Secret Sexiness Ch. 03

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Chapter 3. Trouble in the Pump Room

It was a few days before Deb and Burt saw each other again.

Burt was working the closing shift a few days in a row, and Deb usually worked early in the morning and during the day.

She wanted to text him and ask him to come over again, but she kept finding excuses not to. She had a ready excuse because it was a busy week at school for her. She thought about him a lot though. She wanted him again. She wanted to kiss him and put her mouth on his cock again. She wanted to feel him slide into her pussy. She wanted him to make her come again.

Burt had been thinking about her too. When he left her house that night, he was sure that he would text her the next day to see if she was free. But the next day he worked late, and then he didn’t want to text her so late. Then the next night, he stayed up all night studying for an exam. The night after he was so tired, he didn’t even think about texting her to mess around because he needed to sleep so badly.

Tonight, he was working late again, and he and the other guards had finished all their work, all the customers were gone and the other two guards had their stuff and were about to walk out the door. Burt remembered that he was supposed to check the gauges in the pump room at least once in the evening, and he told the other guards to go ahead and go.

He put his stuff down, walked down a long hallway and down the stairs, around the corner, down another small flight of stairs, and then he used the key to open the pump room door. He noticed a leak in one of the pipes, and he went ahead and checked the gauges. Two gauges were reading abnormally low numbers. If the gauges are off, he’s supposed to call Deb. He got his cell phone out of his pocket, but he didn’t have a signal, being basically under thousands of gallons of water, so he walked back up to the office and just called on the pool phone. He knew her number – after working there for over a year, he had called her enough to memorize it.

The phone rang and rang, and he was holding his breath, wanting to talk to her again, and wondering if it would be awkward, but it went to voice mail. He left a message telling her what was wrong, and said he’d wait for a few minutes to see if she needed him to do anything before he left. He got his cell phone out and started to text her too, but before he was done, she texted him and said, “I’m on my way. Can you hang out for a sec until I get there?”

He got a little flutter in his stomach. He wanted to put his arms around her again. He wanted to hold her body against his. He wanted to push her up against her wall again, pick her up, carry her to her bed, and fuck the shit out of her. He started to get hard just thinking about her, and he decided to distract himself by heading into the pump room. He started examining the pipes, trying to figure out what was wrong and why the pipe was leaking.

She couldn’t help hoping that he was there by himself. She checked her hair and brushed her teeth before she left her house. On her way, she was thinking about how he had initially touched her at work and how turned on she was by his gentle touches and his kisses on her neck. She could melt into his arms again, and she hoped no one was there to interrupt this time. She wanted him, right now.

When she pulled up, his car was the only one in the lot. Her pussy throbbed with this knowledge. She parked her car, opened the front door to the pool, then turned around to use her key to lock the door behind her. She walked straight to the pump room when she didn’t see him in the reception area. The pump room door was open, and she walked in to find Burt kneeling down looking at the pipe with a leak.

She said, “Did you fix it yet?”

He turned around and smiled. He said, “Hey stranger.”

She walked over to the gauges and then over to the opposite side of the pipes from Burt. She said, “Why did you break my pipes?”

He walked closer to her, so he could see her on the other side of the pipes and he said, “I needed some excuse to see you.”

She smiled and said in a sexy voice, “You didn’t need an excuse.”

His cocked responded to her comment. He wanted to fuck her again, and he didn’t want to wait any longer. She was being a little flirty, so he figured she must be up for more fun with him.

She was looking at the pipes again, turning levers as she went. She was walking closer to the side he was on, and she walked over to where he was, but she was still looking at the pipes.

He wanted to just reach out and grab her, but he wanted to wait to see what she was going to do. When she got to him, she stood right in front of him, looking up into his face. While looking up into his eyes, she put one finger on his chest and traced a line down his stomach. She said, “Almost done.”

Her finger only made it down to his belly button, to his disappointment. He started to get hard just because she had touched him. She turned around and bent at her hips to lean forward tuzla escort right in front of him. He put his hands on her hips and said, “Hurry up.”

She liked the way his hands felt on her, and she needed to walk a few feet away from him now – to press a button that would reverse the flow of the water, but didn’t want to move away from his touch. She grabbed one of his hands, making him follow her over to the button.

She wanted to fuck him so badly, but she wanted to deal with this pipe business first. She was thinking about using her mouth on his big cock, and wondering if she really tried if she could get the whole thing down her throat.

She pressed the button, and then turned around to him, slid her arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth. He reached his arms around her back and pulled her body against his, noting how good it felt to be pressed against him. She deepened the kiss, enjoying the way his tongue seemed to send electricity through her body, straight to her pussy. After she kissed him deeply, she started moving one hand down to his hard cock, cupping it and then slowly stroking it from outside his shorts. She broke the kiss to say sexily, “I want to suck your cock.”

He leaned his head forward, kissed her again, and bit her lip gently. He sighed, “How do you get me so turned on?”

She gave him a devious smile, keeping eye contact while she started to pull down his shorts. She pulled his big cock out, then went down on her knees in front of him and put the tip of his cock in her mouth. She circled her tongue around the head of his cock and then licked up and down his shaft. She put the head back in her mouth and used her tongue to lick the underside of his cock. She pushed him to the back of her throat and then pushed harder so that it started to go down her throat. He let out a moan, and he put his hand on the back of her head. He said, “Oh god. I just want to push your head down harder, but I don’t want to choke you.”

She put her hand on top of his, at the back of her head, and she pushed his hand down, giving him permission to push her head down.

So he started pushing her head, making her throat open wider to allow for his big cock. He said, “Oh fuck. Fuck, that feels good.”

Deb used one hand to cup his balls and squeeze them lightly, and the other hand was at the base of his cock, stroking the part of his cock that wasn’t yet down her throat. She wanted to fit the whole thing in so badly, but she had reached her limit. She pulled her head back and he stopped pushing on her head, then she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, still letting it go down her throat. Every time his cock was almost out of her mouth, she swirled her tongue around his head. She kept stroking it with her other hand the whole time. Pumping her hand up and down to make sure he was getting maximum stimulation. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and kept stroking it.

She stood up and kissed his mouth then said, “I want you to sit down. I want you to be comfortable when you come in my mouth.”

He let out a little whimper. He couldn’t wait to have this sexy woman – his boss – pump his cock until he came down her slick throat. Burt thought, briefly, what he had done to be so lucky.

She pushed him back gently, pushing him toward a chair that was behind him. When he got to it, he sat down, and she got back down onto her knees in front of him. She immediately put his cock all the way down her throat as far as she could. She still couldn’t get the whole shaft in, but she knew with some practice she’d be able to. She continued gently playing with his balls, and stroking his shaft. Then she started going really fast, up and down on his cock, faster and faster. She made sure to cover her teeth with her lips, so that he never felt her teeth against his beautiful cock.

He listened to her little moans that accompanied her ministrations. It turned him on more to think that she was turned on by playing with him. He thought about how wet her pussy had been when they fucked before, and he wanted to feel if it was wet now. He really wanted to pull her up and slam his cock straight into her tight hole, but he wanted her to finish what she started and get him to come deep into her mouth.

He said, “Play with yourself while you fuck my cock.”

She nodded her head, with his cock still in her mouth, and moved her hand from his balls and repositioned it down her shorts. She started rubbing her clit, with quick short motions, in the same rhythm she was bobbing her head. Her moaning got louder, and he could felt the vibrations on his cock. If not for the loud pump room, he knew he’d be able to hear the squishy sound of her fingering her pussy. Her moans were sufficient evidence that she was enjoying this. It made him so hot to think about her enjoying his big cock. She couldn’t get the whole thing in her mouth. Not yet. He thought she could after a few more tries. He was suddenly very happy that he remembered to check the gauges tonight. This was the tuzla escort bayan best way to end a work shift ever.

He said, “Fuck yeah. Rub that clit. Do you have a finger inside of your pussy?”

She nodded with his cock inside her mouth.

He said, “Fuck yourself while you fuck me. Fuck yourself nice and hard.”

She increased the tempo of her fingers inside her pussy and immediately started sucking his cock faster, enjoying herself immensely.

He liked that she was getting so much pleasure from sucking his cock. When she started going faster, it felt so good that he knew he was about to come. He thought about her saying she wanted him to come in her mouth. He loved coming in her pussy, and he knew he’d like coming in her mouth too. He grabbed the back of her head, grabbed her hair and started moving her head at the rhythm he wanted, just a little bit slower. He felt every crevasse of her tongue and mouth on his large cock. His cock was over-sensitized and he needed to come so badly, it hurt. But he also wanted the feeling of her tight throat around his cock to last forever. He wanted to re-assure himself that he’d heard her correctly earlier. He said, “You want me to come in your mouth?”

She nodded and moaned.

He felt the tell-tale signs of his impending orgasm, and he said, “Yes. I’m about to…”

Then he felt her moan louder on his cock and he started to come into her mouth. She pushed her mouth onto his cock so that he actually was coming into the back of her throat. He said in short, breathy phrases, “Holy shit. Oh God. That feels fucking amazing.”

She kept his cock in her mouth until he was all the way done pumping come into her. She swallowed and then licked his softening cock. She cleaned him up and then leaned forward to kiss his stomach, and she went up and kissed his neck, then his earlobe. He grabbed her and moved her so she was straddling him on the chair and then he kissed her mouth.

She didn’t want to presume that he would kiss her after she had his come in her mouth. Some guys didn’t like it, so she didn’t expect him to kiss her again so soon. But he kissed her. He used his tongue, and he started fucking her with his mouth. He put his hands on her ass and pushed her against his body as he kissed her. He said in an appreciative daze, “That was fucking amazing.” He smiled at her, “You are amazing.”

She smiled at him and kissed him again, then said, “I like that big cock of yours. I want to fit the whole thing in my mouth though. I’m gonna need more practice.”

He grinned back at her and said, “You can practice all you want.”

She remembered that she needed to stop the pump after a few minutes and she jumped up and walked back over to the button she had pushed. Then she turned the whole pump system off. She went around to each lever she had moved before, then went over to the area of pipe that had been leaking. She asked Burt to bring her a wrench, and she tightened the bolts by the leak. Then she turned the pump back on.

The leak had stopped, and she went over to the gauges to see what they were reading, and they were almost back to normal. She looked at Burt and said, “I’m going to have to wait another 10 minutes or so to see if this normalizes.”

He walked over to her and put his arms around her again, began kissing her again, and then put his hand down the front of her pants, rubbing her pussy with all four fingers. He couldn’t believe how wet she was. He began kissing her neck and then he whispered into her ear, “Your turn.”

He pushed her so her back was against the pipes. The pipes were all at least 12 inches in diameter, and one lower pipe was about stool-height; she leaned on it so it could support most of her weight.

Burt pushed his body against hers, with his hand still down her pants. He said into her ear, “Take your shirt off.”

She took it off and threw it on the chair.

He let out a barely audible growl of desire, admiring her lean body in nothing but shorts and a lacy bra.

He pushed his lips against hers, kissed her again, kissing down her body, going from her neck to her breast, kissing her stomach, and her side. He put his mouth on her nipple, outside of her bra, and gently bit down, making her squirm with delight. He continued fingering her and said, “Take off your bra.”

She reached behind her and unclasped the lingerie, letting it slide sensuously down her shoulders. She dangled it in front of his face and then threw it to the chair as Burt pampered her nipples with soft kisses.

Then he unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down with her underwear. He threw her shorts and underwear on the chair too.

He stood back up, and took a moment to look at her. He shook his head and said, “You are so beautiful. And sexy.”

She smiled, a little embarrassed.

He pressed his body against hers again and said into her ear in a low, sexy voice, “I want to make you moan.”

She let out a little sigh of excitement and pushed her hips against escort tuzla his.

Burt put his hand back on her pussy, starting to put one finger inside, and he said into her ear, “I’m going to lick your pussy until you come all over my face.”

She pushed her hips into his hand, so that his finger sunk further into her wet, soft folds.

He moved down onto his knees, and he lifted one of her legs up so he could get good access to her pussy. He ran his hand up and down her thigh and said in appreciation, “You’re so fucking sexy.”

He moved his face right in front of her pussy, and then he used his hot breath and his lips to just barely stimulate her skin.

She let out a little moan. She wanted him so badly. He had shown her the other night that he was good at eating pussy, but he hadn’t done it for long. She had been too impatient because she wanted to feel his big cock instead. Tonight she was going to let him take his time and fuck her pussy with his tongue until she came. She couldn’t wait. It was almost a tease the way he was so tenderly breathing and just barely touching her at the moment.

She let out a little whimper. She wanted more. But she also really liked to be teased. Anticipation always got her really hot.

He finally started to use his mouth on her. He first licked from her opening up to her clit. He sucked her clit into his mouth, and rolled the little bead around with his tongue.

She was moving her hips in a very slow rhythm. She was trying to stay still enough to let him work his magic, but it was difficult because it felt so good.

Burt kept sucking her clit, and he moved his thumb into her pussy. She responded by pushing her hips into it and giving him encouraging moans.

She lifted her leg higher, and rested her foot on his shoulder, opening her pussy nice and wide for him.

He pulled his thumb out, and then moved his mouth to her opening again. He licked all around her hole, and then used his hands to spread her labia open. He pushed his face into her pussy, running his tongue in circles around the opening and pushing his tongue further in with each circle, until he was pushing his tongue into her pussy as far as he could.

She was obviously enjoying it, as she was pushing her hips into his face, and she had one hand on the back of his head pushing his face into her pussy.

She liked running her fingers through his short hair while he fucked her pussy with his tongue.

He looked up at her and said, “Can you lean back and put both legs up?”

She smiled, because he liked the idea of giving him even better access down there.

She leaned back and put more weight on the pipe. She wasn’t worried about the pipe holding her weight, because she had sat on these pipes several times while waiting for water to cycle through.

She put her other foot up on his shoulder, and spread her knees far apart. She thought about how surprisingly comfortable she was. She liked that she was putting a lot of weight on him, but he didn’t seem to mind. She thought she’d check anyway, and said, “Is that too much weight on you?”

He gave her an are-you-serious look, and said, “Please. It’s nothing. Plus I like knowing that I’m holding you up. It’s really sexy.”

He looked back down at her pussy and ass hole right in front of his face and said, “This is really sexy.”

He leaned his head in and kissed the little bit of ass cheek closest to her pussy. Then he gave it a soft bite.

She said, “Yes. Do it again.”

So he bit her ass cheek again, and then moved to another spot and kissed it, sucked it, then bit it.

She said, “Mmmmm. Yes. Harder.”

So he moved to the other cheek and kissed, sucked, then bit a little harder, then sucked it again.

She moaned in appreciation.

Then he really wanted to lick her ass hole, but he thought he should ask first. “Can I lick your asshole?”

She said, “You can do whatever you want. It all feels so good, and you’re so fucking good at it.”

He decided to play with her ass cheeks some more, sucking and biting his way to her asshole. Then he licked her ass crack, going right over her asshole.

She moaned again.

After licking her ass crack a few more times, he concentrated on her hole. He circled his tongue around her asshole, and then started to put more and more pressure on it.

In response, she started pushing her hips out, which put more weight on his shoulders.

He liked holding more of her weight. It made him feel strong, and he knew he could hold her up all day. Especially if this is what he got to do in the meantime.

Then he licked the skin in between her asshole and pussy. He sucked it into his mouth and put it between his teeth.

She let out a surprised whimper, which made him smile and let out a small laugh into her skin.

He looked up at her and said, “Did you like that?”

She knew that he already knew the answer to that question. She nodded and said, “It was interesting. But I liked it.”

He leaned his face back into her skin and sucked on the same piece of skin one more time before moving up to her pussy lips. He sucked one of her labia into his mouth, and then put it in between his teeth.

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