Semester Ends with a Bang

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I’d just taken my last final of the fall semester of my junior year that Thursday and was ready to blow off some steam. I’d broken things off with my long-time girlfriend early in October and hadn’t been laid in two months. So I went out wanting to get fucked but expecting to just get drunk.

Instead of the normal bar, my buddy Dave and I went to a nicer bar that got more sorority chics. We figured the beer cost a little more but we could see some hotter women for our last night in town for the semester.

Dave and I were sitting around drinking and scoring the T&A that walked by when I saw an old friend, Sarah at the bar. Sarah and I sat together in the 250-person history class I took my first semester at the big state school. Occassionally, I’d walk her back to her dorm after class but we were just friends and never otherwise hung out.

I approached and stood beside her until she turned around from the bar with a drink in her hand. She looked amazing. “Hi Sarah!”

“My God, Jeff, I haven’t seen you in a long time.” We said we were both there with friends, but we grabbed a table by ourselves and sipped and talked and caught up. She told me she’d recently broken up with a guy she’d been dating for about a year and a half, I told her about my break up. Then she said, “Tell me, how come you never asked me out when we were freshman. I mean all of those times you walked me back to my dorm we had such great chats but you never asked me out.”

“I’ll be honest. There were two reasons. One, I was a stupid freshman who wasn’t very confident yet. And two, I felt like this little country boy, and you just seemed so sophisticated, not to mention just downright fucking sexy, so I didn’t think I was your type. I guess I just didn’t think I had a chance with you.”

Her lips made this little pout and she said, “I can’t tell you how much I was hoping you’d ask me out. You were so different from everyone else I knew. I mean so small town, but you seemed worldly, a diamond in the rough. You had so many interesting opinions and you weren’t afraid to debate with our professor. I thought that was very sexy. And of course when you stood up to speak during class, sitting beside you, I had a great view of your ass.”

“Trust me, I wanted to ask you out,” I said, “but I just wasn’t confident enough. I thought about you all the time.”

Then, perhaps the alcohol getting to her, she said, “If you thought about me all the time, did you think about me when you … beat off?”

The smile I gave as I looked down at my beer bottle said it all. I took a swig and then said, “Absolutely”, full in flirting mood now. “So did you ever think about me back then .. . while, you know?”

“Oh yeah,” she said. “But I bet your tongue isn’t nearly as quick as it was in those freshman fantasies of mine.”

Clearly I knew where this night was now going.

“I live in the Appletree apartments,” I said. “Let’s get out of here and we can think of what to bet along the way.”

She said, “I live across the street, in the honors dorm. Let’s go there, it’ll be quicker. Then if you lose the bet,” she said jokingly, “I can come back here and finish getting drunk.”

As we headed out, we passed my friend Dave who I’d come with. Sarah put her hand in my back pocket, and I waved to Dave, tossed him my truck keys, and said, “Take yourself home. I’ll catch up with you later.”

As we walked back across University Drive to the dorms, we talked about how much we thought of each other back then. At one point we had to stop on the median, it’s two lanes each way, and I pulled Sarah to me, one hand gently on the back of her head, and one hand near the base of her back — close enough that she might think I was going to touch her ass, but far enough away from there to remain a tease — and I kissed her hard and deep. Her tongue was so fast exploring my mouth that when the kiss ended, I stood there dumbfounded for a moment. She giggled and said “Thank God we don’t have long to wait.”

We walked into her dorm and up to her room. I loved it when there were other girls out in the hall on the phone or laying in the hall studying, because that meant we had to walk single file, Sarah in front of me, and I got a great view of her ass. Finally we reached her room and she unlocked the door and motioned for me to enter first. There was a dim light on so I didn’t look for a light switch, figuring I’d let her turn it on. Instead I saw her roommate asleep on a bed across the room. “Dammit, your roommate is here,” I said.

“That’s okay,” Sarah said. “She sleeps very soundly. Plus she’s been drinking so she’s out for the night.” Then she leaned into to me and whispered in my ear, “Just don’t scream too loud when you come in my mouth.” And with that, my semi-hard cock was at full strength.

I wrapped my arms around Sarah, picked her up, and laid her down on her bed. She was on her back, I was laying half on her, half on my side, so I could kiss her while one hand explored her, unbuckling her belt and escort bostancı unbuttoning her pants, sliding my hand up to her breasts. I felt her tongue stop moving inside my mouth when my fingers first lightly grazed a nipple through her bra and her body went tense. While my hand continued to explore, I noticed her bra had a front clasp so I unhooked it during one caress, opening it up though still underneath her shirt.

With that she leaned forward and I removed her shirt and she let her bra fall away. The dim light was still on and these 20-year-old C’s, maybe small C’s, were the most perfect tits I’ve ever seen, before or since. But the dim light on also meant that Sarah’s roommate, if she ever woke up, could see anything and everything that was happening on our side of the room.

Sarah eased her butt off of the bed and began to slide her pants and panties off. I caught a glimpse of the pink, lacey thong and said “Let’s leave just this on for a bit,” and I continued to remove her jeans.

Now I was kneeling over her, her waist between my knees. My erection was so uncomfortable in my jeans but I wanted Sarah to take my pants off so I ignored my discomfort and leaned down and kissed her more. I kissed down her body, my tongue circling her right breast while my right hand caressed her left breast. I was letting my tongue go around and around her nipple but not touching it. Coming closer and closer, but still not touching it. Then I switched sides, until finally, I took one long slow tongue stroke up from the bottom of her breast until my tongue finally reached the nipple, then I took it between my teeth, hard now from the excitement, and while holding her nipple between my teeth, let my tongue rapidly move back and forth across the tip that was inside my teeth. She’d been trying to be quiet, but this time she couldn’t help but moan. I continued to move down, my fingers arriving at her thong covered pussy first. It was soaking wet and there was already a large wet spot on the bed from her own juices running down her ass and onto the sheets.

I decided not to tease her. My cock straining in my jeans was too uncomfortable. So I dove right into her pussy, both hands on her thighs, I licked the material covering her pussy. I reached inside, one thumb from each direction, and let each thumb pull back her labia while my fingers wrapped around her thin upper thighs, then licked at the material some more. I could tell she loved the combinaton of the soft material and my tongue on her clit. Then I pulled the triangle of material to the side and I could just make out her hard, protruding clit in the dim light, and I went right at it, letting my tongue flicker all around it, then rapidly moving my head side to side, an inch each way, while my tongue moved up and down over her clit. Gasps, moans, and sobs, along with more juice that now covered my face were coming out of her.

“Stop!” she said. She pulled my face up to hers. “I wanna suck your cock now. I wanna make you come. Then when you’re down eating me out…” I finished her sentence “…I’ll be ready again to fuck the life out of you.” She smiled knowingly.

She told me to stand at the side of her bed. I did and so my back was to her sleeping roommate 20 feet away across the room. She’d neither moved nor made a sound. With that Sarah sat on the edge of the bed, her naked body was so amazing in front of me. Her mouth at cock level.

I pulled my shirt over my head while she unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. She pulled my pants and boxers down and when my cock sprang free, and since she was bending over to push my pants to my ankles, my cock popped her under the chin. She leaned back, saw it, and said “Jesus Christ!” seeing the size of my cock. “You’re lucky I’m so fucking wet already or you might just have to settle for a blowjob.”

She just stared at my cock an inch in front of her mouth. Then she moved her head to the side to inspect its length then looked up at me and said “If I’d know you were this big, I’d have asked YOU out when we were freshman. How in the world did you lack confidence with this thing in your pants?”

“Well I didn’t really become confident” I wittingly replied, “until the first time it was in someone’s mouth.”

“Well let’s see if I can make you confident,” Sarah said. And with that, she licked all around her lips, kissed the tip of my cock, and before I knew it, the first thing I felt was the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat, then I felt her lips seal around my shaft and she pulled back from me, her tongue dancing around the underside of my shaft as I exited her mouth, moving very rapidly around the underside of my tip before my cock sprang free from her mouth.

I was trying to catch my breath. She looked up at me and said “Don’t worry about coming quickly. It’s been a while for both of us. We’ve got all night.” That was good. One suck and I already knew this girl was an expert cocksucker. Later I learned her jaw got sore ümraniye escort very easily so she’d learn to be very good and therefore getting her partner off quickly eased her soreness.

Now she took my balls in one hand, fondling, and put the other hand at the bottom of my shaft, pushing down hard to make my cock its maximum length and stretching my skin tight against me. Then she licked her lips again and took me in her mouth, bobbing up and down very rapidly. No teasing, no playing, just her lips tight around my cock. Her small hand around the first few inches at the base of my shaft was not stroking, but just holding me still leaving five inches for her to envelope on every stroke.

After about 20 strokes, she pulled back, opened her mouth, wet her lips, and moved her hand so the tip of my cock circled her lips while her tongue playfully licked me.

Now she moved, she had been sitting on the bed while I stood between her feet and knees, and she kneeled on the bed on her knees. She took my cock and aimed it straight up in the air and closed her breasts around it. She was holding the bottom and outside of her breasts while she pushed them tight around my cock. With that I started moving up and down. Since I was standing it took me a minute to get the hang of it.

Her head was bowed and she would lick the tip on every upstroke. Then I started moving higher so on every upstroke, the tip of my cock would just enter her mouth.

“Allow me,” I said, as I replaced her hands with mine on her breasts. My palms on the outside and bottom of her breasts, I could rub my fingers around her nipples as I titty-fucked her.

She reached her arms around me to hug me while I continued. At this moment, I never felt so emotionally in touch with someone who I’d been intimate with so briefly. But I knew right then that this was not merely an end-of-semester fuck. And seeing her perfect tits wrapped around my cock, feeling her arms wrapped around my back, and smelling her hair beneath my nose, I thanked God that I knew it was going to develop into something more. I needed this girl for a long time.

She leaned back and took my cock all the way into her very wet mouth again, then backed off and returned to the titty-fucking position. She looked up at me, providing for a great view of my cock between her tits, and said “Your enormous cock has made my jaw a little sore. But I’m sure that if I suck it a couple of times a week, I’ll get used to it. I hope you’re liking this instead.”

“Oh yes.” I sighed, nearly out of breath.

“I’m getting close,” I said, my hands still on her breasts, pushing them together while rubbing her nipples with my thumbs. With that she returned to her seated position, licked two of her own fingers and filled her mouth my cock. Now both of her hands were gripping my ass as I moved my hands to her head, gently.

“Be careful baby,” I said. “I feel like I could come a gallon.” She just looked up at me, the corners of her mouth turned up, I could tell she was trying to smile, and winked. I bit my lip as I winked back.

Now I felt one of her hands on my ass move and suddenly she had two fingers inside me, massaging my prostate. One more bob of her head and I started coming with a shout. She removed her fingers from my ass, knowing I couldn’t handle that much simultaneous stimulation yet, and continued to bob. I could feel one long stream of come after another shooting out of me, entering her mouth. But her lips were sealed tightly around me. My hands now guided her head back and forth, not wanting her to stop yet. I could feel her mouth tighten around the end of my cock as she continually swallowed.

Finally I stopped coming, she kept bobbing for three or four more strokes. Then releasing me, she licked her lips and said “Wow,” before swallowing again. “That was a lot of come.”

“I should be saying Wow, baby. That was the amazing thing I’ve ever felt. I know no one has ever made me come that much, that hard for that long. You’re absolutely beautful. And I hope you don’t mind me saying that you look even sexier with a big cock in your mouth.”

“Anything to look sexy for you,” she said with a playful smile, then “I’m fucking dripping over here,” she said pointing to her thong which was now a darker shade of pink from all the moisture it contained.

With that, I positioned her on the bed facing away from me, her butt in the air as if preparing to do it doggie-style. She grabbed a pillow that she put under her head. I approached her from the back, pulled her thong to the side, and reached around with one hand do fondle her hanging breasts. I dove my tongue into her pussy. Then licked long strokes from her clit to her base of her slit, to her ass — knowing long slow strokes was NOT what she wanted.

Then I went right for her clit with quick hard licks. From this angle, her pussy was gaping open. My cock was hard again so I paused, leaned back, put the head of my cock at the entrance of her slit, and moved it all around, kartal escort bayan teasing her, rubbing against her clit, then entered with one violent thrust. “Oh fuck!” she screamed, I paused, now deep inside of her, to see if her roommate would stir but she did not.

After two deep strokes, I pulled out and went back to licking. “I just wanted to give you a taste of what was to come, Sarah.”

“A taste? You’ve already given me a mouthful, Jeff. Plus, I think that was a cunt full. And I love it when you use my name.”

I moved up and laid down, “Sit on my face, Sarah.” She kneeled over me, and my tongue started by licking her inner thighs, coming closer to her clit again as my hands explored her breasts, then lightly moving up, touching her neck, and the side of her face until she caught one of my fingers and sucked it into her mouth.

Now she was grinding her pussy into my mouth so I couldn’t lick anything but her clit — and at the exact pressure she wanted. So much for my teasing. “Oh fuck Jeff. Just like that. Keep going.” My hands returned and while squeezing her breasts, I was careful to keep each of her nipples pinched between my fingers for added stimulation.

“Oh yes. You’re even better than my freshman fantasies! Oh yes.” Now with both hands on her breasts, her thong’s strap kept getting in my way. I pulled it towards me with one hand, bit through it, tore the fabric, and threw it to the side and kept licking.

“Here I come!” she said and with a great moan she covered my already covered face in her juices. I kept licking until she clearly couldn’t tolerate any more. She quickly moved down my body, and moving her hips she buried my cock in her pussy, neither of us needing to use our hands.

As she moved her head down toward mine, me deep inside her, I said “You’re absolutely amazing Sarah. I love licking your pussy.” I didn’t move, but just enjoyed me deep inside her, the closest I’d felt to her yet.

She caught her breath, laughed as she used the corner of a sheet to wipe my soaking face, and said “It doesn’t seem fair.”

“What doesn’t seem fair?” I asked.

“That I found a guy with not only a huge cock, but one with a great tongue … and one that I thought I was in love with as a freshman.”

That word took my breath away. But I’d already known this girl was special. I remembered thinking the world of her as a timid freshman. And I knew it was going to be more this time.

She leaned back and started moving her body up and down on my cock, sensually, slowly.

“Sarah I love……, ” I caught myself, “… tight you are.”

She moved all the way up, my cock almost exiting her, before rolling her hips as she moved back down me. “Mmmmmmmm”, she said with a smile.

She moved slowly, up and down my shaft. Her pussy was milking my shaft, every time she sensually lowered herself on to me I could feel her muscles tighten around me. It was amazing.

Her body above mine, I moved my hands from her ass where I’d been holding on to her breasts. Then I kissed the base of her left breast and took one long lick up to and then around her nipple before circling it then sucking it into my mouth. Then the same with the right breast and nipple which hardened in my mouth just like the left one had done. All while she slowly rose up and down off of me. If I didn’t already know, the slow, methodical, rhythm of our lovemaking proved to me that this was no semester-ending quick fuck. It was too lovers doing what they knew they would be doing for a long time.

On one up stroke of Sarah’s, I moved my hips away from her causing my cock to spring free of her pussy. She made a little-girl-like sound saying “Oops” not knowing I’d tried it. I wanted to feel that great sensation again of first entering her. She reached down between us and wrapped her hand around my shaft. I thought she was going to hold it while she sat back down on it, but instead moved her whole body lower while grasping my cock.

Then she sank her mouth down over me once. Came up licked the tip, then licked down my shaft and kissed and licked all around my balls — which were soaked with her juices since she’d been on top for sometime — then licked up to the tip of my cock before plunging her mouth down on my again. Then she moved up off my cock, kissed the tip, and climbed back on top of me, needing no hands to guide my cock into her. She kissed my lips and said “Mmmm.”

I felt the awesome tightness I’d hope to feel again as she lowered herself down on me. The tip of my cock bursting through into her. I knew she had past the point of no return now. I was struggling to hold my orgasm back. She was bouncing up and down faster, still clenching her pussy around my cock on each down stroke. Her muted gasps were getting louder, though still her roommate seemed oblivous, and her movements were getting faster yet shallower. I was trying to compensate for her more shallow movements by thrusting my hips towards her, inside her, on every one of her down strokes.

Her hands were on either side of my head, her face about a foot and a half above mine. I reached up and put a hand on the back of her head and pulled her toward me. I kissed her on the lips, my tongue just barely leaving my own mouth to lick her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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