Scott’s Flashback Fantasies Ch. 01

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Author’s note: For those who’ve read my stories before, you already know part of what I’m about to say- all characters within this story are real, but names have been changed, including mine. Also, everyone in these stories are at least 18 years old and have been for some time.

But this story will have a bit of a twist: for once, it’s not all an actual memory of me getting lucky, merely a fantasy based off a real event in my past. That said, hope you guys enjoy!


Senior prom. Everyone who went to one remembers it, right? I definitely do, at least. I went with my girlfriend at the time, Bristal, who I had been dating since right before school had started back over eight months prior.

Just how Bristal looks is enough to remember being with her regardless of the occasion. Blue-eyed blond who’s hair trailed down to just above her C cup chest, five foot, eight inches in height, and a wonderfully fit body thanks to her commitments to softball and soccer. But I recall how my heart skipped a beat (maybe more like five) when I had first laid eyes on her on prom day, when we were meeting our friends for the traditional pre-dance photos at a plantation in the southern part of the county. She’d curled her hair to where they cascaded down onto her shoulders, and wore a sleeveless, flowing purple dress that went down to her ankles and, of course, matched the cheesy little bow-tie I had donned for the occasion, along with the annoying suit.

We had a blast at prom, dancing together and hanging out with our friends. But the fun we had at the after-prom party is where today’s tale takes place at.

Those who’ve read my previous pieces may recall the party I’d once attended at Jackson’s place, an enormous plantation house. Conveniently, his parents were gone for the weekend due to business dealings elsewhere, and Jackson gave my group of friends license to have our after party at his home, leaving to stay with a friend of his once most of us showed up. We’d all be staying the night there as well.

Me and Bristal, Brent and Claire, Devin and one of the tennis girls whose name I can’t remember, Heather and Chad, and about a half dozen or so other couples all showed up. We all hung out, chatting, watching TV, eating snacks despite the late hour, drinking, a couple of people were also getting high off of Mary Jane. No dancing to music; we’d already done enough of that. First thing everyone did when they showed up was to go change into more casual clothes before reconvening in the gargantuan living room.

Eventually, one by one the present couples would say good night to the rest and stomp up the stairs to either the first or second floors, taking advantage of the multitude of spare bedrooms to get some privacy. Naturally, it was most likely already the early morning before anyone actually fell asleep.

Me and Bristal were some of the last to finally go up for some “shut eye.” Ignoring the muffled sounds of moaning girls and creaking beds on the second floor, we made our way up to the much quieter third floor. I led my girl next door to the bedroom in which, just over a year ago at the time, I had fucked Heather while under the watchful eyes of Kat. Once inside, we began to slowly make out and undress each other. We both felt a slightly heady rush of nervous excitement as we did so: me and Bristal hadn’t made love since Valentine’s Day date night over a month before- we didn’t really get to have sex that often, really.

Tonight would a little extra special. For the first time in our relationship, Bristal had told me NOT to wear a condom. We’d used protection even back in February, as well as after Homecoming dance in October.

“Are you sure?” I had asked her when we discussed this a little over a week before.

“Yes, Scott. Prom night’s during my period. And I want to have you inside me unprotected this time, as it is,” she replied. She laughed at my reaction, which was to brush uncomfortably at my rapidly hardening tool, growing at the thought of being free of a rubber prison.

It hadn’t been nearly as hard then as it was as Bristal went to her knees and pulled my boxers down to the floor. She smiled up at me as she took a firm hold on my erect member, stroked a couple of times, then wrapped her lips around it.

This was only the second time Bristal had ever given me a blowjob, but I wouldn’t have been able to tell if I didn’t know otherwise. She’s doing everything right, bobbing bostancı escort bayan her head up and down on me, rolling her tongue all over my mushroom head and frenulum, occasionally taking the time to suck on my balls, everything. It can’t have been even two minutes before I have to stop her: my load is getting ready to let fly.

“C’mon, get up and lay on the bed,” I tell her. She gets up and does as she’s told, spreading her legs wide and grabbing hold of her ankles as I kneel before her and return the favor. Her flower is almost completely wide open in anticipation, and is also very, very wet.

She gets wetter still as I eat and lick her out, and before long she has her first orgasm of the night. Bristal screams and moans as her pussy sprays me in the face.

“P-put your- your cock in me, baby!” she begs, struggling for air.

I climb onto the bed and push Bristal to where her head is on a pillow, then, after fondling her breasts for a moment, insert myself into her slit. We groan with pleasure at the same time as I slide in.

Balancing on my elbows, I stroke into her, going deeper each time until I’m balls deep. Bristal wraps her legs around my and grabs onto my shoulders.

“Do it, Scott,” she whispers. “Take me. Cum for me, babe.”

Eager to please, I start pulling almost all the way out before sliding all the way back inside her, ensuring that I grind on her g-spot on the way back in. Pretty soon I can feel her legs starting to shiver again, the first tell-tale sign she’s getting close to orgasm.

The realization of this, coupled with both Bristal’s exhortations for me to keep going and the knowledge that I get to cum inside her, combine to make me extremely excited. I pick up the pace until there’s barely a moment’s break between both the sounds of my engorged balls smacking against Bristal’s juicy ass, and also her increasingly louder moans.

The pressure in our love organs breaches the limit, and we both cum hard together. We try to stare into each other’s eyes as we experience heaven, but Bristal’s eyes roll up reflexively into her head as she squeals, digs her nails into my back, and meets my pelvic thrusts with her own as she milks me dry for the first time ever.

Once fully spent, I roll to the side to lie next to my girl to catch my breath.

One look at Bristal tells me she’s about to pass out. She’s gazing at me with love, lust, and contentment, gasping for air. Then she closes her eyes and her head eases down.

As my heart rate recedes to normal levels, I take the time to stare at my girlfriend, thinking of how beautiful and peaceful she looks as she sleeps, and also feel up on her bouncy tits. I also take note of how unusually long it takes for some of my seed to start leaking out of her moist pussy. I hope she was right about her period.

I can hear others still getting it on elsewhere in the house through the walls.

After a few minutes laying there, I feel the urge to go and pee. There’s no bathroom attached to this bedroom like the one I’d been in last year, so I have to go out onto the landing. I don’t bother dressing in even just my underwear for the trip: most everyone seems to be busy in their rooms, and in any case, no one will particularly care if we see each other nude.

I don’t notice that the loo is already taken until I’m right at the door. No worries, though, as I can hear the toilet flushing and whoever’s in there is washing their hands at the sink. I lean against the wall, cross my arms, and wait.

The door opens, and out steps Rebekah in her birthday suit.

Rebekah was a senior like me and Bristal and had also been on the competition cheer squad for all of high school- she would later earn a scholarship to cheer for an SEC college. She’s pretty tall, somewhere around 5 feet 9 inches in height, with endless legs to match Heather’s, and has watery blue eyes, red lipstick, and jet black hair. Normally she leaves it in it’s natural tightly curled state, but for prom she’d had her hair done to where it still curls, but in a more gracefully slow manner down to her chest.

She had looked amazing at the dance, with some soft golden-yellow dress that reminds me of what upper-class Antebellum Southern girls may have worn (especially the big, poofy skirt that falls all the way to the floor), only without any shoulder strap or sleeves, completely exposing her shoulders and some cleavage for her B-cup breasts.

Of ümraniye escort course, none of that is on right now, revealing how remarkably tan her whole body is apart from where her underwear would be.

She spots me, does a surprised double-take, and jumps back into the bathroom, hiding her privates with her hands and arms.

“It’s just me, Rebekah,” I say, chuckling.

She slowly steps out, and even lowers her arms. A shy smile plays across her lips.

“Scott! You scared me!” Rebekah giggles.

“Sorry,” I grin, glancing up and down her body. I notice her womanhood bears the signs of having been recently penetrated and used by her date. Can’t remember his name, or even what he looked liked. But knowing Rebekah, he was probably yet another one of the many self-absorbed baseball players from either our school or one of the private schools in a nearby county.

She keeps smiling and even looks me up and down as well. Her eyes come to a halt to take in the sight of my cock, which is starting to rise as though it wanted to look up at her as well. Rebekah swallows, clearly liking what she sees.

She nods in the direction of the bathroom. “Would you like to join me in here, Scott? Let’s just be short about it, so we’re not caught,” she sounds nervously eager, even steps closer to me. Her hand even twitches funnily, as though she’d just checked herself from grabbing my member.

Not sure what I may have done to get an opportunity like this with Rebekah. I can only assume the hormones are still running through her body and she’s not satisfied with her date.

I am SORELY tempted to take Rebekah up on having a quickie in there, but the part of me that lusts after this beauty before me is under vicious assault by the other part that is faithful to the girl I had just made love to mere minutes ago. As a result, I keep my arms folded against my chest rather than reach out for her. But man it’s hard to stay resolute, especially when Rebekah is clearly inviting me to take her.

Where my body and scruples hesitate, my fantasies absolutely do NOT. I can still picture in my head what I couldn’t help but imagine doing in my mind’s eye. . . .

In my head, I do place my hands on her waist and lean in for a deep kiss. Rebekah responds enthusiastically, kissing back as she firmly moves my hands down to her ass. Once that’s done, she holds me by the back of my neck with one of her hands, by the back of my head with the other. She blindly guides me to the bathroom by walking backwards.

Once in, I close and lock the door without taking a break from making out with Rebekah. I pin her to the bright blue wall, and press my body against her. My tool is squished in the middle, so I grind it up and down against her ripped stomach. She giggles into my mouth as she wraps one of her gorgeous tan legs around me.

Trying to keep things quick, I then bring her over to the counter and lift her up onto it. Rebekah spreads her legs wide, exposing her pussy, still a little wet from the tryst with her earlier partner, inviting me in.

Conscious of the fact that some other dude’s dick had just been there, I don’t lean down to perform orally for Rebekah. Instead, I rub her clit with my hand while also pinching on her nipples. She closes her eyes and tosses her head back, gasping, moaning as she enjoys my attentions. As I speed up the pace at which I pleasure her down there, she first bites her lip, then covers her mouth with a hand n order to muffle the noise. In moments, she is slick with her fluids.

Satisfied with my efforts in exciting her, I pull Rebekah off the counter. “On your knees,” I whisper in her ear. She drops down and gets a hold on me.

Rebekah looks me in the eye and takes me into her mouth, making me groan as my mushroom head slides across her tongue towards the back of her throat. At no point during the blowjob does she ever look away from me: staring into her blue eyes as she sucks me off is extremely hot.

In reality, I’m not sure how much sexual experience Rebekah actually had at this point in life. But in my fantasy, she knows what to do and how to do it well. Taking me in as far as she can, sucking on my head and balls, licking up and down my shaft, the whole nine yards.

Before she can suck my nut out of me, I step back, and offer her my hand to help her up. Once she’s on her feet, I move Rebekah, bending her over the counter to where she’s mere inches escort kartal from being face-to-face with her reflection in the mirror. I note the ecstatic look on her face as I position myself behind her.

I rub my cock on her pussy’s lips and clit a couple times, then place my head in her slippery entrance; she shifts from side to side in anticipation. Then I stroke in.

“Mmhmm,” Rebekah moans as her eyes close. Then they fly back open and she “oh”s in shock as my member slides into previously unexplored depths within her, because of course in my fantasies I’m bigger than any other guy she’s ever fucked.

I bottom out inside her, hold still for a moment, then begin to slowly stroke in and out of her.

“Oh. Ohhh, yessss, Scott,” Rebekah purrs, looking up at me through the mirror with a wide smile. Within moments the smile disappears as I start making a lot of contact with her g-spot, replaced by the classic “oh” face. I speed up until I make her butt clap in approval of my efforts to tear this girl a new one.

She starts rubbing herself not long after I penetrate her.

Rebekah’s legs start quivering and trembling, and she’s making these cute little squeaking sounds with every other fast-paced thrust I make to get in her. Before long, it’s more than she can take.

“AAAHHHH!” she screams as her pussy contracts around me, squeezing me tightly and ejecting her cum all over my cock, legs, and the floor. As Rebekah cums, she fucks back at me.

After she comes back down from her euphoria, I pull out. Now I turn her around, squat down, and lift her up in my arms. My mistress giggles as she rises off her feet, wrapping her arms around my neck, and her legs around my hips again. I hold her up as she reaches down and slips my dick back into her slit.

I start bouncing her, once again filling the little bathroom with the sound of her booty clapping with each thrust. This time, though, the pace is much slower, and I can feel the heat rising in my pelvic region.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” I grunt.

Rebekah merely moans as she digs canyons into my back with her red-painted nails. I’d take that as approval to go ahead.

I start thrusting up into her as fast and rough as I can. Her exclamations rise with the speed.

Just before I explode, I push Rebekah up against the wall and get as deep inside her as I can, then I let myself go. Rebekah’s eyes bug out and she cums once again. Her sex squeezes and milks me in a frantic attempt to draw as much of my seed up into her uterus. She eggs me on.

It wouldn’t be a fantasy without a creampie.

I wouldn’t be MY fantasy without us cumming together. . . .

All of this flashes through my mind in a split second as I stand there, undecided on whether to screw her or not.

“Scott?” Rebekah whispers my name encouragingly. She places her hands on my shoulders.

I reach up slowly and take her hands off of me and shake my head.

“Sorry, Rebekah. You’re sexy and beautiful, and I do want to do it with you. But I’m taken, and I do love Bristal. I’m not going behind her back,” I say to her.

Rebekah looks down and to the side and slumps her shoulders a bit. She looks back up at me and nods.

“Okay. I’m kinda disappointed, Scott. I’ve heard you used to do a number on Chassidy and Heather a lot. I wish you would join me, though,” she says. She rubs her arm, not meeting my eye again. “Bristal’s very lucky to have you. And not just sexually.” She steps out of the way, giving me access to the bathroom.

I can’t help but grin as I step in. “Thanks. But it’s actually me who’s the lucky one. Good night.”

“Good night,” she replies as she walks away, and I close the door. I relieve myself of all the urine in me, wash up and head back to the room Bristal’s in.

It looks like she’s just woke back up as I walk in and close the door.

“Where were you, babe?” Bristal asks me in a sedated voice. She rubs at her pussy, still leaking my semen even as we speak.

I walk over and crawl across the bed to her. “I had to use the bathroom,” I say shortly. I get on top of her and kiss her. I position my hardening rod at her flower as she wraps her arms around me.

I whisper in her ear, making her giggle. “Now I have to use you, again.” I slide in to enjoy my love some more tonight.

Looking back, I don’t regret turning Rebekah down. Bristal was my girl, and it would’ve been against my principles to cheat on her- the benefits of doing Rebekah would never have outweighed the costs. However, since me and Bristal are no longer dating and have reconciled, if Rebekah were to ever want to meet up, I would definitely jump at the chance.


Hope everyone enjoyed. Thanks for reading!

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