touch of hair at the top. Pete then looked over at Sarah and her completely shaved pussy with sweat running down between her breast. He could not imagine anything sexier.

Just then Sam woke up and was startled to see someone standing beside her. It took a moment for her to realize that it was her son.

“Pete! I didn’t know you were back. Let me get my suit back on.”

“Mom, no, don’t. You don’t have to get dressed on my account. After all, I’ve already seen everything.”

Sam sat up but didn’t make a move to grab her suit. She did notice her son’s huge erection pressing against the fabric of his suit. Sarah opened her eyes as soon as she heard voices.

“Pete? Are you back already?”

“Sarah, I was gone for half an hour. You guys must have fallen asleep.”

“I guess so. We just wanted to get some sun where the sun doesn’t shine.”

“Don’t let me stop you.”

“Pete, if Sarah and I are going to stay like this then we will insist you join us. It’s either everyone or no one.”

“But mom!”

“No, either you join us or we get dressed.”

Pete realized his condition but he couldn’t do anything about it so he slowly slipped his suit off letting his hard cock swinging in the wind. Sam’s eyes widened as she gazed upon the size of her son’s hard prick. She never imagined any man could have a cock that big and it not break off from the weight.

“Pete! Your cock. How did it get so big?”

“I don’t know mom, you tell me. After all you had me.”

“Yea Sam, how did you do that?”

Sam wasn’t listening to anything that was said. She was so taken by the size of the cock swinging less than a foot from her face and the fact that she was still horny from the site she witnessed when she arrived home she was transfixed. Sarah looked up at Pete then at Sam’s expression as she stared at her son’s equipment.

“Go ahead Sam, touch it. It won’t bite.”

Sam reached out and grabbed her son’s cock and slowly pointed it toward her. Her hand couldn’t get all the way around the monster and cum had already started leaking from the head.

“Lick it. Trust me it’s the best you’ll ever taste.”

Sam stuck out her tongue and licked the head of that monster penis and tasted for the first time the sweet salty cum that belonged to her son. Pete moaned and moved forward so Sam could more easily get to his hard cock. Sarah got up and moved over behind Sam and started to encourage her to lick and suck Pete’s cock. Sarah was rubbing Sam’s neck and shoulders then got the nerve to reach around and massage Sam’s 38D tits. Sam let out a groan as Sarah started to manipulate her breast and play with her nipples. Pete reached behind his mother’s head and pulled slightly just to encourage her to take more and more of his cock into her mouth. Sam complied and started sucking on her son’s cock head but could only get about half of his cock in her mouth no matter how hard she tried. It only took a minute before Pete announced that he was cumming.

“I’m cumming mom. I’m gonna shoot a load. I’m gonna cum!!!’

With that Sam sucked as hard and deep as she could while taking a huge load of white sticky cum in her mouth. It filled her mouth to over flowing and the excess ran down her chin dripping onto Sarah’s hands that were still massaging and pinching her nipples.

“Oh fuck…I’m cumming…”

Pete lurched forward shooting more and more of his cum into his mother’s mouth. Cum was dripping down his mom’s chin and onto her tits that Sarah was still holding.

Once his orgasm was over Sam swallowed all she could and licked the reminder from her son’s giant cock. Pete sat down from exhaustion and Sam sat back against Sarah’s breast to relax. Sarah continued to massage Sam’s tits with dripping from Pete’s cum.

“Sam, that was fantastic. That was some of the best cock sucking I have ever seen.”

Sam rested her head on Sarah’s shoulder as she closed vivid porno her eyes and savored the flavor of her son’s cum and the feel of Sarah’s hands on her tits.

“Thanks Sarah. That was good. That was very good. Best cock I’ve ever tasted.”

“It does taste good doesn’t it. I can’t get more than the head in my mouth but you took over half of that monster down your throat.”

Sam sat up and faced Sarah. “I guess he is as good a fuck as he taste.”

Sarah looked at Sam with lowered eyes. “I couldn’t tell you. We’ve never had sex that way. I can’t seem to get all of him in my pussy.”

Sam look surprised. “You mean that you and Pete have never fucked? After what I saw this afternoon I was sure the two of you had sex all the time.”

Pete and Sarah looked at each other with surprised looks.

“I’m sorry, I came home early today and walked pass Pete’s door while he was eating your pussy. I couldn’t help myself. I just couldn’t look away.”

“Mom, you have to understand. My cock is so big that even thought Sarah has tried she just hasn’t been able to take all of me.”

Sam sat back for a second to think. “Well, let’s get our stuff together and go inside. I think your mom can help with that. That is if you want me too.”

“Absolutely! Anything you can do to help me would be great!”

With that Sam, Pete and Sarah gathered their belongings and went inside the house. Sam had a plan and she was going to make sure that Sarah was broken in right.

Once inside the house all three proceeded to the master bedroom. Still naked they piled on the bed and started to talk. It seemed the problem was that Sarah loved sex but would tense up prior to penetration and Pete couldn’t get all of his cock in Sarah’s tight little cunt. No matter what they tried nothing appeared to work.

“All right. This is what we are going to do. Sarah, I understand your problem and I also understand why. It seems to me that the problem is not only Pete’s size but you aren’t ready. Pete, you are going to have to learn how to make Sarah ready and how to use that monster you have so you don’t hurt her or anyone else.”

“Mom, I have something to tell you.”

“OK…what is it?”

“You see I not only have had this problem with Sarah but with every one I have ever tried to have sex with. Sarah is the only one who has been willing to try it again.”

“You mean that you are a virgin?”

“Well I guess. I’ve had blowjobs but never fucked anyone.”

Sam was amazed. Such a gift should not have gone to waste.

“Well now we have two problems. Pete your problem is easier and I think fixing yours will also help Sarah if you are willing to do as I say.”

“Anything mom. Whatever your want.”

“And you Sarah?”

“Anything Sam, just name it. There is nothing more I want than Pete’s big cock in my pussy.”

“OK then. First, Pete you need to learn how to have sex with a woman and since Sarah is having a problem with your size then your first experience will be with me.”

“You, you want me to have sex with you?”

“Well you didn’t seem to mind when I was sucking your cock while ago.”

“That’s right Pete. You didn’t appear to have a problem when you mom had your big prick stuck down her throat.”

“I guess your right. Besides, I’ve always wanted to have sex with you I just didn’t expect it this way.”

“I didn’t either honey but here. First you have to learn how to prepare a woman. With a weapon that size she had better be ready or the only time you will be able to enter her is when a baby has just come out. So, lets see how you lick pussy.”

With that Pete got between his mother’s legs and dove in. “Pete, your not eating a cream pie, well maybe you are but you don’t have to try and eat it all at once. Slow, easy, let it build up so I can enjoy it.”

Pete got the idea and started to slowly lick his mother’s cunt. It was still juicy from events that day and she started flowing like a river. Sarah moved up the head of the bed and started licking and sucking Sam’s tits. Sam went ballistic. Just the thought of Pete, her only son, eating her pussy and Sarah, his beautiful girlfriend sucking on her tits was too much. Sam’s orgasm hit her hard as her son increased his assault on her dripping cunt. Spasm after spasm hit her each one stronger than the last.

“Oh fuck me….fuck me with that tongue. YOUR MAKING ME CUM AGAIN!!!!”

Sam grabbed Sarah’s head and held it to her big beautiful tits and Sarah tried to get more and more of Sam’s big tits into her sweet little mouth. Then Pete did something totally unexpected. He shoved his finger up Sam’s ass.

“Oh fuck….yes….fuck my ass…finger fuck your mama’s ass. I’M CUMMING AGAIN!! OH SHIT I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!”

Pete was so worked up by this time that he couldn’t stand anymore. Just as Sam’s last orgasm started to subside Pete got up on his knees between his mother’s legs ready to fuck his multi-orgasmic mother. Sarah saw Pete move between Sam’s legs and reached down and took hold of his massive cock. She rubbed it slowly up and down Sam’s pussy lips coating it with the thick cream that was flowing from her cunt. Slowly Pete started to lean forward pushing the head of his monster cock past his mother’s pussy lips. Sam immediately felt the pressure and looked in fear as she witnessed that huge cock moving into her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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