Sexting at Work…

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2:47 pm – Baby, I’m so horny right now I can barely stand it…

3:05 pm – Are you? This sounds fun.

3:06 pm – Don’t make it worse! I can’t wait for tonight if you tease me. It’s already unbearable.

3:08 pm – Didn’t say I was gonna make it worse… at least without making sure it was fixed in the end.

3:08 pm – As I said! I’m miserable already.

3:17 pm – Then imagine me, beneath your desk… your skirt hiked up…

3:22pm – Omg. Don’t do this to me…

3:24 pm – I want you to slip your hand under your skirt baby.

3:29 pm – I can’t! My boss is less than 15 ft from me. She has a clear view of me!

3:30pm – Not under your desk!

3:31 pm – I can’t do that!

3:32 pm – C’mon love. You know you want to. You need to. You’ve already thought about doing it.

3:34 pm – Just imagine what it will feel like to come right now. To feel your pussy clench as you orgasam. That’s what I want.

3:37 pm – Play with yourself casino şirketleri baby. Tell me what it feels like.

3:37 pm – Are your fingers on your clit yet?

3:38 pm – I can’t!

3:39 pm – Touch yourself!

3:40 pm – No, it’s too risky!

3:41 pm – My face is inches from glistening pussy…

3:41 pm – Oh god. Baby please!

3:42 pm – I turn my head and kiss your thigh softly…

3:43 pm – I can’t believe I’m gonna do this!

3:44 pm – Are you? I am raging hard right now!

3:45 pm- Keep going baby! If I’m gonna do this, it’s gotta be fast!

3:45 pm – Yes ma’am!

3:46 pm- Seeing how wet you are makes me wanna taste you. I flatten my tongue and go in for your favorite. I start at your beautiful little rosebud and slowly drag my tongue to the top of your cunt…

3:48 pm – As I reach your clit I point my tongue in preparation. Flicking my tongue up and hard against it…

3:50 pm – Careful not to moan casino firmaları baby. You’ve gotta keep that part in for me.

3:50 pm – I’m trying.

3:51 pm – Don’t stop to text me back. Not until you come.

3:51 pm – Let’s get back to your juicy cunt…

3:53 pm – Next I think I’d attack your clit. Latching on to it. Sucking into my mouth while flicking my tongue swiftly across it.

3:54 pm- Now my hands are itching to play. What makes you squirm the most? I believe it’s when I dip my middle finger into your pussy…

3:55pm- Now that it’s covered in your juices, sliding it slowly into your tight ass. My thumb shoves into your slit hard next…

All the while my mouth is still on your clit.

3:56 pm – I sneak my other hand up from under the desk… beneath your blouse…

3:57pm – I take a hard nipple between my fingers and begin rolling and twisting ever so lightly.

3:59 pm – Omg! I can’t believe I just did that!

4:00 güvenilir casino pm – How hard did you come baby?

4:00 pm – I can’t believe you got me to play with myself at my office! Anyone could’ve walked in.

4:01 pm – I liked the idea of the risk. So did you. Answer my question.

4:04 pm – Hard enough that my panties are soaked. I have to take them off so they don’t soak into my skirt. I came hard.

4:08 pm – So your sitting at your desk with no panties on?!? I’m not sure I’ll be able to bear this until tonight now. Lol.

4:09 pm – Do you want my help?

4:12 pm- I wish! I’m out on a job. No way I could get away with it. But I would like a demonstration tonight… of how hard you came.

4:15 pm – I like that idea… plus a few more. Lol.

4:18 pm – Still horny are you?

4:19 pm – Only with thought of devouring your cock tonight! I wanna show you my appreciation. 😉

4:21 pm – Mmm! I love the sound of that! Does that mean I get to come in your ass tonight?

4:27 pm – Perhaps. Or maybe I have something a bit more intense planned…

4:28 pm – Oh god! Tell me what you’re thinking baby.

4:29 pm – Nope! It’s a surprise. A special kind of Friday night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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