School of Erotica Ch. 2

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As I walked up the sidewalk to the townhouse, I could feel my panties getting wet already. Last week had been an incredible experience. And the homework….well let’s just say it was completely satisfactorily.

A different young woman answered the door today. She introduced herself as Myra and was very petite, much shorter that my 5’7″ frame. And her breasts were beautiful. They had to be 38DDD. They were almost spilling out of her blouse. I couldn’t help but stare. I was so jealous. My breasts had never been my favorite asset.

Myra led me down the hallway to the office. Samantha met me and asked me to sit down. “How was your week?” she asked.

“Very enjoyable,” I replied, smiling. “The homework was completed.”

“That’s good. I hope you had some company to assist you.”

I added, “Oh, yes, my current boyfriend really got into the helping part. He thought it was great to watch me play with myself. He even got his camera out and filmed me one time. He really liked it when I used my dildo. Once, in fact, he fucked my mouth while I had the dildo in my pussy. It was like being with 2 guys.”

“Well, it seems that you are going to progress nicely in the program. If you can continue to have an open mind and attempt what we suggest, I think you will become much happier with your sex life and your body.” At this time Samantha stood and asked me to follow her down the hall.

We went past a couple of rooms and entered one that was bathed in a gentle light. The room had an aroma evident that I couldn’t identify. An incredibly large bed was located in the center of the room. As I stood staring at the furnishings Belinda entered. “I am happy to see you again. Let’s hope that today goes well.”

I looked over at her and smiled, remembering all the things she had encouraged from my body last week.

She added, “This week might me a little stressful for you because we are going into areas you haven’t really entered before.” At my startled look she continued, “Remember that our primary goal if for you to become extremely comfortable with your own body. Now try to relax. Get undressed and I’ll be back soon.”

Well, at least that part was the same. Here I am naked on a bed with someone watching me again. After I disrobed, I sat on the bed, bouncing a couple of times. Looking around the room I noticed small mirrors and wondered if they were 2-way mirrors. Was someone on the other side watching the proceedings in this room?

Belinda re-entered the room followed by another person. He was gorgeous! He had to be over 6 feet and around 250 pounds, but beautifully muscled. Boy, I’ll have bostancı escort bayan him fuck me any time. I was beginning to look forward to the session again.

Belinda introduced him as Tim. She explained that today’s focus was oral. “In order to understand yourself more fully, you have to be able to submit to allowing someone else control sometimes. In this exercise you are to lay back on the bed. Tim will bring you to orgasm while you simply submit. You are not allowed to touch yourself or Tim. I will be restraining your arms so that your are not tempted.” After that comment Belinda reached toward the headboard and retrieved some hidden wrist restraints.

“Are you sure this is necessary?” I asked rather frantically. Being restrained wasn’t something I had done before, and certainly not with a stranger.

“Now lay back and relax and enjoy,” Belinda said. “Remember our purpose in the classes.” And what I remembered was that all this was really for my job. I wasn’t paying for these sessions. I was sent here for a purpose. I laid back a submitted to being shackled.

Belinda sat in the lounge chair with her clipboard and Tim slid off his robe. The rest of him was just as impressive. He had a massive cock hidden in those shorts. Unfortunately, he kept them on.

Tim climbed onto the bed and took something from the bedside table. It was a feather. As he began to gently caress my arms. It seemed really strange that he started there. I was used to a guy wanting to go straight down on me. The feather sort of tickled as he ran it slowly and gently up my arms and across my chest, avoiding my nipples. He pulled it down my side and across my belly. I quivered. He was getting very close to my pubic hair. But he avoided it and continued down my legs. It was amazing that this simple task was making me excited but my juices were starting to flow in anticipation.

After he reached my toes Tim set the feather aside. Here it is, I thought, now he will go down on me. But I was to be mistaken again. Tim leaned forward and actually took my toes in his mouth. He smiled up at me as I gasped. “There is more than one place you might be sensitive and be aroused.” He gently sucked on my toes. It was unimaginable! But it was like a connection from my feet to my pussy was ignited.

Too soon he released my toes and erotically licked up the inside of my legs, pausing to caress his tongue behind my knees. They were bent now, trying to invite him to my wet region. But I was denied again. Tim continued his preordained route. He was not going to be sidetracked this time. After a large amount ümraniye escort of time my body was liberally dosed by his saliva. I kept struggling against my restraints. I realize they were necessary for I would have grabbed Tim by this time if they weren’t on me.

When the licking sensations subsided Tim stood beside the bed and slowly and methodically slid his shorts down his legs. If I had thought he looked good before, he appeared massive now. What I wouldn’t give to have that enormous cock deep in my pussy. I groaned and he smiled again as he knelt next to me on the bed.

He was bringing his cock close to me. Was I going to be expected to take that in my mouth? As I looked up at him, Tim commented, “Not this time. Remember today is strictly for you to understand your own body.” And with that comment he took his rigid member and rubbed it against my breasts. He teased my nipples with it, making them turn hard and look like pebbles.

Then he straddled my waist and placed his cock between my breasts and rubbed gently. I thoroughly enjoyed this feeling and my head fell back as I sighed. But I was never to stay with one sensation too long. He then began sliding his cock along my abdomen and closer to my anxious pussy. He rotated his hips, moving from side to side, giving me sensations I had never experienced. Then he got really close and ran the tip over my hairs. The juices were coating the bed by now. My pussy was throbbing as he ran his cock around my lips, wetting himself with my wetness. Then he stopped.

I wanted his cock inside me. “Please I moaned. Please.” I couldn’t say anything else. But Tim looked and me and shook his head. “Remember,” was all he said and he continued by rubbing against the inside of my thighs. He cock was straining. He had to be suffering as I was but he was going to do nothing about relieving himself.

As he moved further down my body, continuing to rub himself against me, I submitted to the exquisite torture and lay back again. My hips were continually moving, rotating, hoping to get some relief. I was looking upward now and noticed that was a mirror placed at the top of the wall at the foot of the bed. It was angled at about 30 degrees and was focused directly on Tim and myself. I could watch easily without raising my head.

As I watched Tim’s movements I saw him lean forward. Thinking he was going to lick me again, I thought I was prepared, But he didn’t do that. No, he leaned close to my pussy and blew gently. It sent my aroma up to my nostrils letting me better smell the scent of my arousal. He lifted my hips and blew on my ass and escort kartal then placed a pillow underneath me, elevating my hips.

He moved back somewhat and looked at me. The waiting was as sensual as the touching. I wanted to do something but stayed still and waited. Then he leaned forward and placed his tongue lightly against my wet labia. He ever so gently touched them. Then he continued roaming. He touched all around me, my thighs, my ass, and my hairs. Nothing was off limits. He made me bend my knees and with the better access, Tim leaned forward and blew on my rosebud. He held me still as I struggled to move and he continued his ministrations.

Blowing, licking, sucking. My ass appeared to be a favorite spot for him. Never before had I allowed anyone access to such a private place. I had been absolutely mistaken though. This was causing me increased agitation, but not from being uncomfortable. It was beautiful and amazing.

But as with all other times, Tim moved again. Finally though, he arrived at my special point. He licked my lips. He sucked on them. He blew again and again causing me to shiver. Then his tongue began thrusting inside of me. It was hard and pointed and his repeated in and out motion felt almost as good as any cock ever had. He alternated between these actions repeatedly, knowing instinctively when I was close to cumming. He never let me go over the edge.

I moaned and groaned. I asked and begged for relief. My hands and arms were probably going to be bruised tomorrow for the pressure against my restraints. After what seemed like an eternity, Tim changed his course. He knelt between my legs and lifted my hips, raising them upward and off the pillows. He placed my legs over his shoulders and I couldn’t help but clamp them against his neck.

He placed his mouth against me again and this time he didn’t stop or pause. He continued sucking and licking and blowing as I had a mind-altering climax. And then I had another one. And another. He just didn’t slow down. After I lost count of the number of climaxes I attained, Tim gently laid me down again on the bed, removing the pillow from my hips. He stretched my legs out again and released my cuffs.

I was still breathing with difficulty and really didn’t pay too much attention to him. By the time I had attained my close to normal self again, he was gone. Only Belinda remained in the room. I hadn’t thought about her for hours it seemed. As I looked over at her she stated, “That was a good lesson today. I hope you are able to remember many of the parts that made it satisfactory. You can get dressed now. Your homework will be delivered to your home later in the week. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.” With that Belinda left the room.

As I started off for my home, I began to wonder what she meant. Then an idea crept into my brain. Would my delivered homework be Tim again?

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