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August Ames

Gretchen and I met through her work. She was employed by a religious organization in a right to work state. We developed a good friendship, and eventually, she asked if I’d like to meet her for lunch one day. When we met, was already seated and waiting on me. She quietly advised me that what was in her frosted water glass was not water. I took the glass and took a sip. It was white wine. I asked the waitress for the “same water” my friend was drinking.

It was an act of trust for Gretchen to let me know that she was drinking wine. If her employers found out that she was consuming alcohol, she could have been fired. It was, after all, a very conservative religious organization and a right-to-work state.

As we talked, she revealed some of the issues she was having with her husband’s abuse of alcohol. It became clear that she was looking for some type of outlet, but I don’t think either of us was sure yet what that outlet would be.

After a couple of glasses of “water,” I suggested that we leave the restaurant. We drove down the road a few miles, and when I pulled into a drive to turn around, I reached over and kissed her. She responded with appropriate restraint but with sufficient interest to let me know that she would be open to our meeting again.

Over time, out meetings became more frequent and somewhat more involved. The first contact other than lips was for me to rub the tips of her ample breasts with my palms. I did so with the slightest of pressure, so as to arouse but not to alarm. To my delight, she did not resist or object. We were always in the car and in a public place, so little more could be done. Finally, I slipped my hand inside her bra and massaged her nipple between my index finger and my middle finger. Her only objection was to ask, “What are you doing?”

I replied, just giving you a little massage. She said, “Stop it,” but in a manner that assured me that the objection was only ceremonial. I continued to massage for a few minutes. Then, as I removed my hand, I slipped it under her dress and attempted to massage there, however, she was wearing the modern equivalent of a chastity belt. She had on a girdle. Why she wore a girdle was beyond me. She had the natural breasts of a Dolly Parton but with a slender waist and a small and delicious set of hips.

She broke our first date to meet at a motel, but the second one was on Valetine’s Day. She was too shy about the event to allow me to see her undress, and she wanted to wear something special, so she made me wait in the car while she changed into a sexy gown.

When she opened the door and motioned me in, I came in to find her in a pink semi-transparent gown with matching pink panties. Her breasts, although not clearly seen, were certainly visible. After lots of kissing and caressing, I removed her gown and proceed to provide stimulation to her nipples with both my hands and my mouth. Realizing that she was still very nervous, I turned her to the side of the bed and got on the floor on my knees.

With one hand, I continued to massage her clit while I attempted to put a condom on with the other. Somehow, I was afraid that the sight of the condom would cause her to panic and would rob me of the pleasure I was about to have. As I finally succeeded in getting the condom on, I pulled her pink panties to the right and began to lick her clit. When she climaxed, I rose up and entered her with the panties still pulled to the side.

After a couple of minutes in that position, I got onto the bed and turned her so that her head was at the head of the bed. As I placed my hands inside the elastic of the panties, she lifted her hips off the mattress to allow me to remove her panties. I always think of that act as “helping me get to her pussy.”

Her breasts are natural and very ample, and it was a special thrill to me to see them rocking toward her head and toward her waist in sync with my thrusts. Finally, I exploded with pleasure and satisfied my sexual desire. We bostancı escort bayan lay naked in the bed for hours just talking and enjoying the afternoon. Then it was time for her to go home to her husband.

Over time, our meetings became more frequent and more intense. Many mornings, I would wake up because of movement in my bedroom. I would open my eyes to see her removing her dress or her bra. On those mornings, she would wait until her husband left for work, then she would throw herself together, getting ready for work and would drop by my apartment for sex before work. I took perverse pleasure in knowing that the men in her office, conservative though they were, were men nevertheless. There was no way they could watch her walk down the hallway without being aware that she had a fantastic figure. The perverse part of my thinking was how that as they stole a glance at her, they had no way of knowing that she was walking down the hall with my cum inside her pink little pussy. She was Miss Prim and Proper at work and the hottest little slut I’ve ever had on her way to work.

Over time, we slept in each other’s bed. We took weekend trips together. We spent almost every Saturday together. We even began to frequent a nudist resort on occasion. Our first trip there revealed to me a bit of how much of an exhibitionist she was. Although it took her 30 minutes to get brave enough to come out of her beach coverup and to go completely nude, she was fairly comfortable with being nude. As we strolled up toward the rec center and café, we encountered a workman who was wearing shorts. I pointed out to her that there was someone present who wasn’t nude and asked if she wanted her coverup. “No, that’s okay.” Her response was a bizarre turnon for me.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but she was an old hand at letting her body be seen. She had often gone to the beach with her older sister and grandmother. Germans think nothing of nudity, and so all three of them would lie totally naked on the beach.

As a young wife and mother, in her early 20’s, she would often take advantage of a sunroom and sunbathe in the nude. Two brothers lived next door. More than once, she caught them enjoying her nude body, but instead of getting up, she would just lie there and ignore them.

When we played pool in the rec area, we were almost always alone. Nevertheless, since there were families who lived on the property, so took precautions so as not to encounter them when nude. I took tremendous delight, when we were alone, in letting her set up for a shot which required her to lean over and raise one leg. Then I would take my cue stick and lift the bottom of her coverup, exposing both her rear and her pussy. The fact that her pussy hair was the same blonde as the hair on her head was always a turnon.

I had a house built, and to help with the expenses, I rented a room out to a retired gentleman who had recently gone through a divorce. He was in his early 70’s but was lively and active. One day after Gretchen and I had spent some time in the bedroom, she put her panties back on and stood there looking like every man’s dream. She asked me, “Do you dare me to go fix a drink wearing just this?” Part of me knew that if she did, I’d be dialing my renter and telling him to come to the kitchen immediately. Part of me wanted her to and part of me wanted to protect her by not making him think less of her. He knew that we were having an affair and that she was married. Still, he seemed to have a lot of respect for her, and I didn’t want that to end. I told her why it wouldn’t have been a good idea, but I’ve often fantasized about what might have happened: of her being surprised, along with him. Of me having her fix him a drink and serve it. Of me talking about her cute little butt and giving her a wedgie. Of me asking her how much she was willing to show him to prove that she was a natural blonde. Of me giving her a front wedgie that would show everything but ümraniye escort the clit. However, she slipped on a top and went in with panties and a top.

We often talked about how much I would enjoy having sex with her in front of other people. She agreed to it but never agreed that “now” was the appropriate time. Another fantasy was for her to put on a very lightweight skirt on a windy day and to wear no panties. When she had to be out of the office to go to the bank to transfer a CD or some other activity, she would get out into the wind and allow nature to give people a thrill. I would be in the car watching. However, that was one fantasy we never got around to.

On one occasion, she talked about quitting her job and working as a stripper. I asked her if she would be comfortable getting on stage and showing everything in that setting. She argued that a stripper didn’t have to take everything off, just her top. After arguing back and forth we went (on her lunch break) to a strip club, and she watched several of the girls strip down to only one garter and shake their butts and pussies only two feet from our faces. After that, she decided to limit her full frontal nudity to the bedroom and the nudist resort.

One week, I had to attend a conference. It was local, but the organization provided a room, so I drove about 30 miles and attended the conference. Gretchen came over to my motel one afternoon to add a little spice to the conference since the location was between her office and her house.

Then, as the conference closed, another guy at the conference asked if I could give him a ride to the airport. I agreed, but then he told me that he had about four hours before his flight left. Gretchen was coming by my house that afternoon. The schedule was perfect. My new friend, we’ll call him Ted, was at the house with me when Gretchen came in. Introductions were made, and as we settled down in the living room, I pulled Gretchen onto my lap. After several kisses, my hands began roaming. Although she still wore the girdles, I still enjoyed the feel of her leg. When she realized that we were performing, she said, “Wait a minute,” and removed my hand. After the second time she had to remove my hand, she excused herself to go to the bathroom. I followed.

After watching her get onto and off the commode, I started trying to get her to go back in with her girdle and panties removed. I was planning for nothing more than a little pussy flash. After two or three minutes of protesting and pleading (back and forth), she reached under her dress and removed both items. She stepped out of the panties and picked them and the girdle up. Just as she was folding them over, Ted appeared at the open door to the bedroom.

Startled, Gretchen swung around to obscure the undergarments and to place them on the dresser. Ted closed the door, but my renter was at the other end of the house doing some computer work so I told Ted that I needed the door open and needed him standing at the door as a lookout. That accomplished, I turned Gretchen toward me with her back to Ted.

I kissed her passionately, and she responded likewise. I put one hand on each buttock and used my right hand to lift up a finger’s length of her dress. Then I did the same with the other hand. There was no way for her not to know that I was, a few inches at a time, lifting her skirt and showing her off. Finally, I had the skirt fully lifted and put my hands on her cute buns. I had never looked at Ted, but I knew that he was getting one fantastic eyeful. I held her there for maybe a full minute before I let the dress fall down into place.

Then I turned Gretchen around and tilted her head back onto my chest. I kissed her from behind and ran my hands over her breasts and down to the front of her hips. I again began the dress lifting, this time with Ted directly in front of Gretchen and about six feet away. Again by slow inches, the dress was hoisted. The knees showed, then inch by inch, escort kartal the thighs. Then the first blond hairs of her pussy came into view. Ted’s eyes were locked onto her pussy like a missile. Finally, I had her dress skirt completely in my hands at her waist with everything below there fully exposed. Her shapely legs and blonde muff were on full display.

It was such a rush for me. She had a husband at home, but I was her lover, and she was allowing me to show her off to another man who obviously wanted her but couldn’t have her.

Then the unexpected happened. Ted walked over and knelt down in front of Gretchen. He began to lick her clit. She looked up at me with a look that was a combination of surprise and fear. Yet, she stood there and accepted it. It was only later that I found out that he had also put his finger inside her pussy and was fingering her while he was eating her.

After a few moments, I sent him back to close the door. I unzipped my pants, and Gretchen fell to her knees and took me into her mouth. Ted then came back and began to unbutton the dress. Gretchen stood there and submitted as the dress was loosened and as her bra was unsnapped. Then Ted helped himself to a meal of her left breast.

I figured that since Ted had seen everything Gretchen had, she was okay with what was happening. I took Gretchen to the bed and lay her down. While I kissed her lips, sucked on her right breast, and stimulated her clit, Ted sucked her left breast for dear life. I felt the shudder of her body as she climaxed. I asked her, “How do you want it?”

Her favorite position had always been face down with a pillow beneath her pelvis. However, that day, she chose to stay on her back. It was then that I knew that she was enjoying herself in spite of the look of fear that had been in her eyes earlier. She WANTED Ted to get a full view of her being fucked.

She still had her dress on, but it was wadded about her waist with everything above and below the waist fully exposed. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and raised her legs. With Ted watching, I inserted the head of my penis and let her juices lubricate it. Ted paused sucking on her breast to watch the penetration. Then I inserted deeper. By the third stroke, I was making full penetration, and leaned over to take the breast farthest from Ted. For a minute or so, Gretchen was getting laid with each breast in a different man’s mouth. Gretchen closed her eyes and began to breathe heavily with her lips slightly parted.

Then I still up and began to pound Gretchen’s golden haired cunt. It was such a thrill to be fucking her with an audience. I knew that what we were doing was totally perverse, but I had never enjoyed an act of sex so much in my entire life. Ted held tightly to one breast while the other rocked up and down with each thrust. I held Gretchen’s legs in the air by the ankles, ensuring that Ted had a good view of her pussy as it was being pumped. As I felt my climax starting, I pushed deep within with all of my strength and shot my cum as far up her as possible. When I pulled out, she cupped her cunt with her hand to keep the cum from running wild and said, “Okay, now you two get out of here and let me go to the bathroom.”

Normally, I would have washed once I left the bed, but at Gretchen’s bidding, I put my shorts on without washing her juices off me and stepped into my pants. After several minutes, Gretchen walked into the living room with no apparent embarrassment. She walked over to Ted and kissed him on the cheek. Then she walked into the third bedroom, a room both my renter and I used as an office, and gave him a peck on the cheek. I think he was more shocked over that kiss than Ted was over the scene in the bedroom. Then, freshly fucked, she came and sat down beside me on the sofa, and we resumed our conversations as if nothing happened. Then I left to take Ted to the airport, and Gretchen took her adventurous cunt home to her husband.

I don’t know what was going on between Gretchen and her husband during all this time, but I do know that after she and I stopped seeing each other, they separated. When they did, she called me and asked if I still wanted her. I did. We’ve been married and screwing each other ever since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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