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“It’s a very simple proposition sir.”

“Tell me” the exhausted half naked man, smeared with blood croaked.

“Give me the names of the plotters and you will suffer no more” the man in the white shirt and blue militia trousers with black suspemders replied brandishing the pincers.


“You are a stubborn fool.”

“But I have my honour, not like you, you fucking sadist.”

With the hand not holding the sharp pincers Lennon slashed the riding crop across the prisoner’s back. Blood oozed from the wheal that rapidly became a cut.

The prisoner was tied to a chair with his hands bound to the table, his fingers on one hand had already been broken by the General using the crop handle.

“Your honour has no service in this room, it is a useless façade.”

“It will serve me well when I leave the room.”

“It will not.”

“Why not.”

“Because unless I get the names the only way you will leave this room will be in a coffin.”

“Then I will die with my honour intact.”

“That is your choice sir to consider as I leave you alone” Lennon said leaving the room.

“Have you cracked him yet sir?” Lennon’s most trusted aide asked.

“Nearly, but he is a tough one.”

“All the better though General when you break them aren’t they?”

“Very true Collins, very true indeed.”

Lennon strolled from the basement in the warehouse in New York near to the piers where the ocean going ships docked. He climbed three sets of stairs and went through a door in a small apartment.

“Hello my darling” the attractive blonde woman greeted him.

“Hello Charlotte” Lennon replied as his mistress walked across the room to him. They embraced and he kissed her full on her lips. His hands slid down her back to the delicious ripeness of the full, rounded cheeks of her sumptipous ass. As he had ordered she was completely naked.

“Make love to me Fairfax” she whispered into his ear as she felt his hardness growing against her belly.

He picked her up and carried the slim, nineteen year old woman across the room, through a door and into a bedroom that was lit by just a single candle. He gently laid her in the middle of the bed and stood alongside it as he removed his outer shirt, vest, trousers and boots. Charlotte watched fascinated and very excited as her lover slid his hands into waist of his drawers. Despite their bagginess the outline of his erection was very clear and the girl shuddered at the thought of it inside her once again. She shuddered even more as it came into sight.

“Oh God sir you are so handsome” she groaned as Lennon joined her on the bed. She wanted to say ‘God you have a handsome cock Fairfax’ but feared that would be too forward and unwise. He kissed her, gently cupped and squeezed her pert breasts and pinched her unusually long and very dark coloured, almost brown nipples, which he adored. Charlotte sighed with contentment as he sent such wonderful sensations through her slender body. His hand slid down from her bosom across her narrow waist and flat stomach and onto her blonde haired pubic mound. His fingers found both her clitoris and her lips and he rubbed then softly as they continued to kiss.

“May I?” She whispered reaching for Lennon’s manhood

“Not just now” he replied as he slithered his head down her body to where his fingers had now slid inside the young woman.

Charlotte again felt herself shudder with expectancy as she realised what he was going to do. She had summed up to her closest friend. ‘His tongue is a marvel, it’s like a snake!’

Lennon loved orally attending to a woman’s genitalia, more so oddly than he enjoyed them attending to his. Removing his fingers from the girl he licked the length of her slit and then probed the ‘pink petals’ of skin with the tip of his tongue until the folds parted. He found that most sensitive place and after licking and probing it with his tongue he took the stalk of gristle between his teeth and gently bit it. That gave Charlotte her first climax. She moaned and sighed as her body jerked and convulsed, but Lennon didn’t stop although he used his tongue more gently as Charlotte went through the various stages of her orgasm.

As she came down from the heights of sensation so Lennon pulled on her body.

“Turn over my love” he whispered cuddling her slim body to his as she turned onto her front. “Raise up” he said pulling on her hips.

Charlotte wondered whether Lennon was going to bugger her. He had never asked or insisted on that, but recently had shown far more interest in that part of her body and she felt that sooner or later he would want her ass; after all wasn’t that why men like the General had a mistress? As she was still anally a virgin the idea scared her a little, but it also excited her.

Although giving him pleasure rewarded her she did not at all look forward to being penetrated in that place so she was relieved when he did not kneel and move his cock towards her. Instead, Lennon patiently positioned his youngest mistress so that she was on her pendik escort knees with her head resting on her forearms and her long blond tresses tumbling onto the bed. Her upper legs were not at right angles to the feather stuffed mattress, but were nearer to being at forty five degrees and they were slightly parted. He wriggled his way so that he was behind her, he sat up straight with his legs through hers and he gripped her slim, yet womanly flared hips. He moved his hands so that he was gripping her beautifully rounded cheeks and gently pulled them apart. Although it was dim in the bedroom there was sufficient light for Lennon to see the puckered darker, almost brown skin surrounding the girl’s anus, it looked delicious and amazingly erotic. Opening his mouth and poking his tongue out the General moved his face forward until the tip of his tongue pressed against Charlotte’s asshole. The sensation was strong for both of them and she grunted and jerked her body. Lennon released some spittle from his mouth and lubricated the star-shaped orifice. Slowly yet persistently he probed at it gradually manoeuvring the tip of his tongue slightly inside. He pressed more firmly and moved a hand between Charlotte’s legs again finding and stimulating her lips and clitoris. Her body was now aflame with sensations and her climax began. She was panting and moaning as she felt something replace his tongue. Realising that it was his finger she panicked a little as she felt it pressing against the closed, but fully lubricated hole. Quickly and as gently as it could be done he slipped his forefinger inside that tight crevice.

“Oh God no” the girl moaned as a searing pain shot through her.

“Shush my darling it will soon be gone.”

He was correct and the pain that had filled her lower torso was replaced with a warmth and a sexual sensation that was so strong yet so different to when her front passage was entered.

“Now my lovely young lady I want you to climax by having your ass finger fucked.”

Charlotte did precisely that as Lennon loved her ass and thought about the prisoner whose fingers he had broken earlier that evening. He needed no more help from his mistress to spurt his spunk over his flat belly.


Following the delightful tea that Amelia’s staff produced for Amanda the two women got to know each other very well. They met for tea or lunch quite often and dinner occasionally although that was always at the Embassy or Amanda’s house, for two women dining together in public was severely frowned upon by Washington’s society.

Despite the fifteen years age gap they became closer and closer and soon they were confidantes. Amelia told her that all was not good with her marriage and Amanda explained about her break from Samuel.

“He just couldn’t resist younger women.”

“Yes I know.”


“He propositioned me several times.”

“The devil, but then my dear he did so many others” Amanda replied as they both laughed.

“So you and the General Amanda, how is that going?” Amelia asked one afternoon when they were in the bungalow in the grounds of the Embassy having tea.

“It has its moments” Amanda replied rather vacantly looking at her friend who had dispensed with her hoop and voluminous skirt and was wearing a simple pale lemon coloured, shift dress and clearly no corset. Having had to travel across town by carriage, Amanda was more formal, but was wearing a smaller hoop than she would in the evening.

“God it is so hot” she said fanning herself.

“You must be uncomfortable my dear, why don’t you slip out of your dress and hoops?

Amanda was slightly taken aback by the suggestion. Whilst it was not unusual for teenage girls when together to remove their outer garments it was not something that women were prone to do, although it was not unheard of.

“Are you sure Amelia?”

“Oh yes Amanda I have no issue with it and the heat is oppressive. Pray use my dressing room” she said pointing to the far end of the building and calling out as Amanda moved towards the corridor leading to the dressing room. “And your corset as well if you desire.”

” ‘twould be such bliss ma’am, but I do not have my maid to assist me.”

“Then Amanda I shall be your maid.”


The now single de Bow had moved permanently to Washington. This was ostensibly to oversee the Census Service, but there was another much more impelling reason behind the move. Having run the Service most successfully for several years during which time he had considerably widened its scope he had almost resigned from the post last year after he had divorced his third wife. It was his desire for Amanda Williams that persuaded him to continue as head of the Census for that meant he had to be based in Washington.

It was a week or so after the White House reception where she had been Lennon’s partner that de Bow arrived back in the Capital. This was after a fleeting trip to New Orleans to settle some affairs and make arrangements for his extensive property and the printing presses to be looked escort pendik after; he didn’t intend returning to New Orleans to live.

Immediately he arrived back in Washington he sent Amanda a handwritten note inviting her to dinner. He completed the invitation with:

I am so desperate to see you again my dear Amanda that I respectfully ask you to offer me a date for dinner at your most earliest juncture.

Your friend and ardent admirer


He settled back into the house the government provided for him in the grounds of Georgetown University that he was thrilled to note was just a short stroll from where Amanda was renting.

Although Amanda had no intentions as far as de Bow was concerned for, despite their differences, she believed she was in love with Lennon and that her future was with him, she was excited to receive de Bow’s rather presumptuous and flirtatious invitation. She knew that she should not appear to be too eager and that proper etiquette suggested that she offer a date a few days hence. That would portray not only a lack of eagerness on her part, but also would imply that she had a full diary. Whilst often that was the case, the height of summer heat in the Capital always reduced the amount of social activity, with many people moving to summer houses in Virginia and Maryland. Additionally Amelia had invited her to visit her and Richard at their country home in the Potomac Hills near McLean and Amanda was planning to leave the capital in a few day’ time. She penned her reply carefully.

My dear James,

Thank you for your very pleasant note and welcome back to Washington.

As you will know far better than I this time of summer is quite out of season as many diplomats and government people are enjoying the freshness of their country homes. As a result I do find myself with an early date of tomorrow available in my diary and am pleased to offer that to you.

Do let me soonest if that is convenient.

Yours sincerely


After a few more exchanges of notes the arrangements had been made.

Preparing herself for the dinner, Amanda felt nervous and excited. ‘There is something about him’ she told herself. ‘Something that sits so comfortably with me.’

Deep down she was vaguely aware that it was two things, although she was loathe to admit them to herself.

Firstly it was his rakish reputation. For a reason she couldn’t comprehend his marital record and the number of women who it was alleged he had been with interested and excited her. It was the opportunity, the challenge and the thrill of taming such a man that excited many women including her. It was a similar situation that older women have about younger men, although that does not include taming, but teaching.

The second was more about attraction. Amanda was a highly intelligent, worldly-wise and thoughtful person. For a woman she was well-educated and she had had many life-enriching experiences. On her travels to the North and to England and Europe she had been exposed to a wide array people and cultures. That had taught her a great deal. It had also made her treasure and admire intelligence and thoughtfulness. She considered de Bow to be amongst the most intelligent and intellectual men she had ever met. He had what to her was a unique portfolio of skills being both highly numerate and literate creating in him a hugely intellectual approach; to Amanda that was a powerful aphrodisiac.

Clad in one of her ‘European’ cut dresses she waited in her house for James to arrive in his carriage. She had chosen a white silk bodice with black trimmings and a black skirt, hooped of course, with white trimmings. It was low cut at the front with white lace comfortably covering all of her areolae although most of each of the upper swells of her full breasts were on view. Amanda had utilised a seamstress to stitch a wider edging of lace onto many of her dresses for the European fashion was to expose the top of each areola, a vogue that was yet to reach the more august Americans.

Waiting for de Bow to arrive she resolved to be very careful indeed. ‘There must not be another William Ableforce’ she told herself her mind going back the six months or so to that train journey from Greenville to Charlotte.

“Good evening Missus Williams” James said rather formally as Milly, Amanda’s maid and Hilda her newly appointed housekeeper stood to one side as Amanda swept down the wide staircase.

“Good evening sir, it is so nice to see you again” Amanda replied looking at James and smiling. He looked very dapper and dashing in his charcoal-grey, tailed jacket, paler grey and black checked, stove-pipe trousers, white waistcoat and grey and white striped bow tie. Amanda noted with a degree of admiration that his white shirt was starched, a recent fashion in America, but one that had been in vogue in London and Paris for years. She took his proffered hand and felt a little shiver run through her as he bowed almost to the waist and kissed the back of it.

“I trust you are keeping well and pendik escort bayan coping with the heat madam.”

“Yes thank you sir I am, but it is tiresome although hailing from Georgia I am somewhat used to it” she smiled back.

They chatted easily in the carriage on the short journey to the newly opened Willard Dining Room at the junction of Pennsylvania Avenue and M Street. The restaurant featured a large, brightly lit main room with a series of banquettes along both sides and at the far end from the entrance and kitchen a number of private booths that shielded the occupants from the gaze of the other diners. Being acutely aware of Amanda’s relationship with Fairfax and knowing that so recently she had ‘been on his arm’ at the White House James had instructed the groom to take the carriage round to the rear of the building to the private room entrance for that avoided them meeting other diners or passing through the restaurant. The private area in which Amanda and James dined was luxurious, dimly lit and very intimate.

During dinner they covered many topics including de Bow’s decision to sign a new agreement as Head of the Census.

“It is most noble of you James and very public spirited to do that.”

“No Amanda” he replied as they ate the delicious guinea fowl with sweet potatoes and root vegetables

“Pray sir what to do mean?”

James was about to say it was to be near her, but held back and diverted the subject slightly.

“Regrettably ma’am it prevents you visiting New Orleans for some time.”

Amanda smiled. “My considerable omission James, I was looking forward to visiting the great city.”

“But then every cloud has a silver lining Amanda” he said very quietly as he inched his hand across the crisp, white linen tablecloth so their fingers nearly touched. Amanda glanced at them and momentarily hoped he would place his hand on hers.

“And that is James?” She replied equally quietly.

“For me ma’am I do not have the inconsolable wait for you to make the journey and we can meet any time.”

“Hmmm, can we sir?”

“Indeed we can, is there a reason we can’t?” James asked, fishing for news on her relationship with Fairfax Lennon. He plucked up the courage and placed the tips of his fingers on Amanda’s fingernails. She looked down then up again and their gazes met.

“Er no, not all” Amanda whispered.

“Then perhaps we could have lunch tomorrow.”

“That may be somewhat hasty James.”

“I beg your pardon Amanda, I am sorry for the haste, but I am……. oh sorry” James said very uncharacteristically hesitating and mumbling.

“Pray sir what is it?”

Placing his hand on the back of Amanda’s and gripping it de Bow blurted out. “Amanda I am smitten surely that is obvious.”

“Not at all sir” she replied enjoying him holding her hand and feeling a shudder of excitement rush through her on hearing the news.

“Well I have to inform you ma’am that I am well and truly smitten by you, by your mind, your looks, your manner and…………………” he paused as his roamed down her chest. “By your body.”

“Oh my grace sir that is er, um a shock. You can be so forward.”

“Yes ma’am I can, but only when inspired.”

“Inspired James, pray whatever do you mean?”

“It is the reason Amanda” de Bow said gripping both her hands. “Why I decided to continue with the task of the census for that keeps me here in Washington, near you.”

“Really James?”

The soft tap in the door stopped the conversation going any further.

“So when Amanda may we meet again?” de Bow asked as the carriage transported them away from the restaurant towards Amanda’s rented house.

She explained that she was travelling into Virginia to stay with Viscount and Viscountess Lyons in a few days’ time and that she was very busy before then.

“Presumably some of it with General Lennon?”

“Yes that is a possibility.”

Turning to face her on the narrow seat most of which was taken up Amanda’s huge hooped skirt he said.

“I implore you Amanda be very careful with that man.”

Smiling she turned her face towards him and replied. “That’s a coincidence sir for he said very much the same about you.”

“But then he would my dear, for we are rivals for your affections aren’t we?”

“Are you really?” Amanda asked feeling excited at broaching the sensitive subject as she watched de Bow lean forward.

“Indeed we are Amanda in every way.”

His face was close to hers, he was holding her hand and his leg was pressed against hers through the skirt. He repeated the phrase, very softly as his face closed the gap between them. Amanda realised that events were turning out in a very similar way to those with young Ableforce back in the spring, but this time she felt more receptive. So as de Bow’s mouth met hers and as his tongue probed at her lips Amanda opened her mouth and invited it inside.

James felt wonderful and so relieved. He was kissing the woman he so admired and wanted and it was by no means the demure kiss of friendship nor was there any sign of her being an unwilling participant. Their mouths squirmed together with the passion of would be lovers as James’ hand found the fullness of Amanda’s breast inside the thin, silk bodice.

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