Seduction of a Big Sister Ch. 04

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Once in the bedroom, I laid down on the bed and watched as my sister and Marci took turns licking and sucking my erect cock. Each was running their tongues up and down, their tongues touching as they licked up and down. Marci then slid my sister out of the way and climbed over me, straddling my cock. My sister took hold of my wet cock and pointed it at Marci’s pussy as Marci slowly lowered herself onto me.

I moaned and said, “Oh Marci, your pussy is so hot and wet, fuck me sweetie.” And with that she started sliding up and down on my cock, pulling her pussy all the way off my cock and then sinking back down resting her ass on my thighs.

As she continued to slowly fuck me, I reached for Amanda and pulled her towards me. She took the hint and straddled my face, and lowering her dripping pussy to my waiting mouth. I sunk my tongue inside her as she rested her ass on my face, my tongue and mouth working her over.

I could hear the girls kissing and heard Amanda moan, from the angle of Marci’s body, I knew that Marci was probably working on my sisters titties. Sucking and twisting the nipples which Amanda loves.

My mouth was doing the trick on her pussy was she moaned loudly, then screamed, “I’m cumming baby! I’m cummmmminnnnnngggggg!” and her legs shook, trembling and vibrating against my face. I continued my assault on her pussy, pulling her thighs tight against me so she couldn’t raise up. I ate her through the first orgasm and through a second. She finally broke free from me and rolled off to the side, panting and moaning. “Oh baby, you eat me sooooo fucking good!” she sighed.

I knew I wasn’t going to hold out much longer with my cock being pumped by Marci’s hot pussy. I had her turn around, on my cock, with her back to me. I then eased up and pushed her over so that I was fucking her doggie style. I knew I could better control my blast this way. I began to pound her hard, holding her hips and pulling her towards me as I rammed my cock into her.

“OH! YES!! YESSSS!! FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER!!” she yelled and I increased my thrust pounding harder into her wanting pussy.

I felt my balls fill and soon shot blast after blast of hot cum into Marci’s pussy. She moaned and groaned and wiggled her ass against me as she felt the cum filling her tight hole. As I finished, I pushed her head down flat on the bed and told her not to move.

I pulled my slimy cock from her drenched pussy and positioned Amanda under Marci’s. “Amanda, open your mouth and get ready to clean Marci’s pussy for her.”

“Okay!” she said, wiggling around and slipping under Marci’s ass, forcing her head between her legs.

“Oh, I’ve never given a cream pie!” Marci said, giggling as she spread her legs to allow my sister better access.

Once she was in position, I helped Marci sit up straight, moving her pussy directly over my sister’s waiting mouth. I then eased her ass down, her pussy fitting into my sister’s wide open mouth. “Squeeze your pussy baby, force my cum out,” I said to Marci.

Marci squeezed and wiggled her ass, and I heard Amanda moan and knew that my cum was leaking from Marci’s pussy into Amanda’s mouth and throat. Amanda then began to lick and eat at Marci’s pussy and soon Marci was shaking violently as her orgasm tore through her. She had two handfuls of my sister’s beautiful red hair and was pulling hard to avoid falling off of Amanda’s face.

As her orgasm subsided, I moved her off of Amanda and then kissed my beautiful sister’s mouth, licking the cummy mixture from her mouth, chin and nose.

“Thank you sweetheart, that was so fucking fantastic!” Amanda said as he kissed me deeply.

“Anything for you sweetheart,” I replied.

“Hey! What about me?” Marci said, leaning in and kissing us both.

We rolled around on the bed, kissing, caressing, touching each other for about an hour. My cock was fully erect again now and I could tell that both girls wanted more. I climbed off the bed and took Marci to the bathroom. There I helped her slip on a harness and strapped on the 6″ rubber cock. As she walked back into the bedroom, Amanda’s eyes went wide and she squealed her excitement.

“Is that for me?” She asked, sitting up on her knees her beautiful body glistening with sweat.

“It is!” I said, “Marci, lay down on the bed,” I instructed and Marci did so, stroking the fat rubber cock as if it were real.

“Now Amanda, climb on that cock and show her how you can fuck yourself with that nice tecavüz porno dildo she has.”

Amanda wasted no time in climbing on her and lowering her body down on the dildo. Both girls moaned as Marci pushed the dildo up and Amanda pushed down hard against it.

I watched as the girls fucked with the strap on, my sister coming all the way off of it before plunging herself back down on it. They fucked until Amanda had another orgasm, then Amanda leaned forward and was kissing Marci, thanking her for fucking her so well. The rubber cock was still embedded in my sister and with her bent over the way she was, her pink tight asshole was winking at me.

I moved onto the bed and began to rim my sweet sister’s plump ass. I tongued her and at her ass until I was sure she could handle my cock. Of course, she was moaning into Marci’s mouth and wiggling her pussy around on the dildo, still stuck deep inside her.

I then moved behind her and slowly slid my cock into Amanda’s ass. Though we often have anal sex, I never move fast, always wanting my sister to enjoy every inch of my cock entering her. Soon I was fully in her, my balls resting against the folds her stuffed pussy.

As I began to fuck her, my cock was rubbing against the dildo through the thin layer of membrane that separated her pussy and her ass. She was moaning loudly now and Marci was beginning to fuck upwards as I would withdraw from her ass. We had a great rhythm going and Amanda was really getting into it. “Fuck my ass harder! Please baby! Fuck my ass!!!” she screamed.

I started pounding my sister’s plump ass slamming the full length of my cock into her. I kept pounding harder and harder as Marci tried to match me stroke for stroke. My balls were filling up again with my second load of the night and I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“You want my cum in your ass or on your ass baby?” I asked.

Marci was quick to respond, “ON her ASS! I want to lick it clean!!”

With that, I pulled out of my sister’s butt and stroked off, blowing a nice load of creamy white cum on her butt cheeks. My cum was runnier this time and was soon streaming down her back and the sides of her buns, as well as down the crack of her ass. I held Amanda down and Marci pulled the dildo from her pussy, moving behind my sister and then started licking up my cum. She ate every drop of cum off of her ass and then began to eat her ass and pussy from behind.

My sister is always tender after our ass fucking and she was moaning loudly and came again as Marci’s tongue entered her freshly fucked ass and her fingers teased Amanda’s clit.

We all needed a break, so I went to fix margaritas while the girls kissed and hugged each other. Later, we used the dildo and double fucked Marci that night too. Marci left around four in the morning, barely able to walk and with her asshole still gapping open about the size of a quarter.

Amanda and I slept great and woke the next morning, fucking as we did most mornings. Her pussy and ass were still sore, but she took me like a champ. After I came in her and ate it out, I moved up next to her and kissed her deeply.

“Thank you baby for such an incredible night, I never knew pussy tasted so good!” she said, “And thank you for double fucking me, the dildo was great and your cock was wonderful,” she blushed and then said, “Do you think sometime I might have two real cocks?”

“Really? You want a real cock in your pussy and a real cock in your ass?” I confirmed.

She smiled, giggled a little and shook her head yes.

“How about next Friday, I’ve got a friend that might be just perfect for us to play with.”

“Really! Awesome!, ” she said, then added, “Can I also see you two play? I’d like to watch two guys sucking too.”

I smiled, kissed her lips and said, “Anything you want Sis, anything you want.”

The next week I was on the road for business, but every night had video chat sex with Amanda. I watched as she fucked herself with our favorite dildo in both her pussy and her ass. Everyday, she would call me from work and tell me how she masturbated in the shower or how she fingered herself at lunch.

Meanwhile, I was trying to decide which bi friend I could invite over. As a college student I had had numerous sexual encounters with guys, bi couples and even a few gang bangs that were all guys. There was one guy, Alex, that is nice looking, clean, discreet and he has a decent body, similar to my own. travesti porno His cock is much like mine, nearly 8 inches and slender. He and I have sucked each other several times, but not in years. We also fucked each other while our girlfriends ate each other, but that was back in college. I decided to give him a quick call.

Alex was thrilled to hear from me, and it turns out he is in a relationship and that his girlfriend was interested in much the same things as Amanda. He had told her about his bi side in college and now every time they fuck, she whispers in his ears that she wants to see a cock in his mouth and ass. He didn’t think that his girl would be interested in watching or participating with a foursome, and he didn’t think she would let him fuck another woman. I told him to talk it over with her and let me know.

The next day Alex called and said that his girlfriend had told him she would be out of town for a funeral and that he could do whatever he wanted, as long as he had a video of him sucking and getting fucked. I agreed, after all I do have cameras throughout the house and can easily accommodate her wishes.

I arrived home on Thursday night, and while I was slowly entering Amanda’s ass with my hard cock, I whispered into her ears, “Tomorrow night, you get a real cock right here and in your sweet pussy.”

She sighed and glancing over her shoulder said, “Oh baby, thank you! I want to feel your cock fuck me while I ride another one.”

Friday morning, I told her to hurry home and shower, her clothes for the night would be laid out for her. She arrived at 4:30, kissed me deeply and headed to the shower, her plump ass giggling as she ran down the hall.

I had laid out a pair of purple suspender hose, her black stiletto heels, and a purple half bra that matched the hose, nothing else, no panties, nothing.

Alex arrived at 5:00, right on time. I let him in and led him to the den, then said, “My girlfriend (he had no clue that she was my sister) is getting ready, she won’t be wearing much when she comes out. She’s very horny and very beautiful,” I added, showing him several of the nude pictures I had taken of her.

“Wow, she is beautiful. I love her plump ass and her hour glass body is incredible,” he then smiled and said, “And she’s obviously a natural redhead, look at those incredible freckles.”

“We don’t have too many rules, other than she gets what she wants,” I said, laying the photos on the table. “I do mean anything, she’ll probably want to fuck first, then she may want to watch us play too, you still okay with that?” I asked, knowing that his girlfriend insisted on seeing him sucking and fucking.

“Of course! I’ve not played with a guy since we were roommates, so I’m very open to that.”

I then stripped out of my shorts and was sporting a near full blow erection. He stripped too and was hard as a rock when he kicked his shorts away. I walked over to him and wrapped my hand around his cock, jerking it slightly. He did the same to mine.

We were standing there stroking each other as my sister walked into the room in her purple outfit. She gasped and blushed a deep crimson, her breasts even turned red!

“Baby, this is Alex,” I said, releasing Alex’s cock as he released mine.

“Hi Alex, I’m Amanda,” she smiled and walked to him, her beautiful body swaying gently. She turned slowly, showing him her entire body and then sunk to her knees in front of him and took his cock into her wet mouth.

“Oh wow! That’s feels so fucking good!” he moaned, “And you’re so beautiful,” he added.

I stood beside him and eased my cock to her mouth. She released his cock and took mine into her mouth and was soon alternating between the two of us.

Alex moaned and said, “I can’t hold off much longer, she’s got me so fucking horny.”

I pulled her mouth from his cock, pinched her left nipple and pulled her up. She smiled, slobber dripping from her chin. “Honey, let’s go to the bedroom.” She turned and walked to the bedroom, the high heels forcing her ass up high and accentuating every curve and muscle of her legs.

“She’s fucking incredible!” Alex said, watching her walk down the long hallway, “I mean, she’s beautiful and that ass, her body!”

“Yes, I know!” I replied, “She is awesome,” I said as we reached the bedroom.

“Sweetheart, why don’t you get on all fours for us,” I instructed.

Amanda climbed on the bed, heels and all and tumblr porno positioned herself on all fours and wiggled her ass at us.

I looked at Alex and said, “Climb up behind her and take her sweet pussy.” I then moved to her face and fed her my cock. She gobbled up my cock, sucking me in as deeply as she could, then I began to slowly fuck her throat. Alex moved up behind her, bent forward and licked her dripping pussy for several minutes, then grabbed her sides and slid easily into her sopping wet pussy.

As I fucked her mouth, he slowly started to fuck her pussy. We had a good rhythm going and she was moaning as I pulled out, he pushed in. We fucked her slowly at first, then sped up, me slamming my cock into the back of her throat causing her to gag and dribble slobber from her mouth. He was slamming into her pussy hard enough to make a loud slapping sound as his pelvic area slammed against her beautiful ass.

“OH SHIT! I’m gonna cum!! I can’t stop! I’M FUCKING CUMMING!” Alex yelled as he pounded into her. Seeing him shake and quiver, knowing that he was soaking the inside of my sister’s pussy caused me to unleash my own load into her warm mouth.

As we both began to cum, she too began shaking and I knew that she was having an orgasm of her own. She quivered between us, drinking every drop from my cock, as she pushed back harder against Alex pulling the cum from his cock.

As the orgasms subsided, I pulled my cock from her lips and kissed her slobbery mouth, tasting my cum and her slobber. I moved towards Alex, pulled his cock from her pussy and cupped my hand over her pussy to keep his juices from leaking out. I then had Alex lay down and moved my sister over his face. She knew exactly what to do and lowered her pussy onto his mouth, I quickly moved my hand and watched their creamy mixture leak from her pussy straight into his mouth. He raised his head and stuck his tongue into her, then was rewarded with a flood of cum pouring into his mouth.

He ate his load from her pussy with vigor, as I sucked her beautiful nipples, biting and twisting and teasing them. Soon, we both had her quaking with another orgasm. She screamed loudly as her entire body shook, she then forced herself off of Alex’s face and laid back panting and quivering. Alex’s face was covered with their creamy mixture, as he licked his lips savoring the last drops.

We laid there together touching, kissing, caressing. After some recovery time, I helped Amanda slip on her harness for the strap on dildo that just last weekend had been used on her. Once it was in place, I had Alex get on his hands and knees and I rubbed my cock along his lips. He instinctively opened his mouth and let me slide my cock inside his warm mouth.

“Amanda, baby, get behind him and fuck his tight ass,” I said to Amanda. She smiled and climbed on the bed behind him. She knelt down and began to rim his ass, running her tongue all over his butthole. Soon he was moaning around my cock as my sister ate his ass.

Once she had his well lubricated with her spit, she lubed up the dildo and slid up next to him, pressing the tip of the rubber cock against his puckering asshole. She slowly eased inside him and he clamped his mouth tighter around my cock. She slowly pushed inward, as he tried backing up to her, taking more and more of the rubber cock inside his butt. He was groaning and moaning as the fake dick embedded deeper and deeper into his ass.

Soon, Amanda’s pubic bone was resting against his ass cheeks. I grabbed his hair and began to fuck his face, driving my cock deep inside his throat. As I shoved my cock in, Amanda was pulling the rubber cock out. When she drove it back in, I was slipping outwards. We had a nice show going, my cock buried in his mouth, her rubber dildo buried in his ass.

We continued to fuck Alex, pounding harder and harder until I felt my balls filling with semen and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Amanda was on the verge of her own orgasm, as the dildo was rubbing against her clit.

“OH FUCK! HERE IT CUMS!” I yelled as I send shot after shot of cum deep in Alex’s throat. I came with blast after blast and Alex swallowed it all down, not missing a drop. Amanda was now violently shaking as she came, resting the fake cock fully inside Alex’s ass. Alex was shaking too, as his own cock unloaded on our bed, oozing a full load out without ever touching his cock.

I pulled my softened cock out of his mouth, just as Amanda pulled the rubber dildo from his ass. He collapsed on the bed as Amanda and I kissed and hugged.

“Thank you! Thank you for giving me two dicks and for letting me fuck your friend,” Amanda whispered as we kissed each other lightly. We then laid down and all slept for a couple of hours.

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