Sedona Heat Ch. 02

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“So, which way?” I asked once we were settled in the car.

“Keep heading north there’ll be a dirt road turn off not too far up.”

My rental pony fired up sweet and the radio was still near max volume cranking out “Little Wing” by Stevie Ray Vaughn.

“Hey!” we both said in unison

“You go first” you said politely

“I was just going to say this is one of my favorite songs.”

“No shit… I was going to say the same thing.”

“No way!”

“Yes way.” You chuckle. I was in love with your voice but your laugh made me tingle.

Putting the stang in gear we left in a swirl of dust, laying rubber as the tires caught the burning pavement. I laughed as you fastened your seat belt and I shouted over the wind

“Don’t worry I’m not gonna kill you or something!” followed by an equally boisterous “WOOOO HOOOOO”

We rode silently for those few moments while Jimi made mad love with his guitar. Our arms shared the space of the arm rest, touching lightly with the slightest bump and I felt the sheer energy of your body arcing into my very center. Did you feel that too? The last strands of the song pulled us higher when it carried over to “Riviera Paradise” simply the most sensual guitar instrumental in history. The skin of my arm strained to touch yours; I shifted in my seat so I could press my arm against escort bostancı yours and feel that flash. You pressed back and I knew you were lost there in the ether with me riding the waves of music.

“We’re close Katie you’ll be taking a left just up a ways.” You said hesitantly, not wanting to break whatever spell held up captive at the moment. I turned to you and met your eyes briefly but in those few seconds volumes were spoken.

Looking back to the road I smiled and nearly missed the turn; with some downshifting and little more burned rubber I was heading west, not knowing my destination. The mesa’s glimmered off in the distance but this area of the desert was flat and the outline of a home became visible and I wondered if it was your home.

“You were pretty far from home how were you intending on getting back?” I hedged and without a pause you added.

“Smoke Signals.” Which solicited another round of laughter.

As I pulled to a stop and put the car in park you nearly leapt out of the car rushing over to open my door.

“Such a gentleman.” I smiled

“It’s the least I can do you saved my ass from a long walk home.” So it was your home.

There was an old green ford pickup in the driveway, no frills, no flash, exactly what I expected. I wondered if the old shed out back was the ümraniye escort same one he spoke of.

“I’ve kept you from your destination, but thanks so much Katie.” I was disappointed thinking you wanted me gone already but I wasn’t willing to give up so easy.

“No sweat. Say Hawk, do you mind if I use your ladies room?”

“Oh my god, of course, Katie please come in. I’m sorry I was concerned that I had already taken up so much of your time. How about something cold to drink?”

“That would be great” so you didn’t want me to leave either or were you just being polite? As you led me to the bathroom I glanced around and despite how small it appeared outside there was plenty of room and the space was filled with a piano, guitars, amps, mike stands, sheet music, tons of books and bike parts.

I took a few extra moments trying to calm my wind blown curls, freshened my face and a spritz of perfume wishing I could take a shower. You met me in the living room with an ice cold corona, a soda and a bottle of water, shrugging you said

“I wasn’t sure what you would like.” You were flustered and I liked that.

“That water sure looks good right now.”

“Would you like to sit down for a few?”

“Sure, but don’t you want to go get your bike?”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it later, I don’t kartal escort bayan want you to be late for… well for Sedona.” I couldn’t help but flash a big grin; a half hour ago I would have thought you wanted to get rid of me but the sound of your voice told me different.

“I’m going to Sedona for a conference but it’s not until Saturday, I came in a few days early. I want to hit that Jeep tour again, and the helicopter flight over to the cliff dwellings, the last time I was here it was incredible.” The water helped to cool down my throat but my body was on fire. We both sat on the sofa as the chair was filled with a variety of books spanning WW II, Nam, Harleys, Eastern Philosophy and every music magazine in print. Now I was falling in love with your brain.

“Did you fly with Skydance of Sedona on Airport Road?”

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

“My buddy owns that place and I play sometimes at the bar there.” You laughed.

“Hey! They’ve got a great burger! I ate lunch there after the flight. So I guess all these guitars must be yours, do you sing too?” I asked, thrilled beyond words.

“Yes, I do…I’m in a trio we do a little rhythm and blues, some rock.” You say humbly. I gaze at your profile amazed.

“Wow we’re racking up some serious coincidences here.”

“How so?” you looked at me

“I’m a singer, too.” The surprise on your face was priceless. What the hell was going on here? How could 2 people that meet on a random street in the middle of nowhere and have so much in common?

“No way.” We laughed, both amazed at the serendipitous nature of fate.

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