Sex in the Burying Ground

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Authors note: This is my entry into the Literotica 2021 Halloween Story Contest. Unlike many of my stories, this one is short and sweet. I hope you enjoy, and of course vote!


“Seriously, it’s creepy there, and it could be awesome.”

“It sounds creepy, bro, but I’m game if the girls will go.”

Michelle regarded them both. It was like she and Terri weren’t even there. The guys had been mulling what to do for Halloween. Sure, they’d start the day with the noon kickoff for the football game. It was becoming a habit to figure out how to cheer the guys up afterwards, but the games were fun anyway. She enjoyed the crowd scene and the tease, wearing her cowgirl boots and hat, short shorts and as skimpy a halter as the weather would allow. And the forecast was going to be helpfully warm. But this was also Halloween. Halloween! They could go into the boonies any other time.

“So, we should give up the downtown scene to go… into a wildlife refuge?” she asked. “I mean, you guys usually like it when we dress up for Halloween, and we’re looking forward to showing off a bit.”

Terri chimed in. “Yeah, guys, we’re only seniors once, and it’s nice to roam the bars and drink legally for a change, especially in costumes. You won’t be disappointed, I promise!”

“I have no doubt!” said Trae, smiling. “But listen. We could do all of it. Go to the game, shower and hydrate, get dressed up, eat, hit a few bars on the early side of the night, and then go down there. It’s only about a 30-minute drive. Think about it. No one around. Nature all around us. Midnight…in a graveyard.”

“They’re not exactly exciting during the day. And do what?” Terri asked. “Read some gravestones with a flashlight, get creeped out by animal noises, hope the biting bugs are done for the day, and come back? The point of the costumes is to have some fun later, you know, right?”

“It’s Halloween, and it is a creepy place. That’s what makes it cool!” Trey said enthusiastically. “Look, I was just driving around to check out the fishing spots, and it was like my car just knew which way to go. Cemetery. In the middle of the forest. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks, knowing it would be perfect for Halloween.”

“Are there like, zombies there? Or fresh graves?” asked Andy.

“No, like I said, none of that. I talked to the warden or ranger or whatever at the entry station when I left. It’s not on any historical records, but he had heard it called ‘The Old Connor’s Burying Ground.’ No one knows anything about it. But it’s cool. There’s these massive pine trees around it, and it opens up to an area that was probably farmed way back. Come on, it’ll be fun. Forecast is good, a warm breeze coming in off the gulf. Everybody goes downtown. This is something different to do.”

“Can we camp there?” asked Andy. “I mean, like I said, I’m game, but if we want to do more than just get creeped out…”

The implied sexual activity was obvious, Michelle knew. She liked camping, but the ground hadn’t exactly proven to be comfy for sleeping or anything else, regardless of the padding she’d tried.

“Um, yeah, with a permit, but I wasn’t thinking of staying all night,” admitted Trae. It’s nowhere near the hiking trails or the campground areas. But it doesn’t mean we couldn’t set up a couple tents… for a little bit of privacy, if you know what I mean.”

They all knew what he meant. She and Terri shared an apartment, as did Trae and Andy. It often worked out to where each couple would claim an apartment for a night or a weekend, but sometimes… watching TV, drinks, playing games… it just made sense for them all to stay in same apartment overnight. So, it wasn’t like they would hear anything they hadn’t heard before. It was kind of a turn-on really, hearing what went on in the other room. And she knew Terri felt the same.

“So,” Michelle said, “Sex in a graveyard.”

“A burying ground! Who calls them that anymore!?” Trae said excitedly.

FSU lost. The guys were down about it, but no so much that they weren’t looking forward to the night ahead. Halloween costumes didn’t require a lot of creativity, nor did Trae and Andy. Less was more in their opinion.

Costumes weren’t worth spending a lot on, so it basically came down to assembling the right skimpy outfit that had some reference to a fictional character or a celebrity or an occupation. Last year, she and Terri had dressed as female MMA fighters. Pull your hair back, wear a skimpy bra and panty, and add cheap gel hand wraps off e-Bay. $10 and done. No problem. Lots of attention. Perfect. And if some guys copped a feel taking selfies, it kind of validated the costume. But it hadn’t been a problem, and Trae and Andy seemed to encourage it, to a point. Guys like a girl on their arm who bring the looks.

This year, amasya escort they decided to keep it as simple. A nun headpiece and collar was $9 at the costume store. Toss the collar, use the same black scanty panty/bra set, add thigh-high white stockings and black heels, make a cross some on the front of her panty with some white tape, and presto! Sexy nun.

They compared notes when they were done. Terri was a couple inches taller and a little less curvy, but they both rocked the outfit.

“Okay, what’s your pose?” asked Terri.

“Well, nun fights aren’t a thing so we can’t quite do what we did last year.” It hadn’t been hard raising her hands as if to fight, meanwhile squeezing the boobs to emphasize the cleavage. It was easy to reach out and tap a guy because they weren’t exactly paying attention to the fists. “I was thinking of doing the boob squeeze again, but pointing to the cross and saying ‘You should come to my church.'”

“Oh, I like that!” said Terri. “I was thinking about getting on my knees in front of a guy, looking up into his eyes and telling him I’d pray for him. And like, do it really close to his crotch if he’s good looking. But that might be tough in heels, and it could ruin my stockings. Still, worth it to make Andy jealous. I know he’d love it though.”

“And depends on the floor, too, but I like it,” added Michelle. “The guys will go nuts. You packing anything for our exciting trip afterwards?” she asked.

“Just a bag with a pillow and a towel to clean up. The guys always forget that. And some Crocs. I don’t see me wearing heels in the forest, and it might be easier if we don’t take the time to come back here to change. Besides, it’s less clothing to get in the way of having some fun.”

Michelle laughed.

Terri continued. “Even planning these costumes leaves me dying for sex, never mind walking around in the bars. Speaking of which, I’m guessing Trae will drive his Yukon which puts you in the front seat. So, in the back seat…,” she said, suggestively.

“You’re going to be up to something?” Michelle asked.

“Well, if you’re okay with it. I don’t know how far it would go, and it’s not that far a drive, but I think I’d like to. It’s a different level of excitement, maybe, to fool around a little bit with people so close.”

“Can I watch? I mean…” The words just came out when she thought about being stuck in the front seat while they were having fun in the back. She had seen Terri make out with Andy on the couch before, but all the other stuff happened behind closed doors.

Terri took a moment to look in her eyes, then nodded. “Yeah. That would be hot. And, maybe Andy could drive back?”

The idea of being watched on the trip back rocked Michelle’s sensibilities as well. “Fuck. I’m going to be walking around all night with wet panties.”

“Getting there already,” Terri said.

The guys dressed up as soldiers. Again. Hunting gear, camo… whatever. But Michelle didn’t mind too much. It wasn’t like she was baring flesh. The lingerie wasn’t any more revealing than a bikini, but it was kind of nice to have an illusion of “tough guys” to keep them safe. And they were probably capable if needed. Trae and Andy were both somewhere just over 6′, and the boots made them even taller.

Playtime had arrived. They started at Poor Paul’s Pourhouse, a favorite, downing some fried chicken fingers and a couple cheap Jello Shots each. After they had seen and been seen, they moved next door to Bullwinkle’s saloon to catch what was happening there. A band was playing, but not much was happening and there were a lot of people doing just that. Still, there were plenty of costumes everywhere, and it was a lot of fun to see what people wore.

They also posed for a good number of guys, usually as a pair. The guys ate it up. Their “poses” were a hit, even if they had to almost yell them to be heard. Their dates laughed it off but she could see that some were upset. C’mon. It’s Halloween!

A tallboy PBR later, they walked a short distance to Ken’s Tavern, which was even more packed. At Ken’s the crowd pressed so much that she just followed Trae as he gradually made his way through, his larger frame carving a channel to pass through if she stayed close. Terri and Andy followed behind her.

Still, progress was slow. And the press of the crowd made it easy for guys to touch her. Or grope her butt. Some girls might have minded it, but she didn’t, at least in this setting. It was all in fun, and the way she was dressed she would be disappointed if someone didn’t try. Some were more obvious about it with a leering expression, but most just had a satisfied, inebriated glaze on their face. And one must have had eyes in the back of his head. Rather than grabbing her butt cheek, he grabbed the hem of her panty and pulled it high in the crack of her ass. She looked around and didn’t see anyone that was taking ownership.

She amasya escort bayan didn’t necessarily mind showing more, if it could even be seen in the crowd, but it was uncomfortable. She reached a hand around to adjust it back. Instead, she felt someone grab her wrist. She heard Terri, almost shouting over the din to be heard, “Leave it! Andy did it to me, and he’s been feeling me up. I thought I’d share the love!” Aha!

Seconds later, she felt a man’s hands grab both cheeks, squeezing and not letting go. She turned and she saw Andy, smiling. “She made me do it!” he said.

“You should compare!” she yelled back. And he did, taking a grab from both of them with each hand. Sure, reason was suffering after the few drinks, but Andy really did have a cute smile, wide and appreciative.

Other than getting to the bar to get drinks, the only other thing was to find a place to stand without being shoved around. They found an idle spot in the current of people. Trae was now getting his turn feeling her ass as well, and it probably wasn’t even noticed in the bustle and noise of the room. Terri’s stunt had paid off, she supposed. She had a dirty thought.

When Terri next turned to face her, she closed in and gave her a wet kiss on the mouth, completely overdone. Terri looked back, stunned. It was awkward, but it was a necessary distraction to slip her hands to Terri’s waist and yank her panties up in the front. Let Andy feel that!

Michelle beamed her an evil smile, managed a brief peek at her mischief, and said, “Good thing you shaved!” Really good thing, actually. The strip of her panty covered very little.

Terri quickly assumed her fake mad face, and shouted “You!!!” And, of course, she pulled Michelle’s up as well.

Michelle laughed, until she felt Trae’s hand reach around to feel her, skin on skin and diddled his finger around a bit. Whoa! The both swayed with the music why the guys were getting a feel, but she could tell others were noticing, and the bar wasn’t the place for things going any further. Trae sensed it as well, and actually helped unfold her panty and cover her again. She saw Terri do the same.

Trae said something unintelligible in her ear, just as Aquaman showed up, shirtless, tall, muscular, piercing eyes, great hair and… wearing stretchy green leggings that left not enough to the imagination. And, he brought tequila shots for both of them. “A gift for your blessing!” he said, apparently having seen them do their pose earlier. They downed the shots, and as they got to their knees, she gave Terri the change in plan.

His cock and balls were obvious, even the rim of the head in his semi-hard state. They leaned toward him together and blew a series of warm breaths from only a couple inches away. His cock responded as they continued to blow. It didn’t take long for him to become pleasingly fully erect, though likely uncomfortable due to being kind of sideways. Still, Aquaman had something working for him there.

She was late in realizing that Terri had stopped and was looking up to pray for him. And, of course, Terri the terrorist used the opportunity to press her head against his cock. She gave him a hard, hot breath and a little nibble. And she thought he was hard before…

She felt Trae grab her by her underarms and lift her, likely jealous. Rightfully so, but, hey, it wasn’t her fault. She gave Terri her own fake mad face, and Terri laughed as they made for the closest exit.

It felt great when they made it outside. There was a warm breeze, but it was cooling after the heat from the throng and the little bit of excitement. Andy said, “Hey, maybe we might have a better time if we just go back to the apartment.”

She protested at the same moment as Terri. “No!”

“Seriously?” Andy asked, shocked.

“I’m surprised too,” Trae said, “You still want to go?”

“Take us to the woods,” she said.

“You promised something different,” Terri agreed.

“Good!” said Trae. He had no idea what Terri was planning for the back seat.

The Yukon was a big vehicle, a hand-me-down from Trae’s dad, with leather seats and more bells and whistles than she could imagine. But, in the little time she had thought about what might happen, she hadn’t considered the relatively little light given off by the dash or how dark it would be on the roads heading south of town. The occasional break of moonlight from behind the clouds helped only a little. Still, between what she could make out, it was obvious Terri just took off her bra and completely surprised Andy.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you, baby, but I like it!” said Andy.

“What’s that?” asked Trae.

“Don’t mind us,” Andy said, “just keep your eyes on the road. Terri just took her bra off, but it’s nothing for you to see.”

“Riiight,” Trae said, in a tone that seemed as amused as jealous.

Michelle tried to turn to watch the action, but escort amasya the seatbelt made it difficult. So, she unfastened it, refastened it when the warning sound started, and sat on top of it. “I’m not driving,” Michelle said with an impish tone, “and I get to look.”

She could see Terri unbuckle Andy’s belt and more or less gather that she was removing his pants to below his knees because he raised himself from the seat. Terri then laid across the seat, mostly with her back towards Michelle, her face at Andy’s cock. Trae turned the radio off, and she could hear the sounds confirming what she imagined in her head. Andy looked more than content, leaning back and watching Terri tongue and mouth tease his shaft. Meanwhile, she could see that one of his hands roamed freely on her breasts, tweaking her nipples and occasionally wandering between her legs. Damn, this was hot!

Michelle had watched porn, of course. But seeing someone in person… hearing them, smelling even… and for it to be friends… it really turned her on. She managed to slip her right index finger between her legs while her left hand reached beneath her bra to tease her nipple. She might have started whimpering a little, as she could see Trae was getting very distracted.

Terri shifted her position, and she caught sight of the swollen head of Andy’s cock. Michelle moaned slightly, and then Terri shifted even more, helping see almost all of his length, possibly intentionally, she realized. Terri nibbled at the base of his cock, and she could see the head of Andy’s cock swell.

She pulled her bra above her breast so she could more freely rub her nipple, watching Terri enjoy herself. Then… then she looked up to see Andy watching her nipple. He looked up into her eyes, and it was an electric moment, one that he cut short because he couldn’t pass on seeing her breast. She twisted more, so he could see all of it, at least, what he could in the dim light.

Her finger had her in another mental place, watching his cock, knowing he was watching her play with her nipple, her best friend completely unaware and her boyfriend…

“Dammit, guys,” Trae said. “This isn’t fair. I’m about to turn and the road is going to get bumpy. We’re only a few minutes away.”

It broke the spell, for her and the others, too. Sadly. Andy exchanged a look with her, maybe a form of thank you, but they all began covering up.

“This should have picked a spot twice as far,” Terri said.

Trae killed the headlights after he and Andy had inflated the air mattresses and placed an electric lantern on top of a fallen log.

“No tents?” Terri asked.

“We’ve got them if you want them, but they’re not that big, and it’s fairly dark…” Trae said.

“And there’s a whole forest to spread these out,” Andy added. “We’re here, so, let’s check out this burying ground.

Trae had parked maybe 30′ from the headstones, and they had seen them while setting up. Everyone had a flashlight, but looking closer, there wasn’t much to see. The tree cover was dense enough that not much light got to the forest floor, and other than patches of moss, there was just exposed soil.

There were four small headstones, about 2′ tall each, leaning this way and that. They were paired, suggesting that there were plots for two couples. There were no other ground markers or remnants that they could find.

They deciphered “Connor” on two of the headstones, but only because they knew the answer. They couldn’t make anything else out other than one person had died in 1784. Weathered and worn, covered with moss, lichens or fungus… It was a forgotten place. But they stayed there, saying nothing, for minutes, just looking at them. It was one of those strange illusions. You stare at something long enough, and it looked like it moved. It was definitely creepy, or… something else.

Michelle felt a certain chill. Or a thrill. Or, something. Perhaps it was the pent-up needs from walking half naked downtown or watching Andy and Rana in the car. Terri, she corrected herself. Andy and Terri. Goose bumps spread along her arms. It wasn’t from a chill in the night air, but rather some level of excitement. Or, anticipation. Or…

“Ya’ll feel that?” Trae asked, checking their perimeter with this flashlight. “It’s a prickly thing, maybe like you’re being watched, but there’s no one around? I felt it a little last time, but not like now.”

“Yeah,” Andy agreed, rubbing his arms. “Creepy, like you said.”

Michelle looked around. She could see the open field area by the moonlight. The homestead was over there. She didn’t know why, but it felt strangely right that it was true. She looked around more, seeing and not seeing, just taking the place in. She imagined it was probably a nice place to have lived, and that thought felt right somehow. It was.

She turned to face the mattresses on the ground, a purpose at the front of her mind. She stepped away from the others, reaching to unfasten her bra. She heard Rana follow behind her.

She stripped her panty and Crocs and laid down, testing the mattress, happy for the pillow and glimpses of the night sky between the pines.

“Essie?” Rana asked. “It’s… been a long time?”

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