Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 02

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In the first chapter I described how I caught my brother masturbating, leading us to start doing it together. This is how things developed from there.

Chapter 2 – Hand and Mouth

A few months after I first watched an unbelievable quantity of cum shoot from my brother’s long cock, and we were regularly masturbating together, I met a hot American guy called Chris at a disco. He was blonde, very tall, six years older than I was at eighteen and engaged to an Australian hotel receptionist. After a few nights of delicious debauchery in a discreet London hotel, he declared that he would have willingly given her up for me if only he hadn’t got her pregnant. Meantime, until they tied the knot, he considered that having sex with me wasn’t cheating on her, and rather selfishly I agreed, especially as I had no plans at the time for anything serious. And he was particularly good between the sheets, and anywhere else I chose to grab his cock. I was enchanted, I couldn’t leave it alone!

Most times we slept on the huge sofa at his flat in Islington, his girl friend Jane was still living in Wales, and the sex was amazing, not that at eighteen I knew any different! Many a time was I late for college after a hot dirty night with him. His stamina was unbelievable, and the fucking often went on well into the early hours. I met his girl friend just once and, with my limited teenage wisdom, thought that his sexual expertise would be wasted on her. On his large leather sofa he fucked me in every position imaginable, some still to this day I thought were impossible! At least he was loyal to Jane in that he wouldn’t sleep with me in the bed that he had conceived his child and would eventually fuck his new wife. On the one special occasion I got him into my own bed, my brother was supposedly asleep in the next room. Supposedly! That moment I shall always treasure, Chris’s cock pumping away deep inside my eager pussy, and Rich most likely listening and wanking furiously only a few feet away! At least I hoped he was. He later told me he heard nothing, but his face next day told me he was lying. I remembered fantasising at the time that it was his cock inside me instead of Chris’s.

In those six short months of sexual education Chris introduced me into the art of giving and receiving carnal pleasure in so many undiscovered ways. My only reservations were, despite his numerous requests, I wouldn’t have sex with him without a condom as I knew very well I wasn’t the only one enjoying premarital games with him, nor would I swallow his cum. Those two treats would be reserved for the day I too got married to the man I loved. I had to keep something in reserve for someone really special. Also, I was relieved that Chris never brought up the subject of anal sex. I had previously broken up with another boy, who I met on holiday, because he was insistent on trying to get his dick into my tight little bum. Little did I know that a few years later I was to meet the man who would introduce me to that interesting diversion. I’m still not over mad on it though, not when I have a sweet smelling ever-lubricated pussy available to give me all the pleasure I need to make me smile each and every morning.

Richard meanwhile, was still not seeing anyone and I still hadn’t been able to fix him up with my cousin Frances for some secret extra-marital sex. I was convinced she would help him to cut loose. However, he seemed happy enough for me to share with him the intimate details of all my latest sexual exploits, especially those with Chris and, if I wasn’t out shagging, we would masturbate together watching his favourite porn films. Although he knew how much I longed to do so, we never had any physical contact, not sexually that is. Sometimes, while we both rubbed away, we would lean forward and kiss me, but when I went for the full snog he would pull away, knowing no doubt that he would lose control and give in to my illicit desires.

One day, in one of our private sessions, and of course we were home alone, his eyes were glued to two lesbians cavorting on the TV, but mine were fixed on his long cock as he slowly stroked it towards that magic moment when he would proudly shoot as high as possible into the air. On these intimate occasions we would usually purloin a shot of dad’s scotch, Dutch courage for Richard, more intense orgasms for me. Two nights previous to this, on the way home from a gig, Chris had taken me hard up against a tree in Hyde Park and we had nearly got caught! I was still horny as fuck with the memory. Today I had three shots of the scotch, my tongue was loose, my pussy soaking and Tom rigid as a telegraph pole. I so wanted that cock, it was now becoming an obsession.



My brother’s long cock was in his hand, the usual pearls of pre-cum glistening at the end, I longed for the day when he would let me lick it off. He answered without turning his head, one lesbian’s tongue was buried inside the other’s pussy, both were groaning with exaggerated delight. I was not at the time bisexual, but the erotic scene was getting to me and czech couples porno made me rub myself a little faster.

“When are we two going to fuck?”

He did turn around then, eyes wide in shock.

“Come on, you know we are going to one day, it’s inevitable.”

He looked down at my pussy, pink and wet, two fingers buried inside. He remained silent and for a moment ceased stroking.

“Why wait Rich? I know you want to put that lovely cock in some girl’s juicy pussy,” I glanced down at mine, “Why not make it this one? She loves to be fucked by big ones.”

Slowly he shook his head in disbelief at my openness, this was new territory for him.

“Sue we’ve been over this before, you know we can’t, it would be wrong.”

“Why not? We masturbate together and we cum together.” Then I suggested an idea that I had been considering for some weeks, “Why don’t we wank each other? That would be fun, imagine my hand wrapped around your cock, rubbing it up and down, and you could feel my wet pussy and make me cum. I would like that.”

Obviously that suggestion intrigued him because for a moment his eyes dilated and he started stroking again, but still he declined.

“No Sue, I don’t think so. Even what we are doing is wrong and perhaps we should stop. Now.” But his voice carried little conviction, and he kept on wanking.

I grinned. “Easier said than done darling, I’m bloody close and you obviously need to do something with that thing, especially with what’s happening on the screen.”

On the TV one of the girls had inserted an obscenely long dildo into the other while they kissed hungrily. Aided by the scotch, I was as horny as hell and if I couldn’t fuck right now then I wanted something different from what had become for us rather routine. As soon as I saw the familiar signs of his approaching orgasm, and as usual timing my own climax to coincide, I stood up and, holding my skirt in the air, turned towards him, my pussy only inches from his face. How I longed to press myself against his mouth! If I did I wondered if he would lick me? He looked up at me in surprise, his fingers, like mine, were moving rapidly in a blur. In my estimation he had only a few seconds left, the timing had to be spot on.

“You’re really not going to have sex me are you?”

He looked up and firmly shook his head, but now wanking furiously, he wouldn’t be able to stop me now.

“You’re not going to touch my pussy or let me stroke your cock are you?”

“No Sue,” he gasped, so very close now, “I told you.”

He froze, he was almost there.

“Then do what Chris does when I have my period.”

“What?…Oh God!”

Words could never explain the desire I had at that moment to slide myself down on to that delicious cock, I wanted so much to fuck my brother, but deep beyond the whisky I knew I would instantly lose my best friend and mentor.

He uttered his familiar groan and, as he started to cum, I squatted down and quickly grabbed his arm, directing his spurting cock at my groin.

“Cum on my cunt darling, let me feel all your hot cream on me, just like in that movie we saw last week.”

Both of us caught up in the sheer pornographic moment, I was delighted when he moved my hand away and deliberately directed stream after stream of creamy spunk onto my inflamed pussy.

“Is this what you want you dirty bitch?” he gasped as he squeezed out the remaining drops of milky fluid. “My hot spunk on your fucking cunt?” His totally unexpected dirty language brought my own slutty response.

“Yes you dirty boy with that big fucking cock, shoot all your lovely hot spunk on my pussy, watch me rub it in and make me cum.” As I spoke I massaged his cream into the folds of my pussy, rapidly triggering my own intense orgasm.

For a full minute we froze in that highly erotic position, Richard’s pulsating cock hovering above my inflamed pussy. We were only inches from fucking and, sensing I was about to impale myself on his pole, he pulled away. But before he did I grabbed his cock, my first touch!

“Oops, missed a bit!” He froze as I lifted a final dribble off the purple end of his cock, and licked it off my finger and crudely smacked my lips. It was very bitter, he needed to drink more water. But it was the very first taste of my brother! I was determined it wouldn’t be the last.

“That’s disgusting,” he declared as he tucked a wilting dick back into his pants. I smiled to myself when I reflected that his appendage when soft was longer than Chris’s when hard!

“Why is that Rich, it’s no different from what we watch on the TV. It’s just part of sex.”

“Yes, but as I keep telling you, you are my sister.”

“If that’s the case, why do you let me wank with you then?” I was still fingering myself, I was still way up there and hadn’t finished with myself just yet.

He had no answer to that and, kissing me on the cheek, stomped off to his room. My tummy and thighs were still drenched with his cum and, still ultra horny, I went to my room and used czech estrogenolit porno the creamy liquid to get myself off yet again, not forgetting to remove the video from the TV! Mum knew we both watched porn (but not together!) and was okay with it, but Dad was rather possessive about his collection. I once asked Mum if they ever watched it together but she refused to tell me. She did blush though!

Despite that episode, Rich and I were both content to continue our weekly masturbation sessions, bounded by his silly rules but, apart from that little touch on his cock, we still never had any sexual contact. That is, not until the following spring of ’99. I was by then nineteen and my brother approaching his twenty-first and, by all accounts, he was remarkably still a virgin. And with that cock too! A mystery.

One memorable Tuesday the classical history class was being held in the college’s main lecture hall, which had raised tiered seating. With only twenty students in attendance, the room was barely a quarter full. My boyfriend Chris had gone to Australia to meet his fiancée’s parents and I was feeling rejected and horny and, frustratingly, most of my ex boy friends were now fixed up with other girls.

I was sat in the back row next to my best friend Helen. On my right were Sophie and Paul who were an item and, completing the row, the class head Kathy and another girl whose name deserts me, but I do remember that she was the class lesbian. She kissed me quite passionately once at a party and I have to admit that for a moment I did enjoy the intimate contact. I was rescued by the appearance of her jealous girl friend, but not before I felt myself become a trifle moist. I often wonder where that evening might have led if we hadn’t been interrupted.

It was a warm July afternoon, the subject piss-boring, and a few heads were beginning to droop. My mobile phone vibrated in my blouse pocket. It was a text from Kathy, “Look to your right!” I was shocked to see Sophie with her boyfriend’s cock in her hand, and Kathy grinning beyond them. I nudged Helen to take a look.

“Shit!” she exclaimed. “That’s disgusting!”

“I think it’s fucking cool,” I whispered back at her, “I wish I had a cock like that to hold.”

Sophie looked up to see us all grinning and waved her hand at us dismissingly.

“Fuck off!” she mouthed.

All the same, she didn’t seem overly concerned because she carried on stroking him. Helen and I had previously caught them shagging upstairs at a party last month, and they were in no haste to ask us to leave the room! As it would turn out they became quite the exhibitionist couple, and eventually swingers. That particular party had been the subject of one of my masturbation sessions with my brother.

While the rest of the class were oblivious to the sexual activity taking place in the back row, three of us thrilled to the moment when Sophie’s head ducked out of sight below the desk and on to what was by now a very stiff cock, and commenced a non too discreet blowjob on it. I was worried that the teacher would spot the missing head, or worse a bobbing one, and terminate the entertainment, but he seemed as bored giving his lecture as we were receiving it. I had to laugh at Paul who was coolly pretending to write in his notebook while receiving the ultimate sexual satisfaction from his girlfriend’s mouth.

The effect on all of us was stunning, I hadn’t had sex in weeks and I was suddenly as horny as hell and desperate to do something about it, and the lustful looks on the other girls’ faces showed they felt the same. If we had been anywhere else I think we would have all ripped off our knickers and jumped on Paul, except the lesbian of course, but I could see that even she was interested in the proceedings. To make matters worse Sophie told us after class that he had cum in her mouth, and as she hadn’t any tissues she had swallowed the lot, most of us going “yuk.” That was something I still hadn’t done to date. Also, Kathy admitted that, like me, she had been secretly playing with herself while we watched the sexy scene. They all giggled when I suggested that we should get more lads into the back row next time, and have a cock each, and then see who was chicken!

When we left for home a few hours later, Helen, who lived near me and usually got the same bus, set off in the other direction towards town.

“Where you going Hel?”

She grinned, “Going to find Michael. I don’t know what started those two off, but it’s got me as horny as fuck!”

Her new boyfriend was a psychology student she had met at a college party, she had beaten me to him by a yard! The fact that she would be fucking him within an hour had me desperately hoping that Richard would be at home and we could play together while I related the afternoon’s events. As it happens my brother was in his bedroom working on his PC when I knocked on the door and put my arms around him from behind, planting a most un-sisterly-like kiss on his neck.

“You will never guess what happened czech experiment porno at college today, it was so fucking sexy.”

He continued to frown earnestly at the screen despite my lips sucking on his ear lobe and my fingers twiddling his small nipples through his shirt. On the screen he had one life left and I guess saving that came before masturbation with his sister. I was already touching myself in anticipation of seeing his hard cock in his hand once again. I never got tired of watching him stroke it to completion.

“Go and pour the usual Sue while I finish this, then we can sit down and you can tell me.”

Sipping our large scotches we sat side by side on the sofa while I told him about Paul’s blowjob, and right on cue Rich’s cock came to life. He once had a date with Sophie but his shyness had kept him out of her knickers. While I related the erotic events it was obvious he was imagining her mouth enveloping his own cock.

The drink taking effect, I reached out on impulse and placed a finger on his erection, then two or three, and finally my thumb, all encircling the outline of the head. For a moment both of us froze when we realised what I had done. He looked down at my fingers gripping his pants, as though it was a reptile about to pounce. It was the first cock I had felt in ages, and it moved to my touch!

“What are you doing Sue?” he breathed tightly.

“Feeling your hard cock Rich, what does it look like? Don’t you like me doing that?”

He made as though to remove my hand, then paused.

“No. Err, yes. I’m not sure.”

I was sure all right, it was rising under my hand and I squeezed it slowly while finishing my story, telling him how I once fucked Paul myself before Sophie got her claws into him. Surreptitiously my fingers found his zip and, while I continued to rub his bulge, I eased his pants open and slipped my fingers inside. We both flinched when my hand came into contact with his smooth pulsating flesh. With a little difficulty I managed at the same to ease aside the crotch of my own panties, which had been soaking wet all afternoon. I giggled when I realised that he didn’t know which of my hands to watch, the one on his cock or the other fondling my pussy!

Very half-heartedly he muttered, “Sue, I’m not sure we should be doing this. Watching was okay, but I reckon this is going too far.”

The reader will have guessed by now that I wanted to re-enact what I had seen that afternoon in class. Ignoring him, I eased his enormous length out into the open and started to caress it lovingly. His gorgeous cock was now fully erect and seemed even bigger in my hand than in his. It was easily the largest one I had ever seen, even in the dirty movies we had watched together. Hot as hell, it felt so good in my hand. I sensed him weaken, most men do when their cocks are stroked.

“You going to stop me then?”

For a moment he simply stared at me, recognising the determination in my eyes. I learned later that this was the very first time anyone had ever touched his cock. A few girls had seen it but apparently had been too scared to make physical contact with it. Obviously that realisation struck him too, for he suddenly burst out laughing, “Fuck, no!” Sister or no sister, he wanted his cock stroked.

His laugh turned to a sickly grin as I enveloped his long shaft with both hands, and still some of it stuck out at the top! I could feel it throbbing in anticipation. At long last I had my brother’s cock in my hands, to do with as I liked. Or so I hoped.

“Bloody hell Rich, it’s so fucking big.”

He looked down at his colossal pole, “Do you really think so? I haven’t seen any others, not hard anyway. Only in porn.”

“Well I’ve seen lots, and they don’t come anywhere near this beauty. Just how big is it anyway?”

My boyfriend Chris boasted his was nearly seven inches, and that felt huge inside me. This was even bigger!

He shrugged his shoulders. “I dunno, I never measured it.”

“Right!” I smiled, temporarily letting it go, “Don’t go away. It’s time we found out.”

Extracting Dad’s tape measure from the kitchen drawer I held his manhood upright while I placed the end in his pubes at its base. It was a metric one. The tape that is.

I peered at the figure, “Twenty four centimetres, what’s that in English?”

Richard did a quick mental conversion.

“Nine inches I think, maybe nine and a half. I know twenty-five point four is ten, so it’s not that.”

“Fucking hell Rich, that’s huge, no one’s that big!”

I closed the tape and, still holding his monster cock, I unthinkingly placed a soft kiss at its tip, only then noticing it was slightly wet.

“Oh God.” Richard flinched, but this time made no attempt to stop me.

Throwing caution to the winds, I kept my lips pressed to the swollen purple head and teased the slit open with the tip of my tongue, just as my boyfriend had shown me only a few weeks ago, and released another droplet of pre-cum. It tasted sweet. As he groaned with pleasure I slipped a discreet finger into my aching pussy, I nearly suggested that it should be his, but guessed I might be pushing my luck just yet. I silently promised myself I would have this big cock inside me one day, hopefully very soon, no matter how big it was. As it turned out I would have to wait another seven whole years for that pleasure.

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