Sharing a House with My Best Friend

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Me (30M) and Ruchi (27F) have been going steady for a year now. We both had some broken relationships before so we fell madly in love as soon as we realized we were soulmates! We are very high libido – so our sex life is very very fun. Blowjobs in the car, fingering in the kitchen, sleep sex, cum swallowing – nothing is off limits. In fact, we have this rule that either of us can do whatever they want to the other, whenever they want! Just this last week, Ruchi gave me a blowjob during a zoom call – without asking me first! Anyway, enough about us – let me get to the real story.

Around 2 months ago, our best friends (29F Chelsea and 30M Raghav) had some financial troubles and needed a place to stay for a few weeks. We absolutely love them so we immediately offered to let them stay with us. We have this big house in the Los Altos (sold my company for $$$ 3yrs ago) so we had ample space. I was very happy to have my best friends near me but I couldn’t have imagined how amazing it would turn out to be 😉

Their first weekend at our place, they bought some bottles of wine and we all celebrated. Ended up drinking in our backyard till late night and getting pretty tipsy. We were playing this game of telling each other our exploits and Ruchi divulged a lot of our sex lives! Both of them got very intrigued and I could see their flustered faces – esp Allie. She has told me before how they don’t experiment enough but she has always wanted to. So me being pretty horny suggested another game – a more explicit one. The game: each of us suggest something sexual that they want to do with the group – and then everyone goes along with it! Ruchi immediately slapped me on the arm but the both of them just started sharing some looks and giggling. This emboldened me and I pushed back on Ruchi – and called her a prude. She has always hated being considered that and said “hey I’m game for anything”. Allie broke the sexual tension in the group and asked how are we gonna make sure it doesn’t mess up our group. I said “We make sure nothing happens unless the 4 of us are together and we make sure we go etimesgut bayan escortlar to sleep with our respective partners. We’ll consider sex just a fun experience – like exercising together.” Took some more coaxing to get everyone aligned and we all started getting excited about this.

Let me pause here and describe the group. Me, Raghav and Ruchi are Indians by birth. I’m tall, muscular and very charming (at least I think so). Whereas Raghav has this stunning face but he’s a bit skinny. Ruchi – I’m a bit biased but I think she is absolutely gorgeous. Big ass, angelic face and just the right sized bust. And she has these very full lips that you can only find on an Indian girl. Allie is Spanish by birth and is a short brunette. She is probably 5’2″ but very cute. The kind of girl you wanna pick up and pin to a wall. She is also really busty for her frame!

So back to the game. I take the first turn and suggest we blindfold the girls and have them figure out their guy by blowing both of us! This leads to a few gasps but people are committed to see this through. Ruchi stands up, moves next to Allie on the couch, holds her hand and says “We are ready!”. Very soon both of them are blindfolded and me and Raghav are standing in front of them with our pants around our ankles (I’m very surprised to see Raghav’s thick monster and can’t seem to take my eyes off of it).

I push Raghav away from Allie and ask him to start with Ruchi instead. The girls start blowing us and it’s clear that they quickly realized who is who (hey it’s that monster dong this guy is packing!). Allie is really good at blowing and I’m enjoying having a different mouth to fuck. Eventually we sit down and the girls are riding us with their blindfolds removed. I can see that Raghav is totally going crazy with my babe’s riding skills. She is bouncing on him while pushing his face in her boobs. Plus I’m sure her tight pussy is giving him quite the experience. I’m taking it slower and just admiring Allie’s boobs. She has pink nips unlike Ruchi – which seem to fascinate me to no end. I etimesgut seksi escortlar make sure to get in a lot of sucking during the ride. It’s getting good when suddenly, Raghav starts moaning and says I’m cumming (duuuude). Ruchi makes sure to milk it with her pussy and starts grinding more aggressively. Soon they are both spent. I’m still lost in Allie’s boobs but we decide it’s probably time for the next person’s turn.

Allie decides to go next and wants to use her turn to revive Raghav (annoyingly sweet). She says he can go again with some slow blowing and ball sucking. And she wants Ruchi to help with that! The girls get on this mission and Raghav’s limp monster is having the time of it’s life. Allie is sucking it while Ruchi is taking his balls in her mouth. I can also see Allie push a finger up his butt now and then (hmm I should try this sometime…). This gets really erotic for me so I go sit behind Allie and start fingering her pussy. It’s really wet and feels very different than Ruchi’s. It’s smoother and less warm. I lay down and try to taste her as well. It’s a very creamy situation down there but I’m happy to help clean it up. Meanwhile Ruchi is now giving him slow strokes while Allie licks his shaft up and down. Soon enough, the monster is back to life and almost fully hard. We call this turn done and take a short breather. Some water and wine is passed around while I try to make out with Ruchi. I needed some “strengthening” of my own but babe gets me hard in no time.

Next is Ruchi’s turn and she decides to test my limits (bitch!!). Ruchi’s ask is for me and Raghav to give each other hand jobs! We are pretty taken aback by this but the girls fall over laughing. After some negotiating, we realize that they are not gonna let us out of this one. I proud myself in my experimentation spirit so I decide to take the first step. I reach over and grab Raghav’s monster. It feels so different to grab a dick not your own. I stroke it up and down and everyone starts to get quiet. Apparently this is very erotic for the girls and for us too. Raghav bayan sincan escort also grabs my member and we are stroking each other up and down. Being experts at dick stroking, we are giving each other quite the sensation. I know how to tighten around the glans and how to speed up and slow down when needed. I’m so horny realizing this new dimension. While this is going on, the girls start making out and fingering each other – which is extremely hot. I give Raghav a look to not cum in my hands but continue giving him some nice strokes. We quickly call this one done before things escalate further….

Last is Raghav’s turn and he wants to do a human centipede! It’s quite a contraption but I’d be lying if I didn’t accept how fucking hot it was. So Raghav is sitting on the couch and Ruchi is sucking him while on her knees. Allie lies down and eats Ruchi. And I’m fucking Allie – missionary style. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something this erotic. Seeing my babe’s bubble butt being eaten while Allie’s tits are bouncing gets me massively wet. I hold her cute love handles and make sure she is getting the best missionary fuck ever. I also try to use my thumb here and there to stimulate her clit. Ruchi is going pretty crazy in this situation as well. I can see her bobbing her head so much. She has completely taken his monster in and is giving it a strong suck while bobbing up and down. Her hands are massaging his balls. And I think I saw her push a finger inside his butt too (heyyy!!). Raghav obviously cums first. Seeing that I speed up on Allie. I move my hands up to pinch her nips and I can see that her boobs are red from the bouncing. Very soon Allie is writhing and cums as well. She actually came on my dick and I can feel her get super wet and tight and eventually very relaxed. I try my best to not cum as I have other plans. As soon as Allie is done, I call over Ruchi and we get into 69. This is how I like to cum – always in my babe’s mouth. I’m giving her my best licking and get her to cum quickly – it was quite easy given the night’s activities. Next I cum in her mouth while holding her juicy butt.

The aftermath of all this is the four of us lying naked on the floor and staring at the stars. No one has any energy left to move. After what seems like an hour, I say let’s do this every weekend and I hear three enthusiastic Yesses. This month is going to be very exciting (to be continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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