Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 07

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“Was it like you expected? Did I do it right? Was it good Michael?”

“You did that very well. It appears that you have had some practice.”

“No Michael, you are the first man to have his penis in my mouth. At our Academy each girl has a Sensei. She is a special teacher or mentor. All girls have three; four hour private lessons a week; with their Sensei to discuss anything they wish. The Sensei is sworn to secrecy much like a priest in the Catholic Church. My Sensei was born in 1959, and was named after Empress Michiko; who was married to Emperor Akihito in that same year. As little Michiko’s family was poor, she was placed in a Geisha program at age five. They paid the family a monthly allotment to keep her.”

“During her time as a Geisha, she learned many wonderful and exciting things. She was taught ancient methods of entertaining a man; both intellectually and sexually. For some time she was a private Geisha to a famous American ARMY General. At my request she passed much of her knowledge on to me. Everything I have done with you; has been due to years of study, however no actual practice on a person. Is there anything that you would change? Do you have any sexual fantasies that you would like to pursue? Am I doing anything you do not want me to do? Please tell me if there is anything I can do to make our time together more pleasurable for you.”

“No … well … no forget it. It’s nothing. You are wonderful and I am honored that you care for me enough to do the things you have done with me.”

“Michael, please tell me what you desire. I have been in love with you since our time at Disneyland, and have been planning this since your parents came here. I have dropped little hints to your mother for the last two years; so that she would have you come on a visit.”

“What kind of hints?”

“Well I believe the one that brought you here was”,

‘Auntie you look so sad. I guess I would be sad too if my only son lived six thousand miles away and I hadn’t seen him in years. It would be nice for you to have him come for a long visit, wouldn’t it?’

“It wasn’t long after that that my Uncle told my Father that you were scheduled to depart March 16th. You don’t know how happy that made me.”

“Are you telling me that this trip was all your idea?”

“Well … maybe not all. Now please tell me what you want me to change Michael.”

“I don’t want you to change anything Tomiko, it’s just that I would love to lick and suck your pussy, but your thick pubic hair has kept me from doing it. I prefer a pussy as beautiful as yours, without hair.”

“I see Michael.” She said quietly, almost embarrassed that she had not anticipated the situation, even though there was no real way of knowing Michael’s preferences. She then lowered her head again placing her mouth on his cock. She began to suck on his penis once more. Her blowjob was much different than Jessica’s, Lisa’s or Miyoko’s. It was so much better, maybe because as she stated, she really loved him; and she had studied how to do it for years. Tomiko didn’t just suck it like the others; she made love to it. She adored it; she worshipped his penis like it was a little god.

As she sucked, one hand slid up and down masturbating him, while the other squeezed his balls gently. She apparently felt Michael’s impending ejaculation, even before he did and started sucking harder and moving her hand faster. Her head was bobbing up and down signaling him that her mouth was ready to receive his cum.

Unable to hold back, his legs tingled, his balls tightened and his breathing quickened. As the sperm filled Tomiko’s mouth, her eyes closed, and she sighed, allowing the salty, sweet liquid to slide down her throat. He lay back; as she moved both of her hands over his stomach and chest while she continued to nurse his shrinking cock, like a child with a pacifier. Ever so lightly, she began to suck him again, however as Michael had cum twice in less than an hour, the nerves in his cock were screaming, from the pleasure-pain of Tomiko’s mouth. He hadn’t been sucked off so much since he had dated Jessica twelve years earlier.

However this time there was no feeling of urgency, as she wasn’t sucking to make him cum. Michael felt that his penis was in her mouth, just for the pleasure of having it; in her mouth. She wasn’t really sucking it as much as she was nursing on it. Several minutes later she took her mouth from his cock and ask,

“Do you enjoy my mouth on your penis Michael? Do I make you feel good when you cum?”

“Tomiko, please believe me when I say that you have sucked me better than any other girl. I love it, and I want you to do it any time you wish.”

“I’m so happy to hear you say that Michael, as I would like to suck you at least once everyday, maybe twice. You give me what I truly need. I feel complete when your penis is in my mouth and you are excited. Your cum is wonderful to swallow and it makes me feel so good afterward.”

“Tomiko, you were so wonderful that it was pendik escort like having sex for the first time in my life. Never have I felt this way about anyone. You complete me totally. How am I going to go home knowing my loving cousin is six thousand miles away and that I may never see her again?”

“Do not think about going home Michael. Think only of making love with me, and the time we will be together. We have six weeks and I will make every moment we are together a lifetime of sexual pleasure, for both of us. You are truly my other half; my soul mate. I will never be complete unless you are inside of me, making love to me. Things always work out Michael. You will see; trust me.”

The thought of having sex with a family member had been disconcerting at first. The real problem with family members being sexually intimate; was the fact that if there were any children from their union, they might have mental abnormalities. With Michael shooting blanks, he knew; that would not be a factor. They were just exercising together lovingly, so to speak, on a very intimate, sexually satisfying and secretive level. Michael had felt some little regret until he became aware of Tomiko’s real feelings for him.

“Tomiko, maybe we should return, so nobody will become suspicious. Do you want to rinse out your panties. They are all wet and full of cum.”

“No that would make them less valuable Michael.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Burusera Michael! Do you not know about Burusera?”

“No. I’ve never heard of it. What does it mean?”

“It is a Japanese-English slang word meaning “bloomer seller”. Many girls at my school and others; stop by a Burusera shop in the morning on the way to the school. We remove our panties and place them in a locker. The owner gives us a new pair of panties to wear all day. When we return after school, we drop off the soiled panties and pick up our own. The shop owner pays us between fifty and a hundred American dollars depending on how soiled they are and the age of the girl. If the girl is young, the price is higher. I would have thought you had seen it on the Internet. It’s been going on for years.”

“What does the owner of the shop do with the panties?”

“He sells them to men with panty fetishes, and they masturbate while sniffing them. In Tokyo it was outlawed in 1993, for girls under the age of eighteen, but underage girls aren’t punished under the ordinance, so they are pretty relaxed about the whole thing. When the stores were shut down in Tokyo, the owners usually met the girls in the local karaoke club, or a restaurant. An exchange of panties and money is made there.”

“There are also some girls who cut out the shop salesman, and have their own clients. Some don’t even sell their panties. They make a date to meet a client in a karaoke box, then let him put his face under their skirts and sniff between their legs for a while. They are called “kagaseya” girls; or sniff girls. They make about ten thousand yen for a date with a man. That’s about a hundred American dollars. The problem with that is; sometimes the men become involved and they will slip a finger into the girl’s pussy. Many of the girls begin to like it and soon they become prostitutes. I just sell my panties. These are silk and full of juice, and a little blood so they are probably worth around a hundred and fifty maybe two hundred dollars.”

“But now that you are an adult, they might arrest you.”

“No, because it’s only against the law in Tokyo, and only if a girl is under age. Besides I’m retiring now that you are here. I have saved enough money over the last few years; almost fifteen thousand American dollars. Do you need any money Michael?” “No Tomiko, but thank you.”

It was hard for Michael to believe, but true. They got dressed then returned to the main house. Michael went into the kitchen for a soda while Tomiko went to her room to change into some clean panties. It was four o’clock Saturday afternoon and the party was scheduled to begin at six the next evening. Tomiko came down from her room about four-forty-five and asked,

“Would you like to meet my Sensei?”

“When now?”

“Sure we can go by the School. They are having a month long spring brake, so the only people there are the teachers. The dorms are empty.”

“I guess it’s ok, if that’s what you want to do.”

“I would really like you to meet Michiko, and I think she would like to meet you also. Are you hungry? There is a wonderful sushi restaurant not far from the house.”

“No thank you. I hate fish, cooked or raw. I can wait until dinner, unless you are hungry?”

“I’m ok and I can wait also.”

The trip to the School, took almost an hour. The school was located on the coast, along the main highway behind a thicket of shrubs; and surrounded by Empress trees. When Tomiko pulled into the large parking lot, they observed only six vehicles, and one of those was driving away. She parked and said,

“That’s Michiko’s blue Honda over maltepe escort there under the tree. Come along Michael.”

“The trees with their purple flowers are beautiful.” Said Michael. “Those are Empress trees Michael. It is a tradition, that when a Japanese couple has a daughter, they plant an Empress tree. When the daughter is ready to marry; the tree is cut down. The wood from the tree is used to make a dowry chest, and other wedding gifts. Throughout the Orient, Empress trees are believed to bring good fortune to the household and all who enter it. They went into the main building and walked down a dark hall, with walls that looked like walnut. When they came to a door, Tomiko knocked; then went in pulling Michael behind her. Michiko was in her mid forties, however looked to be younger, and was in excellent form. When she saw them she smiled and waived for them to enter. She and Tomiko began a conversation in Japanese. Michael didn’t know the language well, but he did pick up a few words like “graduation”, “February” and either the word “lover” or “goat”. They both covered their mouths and giggled when Tomiko held up her hands about a foot apart. Michael thought that she may have been telling her teacher about a fish, someone had caught. Everything else eluded him. Tomiko took his arm and pulled him over to her teacher. Michael told her he was pleased to meet her and Tomiko translated. They spoke a little longer; then they both giggled. Tomiko bowed to her teacher, then she led Michael out of the office. He thought they were going back to the car, but Tomiko took him down the hallway in the opposite direction and up two flights of stairs, then down another hallway. They walked up to a small dark door, and Tomiko slid a key into the lock. Looking at him she said,

“Michael, this is my room. I share it during the school year with a girl named, Yatsumi Yakamoto. She is in Europe with her parents on vacation. Come here to my bed Michael, I have something to show you.”

Tomiko turned away from him, then pulled her panties from her right leg, allowing them to hang from her left thigh. She then lay down on the bed, and pulled her short skirt up to her stomach. When Michael looked at her pussy; it was shaved clean, and it was a beautiful site. She looked at him and asked,

“Like this Michael? Is this what you wanted?”

The sight of her bare pussy was mesmerizing and attracted him like a magnet to steel. He said nothing and got on her bed, moving between her legs. His mouth quickly moved to her pussy, licking and sucking. Michael moved his tongue up and down her bright pink slit making sure it slid across her clitoris, and back down to her vagina. Holding her pussy open with his thumbs, he placed his whole mouth over it and began sucking on her labia. She held his head tight with her fingers in his hair, and made a continual grunting sound.

“UH uh uh uh uh uh …Aaaaaaaaa, Ohhhh God; Oh God; Oh God…Oh Michael.”

As he looked up at her, Michael saw that her eyes were shut, her mouth was open, but no words were developing. Her pussy was gushing a large amount of liquid, some of which was coating his tongue, and the rest slowly oozed down between her butt cheeks. He figured that she was at least halfway there; so he got off the bed, pulling his shirt over his head, dropping his pants and shorts, and quickly removing his shoes and socks. He then crawled between her legs; lowering himself down. Guiding his penis into her vagina, he began to fuck his little cousin again.

As his cock slid deep into her, he sucked her titty through her blouse. Pulling her blouse open and unclasping her bra, she squeezed her tities together offering them to Michael; as it might have been done in an ancient Aztec rite. As he sucked her nipple, she moaned louder then started to cum again. Moving much faster, he doubled his efforts, his cock penetrating her deeply. Michael felt her legs hook around his, and her fingers grasp his butt cheeks.

Excited as he was, there was no hurry for him to cum, however Tomiko was really into it and began to spurt again. She lay there while he got off of the bed and turned her over. Moving in behind her, he grabbed her hips pulling her up on her hand and knees; then slowly and meticulously eased his penis into her vagina. By this time Tomiko’s hips were pushing back hard and she was moaning,

“Do it as hard as you can. I want you deep in me Michael. I want to be part of you. Fuck me Michael; please fuck me hard.”

As he pulled on her pelvis, Michael felt his cock bump against her cervix. But he didn’t have to excel in his actions, as Tomiko’s vagina was sucking and milking his cock. Except for Jessica, he had never had a girl so tight and so willing. After about forty minutes, he felt the sack around his testicles tighten. Electric shocks tingled in his thighs, and his knees were in pain. Tomiko’s hips were bruised where Michael’s hands had been gripping her. She muffled a scream and came hard, falling forward into her kartal escort pillow, pulling him with her. As they struck the bed she stopped suddenly; and his cock rammed deep into her as he expelled his semen.

Michael lay there on top of her, sweat emanating from every pour of his body; his breathing sounding like a quarterback in a Superbowl game who had just been sacked. He could feel the tremors, pulsing through her tiny body, as she lay under him, her vagina automatically squeezing his cock like a milking machine, hooked to a cow’s tit. Several minutes had passed, when he began to lift himself off of her.

“No Michael, don’t pull it out. I love the feeling of being filled with you.”

“Tomiko, I’m so heavy on top of you; and I’m dripping and getting your uniform all wet.”

“Your wetness feels good and it’s cooling me off. You got me so hot; I thought I would burn up. Please don’t move.”

In an attempt to take some of the pressure off of his little lover, Michael rested on his arms and propped himself up on his knees. He felt his cock slide about half way out of Tomiko’s pussy. It was strange, but it hadn’t gone down and it was tingling. This had only occurred once with Miyoko and three times with Jessica. His cock was still hard, even though he had just cum. This was an opportunity, which could not be ignored, and he felt that Tomiko really wanted more, but had said nothing.

Pushing his hips forward, his cock slid back into her wet velvet sheath. She grasped her pillow and moaned into it loudly, as Michael began to fuck her even harder than he had previously. It was obvious that she had no strength to fuck him back, as she just lay there allowing him to use her like a rented; five dollar whore. However after several minutes it became evident, through the movements of her butt, the grip of her vagina, and her steady moan, that she was again becoming aroused.

“Michael … Michael … Michael.” she whispered, repeating his name as if she were in a nunnery reciting Gregorian chants. He thought he was hurting her when she cried out,

“Aye; aye; aye; aye; aye; aye; aye; aye.”

Not slowing down in his assault, he asked,

“Are you alright?”

“Ooooooo Yessssss … yes … yes ….”

As she said that, she lifted her butt off the bed pushing it back against him and climaxed, harder than he had witnessed prior to this event. Even though Michael’s heart was pumping at an alarming rate, and he was having a difficult time catching his breath, he continued pushing himself into her. Although her vagina was squeezing him, her body laid limp beneath him. His fluids were building in his testicles and he felt some relief that he was about to cum, as he believed he would surely die, had he kept going at this rate for much longer. As Michael came, he moved forward and lightly bit the back of Tomiko’s neck, but not hard enough to leave a mark.

His final climax and biting her; triggered something deep inside of her and she began to gush more of her juice with little or no effort. It was so warm, from their coupling that he moved off of her and laid down next to her. She slipped out of her blouse, dropped her shoes to the floor and pulled her skirt completely off. She was naked except for the white stockings around her ankles, and her white panties clinging to her left thigh. Snuggling close to him, she kissed him lightly on the earlobe and whispered,

“If I lost you Michael, I believe that I would commit seppuku.”

“I don’t ever want you to say that you would commit suicide for any reason.” he said in a loud infuriated voice, “Do you understand me? The loss of you to the world, and the people who love you would be devastating. Is it because you feel guilt or shame for what we have been doing?”

“No Michael. No guilt or shame. I would tell the world what a wonderful lover you are, if I could do it without hurting anyone.”

“Knowing that I was the cause of your death would drive me insane.” Said Michael. “You must promise on your honor, as the only girl I have ever loved in my life, that you will eradicate all such thoughts from your mind forever. Right now Tomiko; I’m dead serious. If you really love me, you will make a solemn oath to me immediately.”

“Please forgive me Michael. I love you so much that the thought of living without you brought the ancient ritual to mind. I promise with all my heart I will never think of it again. You said, that I’m the only girl you have ever loved in your life; honestly?”

“Yes. I think that on some level, I knew it when we first met, but I just couldn’t admit it to myself because of your age and the circumstances of us being related. I realize now that I have been looking for you all of my life.”

“Oh Michael, you have made me so happy; I can’t control my feelings for you, but I think I may have and answer to our situation. When we talk to our parents, please go along with what I say to them.”

“Of course. Whatever you wish.”

“Do you remember when we were at Disneyland and I told you that I liked Pinocchio, then you bought me a doll and the video tape, as going away presents?”

“Yes, I remember. It was funny, but I bought the Pinocchio DVD just a year ago, and I wasn’t sure why. Now I think I know.”

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