Shared Panties Pt. 03

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Shared Panties: Part 3: A New Home

It had been two months since the discovery of family’s new found relationship. Linda not only supported, but encouraged her son and daughter’s decision to remain romantically involved. She also encouraged them to be careful about it, because her and her children would be ridiculed and driven away if the people who lived in their town found out about it. A few weeks after Linda initially shared her bed, soul, and body with Beth and Brett, she decided to look for a new city for them to call home. A new promotion with her company led her to a place where she thought would be perfect for her and her family to reinvent themselves.

Sticking with her mother’s new pet name, “Mommy,” Beth said as she stared through the window. She took in the green marsh on one side of the interstate and the thick forest of pine trees on the other side. “You drive this truck better than I thought you would.” Beth held her brother’s hand while she waited to begin her new life.

The rented moving truck bounced in and out of potholes as Linda exited the freeway. The sign at the bottom of the ramp read: Welcome to Wilmington. Linda turned left at the light and proceeded North, away from the city limits of the coastal town. Brett rolled down the window as he sucked the salt air into his lungs.

“This is it,” Linda announced as she steered the truck into the driveway of their new home. “I hope you two like it.”

The three of them exited the truck and then immediately stretched their legs. The four hour drive in the cramped truck cab made them a little weary and stiff. Brett wrapped an arm around his sister’s waist as they took in the view of the house.

The new house was located on a dead-end street along with a dozen other recently built family homes. Brand new blue vinyl siding covered the outside of the two story house, along with white shutters accenting each window. The front lawn was small, but maintained very nicely. Rose bushes lined the front of the house. Daffodils and Tulips surrounded the white mailbox at the end of the driveway.

“I know the outside isn’t much different than any other house on the street, but wait until you see the inside and the that’s not even the best part,” Linda said ecstatically. She hoped her children would be just as excited as she was once they saw the surprise. She took Beth by the hand and led her into the two car garage. “We can do a quick tour, but then we’ll have to get to work. We have a lot to unload.”

They worked their way through the kitchen, then into the dining room and finally the living room. The rooms were much bigger than they had in their old house. The twins followed their mother down the hallway past a bathroom and then into another large room. It was considered a family room or den.

“This house is huge, Mommy,” Brett said hearing his echo in the empty house. He imagined frolicking around that large house naked playing ass-tag with his sister and mother. He felt a minor shift in his jeans as he envisioned the two of them playing freely.

Linda led Beth and Brett up stairs to the bedrooms. First was a small guest room. “This will be my office,” Linda said as she pushed open the door. “Over here is my room.” Linda opened the door to her bedroom. “Here is your room.” Linda escorted the twins into their bedroom. It was large enough to accommodate both of their belongings and their new king-sized bed.

Beth felt for her mother’s hand as she said, “This is more than enough space, but I have a feeling we may be spending a few nights with you anyway.” Beth received an agreeing smile from her mother.

“Here is the up stairs bathroom,” Linda said as she turned on the light. “Just look at the size of that shower.” It was a custom designed bathroom with dual rainfall style shower heads. “It’s what they call a walk up shower. There isn’t a need for a door or anything.” Linda grew more excited as she described the family size shower.

“Wow, it is very nice,” Beth said sharing her mother’s enthusiasm.

“Now let me show you the best part,” Linda said as she headed back down stairs. She pushed open the double patio doors, revealing a custom built swimming pool. “I know it will be cold soon, but can you imagine all of the fun we can have in there next summer?”

The swimming pool was at least twice the size of their old one. A sitting pool was located at one end complete with a swim up bar. Beyond the pool was another perfectly manicured lawn. Thick shrubs and dense brush block any view of the neighbors. The rear of the property was also enclosed with trees and privacy hedges.

“Well, what do you guys think?” Linda asked. She acknowledged her children’s smiles as acceptance. She reached for Brett and Beth, caressing each of their cheeks with a loving hand. “I think this will be good for us. A new town with people who don’t know us. You guys can finally be free to be who you want.” Linda kissed her daughter on the lips and then her son, assuring them they could be who they wanted.

“It’s taboo heat porno great, Mommy,” Brett said as he hugged his mother with one arm. He kissed his mother again. “It’s going to be great here.” Brett leaned in and kissed his sister, but a lingered a little longer than he did with his mother. “I love you,” he said to Beth as their lips parted.

Linda directed as Beth and Brett helped unload boxes from the moving truck. They elected not to bring everything with them on their move, but to just bring their essentials and a few pieces of smaller furniture. Linda already ordered a living room suit and two bedroom suits from a local furniture store before arriving at the new home. She figured they could live without a few things until they were settled in their new home.

Brett’s jeans grew a little tighter as he watched his mother bend and twist in the back of the truck. He gasped every time Linda bent over, filling her jeans to the seams. He chewed on his bottom lip as he imagined her without the clothes, spreading her succulent ass.

“Don’t hurt yourself,” Beth said as she watched her brother fantasize. Beth noticed the bulge forming in Brett’s jeans. She looked around at the houses across the street and then pet her brother’s forming erection. Beth reached for her Brett’s lips with her own.

“Are you really going to molest your brother right here in the driveway?” Linda asked as she saw Beth fondling Brett.

“It’s your fault, Mommy,” Beth said releasing her hand from Brett’s crotch.

Linda stopped working and placed her hands on her hips. “How is it my fault, Beth?”

“That ass, Mommy,” Beth said grinning. “It’s that beautiful ass of yours.”


“Finally,” Brett mumbled as the shower turned on. He peeled off his sweat drenched clothes. He helped Beth out of her shirt as he waited for Linda to return to the bathroom. He unclasped his sister’s bra and let it fall to the floor. Brett pulled Beth tight against him, pressing his sweaty chest against his sister’s bare chest. He teased her lips with a tame nibble.

“I love you,” Beth confessed. She slipped her tongue into her brother’s mouth. Beth grabbed a handful of Brett’s hair, holding him tighter. She felt her brother’s erection press against her stomach. Beth pushed firm against her brother.

Linda leaned in the doorway, watching her children share their affection for each other. She hinted a smile at the love they had developed. She eyed her son’s bare body. She thought he had been secretly exercising, because his muscles seemed to be more defined. Linda wondered if he had been toning his body for himself or for Beth. She secretly wished it was partially for her.

She waited for her children to acknowledge her before said, “Here, I have the soap and shampoo,” as she searched the open box. “Among other things,” she added. Linda handed her daughter a box and waited until her and Brett were in the shower. Linda rubbed her own neck attempting to disperse the heat accumulating behind her ears.

Brett tore open the small box and then lathered the fresh soap in his hands. He then began smearing it on Beth’s back. He paused to kiss Beth on her shoulder and then nibbled her ear. He reached around his sister, covering her breasts with soap. He messaged one breast as he worked the soap down her stomach.

Beth planted her tight ass against her brother’s crotch as he cleaned the day’s hard work from her body. She reached behind her head with both arms, holding onto Brett as he created a thick layer of soap on her gorgeous body. She felt her brother’s lips and teeth as he nipped at her ears and neck.

The scent of lavender fill the bathroom as Brett and Beth took turns lathering each other. Linda watched from the edge of the shower as her children cleaned each others fit bodies. She gnawed on her lower lip as Beth slowly stroked Brett. Linda licked her lips as she imagined licking her son’s freshly cleaned dick. She admired his hair-less body, fantasizing about him rubbing his smooth skin against hers.

“Mommy,” Beth said. “It’s your turn.” Beth rubbed the soap between her hands as she waited for her mother to join.

Without hesitation, Linda shimmied out of her jeans and then pulled her shirt over her head. She unclasped her bra exposing her beautiful breasts. Linda pushed the red panties toward her ankles before stepping into the water. She immediately went into her Beth’s arms.

Beth glided the soap between Linda’s breasts, forming a layer of suds. Beth cleaned Linda’s nipple and then softly nibbled on it. She flicked her mother’s hard nipples with her tongue before wrapping her lips around them. Beth loved playing with her mother’s large breasts.

Linda felt her son behind her as his shaft slipped between her slippery ass cheeks. Her son massaged her soapy ass as his fingers fought to hold a grip. “Mmm,” Linda sighed as her children worked together on her body. Linda leaned back into her son as the shower rained down on her. teach that bitch porno

She felt a finger slip between her legs. Linda didn’t bother opening her eyes to see which of her lovely children was about to make her one happy mommy. Her clit was messaged as three other hands slid over her body. Linda pushed her pelvis toward the messaging hand. She neared orgasm as she opened her eyes. Her daughter sped the movement of her hand with a circular motion, bring Linda to ecstasy. “Oh God, Sweetie,” Linda moaned as she came into her daughter’s hand.

Brett continued sliding his dick between Linda’s ass cheeks as he grew more aroused by the sounds of his mother’s moans. He caressed and messaged the two women in his life as he watched his sister finger his mother. “I can’t believe how lucky I am,” Brett blurted. He truly felt blessed by not only the fantastic sex he enjoyed with two beautiful women, but also because he felt there was no way possible to receive a stronger love than he did from his own family.

“Oh, Sweetie,” Linda said as she turned toward her son. “We all are lucky.” Linda subtly kissed Brett on his lips. Linda loved her son, more than she ever thought was possible. He fulfilled her sexual and emotional needs. Her son was the perfect man for her. Linda loved reciprocating her son’s affection. She slowly began kissing Brett’s neck. Linda traced the edge of his forming chest muscles, only pausing to nibble on his nipple. Linda bent down onto her knees as she felt Beth used her hands to guide her head toward Brett’s throbbing cock. Linda took her son into her mouth.

Beth guided her mother’s head back and forth with her hands. She leaned in and kissed her brother, while shielding her mother from the downpour. Beth whispered into Brett’s ear, “Do you like Mommy sucking your cock?” Beth knew exactly how to tease her brother. She watched as Brett collapsed against the shower wall and his knees began trembling. “Cum in Mommy’s mouth,” Beth added as she witnessed her brother near orgasm.

“Yes, I’m going to cum,” Brett announced.

Linda clamped her lips a little tighter around her son’s dick. She began at the tip, sliding her wet lips to the base, taking all of her son in her mouth. She felt him thump deep in her throat as she sucked faster. Linda felt the explosion in her mouth. She instantly swallowed her son’s juices as he erupted. Linda flicked the tip with her tongue, wanting every drop. When she drained her son, Linda looked up and said, “Mommy loves you, Baby.”


“Thank you guys so much for helping me get this house ready,” Linda said as her children cooked breakfast. “I know it’s been a crazy week, but I really do appreciate the help.”

“You proved how much you are thankful last night,” Brett joked. He shared a smile with his mother and sister as the three of them recalled the way their mother sucked and licked them to sleep the night before.

“I think they are going to love the new house,” Beth said, speaking about her Aunt Mary, Cousin Jason, and Uncle Steven.

Linda’s sister Mary and her son, Jason, were driving down to Wilmington to stay the week. Linda’s brother, Steven, was flying in from Texas just for the weekend. Linda almost let her and the twins’ secret slip to Mary one night on the phone after an entire bottle of wine. She was glad she didn’t, but she had to figure out a way to convince Brett and Beth to hide their relationship from their aunt, cousin, and uncle.

“I have to ask you guys a favor,” Linda said, as Beth placed a plate of fresh waffles on the table in front of her. “About this weekend,” Linda continued. “I know I said you two can be who you are, but is there anyway possible you could take a small break from ripping off each others clothes this week? At least until Mary and Jason leaves.”

“Are we still going to be able to rip off your clothes, Mommy?” Beth teased. Beth was met with a grin from her mother. “Yes, we’ll be careful. I promise.”

After breakfast, the twins did the dishes and then finished getting the house in order. They made up the office as a temporary bedroom and fitted the guest bedroom with new sheets. Once they were satisfied the rooms would be comfortable enough for family, they joined their mother on the couch as they waited for the relatives to arrive.


An hour after flipping through television channels and resisting the urge for a threesome on the sofa, Linda and her twins jumped up at the sound of the doorbell. Linda eyed Beth and Brett as the three of them knew it was going to be a hard week without flaunting their lust for each other.

“One last kiss for Mommy before I open the door,” Linda said. The three of them pressed their lips together as they always do. They subtly tasted each others tongues just before the doorbell rang again. “Oh God, I hated that we wasted the past hour,” Linda said as she pulled open the door.

Mary hugged her sister and then the twins together. “Hey you guys,” she greeted Beth teem skeet porno and Brett. Mary had colored her blonde hair to a very dark shade of red. Her make up was a little heavier than they remembered. She looked at least 10 years younger. The forming white jean skirt and red blouse showed off her new figure. “You do remember your cousin Jason, right?”

It had been about five years since the twins had seen Jason. The last time they saw their cousin was right after his parents divorced. Jason, like the twins, had grown into an adult. His shirt sported the name of the college he attended.

“Aren’t you graduating this year?” Linda asked as she hugged her nephew. She took his nod as a yes. “Why don’t you two help them with their bags?” Linda asked, but more-or-less instructed the twins.

Later that evening, Linda sat and talked with her sister and nephew as a taxi pulled into the driveway. “There’s Steve,” Linda announced. She followed Mary to the door to greet their brother. Linda shared her brother’s open arms with her sister.

“What’s it been, five years?” Steve asked his sisters. They nodded in agreement. “Hey Jason,” Steve greeted his nephew. Steve was the youngest of the three siblings. He was born four years after Linda and seven years after Mary. He wore a sport jacket and slacks; his casual business attire. “So, where are the twins?”

Linda cocked her head toward the stairs and said, “I’ll go get them.” Linda heard the whispers as she arrived at their bedroom door. She pushed open the door to witness Brett clasping his sister’s bra together. “What did we talk about earlier?” Linda asked with a hint of despair in her voice. “And your door wasn’t even locked. Anyone could have just walked in on you two.” Linda released a long sigh of disappointment and then said, “Come down stairs. Your Uncle Steve is here.”


After another two hours of talking to their uncle, the twins announced they were going to bed. Mary, Jason, and Steve agreed it was getting late and they should get some rest also. Linda showed her sister the spare bedroom, pretending it was Beth’s room. Linda got her nephew squared away in her office and then brought some pillows and bedding back downstairs to her brother.

Beth met her mother just outside the master bedroom. “Why do I have to sleep in here with you?”

Linda gently pulled her daughter into the bedroom and then closed the door. “Look, it’s just for a week,” Linda said. “I’m sure you can go a week without hard cock.”

“Can you?” Beth joked.

Linda contemplated the thought. “Well, maybe we can work out something in a couple of days, if we really need to.” Linda began undressing. “If you want, give it an hour or so and then you can try to sneak back to your room.”

“Fine,” Beth agreed. Beth eyed her mother’s naked body. “Do you want to play around?” Linda pulled the blanket to her chin. “Whatever,” Beth said. She clicked on the T.V. and then flopped down on the edge of the bed. “As soon as they fall asleep, I’m going to ride my brother’s cock until the sun comes up.”

“Just be downstairs for breakfast in the morning,” Linda sarcastically shot back.

After nearly two hours, Beth eased open the bedroom door. She looked and listened for signs of movement. Satisfied the house was quiet, Beth clicked off the television and eased into the hallway. She knew she could have just stayed the night in her mother’s room, but the adventure of having house guests excited her. Beth pulled the door closed behind her as she tip-toed down the hall. When she passed the spare bedroom, she could hear faint sounds of panting. Beth peeked through the small opening in the door, but couldn’t see anything. However, the sounds were unmistakable. She knew the sounds. Beth wished it was the same noises she could have been making with her brother.

“Brett,” Beth whispered, shaking her brother. “Wake up.”

“What’s wrong,” Brett asked with one eye cracked open. “What are you doing in here? Mom is going to kill you.”

“Listen,” Beth said as she curbed her giggles. “Aunt Mary is having sex.”

“What!” Brett felt his sister’s hand quiet him. He pulled her hand away. “With who?”

“I don’t know. Or maybe she is masturbating,” Beth guessed. “But, come on, let’s go see.”

Brett grudgingly sat up in the bed after his sister ripped off the blanket. Brett felt around in the semi-darkened room looking for his clothes.

“No time,” Beth whispered as she pulled her naked brother from the bed. She led Brett by the hand down the hallway toward the office. Beth peered into the room once again. Beth’s eyes grew wide when she saw part of her naked aunt. Beth pulled her brother closer so he could get a look.

Mary knelt on the floor with her head resting on the edge of the bed. Her arms were stretched out straight as she balled the blanket into her fists. Her subtle moans were faint, but genuine. She arched her back every time her lover thrust deep inside her.

Brett and Beth tried to see more, but the door was only cracked open wide enough for them to see their forty-seven year old Aunt Mary getting fucked from behind. Beth placed a single finger on the door and applied slight pressure, moving the door inward ever so slowly. The door opened just enough to see who was driving Aunt Mary to orgasm-ville.

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