Sea Sickness Ch. 07

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Alexis and Ryan were learning a bit of self-control. Ryan had rowed them out there, his eyes glancing from his sister’s coy grin to his mother’s receding silhouette off the backside of the yacht. By the time they reached shore, she was a small figure, but one that still threatened his secret so he decided not to make an immediate move towards his sister until they had cleared a small sand dune that peaked on the beach. Once safely out of eyeshot, there was no need for propriety.

He had just reached the bottom of the other side and was about to turn and pounce on Alexis, but she got to him first. The sudden whoosh of his shorts and the caress of a warm breeze on his balls notified him that Alexis was eager for the opportunity to screw once more.

Alexis had been extraordinarily wet, waiting for the chance to slide onto her brother’s cock. The night before had provided a new set of adventures, but she had woken to the longing to be filled and fingers or tongues could not remedy that cry. In the sand she dropped to her knees before her brother as he awkwardly pivoted to her, his shorts tripping him up.

By the time Ryan made it around, his sister’s eyes were watching him and her hands were cupped and ready for the presentation of his penis. Ryan was not used to seeing his sister behave in such a wanton way, but he had no objections to offer as her mouth opened and her tongue slid its way up his flaccid length. One of his hands meandered to her hair and pulled it up out of the way of the vision of his sister working to harden his cock.

Alexis loved the control she had on her knees before her brother. Already his warm penis was hardening and growing beneath the gentle touch of her lips and tongue. She felt her hair pulled back from her face and mouth, and determined to put on a show that would be worth watching. Slowly the rod in her hand worked its way up to its full eight inch length.

Ryan was beginning to thrust his cock at his sister’s mouth as it reached its full size. He liked the soft touch of her teasing, but wanted more. He had waited too long, fantasized too much, to have the tortured foreplay be prolonged. With another coy glance from his kneeling sister, his cock was allowed entrance into the warm recess of her mouth.

Alexis grinned as the cock slid into her mouth, its wide circumference stretching her lips apart and pushing her tongue to the bottom of her jaw. With Ryan’s hand still firmly on the back of her head and with his eyes burning a hole into her mouth, Alexis began to eagerly suck on the length of the cock, striving to take it deeper then ever before.

Ryan happily obliged, pushing the wide helmet of his penis deeper and deeper into her mouth, until he felt a small breath of air flow over his shaft as it reached the back of her mouth and pressed into her throat. Unsure if she would allow him further, he waited, hips twitching for some affirmation from her.

Alexis was a bit nervous about going deeper on the cock’s length, but she desperately wanted to try. Her eyes began to water as the penis lingered in her mouth, waiting for her decision. Mustering up some courage and inhaling through her nose, she dove downward on his length. The head of the penis popped into her throat and began to work its way downward. She struggled to contain her gag reflex as the salty flavored meat began to thrust gently back and forth. When she looked up again at her brother, his head was tilted skyward and his chest heaved with excitement.

Ryan savored the depth and tightness of his penis inside his older sister’s mouth. As he slowly pulled his cock backwards, he mentally detailed every aspect of his penis there; the slight tugging sensation over his foreskin, the texture of her tongue on his head, the light grazing of her teeth over his shaft.

His hips would provide a quick forward thrust that countered Alexis’ more deliberate bobbing. His penis never quite exited Alexis’ throat so it soon became apparent that she would need a chance to breath without its intrusion. Alexis’ hand continued to work itself up and down the length of his shaft, which was now covered in her saliva, as she withdrew. She caught her breath, allowing momentary pauses for her tongue to once again reach out and caress his sensitive length. Her spare hand petted the heavy balls that were pulled tightly up in scrotum, eager to release their load.

The combination of her active hands and gentle tongue would send Ryan into the familiar realm of orgasm. Alexis slurped down the first few shots of his cum, but pumped the remaining load onto her face. She enjoyed the sensation of the hot steamy fluid dripping from one portion of her face to the next. While Ryan watched, his cock still twitching, she would gather one glob of the fluid with a single finger and swallow it quickly in the moist red embrace of her mouth.

Ryan would groan with excited frustration as his sister continued her show and drank down his seed. She was truly an angel.

His own needs satisfied, Ryan sunk to his dvd full porno knees, so that he and his sister’s bodies aligned. Ryan nibbled lightly on her ear lobes, triumphantly listening to his sister’s gasps, and feeling the crush of her body press into his own.

His softening rod was pressed into her stomach, slightly above her pubis, and below the soft fleshy crush of her tits into his chest. His foreplay over her erogenous zones would continue until he was certain she was ready.

Alexis vocally encouraged him to go farther.

“Take me. Please, Ryan, fuck me. I’m so wet and I’ve been waiting for so long since our last time.” She used her right hand to separate her pussy lips and display the large fluid content which coated their surface. “Please, fuck me doggy style. I love being taken by you. Just fuck me.”

She turned and presented herself to him. Ryan’s hands went out to her perfectly smooth ass and traced over its curvature lightly. Ryan’s dick was still rebounding from its earlier release and he suddenly felt the pressure to stall. As his sister watched, her head bent over her shoulder, he slipped into a position all fours, but with his head directed towards her cleft and the meeting of her ass cheeks.

At first Ryan simply slipped his forefinger into her waiting twat. It was face down and once inside he hooked it downwards, pressing it into the top wall of her vaginal tunnel. Then with a slow gentle stroking motion, he began to frig her. Alexis’ hips squirmed farther onto the single digit as she worked to maximize its utility. The finger was easily long enough to slide over her G-spot and back again. As her desire increased so would her pace.

“God, Ryan that’s great. You’re hitting me perfectly. Shit. That is great. Faster, Ryan,” she instructed.

Ryan would obey his sister’s instructions, his forefinger working overtime to bring her fulfillment. On one back thrust he would slide another finger alongside it, suddenly stretching her pussy a little farther. In tandem the two fingers would work to bring her off. Their width and length were a comfortable size, stretching Alexis just enough, and the bend Ryan held them in allowed them to repeatedly slip over her most sensitive of spots.

Eager for a taste of his sister, Ryan lowered his head the final three or four inches to her pussy and his tongue went to work around the fingers which intruded upon her depths. The furious lapping he unleashed over the flushed outer surface of her cunt caused Alexis to cry out repeatedly in pleasure. This only drove him onward.

“Ohhh. Wow. Oh, wow. Eat me, Ry. Lick me. That feels so good. Mmmm.”

Ryan added his thumb to the assault, sliding the suddenly rigid fifth finger over the outer folds of her pussy and onto her clit. Alexis found herself facing a four front assault. The inner-delving digits were unrelenting in their caress of her G-spot, while their length pulled at her needy folds, as his tongue licked her bald pussy clean of her fluids, and his thumb brought her clitoris to attention.

Still not fully accustomed to wanton sexual contact, Alexis was quickly overcome by her orgasm. In somewhat of an impulsive and unwise move, she buried her face in her hands and in the sand. Later, Ryan’s cum would carry dried flecks of sand up with it when she finally managed to withdraw her head from the ground. But her muffled cries and shaking body were enough to cause her to forget that detail.

His tongue energetically swallowed the new bursts of fluid that came from his sister’s depths. Her taste was sweet, with an underlying saltiness that brought memories of eating saltwater taffy with her when they were younger. Ryan had to control a near laugh at the recollection of that memory while he was face deep in her twat.

By now, his cock was back to attention and twitching at the opportunity to return to its most favorite of orifices. And as Alexis calmed from the orgasmic attack, he rose from his position and aligned the spear which darted from his groin to her pussy. One strong sharp thrust and half of it buried within her.

“Hhss,” Alexis exhaled as the precious piece of flesh stroked inward. “I missed you inside me, Ryan,” she exclaimed over her shoulder as Ryan paused to acclimate to the sudden heat and moisture of her pussy’s embrace. His next thrust would push the cock fully into his sister’s body, nothing separating them but soft rounded peaks of her buttocks.

Then the regular rhythm of a couple familiar with each other’s tolerance and bodies began. It would start with a slow gentle thrust and lean that emphasized the presence or absence of Ryan’s member within her. When he was pressing deeper, Alexis would feel completed. But as he slipped from her and her tunnel’s walls spasmed back in on each other, she would need more.

As this dance of wanting and fulfillment would continue so would the pace of their fucking. Ryan had watched porn for so long as he grew up that watching his sister’s body beneath him was ensest porno an integral aspect of his enjoyment of the sex. He loved the different positions and activities they had sampled because of the different snapshots that would linger with him forever.

Someday, he would record the sexual encounters and save them for review later on, but today he would just have to remember what his eyes could take in. And there was much for them to absorb.

Before him a world unfolded. The ocean began a dozen or so feet with lapping waves and aquamarine water. In the distance the white caps of the tide encountering an exposed reef formed a shifting line in the horizon. And as the white mineral sand crept from the water it rolled and dipped and sparkled beneath the sun’s bright gaze.

But the most precious and valued of visions was joined to his body. His sister’s long hair was swept sideways over her neck and a single shoulder by the wind. It would trail and pulse with a seeming life all its own as the ocean breeze caressed her body. Her eyes were closed and her lips were pursed in a contented smile. The gentle arc of her shoulders into her neck would tense as they braced against his thrusts. His eyes trailed over the indentation of her spine as her shoulders flexed inward, pushing her breasts forward and out into the dusty ground. Her backside flexed in tune to their sex, as his hips impacted them and caused them to shudder momentarily. They would be stilled by the subtle clench of her muscles as she pulled forward then pressed backwards.

Ryan celebrated his luck, and the circumstances which had given him these opportunities. Alexis celebrated her own luck and love and lust beneath him. Her pussy had never quite been given the opportunity to relax, and the ongoing stimulation of her brother’s penis and thrusts were pushing her back towards another orgasm.

Beneath him, Ryan could sense that Alexis was nearing release. She was trying to slow his thrusts and control the amount of contact his body had with her most sensitive areas. Knowing she was attempting to prolong the delay before orgasm just challenged him. Ryan gripped her hips a little more tightly and pulled them farther up on his waist, so that his cock was given deeper access.

Then with quick full length plunges, Ryan began to fuck his sister in earnest. His body temperature would rise as his muscles worked to push he and his sibling over the edge. Over and over his penis would withdraw then plunge back forward. Her pink lips would swallow its entirety each time, covering it in a glistening liquid coat.

It would not take long under the new pace for Ryan to lose control of his body and he would cum first. With added urgency he fucked in and out of his sister’s pussy, bursts of his hot fluid filling her twat. Alexis would not survive the added lubrication and the faster thrusts. With another cry of bliss she would bury her face in her hands on the ground and ride out her passion’s victorious reveling.

Together, the young couple would gently thrust until their appetites for sex were temporarily sated. Then they would part and fall to the ground. The private areas would be covered in an abrasive sandy coating as their bodies’ excretions stuck to it. But in the peaceful and perfectly tuned world where they rested, such things were okay.

When the young brother and sister managed to push themselves from the ground, they would race nude to the water’s edge. Then into the warm tropical waters they would plunge, frolicking and swimming with one another. Every meeting of their bodies would result in an electric spark and in coy glances or comments. But they would also learn about one another, their secrets and hopes for the future, their fears and dreams, and silly little things that made them who they were.

Being so contented with one another’s company, they would forget about the storm warnings and their instructions to return to the boat. They would not remember until a steady strong burst of wind would start to kick across the water and blow through the trees on the island.

Ryan, worried slightly, pulled his reluctant older sister from the water and guided them up the shore. Alexis, not quite ready to abandon Paradise, begged to at least explore the island a bit further. Not one to appear afraid in front of his lover, Ryan would agree. Together they would scamper farther down the shoreline, ignorant of the storm that headed closer and closer their way.

Their playful flirtations would take them into a more heavily wooded alcove of the small island. A childish game of hide and seek took place over a period of twenty minutes that ended with the siblings lying entwined in a depression in the ground beneath a fallen log.

Ryan had been the seeker and Alexis had been hidden. In the woods, their skin stood out against the lush green foliage, but she had found the small ditch and hidden beneath the log and covered herself with a number of loose leaves. She was pleased with her fake agents porno hiding spot, as the game had been rather quick and easy up until then. Ryan had found her, when she had giggled up from her resting place. He had strolled out onto the log above her using it as a vantage point. His puzzled looks and the sight of his penis head popping into view over the trunk of the tree had made her laugh.

Ryan had immediately recognized where it had come from, and had dropped to the ground over her. A short tickle fight had ensued as the eager couple could not resist the urge to be in contact with one another. The tickling would evolve into light foreplay as hands grazed areas that had little ticklishness to them. Soon mouths would meet, as would other portions of their bodies. For the second time that afternoon, Ryan and his sister Alexis gave in to the passionate desires which governed their fate.

Their sex would last longer then the earlier round, Ryan having relaxed much of the intensity of his need. Instead, the two were able to savor the sensations of one another’s bodies and the minutiae which joined them together. Alexis would ride her brother, sitting astride him, slowly and deliberately. Their loving gaze would not be broken and only the sound of winds tearing through the brush overhead affected their rhythm. As heavy rains began to penetrate even the deepest brushed of areas, the two would come together, their cries echoing out into the jungle and disappearing beneath the sound of the storm.

One person would hear that cry and would react as impulse guided her too.

Sandra did as instinct told her too. She ran for the cluster of brush and trees from which the cries had echoed. She recognized the sound of the voices, but not the tone, and could only believe that her children were in danger.

She had been aboard the boat with Simone for the better part of three hours, waiting for her kids to return. At first she and the first mate had simply talked about the weather, the trip- anything but the death of their captain. When the dam finally did break the two women had come together in a way that would have made Allyson proud. The shared experience of her company and her touch had been the tipping point.

The mother and her partner had been heavily caressing one another’s bodies and admiring the distinct differences in their beauty, when the first of the truly powerful gusts had hit the side of the yacht. Even the large boat could not resist the need to rock heavily in the water as torrential downpours joined the assault. Sandra suddenly became intimately aware that her kids had not yet returned from their trip to the small island.

The thought had jolted her from the embrace of the younger and had driven her towards the deck of the boat. A concerned Simone had followed, only to discover the older woman trying to lower the remaining life raft into the water. Her inexperience shone through, and only with Simone’s help had she been able to board it, promising to return.

Simone had been reluctant to let Sandra go for more then one reason. First, she knew that the waves would be treacherous and even the short trip could be fatal. Secondly, she was concerned about what position Sandra would find her son and daughter in when she arrived. And thirdly, she desperately wanted to be touched by the attractive woman- to feel the gentle touch of a female tongue over her most private of areas. But all she could do was watch.

Sandra had snaked the boat through the water, using a small outboard motor to propel herself onward. The journey towards the island had been quick- the powerful waves had carried the boat on their crests and practically thrown it onto shore. The moment the small boards of the boat had touched ground, Sandra had jumped free and raced over the crest on the hill. She had looked where she had last seen their heads disappear and had only found a pair of flip-flops floating on the water. They were Alexis’. This sight only tortured the mother further and she had nearly dived into the open ocean which was now hammering the exposed shore. But then she heard the cry and she knew her kids were alive, at least temporarily.

As a mother, she had learned each of her children’s cries, screams, laughs, and shouts. But this was one she was not accustomed too and that scared her more then any of the others.

Now completely drenched, her long hair trailing over her face and shoulders, Sandra darted into the wooded area. At first she had run in what seemed like an endless circle, hoping for some clue as to there whereabouts. But with the wind’s ever-growing shriek, her cries were incapable of reaching anyone. She was about to head back towards shore and search for them along its coast line, when she saw the lightly tanned foot of her youngest child sticking from a hole in the ground. A large tree trunk arced over it, and Sandra feared the worst.

With surprising speed and agility she closed the final few feet towards what she could only assume was the body of her son. And when she saw the legs of her daughter sticking from beneath it, her fears were only magnified. Sandra’s heart broke in her chest as she stepped closer. But when one of Alexis’ legs moved, Sandra dove to the depression her hands reaching out for her child.

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