Sharing Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter in my Sharing series, continuing with Evelyn’s adventures as she experiences a new side of herself. If you haven’t read the prior chapters, I recommend that you read them first before you read this one. Thanks again for all the great comments to the prior two chapters.


I woke up late on Saturday morning. My head was spinning from the night before. It wasn’t the wine. It was the memory of what I had done with my best friend’s husband. I still couldn’t believe that she had loaned him to me.

I slowly got up, and got ready for work. I had an open house to present that afternoon, and I needed to be presentable myself. I got my hair, makeup and clothes in order, but my pulse was still racing a bit. I managed to get my signs posted, and met with the owners of the house I was trying to sell without them noticing that I was preoccupied. The owners left me alone in their home so that I could attempt to sell it for them. Unfortunately, there were not many potential buyers. Except for two couples who sped through the home, I spent 3 hours alone, thinking about the night before. I could almost feel Joe’s lips on mine, his hands caressing my body, and his cock sliding in and out of me. I was unable to think of anything else.

My pussy was moist, and throbbing from my thoughts. My panties were soaked, and I knew that if any potential buyers arrived, they would be able to smell my arousal. I removed my panties and put them in my purse to try to lessen the odor. It didn’t really help. Now I was even more acutely aware of the dampness between my legs, and I could smell the sweet aroma of my pussy.

With less than one hour to go for my open house, one more person stopped by. It was Joe. Of course he was not there to check out the house; he was there to see me. He was as excited about last night’s encounter as I was. I grabbed two bottled waters for us from the fridge, since it was a hot day, and I was feeling even warmer now that I was with Joe again. I needed to cool my temperature down, and I needed to do something to keep my hands occupied instead of reaching for the object of my lust-filled thoughts. I wasn’t sure if last night had been a one-time thing, or if I would be able to enjoy his company again the way we had done in his spa only a few hours ago. I had been replaying last night in my head for hours, and was uncertain about what Lisa had intended when she suggested that I hook up with Joe. I had been too horny to ask questions, and now was hoping that I would be able to have sex with Joe again. I hoped that he felt the same way.

I tried to remain professional because I was at work, and I knew that someone could come in at any time, including the home owners who were expected to return in less than an hour. As we drank our waters, Joe said to me, “Evie, I know that it’s a little awkward for me to surprise you at work, but I needed to tell you that last night was incredible! You don’t know how long I have wanted to do that with you. I want to do it over and over again.”

I responded by telling Joe, “I have had a little bit of a crush on you for years. I have envied the relationship you have with Lisa. She has always told me that you are a great lover, and I am so happy that I have gotten the chance to see and feel that for myself. It had been way too long since I’ve been with a man, and I have missed it. My body is telling me that it needs more! Have you talked with Lisa? Is she okay with what we did? Will we be able to do more?”

Joe told me that Lisa was very okay with it, and that we would definitely be having sex again. The sooner the better.

To hell with professionalism! I lunged toward Joe and kissed him hard. He kissed me back, and our tongues renewed ataşehir escort the duel they had begun the night before. I dropped my water, and my hands began to explore Joe’s muscular arms and chest through his tight fitting tee shirt. My lips were enjoying the feeling of kissing a man again after so long without doing so. I could definitely get used to this! When I felt Joe’s hands begin to caress my back and hips I melted. I no longer cared if anyone came into the house. I needed more of this hot man that I was kissing.

Even though I knew that we were risking being caught in the act by a potential buyer, or by my clients, I lost myself in the moment. Joe lifted me onto the kitchen counter. In the process of lifting me up, my form-fitting skirt rose above my hips, exposing my bare ass. The granite counter felt cold on my skin. Joe spread my legs, while still kissing me passionately. His fingers quickly found the hot, moist center of my being. He ran his finger along my wet slit; beginning at my sopping wet vagina, and spreading my lower lips while working up to my clit. Once his finger reached my bundle of nerves, he circled it and applied pressure, sending me into orbit.

I tried to suck in air, but my lips were still firmly attached to Joe’s. I had to break our kiss to catch my breath. When I did, Joe quickly dove to eat my pussy. He licked and sucked on my clit in such an expert way for several minutes. I was instinctively raising my hips from the counter, causing the most wonderful pressure on my clit. I let out a loud moan as my orgasm overtook me.

Just then we heard the front door open. I jumped from the counter, and straightened my skirt. I heard my clients call out my name. Had they heard me moan? Would they notice that I was trembling? How would I explain the spilled water, my flushed face, and the sweet smell of pussy on Joe’s breath?

Fortunately, Joe remained poised. He wiped the pussy juices from his face with a paper towel, and then cleaned up the spilled water, and picked up the overturned bottle to throw it away. As my clients entered the kitchen, Joe said, “Evelyn, this is a great home, and it is very well decorated too. I will tell my wife about it, and maybe we can arrange to show her the house as well.” He introduced himself to the home owners, and made his way to the door. “Thank you for sharing the home with me. I especially like the kitchen!” With that, Joe left.

My clients were so happy to hear that someone liked their home, that I don’t think that they noticed that I was flushed and breathing hard. I knew that Joe would not be pursuing the home further, and told my clients that I thought that the house might be out of his price range. They were not too disappointed. At least he liked it. Yes, I think Joe did enjoy visiting the open house.

I packed up my laptop and my flyers, and took down my signs. I was still breathing hard, and was still worked up. It was four o’clock in the afternoon, and it was hot. I went home, and took off my clothes and slipped into a tank top and shorts. I poured myself a big iced tea, and tried to cool off. It didn’t work.

I was sitting in my favorite chair, thinking about the events that took place yesterday and today. It only made me hotter. I unzipped my shorts and reached in. I was very wet! My finger felt really good rubbing my clit. I was imagining myself with Joe, and pictured him licking my pussy and rubbing my clit with his thumb. I had two fingers in my vagina, and my thumb rubbing my clit in circles. I only took a few minutes to cum, but I was not satisfied. The heat had now really built up, and I needed to do something to cool off.

I called Joe. “I am so hot. Joe, do you mind if I come over for a swim?” kadıköy escort bayan I asked.

“Sure! Lisa and I were just headed out to the pool ourselves. The gate is open. Come on in!”

When I arrived at Joe and Lisa’s house, I let myself into the backyard and heard splashing. My two friends, both in their forties were having a spectacular water fight, as though they were kids. They had kickboards, and were using them to create big splashes to get the other one wet. I’m not sure whether they noticed me at first, but once they saw me standing by the pool, I was suddenly the target of the splashes. In less than a minute, I was soaked. My clothes were clinging to me. My tank top no longer hid my lacy bra beneath it. I didn’t care, the cool water felt good.

I kicked off my flip flops, and then dove into the pool with my already soaked clothes still on. Lisa said “Evelyn, that bra is not going to do any good in the pool. Take off your clothes, and get naked with us.” It was only then that I realized that Joe and Lisa were both sans suits and swimming in the nude. I hadn’t been skinny dipping in a long time, but it sure sounded better than wearing shorts and a tank top in the pool.

As I started to remove my top, Lisa swam up to me to give me a hand. I was working on my bra, and she started removing my shorts. Not that my wet tank and bra hid much, but once they were removed I felt very exposed. Lisa quickly got my shorts off, and since I wasn’t wearing any panties, I found myself nude with my friends in their pool in no time.

Surprisingly, I felt very comfortable. The cool water was so refreshing that I was relaxed even though the situation was one that I would not have normally found myself in.

Joe said “I told Lisa about this afternoon. She wants to check out one of your open houses too. ” I blushed when I realized what Joe meant by that.

Joe moved toward me, and took me into his arms. He kissed me, and held me as though we were the only ones there. However, I was acutely aware that his wife was only inches away from us. As Joe held me in his embrace, I felt Lisa closer beside us. I felt a soft hand on my back, caressing me. When I started to move, Joe locked his lips onto mine, applying more pressure to keep me there, and held me tightly in his arms. As he did that, Lisa moved closer, so that her breasts were pressed against my arm, and her hand wrapped around my waist. This three-way embrace felt surprisingly good.

I knew that my best friend was bisexual, but in all the years that I had been friends with Lisa, she had never made any type of a move on me. She knows that I am straight, and has always respected that. Nevertheless, on this hot summer day, standing naked in the cool water of my friends’ swimming pool, I began to think that maybe I did have an interest in women; at least in the beautiful blonde that was currently caressing my body.

Lisa whispered to me “Did you like what Joe did to you this afternoon?”

I whispered back “I loved it, and I really wanted more.”

“Would you be okay if I was the one to give you more?”

I barely had time to gasp. Joe carried me to the shallow part of the pool and sat me onto the top step. Lisa lifted my legs into the air, while Joe again kissed me passionately. I felt Lisa’s hot mouth latch onto my pussy, which was now floating just above the water line. Her lips and tongue were so soft and warm! It felt incredible.

Joe continued to kiss me, and was squeezing my breasts, and pinching my nipples, while Lisa expertly ate my pussy. There is a difference between a man going down on me, and a woman doing the same thing. There is no stubble or beard, and the softness of Lisa’s mouth was so different from escort maltepe any man I had ever been with.

Lisa massaged my inner thighs while her tongue darted from my hardened clit to my vagina and back. She sucked on my clit, while the tip of her tongue flicked the nub of nerves. She inserted two fingers into my sopping wet hole, and rocked them in and out as she continued to suck on my clit. I was so lost in what Lisa was doing that I barely noticed that Joe had stopped kissing me, and had stepped back to watch his wife eat my pussy. Just as I was starting to cum, I locked eyes with Joe, and saw that he was enjoying the sight before him very much. He had his hand wrapped around his large cock, and was stroking himself as he watched Lisa make love to me.

As I came down from the most wonderful orgasm, Lisa shifted so that she was sitting on the step beside me. She kissed me, and I tasted my own sweet essence on her tongue. She took my hand, and guided it to her pussy. Even though she was sitting in the pool, I could feel that her pussy was oozing warm juices. I had never felt another woman’s pussy before. It felt different than mine. It was soft, and wet, and oh so inviting.

I couldn’t help myself. I moved to the next step down, and placed my head between Lisa’s thighs. I lifted her butt above the water, and gazed upon her pink swollen lips. I spread her labia apart with my fingers, and tentatively tasted her pussy. It felt soft and warm on my tongue. The taste was sweet and rich, and not at all what I expected.

I lapped at Lisa’s sweet nectar. I sucked and flicked at her clit, knowing what it feels like for her. I moved lower, and inserted my tongue into her wet hole as far as it would go. I could feel her pussy squeeze my tongue. I moved back to her clit, and sucked on it some more. I pushed my middle finger into her vagina, and felt for her g-spot. While I was concentrating hard on pleasing Lisa, I could feel Joe reposition himself behind me.

As I devoured Lisa’s sweet pussy, I felt hands spread my ass cheeks apart just a bit, and felt Joe’s big cock plunge into my sopping wet pussy from behind. Wow! That felt good! I let out a loud scream as Joe’s penis filled my pussy. Lisa grabbed my hair, and guided my lips back to her pussy. She was close.

I added another finger into Lisa’s vagina, and sucked vigorously on her hard, swollen clit. My tongue darted around in circles, which Lisa seemed to enjoy. Meanwhile, Joe was fucking me hard from behind. His cock felt so good in my pussy. Even though I was submerged in the cool water of the pool, my pussy was on fire. I could feel every inch of his cock stroking in and out of my wet pussy. Each time he pushed into me, his balls slapped against my clit, stimulating it and making me want more.

Joe was so turned on watching me eat his wife’s pussy that it did not take him long at all before he shouted that he was cumming; he pushed into me hard, and shot his load of sticky semen deep into my pussy. I could feel his hard body pushing into me; I could feel a tingling feeling that must have been his balls releasing semen through is cock; I shuddered, and started to moan. The vibration from my moaning sent Lisa over the edge, and she too began to climax. A simultaneous three-way orgasm; it was amazing.

We all fell back, and floated in the water, enjoying the sensation of the hot sun beating on us from above while we shivered from our orgasms in the cool water. It was a few minutes before anyone spoke. I was the first one to say anything, and I simply muttered “thank you.” It wasn’t directed at either one particularly; more to both of them. I was grateful that my friend was sharing her husband with me. I was also thankful that Joe was sharing his wife with me.

Only a few days before, I had been lonely and frustrated. Now, I had twice made love to the man who had been the off-limits object of my desire for years, and had experienced my first sexual encounter with another woman. I liked it. I was ready for more.

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