Sex in the Sahara Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: The Desert Gang Bang (continued)

Adele’s narrative

As I took off my white dress I thought about how well my little plan for Linda and Curtis was going. She said she wanted an adventure holiday and she was going to get it. But I didn’t want to miss out on what I had planned for her, so I worked out a way of making it look as if I didn’t know what was going to happen. I had altered on of the settings on the GPS to make sure we ‘got lost’ and then it was out of my hands…

Linda and I had always shared things together and she was always thinking about other people and putting them first, well this was my way of putting her first. Letting her live a dream she had always wanted to try. But I wanted to be there to make sure she didn’t come to any harm.

My thoughts quickly went to the back of my mind as I rapidly started to feel my own state of arousal increase, especially hearing Linda’s moans and gasps next to me.

The man selected to lick my pussy and prepare me for what was to come had the longest tongue I had ever experienced and even better, he knew how to use it. He started off by teasing my clit to get my juices flowing, but then he plunged it in to my pussy and gave me the best tongue fucking I had ever had.

I had expressed my sexual desires to the Bedouin leader and he had so far complied with that request. I was being taken to a state of mind where I lost control and I was going to be totally in the control of my lovers to do with as they pleased and to a smaller extent how I wished.

I could feel the man between my legs starting to slow down, but I wanted more… when his tongue lost contact with my pussy I cried out ‘No I want more’ but I doubt if my words were understood.

Another man took his place and he continued the assault on my pussy, but taking me to a new high, he sucked on my clit and pulled on it with his teeth, in my high state I felt very little pain only pleasure. His tongue slid down over my arse and circled it and then he gently eased his finger inside me, he was a master of his craft. Making me enjoy every minute of his art. His tongue went back to my clit as his fingers pumped in and out of my arse preparing me for what was to happen to me.

Two men were now either side of my body, each one sucked on my nipples and at the same time my clit was being stretched. They also bit and pulled on my nipples. I cried out but I didn’t want them to stop. I knew I could ring the bell if I wanted to, but I wanted my men to be fully aroused like my self when it came to fucking me.

When the three men eased off my torture I opened my eyes and noticed now that I had a group of men surrounding me all naked with their huge cocks in their hands, slowly pumping them in a very controlled way. Getting them ready for me. I could hear Linda’s cry’s and shouts and she was clearly enjoying herself.

The Bedouin leader appeared between the men, he stood in a commanding way.

‘So are you ready to take five men at once then Madam Adele’

“Yes sir” I realised that this was my request and I was as ready as ever to try and bring five men to a climax at the same time with different parts of my body.

But first as part of my deal with the Bedouin leader I had to let him fuck me. I soon realised that he had become the Bedouin leader because he had the largest cock of all of his tribesmen. I don’t go for measuring men’s cocks normally, but I could tell by the fact I couldn’t get my petite fingers around this one that it was BIG and his balls were big as well.

He allowed me some time to play with his stiff member. I pulled back his foreskin with my fingers and I looked up in to his lustful eyes as I collected his pre-cum and snow balled it around the bulbous head of his cock. He took deep breaths as my fingers pushed in to the eye of his cock. I dipped down my head and used my tongue to tease him. I knew that I would have a lot of difficulty getting kartal escort bayan his cock head fully in to my mouth, but he seemed more than happy with the way I used my fingers to tease him.

He was ready for me now and with a group of men surrounding me, he pushed me on to my back and parted my legs, lifting them up on to his shoulders. He guided his cock towards my pussy. I had a quick moment to look across at Linda who was now on all fours taking all sizes of cocks. Then I felt him press the head of his cock at my opening, he used his fingers to spread my lips before pushing inwards. He was patient and used the same sort of care men normally use when fucking my arse.

With a cock this size though I needed a breather to cope with its size and girth, he was stretching the walls of my pussy like never before. My legs were so spread I was almost doing the splits in mid air. He continued to slide his weapon in to me. With each inch of progress I would let out a sigh and cry out for more. His men watched on as their leader plunged his cock in to me. Watching the pleasure on my face as his cock stretched my pussy to the limit.

I was surprised as he was when finally his balls slapped against my arse, I had taken all of his cock deep inside me. I let out a gasp and commanded him to ‘Fuck me and fill me with your spunk’

He eased his cock out, leaving just the head in and powered in to me to full depth again, causing me to cry out and for the men around me to smile down at me as they watched me be taken by their leader.

This pleasure; or was it torture? Continued for several minutes, with each stroke, and our combined pleasure and arousal building each time, he was a great lover, able to control his huge cock. But each time he plunged in I knew he was only a hair trigger away from coming and flooding my pussy.

I slid my fingers down between our bodies and felt his shaft going in and out of my pussy, it was so strong and firm, his balls were swinging below crashing in to my arse with each stroke. My fingers found my greedy clit and I massaged it, taking myself to yet another orgasm, causing my pussy muscles to spasm and to massage the head of his cock.

He disparately tried to continue but it was proving too much for his control and with an almighty cry he launched himself in to me one last time and then I felt his cock spurt deep inside my pussy, but not once, several times, each time he grunted and more spunk was sprayed deep inside my wet slit. I could feel the hot liquid ooze out around the sides of his cock.

But he wasn’t withdrawing just yet, his cock remained stiff and he continued to pump it in to me letting me build to my biggest orgasm yet. As it hit me, my head flopped from side to side, I called out Linda’s name, but all I got back were her own cries as she was being taken by the group of men surrounding her. He finally slowed down and let my legs flop down on to the cushion.

I lay there trying to remember how I got my self in to this and why. Reason had gone out of the window a long time ago. I looked across at Linda as I recovered and watched her being double fucked whilst she also sucked on a large cock, whilst several men wanked over her and covered her body in spunk..

Then I remembered my request to the Bedouin leader, could I really bring five me to a climax after having his cock….Hmmm it was a nice challenge. He knew what I wanted and had collected together a group of sexiest men that would suit my requirements. They had watched me being fucked by the Bedouin leader and were now caressing my body, relaxing me, letting me recover for what they were about to do to me.

The Bedouin leader signalled to his men to start on their pleasurable task. I watched as one of the men lay down on the cushions, his long slender cock stood nicely to attention. He smiled at me and I crawled up his body, pausing to give the tip of his cock a soft escort maltepe kiss, a kiss for luck. It twitched in anticipation. I straddled his muscular body, his hands went up to my breasts and he massaged them, my nipples digging in to the palms of his hands. I pushed forward and our lips met. His kisses were soft and loving; he knew exactly what he had to do.

I lowered my pussy on to his cock; he wasn’t as big as the Bedouin leader so he slipped in quite easily. I bobbed up and down on his cock to get used to the feeling. I then felt someone behind me. I twisted around to see another one of the tribesmen, he smiled and I nodded my approval. His arms circled my body and he caressed my breasts, he kissed the nape of my neck, sending shivers down my back, I knew this was the signal for me to bend forward to present my tight arse to him. I was using my pussy muscles to keep my other lover stiff and ready.

I felt the newcomer’s slender fingers circling my arse, collecting the spunky mixture from my pussy and using it to ease his finger in side of me. He was gentle but firm with me. He pushed his finger fully inside of me and listened to my reassuring groans of passion. Knowing that I was ready for him, he removed his finger and started to feed his cock in to my tight arse.

I concentrated on relaxing, allowing the head of his cock to ease in to me, all the time he caressed my body, hands were massaging my shoulders and arousing my breasts. Fingers were teasing my clitoris, I hardly felt him ease fully in. He smacked my arse hard, but playfully to indicate he was in.

Three more men then came close to me, one at the front and one each side of me, they crouched down. The one in front fed his cock in to my mouth, I groaned as I felt him press the head towards the back of my mouth and in to the opening of my throat.

I grasped the two cocks at my side in my hands and used my hands to play with them; they played with my nipples as I wanked their cocks slowly at first. The Bedouin leader clapped his hands as a signal for the men to start fucking me. Every hole was filled with a cock and each in turn started to plunge in and out of me. I realised that some powerful hands were moving my body in a small circular motion so each cock pushed in and out of me in turn. The cocks in my hands also started to push in and out of my sticky grip.

I loved the attention I was getting from these five men. More men had gathered around to watch me take these first five. Gradually they all built up speed and pace and I was feeling all of their cocks becoming stiffer and more aroused. Hands and fingers were still playing with all of my body, I was now at their mercy, they were in control, they knew when they would come and they chatted and spoke to each other. My orgasm was being delayed and they were gradually building me up to the point of my release, knowing that when it hit me it would be like an avalanche, starting slowly, but building up in pressure until the point that it became destructive, ripping through my body.

My body shook and trembled they knew that this was the time to fuck me even harder, taking themselves to the point of their own climax. Then together they all cried out something in Arabic and I felt spunk hitting me from all angles both on the outside of my body and inside, jetting in to each hole. My mouth was full, my pussy and arse were on fire with hot cum. The tribesman in my mouth withdrew and I opened my mouth to show everyone all the cream that I held inside it. I used my tongue to lick up the sperm and they watched me swallow it all. I was their Cum Slut.

But they weren’t finished with me, one by one another fresh cock replaced each one that was withdrawn, and once again I was taken to an even more shattering orgasm than the last, before I was filled with even more spunk. I was taking more cocks in my mouth to satisfy my thirst of hot spunk. My body was now covered pendik escort in it, dripping off my nipples and in my hair.

I was suddenly free of their cocks, but not finished, I was moved on to all fours. I turned my head to look over my shoulder to see the Bedouin leader once again sporting a huge hard on. This time he wanted my tight arse.

This was to be quite a challenge. He kneeled down behind me and spread the cheeks of my arse, it had already been stretched by numerous cocks already that night, but his was bigger than any of them.

I felt him tease my pussy with the head of his cock; he was gathering more spunk to use on me. I felt the tip of his cock pushing against my arse opening and I pushed back on to him to welcome his cock in to the tightest of my holes.

I groaned as I felt him enter. He took his time and allowed me to take him an inch at a time. With his head fully in, I was panting to get my breath back.

I looked back in to his eyes and I licked my lips in a sexy manner.

‘Go on….fuck my arse with your big cock and don’t stop until I scream’

Oh was he ready for this, he started slowly, building up his pace. He held my hips and pulled me back on to his beautiful cock. I could feel the veins rippling in and out of my arse. His cock would the last to cum inside me, but his was the best by far.

As he started to pound in to my arse he called over a servant with a silver tray, I didn’t see what else was on the tray but the Bedouin leader selected some clamps from the tray and had them attached to my nipples. I cried out, but he continued to fuck me even harder. A servant was under my body licking my pussy, but then I discovered why when he attached another clamp to my clit.

The Bedouin leader smacked my arse cheeks when I cried out this time. He knew I was enjoying this sort of treatment and ordered his servant to continue. In a few seconds my nipple clamps were attached by gold chains to the clamp on my clit. The Bedouin leader had slowed down to allow his servant the opportunity to get the chain adjusted.

Then he restarted, each thrust sent my breasts swinging forward until the gold chains tightened and I experienced my clit being stretched for a brief moment. I cried out in pain, but I was now pushing harder and harder back to meet his thrusts, he knew I was in a sexual haze, just wanting to take my own pleasure to a previously unachieved level.

I was starting to tire, I felt sore and I just wanted him to finish me off before I passed out. With one final lunge he forced his cock fully in to my arse and then I felt him erupt deep inside of me. He held me tight as I felt his cock spurt several times.

After removing all the clamps he eased his cock out of my arse, I turned and held on to his body for support. He soothed my nipples with some soft kisses and his servant applied a cool lotion to my nipples and clit, straight away I started to feel better. The Bedouin leader held me in his arms, his sticky cock pressing against my tummy. The tip of it was pressing in my navel.

His hands stroked my matted hair away from my eyes. He kissed me and checked that I was ok, I smiled and nodded, I was tired. He had certainly enjoyed himself with both of us.

I noticed the number of men around me had reduced, they were either exhausted themselves or attending to Linda who I noticed being taken to multiple orgasms on two or three cocks at a time.

I wasn’t counting the number of cocks that had plunged into anyone of my holes or hands. But judging by the amount of spunk that was now leaking out of my body I had managed to take my entire share of the men.

Linda and I were exhausted and tired, but both very satisfied from our experience, she mentioned how she had been allowed to watch me take the five men at once and how her men seemed to relish in the joy of trying the same with her.

Putting my arms around my dear friend we whispered softly to each other and kissed a deep, passionate kiss before we finally nodded off into a deep and dream filled sleep.

End of Chapter 8

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