Say Softly

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My girlfriend was a good cocksucker. But I wanted her to be great. Now every man has his own definition of a great hummer according to his personal likes and dislikes. Tonight I wanted to teach her my definition of a great blowjob.

This particular night was like many before it. We’d been out with some friends, had a few drinks, came home and smoked a bowl. For us it was the recipe to Eros. It wasn’t long before we were headed upstairs to the bedroom. Tonight there would be no romantic shedding of the clothes. We just wanted to get naked and get our hands on each other.

She turned on the small light on the nightstand. I sat on the bed, my feet still touching the floor, and pulled her to face me, her lovely bare backside reflecting in the mirrored closet doors. I pulled her close feeling her naked skin against mine. My raging hard-on pressed between us, the sensitive underside gently rubbing up and down her soft belly. I could already feel the pre-cum as it slowly leaked from the head adding to my sensation. She had that look in her eyes, it was the look of total lust. I swear to god that when my woman gets this horny her red hair and dark green eyes turn 3 shades darker. To me it’s one of the most erotic transformations I have ever witnessed. I know she wants me just as much as I want her. I cup her face with my hands and pull her in for a kiss. Upon parting, I say softly to her, “Baby, I want you to do something for me…”

“I’ll do anything you want, baby. Just promise me you’ll make me cum later.” I expected this response. I’ve heard it before several times. We call each other baby. It’s only confusing if you’re not there.

I’ve thought about this moment often during our relationship. Actually, more like fantasized. I’ve played it over and over in my mind many times. I’m not sure why I’ve not done it sooner. I mean for fuck’s sake, we have a pretty open relationship. We’ve masturbated for each other, used sex toys, fucked over pretty much the entire house…but until now, I have never instructed her…no, that’s too technical. Until now I have never guided her into my interpretation of fellatio fantastico!

“Get bostancı escort on your knees, baby. And grab my cock and stroke it.” This wasn’t so much a command as it was a request. I knew her well enough to know that she was expecting to suck my dick. This was one of those nights when she wanted to do it, she looked forward to it.

“Relax your grip just a little. Let your fingers just graze across the surface. Slide your hand over the skin, don’t pull it” She was looking up at me with those dark, fierce eyes. I was lost in her gaze for I don’t know how long until she broke contact to stare at my cock pumping in and out of her hand.

“That feels so good, baby…just like that.” And it did. I looked down to see her mouth just inches away from my cock. Her lips were slightly parted in anticipation, the tip of her pierced tongue barely visible. “Okay, now speed up slightly…jerk off my cock just the way you watch me do it.”

Her fist pumping my hard-on sped up. These new sensations began to flood through me as she reached up with her other hand and began to gently massage my balls. Her tempo was perfect and I could tell I was getting close. That was fine with me. I knew that if I limited my blowjobs to a reasonable length of time, whether I came or not, she was more likely to give them more often. It wasn’t a case of quantity over quality though. She’d always been good. I just don’t think it’s reasonable of me to make her endure a 20 minute blowjob when there are plenty of other ways we get off for each other. I knew my cock was a big fit for her mouth, she’d even told me so. She would stop when she was ready and then we would fuck or masturbate for each other.

She was bringing me to the edge with her masterful hand-job. Before I had a chance to lead her to the next step, I let out a guttural groan as she engulfed almost the entire length of my dick into her warm mouth, almost bursting as I slid past a her very wet lips. As she began to slowly withdraw, I could feel the tongue stud sliding so pleasantly across the underside of my raging cock, her tongue twisting back and forth all the way until ümraniye escort bayan the withdrawal paused with maybe two inches of my cock still held tightly between her lips.

“Oh my God, baby!! I’m not going to last long. Where do you want me to come?” I always asked first. Sometimes she wanted it on her tits, sometimes on her ass, and once in a great while even on her face. I know she wouldn’t swallow it. We tried that once and it didn’t go very well. We’ve never tried it since and I wasn’t going to push her into…

“Baby, I want you to come in my mouth. I want it so bad.” Hell Yeah! was really the only thing going through my mind at the moment. “Are you sure, baby? You know I’m fine getting off somewhere else.” Her hand swiftly jerked my throbbing cock that was now allowed the extra lubrication of her saliva.

“I want you to. I want you to come in my mouth. Just don’t push too hard, okay?”

“I won’t, baby. I’ll leave it up to you” I leaned my head back as she engulfed me once again. Her left hand grasped the base of my cock while she bobbed her head up and down my shaft. Her tongue never stopped dancing back and forth. She began to twist her grip slightly, and when I least expected it she took the entire length of my cock into her mouth. I felt her lips graze the limits of my trimmed pubic hair.

I couldn’t help but lean forward now. The sensations that followed were incomprehensible. Every feeling in my body rushed to my penis. It was such an intense pleasure as can only be described as sensuous vulnerability. It wasn’t to last long though. She quickly removed my cock from her mouth only to assault me once again with pleasure by rapidly jerking off my dick in front of her face while she moistened her lips with her tongue.

It was then she made the most erotic gesture of the evening thus far. With her free hand she reached up and tucked several loose strands of hair behind her ear. That subtle motion combined with the act of sucking cock means one thing and one thing only…this is going to be good. Her eyes had never left my penis until now. She looked up at me briefly, her eyes glowing kartal escort darkly in the dim light…

“Come on, baby”, she more moaned it then actually said it.

Once again her mouth descended upon me. I glance down and for a moment I could swear my dick was twice its normal size as it slid in and out of her mouth. She was furiously stroking the shaft while her head bobbed up and down the first 2 or 3 inches of my cock. It was when she deep throated me for the second time that I lost all train of thought…

“Baby, I’m going to come…”

She quickly returned to jerking and sucking my cock. She spit out the head and continuing to madly stroke my bursting manhood while lapping at the tip with her tongue, urging me to shoot my seed. My body tensed at the point of no return. She quickly swallowed the head and held it there while sucking urgently. Her tongue danced at that area just below the helmet. You know the one I speak of. During her unrelenting hand-job I failed to notice she had slipped the other between her legs in what I could only assume was her own self pleasure, lost in my own admittedly selfish moment as I was. I could barely manage my last warning…


I could almost feel the stretching as her lips parted slightly to allow for the flood of cum that was rushing through the engorged shaft of my rock solid penis. I threw back my head and growled loudly as sperm erupted from my cock into her waiting mouth. Her lips clamped shut as she continued to stroke and lick me while I came over and over in hot liquid spurts of cum that splashed into her throat. She swallowed it all. Only her second time ever with much greater response I should add.

She continued to hold my cock, sucking slowly, more like a lollipop now, until it began to soften. Idly masturbating my deflated but still semi-hard erection, she said, “I’m sorry, baby. You were telling me what you liked but you stopped. Did I do it right?”

I’m pretty sure I caught the gleam in her eye. As mildly as I can put it I had been schooled into a whole other realm of perfection as it pertains to getting your cock sucked. I only smiled at her as I picked her up off the floor and lay her across the bed. I moved up to gently kiss her lips. As I slid my face down to kiss her neck, an act which never fails to make her squirm, I looked her lovingly in the eye and say softly to her, “Paybacks are a bitch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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