Sex Education: The Locker Room

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This is part of a series that is interconnected, but can be read out of order.

Disclaimer: Everyone in this story is over the age of 18, and no sexual relationships or happenings occurred before any of the characters were 18 years old.


Harrison sat in the back of his French 4 class staring at the clock. Only five minutes left until freedom. He had finished the book they had been reading in class weeks ago, so listening to the other students fumble their way through the chapters was horribly boring.

Harrison was a straight A student that had no trouble with any of his subjects, and French was no different. Luckily Ms. Logan knew he didn’t need any help, so she left him alone for the most part. French was the last class of the day, so Harrison used it to finish all of his homework for his other classes. That way he would have all afternoon and evening to watch movies and play video games.

The scrawny eighteen year old was the last person you would think of when you thought of the word athlete. He was clumsy as all hell, and had the eye hand coordination of a baby giraffe. Luckily, FUCPS (Franklin Umbridge College Preparatory School) or as the student’s called it Fuck Puss, didn’t have a clique problem like most of the stereotypical high schools in movies, so Harrison was never bullied for his size. It definitely didn’t help with the ladies however.

Girls had never noticed him. There had always been an abnormally large number of big handsome guys in his year at FUCPS, so there was more than enough eye candy for the girls to go around. No need to waste time on the little guy that didn’t talk much and didn’t participate in extracurriculars.

He had his small group of friends, and they stuck together. Wesley and his sister Olivia, Keith, and Matt. That was more than enough for Harrison’s daily life, but he definitely felt like his love life was lacking. He had only ever kissed one girl, and that was Olivia on a dare before they even knew what hormones were.

By his senior year, Harrison hadn’t taken a single PE credit. He had worked out a deal with his guidance counselor early on that if he became the equipment manager of the girls soccer team, he wouldn’t have to worry about it. Harrison had hoped that might change his luck with the ladies, but it turned out he would essentially be a glorified janitor.

His role was to go to the laundry room after school, pick up the basket of the team’s clean towels, jerseys, and shorts, and put that basket in the girls locker room. Then after practice, when the girls were done showering and changing, he would go in and move the basket of now dirty towels, jerseys, and shorts back to the laundry room. The actual staff would take it from there to clean the clothes.

Harrison’s guidance counselor had made sure to emphasize the fact that he was not allowed in the locker room when there was anyone else in it, and he wasn’t to touch the clothes at all, just the basket. He wasn’t a creep so neither of those rules mattered to him, but it did mean he hadn’t had an actual interaction with a soccer girl in the 3 years he had this job.

The bell rang and Harrison was out the door. He headed straight to the laundry room and picked up the kits. Just to drop them off now and head to the cafeteria to watch some Netflix or something on his phone. Harrison had loved movies since he was a kid, and waiting for the practice to end had been a great way for him to get some uninterrupted screen time.

It was a short walk from the laundry to the locker room and Harrison dropped off the basket just 10 minutes after the final bell, which rang at 3PM. Sports started at 3:30, so there were still 10 minutes before anyone started showing up. The locker room was pretty embarrassing for the size of the school. All of the athletic budget had obviously gone to the guys football team, because the girls locker room was a quarter of the size in comparison.

When you walk through the doors from the hallway, it opens up into a square. On all four walls there are a number of lockers with benches to sit on or put your bags on while getting dressed. Across the room from the entrance is an opening to the showers. Another square room with shower heads on all of the walls. And that’s it. Pretty small, pretty open concept.

Harrison left the basket in the middle of the room and headed out the door. The halls were empty except for one student.

“Horny Harry!! What’s up my man!”

Harrison groaned. There wasn’t a bullying problem at the school, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t douchebags. Chase was one of those douchebags. He had zero redeemable qualities, and zero friends as far as Harrison was aware. Because of the school culture, he would never pick on Harrison with anyone around, but in an empty hallway like this there was no telling.

“Fuck off Chase, don’t call me that.” Harrison shot back.

Chase had made up that nickname Freshman year when Harrison got a random ardahan escort boner in Chemistry class. It was a classic puberty boner that showed up out of nowhere, and nobody remembered it 30 minutes later. Nobody but Chase.

Chase started calling Harrison Horny Harry after that. It didn’t catch on, but Chase never let up.

“You snooping in the girls locker room Horny Harry? Trying to get a peek at some tits and ass. Have a little wank hiding in a locker? You fucking creep!” Chase laughed. He had a smile on his face, but his eyes were cold.

“I’m just the equipment manager. I’m not doing anything.” Harrison tried to get around him, but Chase stepped in front of him, blocking his way.

“Equipment manager eh? So you get to handle all the chicks’s panties and bras and shit? That’s fucked up Horny Harry. I bet you pocket a couple and smell them while jerking off later you sick fuck. Though I wouldn’t mind taking a whiff of Jennifer’s pussy juice eh?” Chase winked sinisterly.

“That’s gross dude.” Harrison muttered trying to get around.

“Are you calling me gross? Horny Harry calling me gross? That’s a fucking joke.” Chase’s smile had dropped and he had a wicked look in his eye. He put an arm on Harrison and pushed him towards the locker room.

Chase was a big guy. He had played Offensive Line freshman year on the football team before being kicked off for talking back to the coach. So a push from him sent Harrison falling backwards. Chase then picked him up and pushed him through the doors to the locker room.

“Huh, I’ve never been in here before. Pretty shitty compared to ours.” Chase still talked as if he was on the football team even though it had been three and a half years since he had played.

“So where do you hide when you’re wacking off to the girls Horny Harry? Do you hide in their clothes?” Chase pushed Harrison towards the basket of clean laundry. Harrison tried to catch himself on the edge, but the basket just tipped over, sending Harrison to the floor and emptying the clothes on top of him.

Chase laughed as Harrison tried to stand. Before he could, Chase grabbed him by the collar and yanked him up.

“Nah you definitely hide in a locker don’t you, you sick fuck.” Chase spun him around and shoved him into one of the lockers on the wall next to the doors. Before Harrison had a chance to get out, Chase slammed the door shut and held it down. He pulled a zip tie from his pocket and zip tied the door shut.

Harrison’s heart started beating like crazy. Chase was laughing uproariously.

“Dude this isn’t funny, let me out.” Harrison pleaded.

“No chance Horny Harry, enjoy the show.” Chase laughed his way towards the door, but it swung open before he had the chance to leave.

“Chase what the fuck are you doing in here? Get the fuck out.” Harrison heard an unrecognizable girl’s voice say bitterly. He could look out the slats of the locker, but all he could see was the room open in front of him and the showers up ahead. Nothing to his right where the voices were coming from.

“Oh fuck off Janet. I’m sure as shit not here to see your fat, ugly body.” Chase responded guiltily.

“Fuck you, asshole.” Janet spat before Harrison the sound door swung shut and she walked into view.

Harrison’s heart sat heavy in his throat, and he had absolutely no idea what to do. He covered his mouth with his hand so his short shallow breaths weren’t heard and he contemplated his options. Janet was sitting on the bench directly across from him on her phone.

If he were to yell out to her, she could let him out, and he wouldn’t get in any trouble. This was obviously not his fault, and no one could get mad at him for that. On the other hand, he was in a prime position to watch a room full of eighteen year old girls get naked in a high school locker room. That’s any teenager boy’s dream.

While he was deliberating Janet stood up and took her shirt off. Chase had called her fat and ugly, but that was a huge exaggeration as far as Harrison was concerned. She was no instagram influencer, but she was a curvy eighteen year old girl that would make any guy with Harrison’s view’s dick hard. Thick with a big ass and heavy tits.

She was standing at her locker putting her bags away in her bra and jeans. This was his last chance. Do what’s right, or do what his heart and twitching cock desired. He let out a quiet sigh and took a breath to call out to Janet.

He was stopped with less than a squeak ast the doors opened again and Harrison heard a bunch of voices laughing and talking as girls started streaming in. Harrison caught his breath in his mouth and stayed silent. His time was up.

“The fuck happened in here. Was someone rooting through our shit?” A girl Harrison didn’t know asked, pointing to the pile of clothes on the floor.

“Did that guy who takes our stuff to the laundry just throw this shit on the floor?” Another girl followed up. Harrison recognized her as Christie. They had never spoken or interacted, ardahan escort bayan but they had had a math class together Junior year. She was the typical sexy soccer chick. Blonde hair in a ponytail, flat chest, tight ass, and slightly taller than average height of about 5’6″. That put her the same if not slightly taller than Harrison’s 5’5″

“Who, Harrison? No he wouldn’t do that.” Harrison’s face reddened as he looked on in shock. That had been Jessica, the girl Chase wanted to sniff the panties of. As much as Harrison hated him, he couldn’t help but have the same feeling.

She was the goalie of the team. A tall slender brunette, also with small tits and a tight ass. She definitely idolized Hope Solo, because she looked and styled herself exactly like a younger version.

Harrison closed his eyes and shook his head to get the thought of her panties out of his head.

“You’re not a fucking creep Harrison.” He tried to convince himself, unsuccessfully as he opened his eyes wide to continue watching the girls get dressed.

There were about 20 girls in the locker room in various stages of undress. Tops off, jeans, skirts, bras, panties. Blondes, brunettes, red heads, black hair. Big tits, small tits, fat asses, flat asses. Panties, thongs, some girls took their leggings off and had nothing underneath at all! Harrison’s cock was fully erect and starting to press against the front of the locker. He flipped it up into his waistband the best he could

“How do you know he wouldn’t mess with our stuff? He never says anything.” Christie posited. She had her jersey on but her shorts and a pink thong were in her hand. She was bottomless. Harrison could see a well manicured bush of blonde pubes above her pussy.

His balls ached as this blonde babe talked about him half naked. Harrison couldn’t help but start rubbing his dick over his jeans.

“He’s in my French class. He’s pretty nice, just shy I think. Super smart.” Jessica knew exactly who he was, and thought he was nice? Harrison slipped his fingers down the top of his jeans and started rubbing the head of his dick. He could feel precum already.

Most of the girls were fully dressed already, but Jessica was still standing there in just her bra and panties. She was the one he cared about most anyway, considering she was talking about him so fondly. That was the most attractive thing about her in his eyes.

“Yeah she’s right,” Janet chimed in. “When I got here that weasel fuck Chase was in here. Rifling through our shit.”

“Ew, that creep revolts me.” Christie responded still standing pantsless looking at her phone. “I’m gonna tell coach, that’s so fucked up.”

“Put your fucking shorts on and let’s go then, Christie. practice is starting.” Jessica was fully dressed at this point and one of the only girls left.

“Alright alright, relax.” Christie said and put her shorts and shoes on quickly. They hurried out of the locker room and Harrison was left alone again.

He couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. He had just seen twenty athletic eighteen year old girls naked in a matter of five minutes. Now alone, he unzipped his pants without fear of being heard and released his cock. It was still rock hard and he stroked it quickly to the thought of all those tits and asses. It didn’t take long for him to be close to cumming, so he stopped.

Harrison had read about edging a couple of years back, and it was now his favored form of orgasm. He would rub his dick or jerk off a little throughout the day, and then when he got home would blow a huge load to whatever porn or picture he would find on pornhub or reddit that night.

This was going to be a fantastic load when he finally did cum. Unfortunately, he was going to be stuck in this locker for a while. No one else was going to come in until practice ended, and that wasn’t going to be until 5:30, 2 hours from now.

Harrison let out a sigh and pulled out his phone while his dick slowly softened. His idea of watching Netflix was nixed, though, because he didn’t have service. Instead he got as comfortable as he could and tried to take a little nap.

He was able to drift off to sleep, but was jolted awake when the doors to the locker room swung open and he heard someone groaning “ow ow ow ow” and grimacing in pain. The clock at the far end of the wall said 4:10. It hadn’t been long.

Jessica had her arms draped over the shoulders of Christie, and Assistant Coach Bianca DeVaugh. She was hobbling on one leg while keeping her right foot elevated.

“Fuck fucking fuck fuck.” She muttered as Christie and Bianca placed her on the bench just a couple of lockers down from Harrison.

“I gotta get back to practice, Christie can you help her to the training room by yourself.” Bianca asked.

“I got her coach, don’t worry about it.” Christie said with an enthusiastic thumbs up. Bianca nodded and ran back out the door.

“How’s it feeling, Jess.” Christie turned and asked Jessica, concerned.

“Fucking hurts. That escort ardahan stupid cunt is so fucking reckless.” Jessica responded while poking at her ankle.

“God she’s the worst. But, like, are you good to go to the trainer alone?” Christie asked with hesitation.

“What? Why?”

“Well there’s like an hour left in practice, and I won’t be expected back since I’m supposed to be with you, and I was texting with Jason today, and we were flirting a bit, and he’s in detention right now, but that’s over at 4:15 so like now, and I was thinking….” She trailed off with a big questioning smile on her face.

“Oh you bitch,” Jessica laughed. “Yeah yeah I’ll manage.”

“Thank you thank you thank you,” Christie gave Jessica a huge hug. “You know how I feel about him, and how hot he is, and how fucking horny I’ve been since Alex and I broke up, and the pictures of his-“

“Yeah yeah, I know. Let me hobble off in peace.” Jessica said as she got up, and slowly worked her way to the door.

“Thank you, I love you!!” Christie called out to her while the door swung closed.

“Ok, I should call out to Christie and have her open this locker before this escalates any further.” Harrison thought to himself, while not taking that advice and remaining silent watching her. She was humming to herself while texting on her phone and swaying her hips back and forth.

Her phone buzzed and she smiled, then put her phone down on the bench. She then pulled her jersey off and threw it into the laundry basket. Next came her sports bra, then she sat on the bench to take off her shoes.

She was sitting on the bench along the wall perpendicular to Harrison’s locker, so he couldn’t see her head on, but he had a great side view of her right tit. Her boobs were small, but they were perky. Her nipples were sticking straight out in the cold locker room. She then took her shorts and panties off exposing her blonde bush again. She danced and sang her way to the showers, and unfortunately for Harrison out of sight.

He heard the shower turn on and Christie’s singing, but couldn’t see anything. The brief glimpse of her naked body and the sound of her showering was enough to make Harrison hard again, though. His pants were still unzipped, so he was able to fully work his shaft while listening.

Christie wasn’t in the shower for five minutes when Harrison heard the door open again. It was Jason answering Christie’s wishes. He was a pretty classically handsome guy. Longish blonde hair. Six feet tall. Not super muscular but not heavy. Lean.

He snuck in without Christie noticing and crept up to the entryway of the showers. Harrison watched him stand for a few moments looking at what Harrison was dreaming of in his mind, before running into the showers with a playful yell.

Christie screamed and those quickly turned to giggles and then the sounds of kissing. They were in the showers for about a minute before Jason came walking out, fully clothed but soaking wet, with Christie in his arms and naked legs wrapped around his waist. Her hair was down and her arms were locked around his neck. They were making out hard while he walked over to the bench Christie had been sitting on before showering.

He sat down which caused Christie to straddle him. She was shoving her tongue down his throat while grinding slowly on his lap. Jason’s hands were running all the way up and down her back, from her neck to her ass. He occasionally would grab and spank her, which would elicit a squeak and then moan from Christie.

Harrison was jerking off hard. His eyes were glued on the makeout session before him, and they were so enthralled with each other, he had no fear of being too loud or being caught. His cock was rock hard and only got harder when Christie giggled as she stood up from Jason’s lap. She pulled a hair tie off of her wrist, and tied her hair back into the ponytail, while Jason undid his belt and unzipped his pants.

Christie kneeled down in between Jason’s legs and pulled his jeans and boxers down to his ankles. Jason’s cock sprang out and Christie grabbed it in her hand giggling again. Jason’s dick was big, bigger than Harrison’s, but not nearly as hard. It was a half chub at most.

“What, that make out sesh didn’t get you hard enough, Jason?” Christie asked giggling while slowly stroking his cock.

“I dunno Christie, I guess not. Something you can do about that?” Jason responded with a smirk.

Christie smiled, and responded by putting the head of his cock to her lips, and slowly sliding it in. He moaned as she sucked on the head of his cock before Harrison saw her tongue slip out and lick around his tip. Now that got Jason’s cock hard.

Christie started bobbing up and down on his cock, getting as much into her mouth as she could. What she couldn’t fit down her throat, she stroked with her small manicured hand. Harrison matched his strokes with her own, and pulled his cock to the same rhythm. The combo handjob and blowjob was the hottest thing Harrison had ever seen in person.

Jason, on the other hand, didn’t share the sentiment. He was definitely enjoying the action, Harrison could see that on his face, but his hand went to the back of Christie’s head as he started to buck his hips a little bit. He was trying to get Christie to deep throat his cock.

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