Saturday in Turd Town

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Saturday in Turd Town Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller

By Jax_Teller

Living in a remote part of the world has definite advantages and some distinct disadvantages. One disadvantage is that the nearest town to us 15 miles away survives on tourists to maintain the economy. So during the hunting and fishing seasons there are butt loads of jerk offs that show up in the most expensive cammo gear available at shoot at anything that moves no matter whos property they are on. I always wondered if it was tourist season why couldn’t we hunt them? But then again the town needed them to show up and leave their money behind.

Then there is the summer time fishing tournaments, and yet another bunch of yahoos who drag the city way out here, leaving a mess behind when they leave. The noise starts at six am with the sound of engines racing to get the the biggest fish. What the fuck ever. Well today was one of those days in the little town of BFE population 247. Going into town 12 miles away we usually see maybe 1 or 2 vehicles at most, today 8 coming out to the woods and lake roads. One more behind me coming into town too. I knew it was a turd because of the out of state license plate on the front and the fact that the asshole was weaving right on my bumper and wouldn’t pass not that there was room to pass. I did slow down in the two passing zones but he wouldn’t pass.

When we got into BFE the local businesses that usually looked like a ghost town, were open for business and had signs out along the main road, bringing the turds in. Ok what the fuck ever. It was the first Saturday of the month and the local Masons lodge had a breakfast, that I had decided was the right price, free, with a donation box. Well the place was busier than usual and the line was exceeding long but we endured. I wanted to take my children to the park and a friend staying with us was tagging along. The park was a Corps of Engineers park, complete with camping sites a public bath house and playground for the children right on the lake edge.

The park wasn’t particularly busy this early in the day and my friend was enjoying pushing my children around the different playground equipment. I watched the park as a parent does looking out for predators and trouble makers. What I saw was a woman with 2 tween aged children who had just been swimming, come out of the bath house. Her children were a little too old for the playground but were having fun never the less. The mom and I started talking as parents do when they are just watching their children. We had some common friends and she was a relative of my nearest neighbor who is a mile away. She had actually been to my place years ago when we were first building. Tami had came out as part of a group work party helping us clear fire breaks.

I decided to go take a shower at the bath house before I had to leave. I told Clair my friend I was going to shower and to keep an eye on the children. Tami said she’d walk over to the bath house with me because she’d forgot her shampoo in the shower stall. As we walked the hill to the bath house I could see under the edge of her towel she had wrapped around her that she had on bikini bottoms that were not much more than dental floss. Her hip sway let me know, she knew I was watching the hypnotic view of her perfect ass cheeks.

It was nice watching her butt wiggle and sway as she climbed ahead of me, which I was making sure not to get too far ahead of myself and the view. She was saying how blah blah blah, all I could focus on was her divine ass just a few feet ahead of me. When we got to the shower house I went on into the mens door and into the handicapped stall being it was empty as the rest of the bath house was and turned the water on. Frankly with Tami’s ass still on my mind I was planning on rubbing one off. The steam warmed the room quickly and I stripped down and sat of the bench letting the hot water soak over me.

I heard the door to the mens room open and the air pressure change that accompanied the opening door. I heard the sounds of someone walking over to the shower stalls and saw the feet out side the stall I was in. I never lock the stall door because the bench seat is too close to it and the water from the shower gets on the floor near the door. The door to the stall opened and Tami came into the stall I was in, and I watched as she let her towel slide off her and she hung it on the hook. She stepped into the water stream with me, putting her breasts in front of my mouth as she took off her bikini top and slid the bottoms off.

I wasn’t about to turn down tits so I put one in my mouth and sucked on her nipple and then the other. She pulled me to her and was holding her breast for me to suck on, when I reached around her and grabbed a handful of the beautiful ass I had followed up the hill. I was disappointed for a second as she pulled away from me, but then delighted as she backed up to me sitting on my lap. She began to dance on my lap until my cock was nestled in the wedge of her pussy. She thrust up and down a few times until my cock slid in her pussy.

She did all the work of fucking my cock, as the hot water flowed over us. She was a sight to behold and there wasn’t a stripper that had moves on her. She was slamming up and down on my lap making rude sloshing slapping sounds as she rode my cock when the door to the bath house opened. Tami instantly stopped moving and put her feet up on the wall opposite us so only one set of feet could be seen from out side the stall. There’d been people arrested in this bath house before for lewd conduct. Then we heard the stream of some one peeing in the urinal.

She began to wiggle and I kept kneading her nipples as we heard the urinal flush and flip flops clapping the floor on the way out the door. Tami put her feet down and her head down to see if there where any other legs or feet in the bath house. She said, fuck that was close and started to really pump my cock with her pussy. The water running over us make the sloshing sounds of her working my cock even more erotic. Tami was really moving obviously close to a much over due orgasm I was guessing when she raised up and my cock slid out of her for a second. She slammed back down, but my cock bent in half and then plunged in her asshole.

She let out a muffled scream and raised back up, but not off my cock and then back down hard, burying my cock deep in her bowels. She repeated two times more and settled down with my cock completely in her ass and she came hard, shaking and cursing. I pinched her nipples and I could feel the walls of her asshole contract as she came some more. I said, quite the little pain slut aren’t you? As Tami said fuck you, I bucked my hips up and as her body slammed back down on my cock impaling her again on my cock, she cried out again.

I said now my turn you little fucking butt slut and pushed her to her knees on the bench as I stood up. Her ass pushed back out at me, her asshole throughly vulnerable, I pushed my cock hard into her as I could, my balls slapping her cunt. I kept slamming her asshole and she swore the whole time and then she started to shake and her voice got raspy, laboring for air as I pummeled her tight asshole. Her asshole started to grip my cock milking it with more force than my cow milking machine at home. I shot off a load in her asshole and on her back, stroking every last bit of come in or on her. Slamming my cock all the way in her asshole again and back out as I finished coming.

I took the handicapped shower head handle off the hanger and sprayed my come off her back. She took it and twisted the head off so just the hose was squirting water and she shoved it in her asshole for a second. She pulled it out letting the water from her ass squirt out onto the wall, and drain. She did this a couple more times and then she turned over and directed the water stream on her clit as she rubbed and came shaking and biting her lip to keep from screaming.

I put the shower head back together and we both rinsed off. She put her bikini back on as I hung up the shower head. I told her she should come out to my place later. I reminded her it was clothing optional and I would have some more cock for her to worship if she was good. She said yes sir~ and before she walked out the door I handed her my card with my phone number on it from my wallet as I got dressed. I followed her a minute later. Clair my friend said have a nice shower? Obviously knowing something had happened in the shower. I said sure enough and that we may have a guest later.

Living in the forest in a remote part of the world is a great thing. The town was getting as busy as it gets during turd season as I drove through town to go home. The Stress of being in town washed away as the view of the hills and lake in the distance got closer, the denseness of the forest and shades of green got richer. My phone rang and I answered it, Tami said her parents were going to take her children over night and that she would like to come over if I was serious. I told her to give me an hour and I would be home. I swung by my brother’s house on one of the lake roads and dropped my children off, not unusual when I wanted adult alone time. The kids loved it there being spoiled, so every one was happy.

I filled in Clair on the way home about the shower adventure and why I dropped the kids off. When I got home I threw wood on the coals in the fire pit while Clair shook out the bedding on the out door beds. We both stripped down and straightened up around as we waited for Tami. I used the blow pipe on the coals and got the fire going. Clair brought out the large bong from the house and loaded it. I brought a small stick that was burning on the end to and used it to light the bowl. We were taking our first hits from the hoses when we heard Tami’s truck coming in the driveway.

Tami pulled up and we went over to greet her, I introduced Clair and Tami pulled a case of beer out and a bag of ice. Clair grabbed the bag of ice and started back to the fire pit. I took the case of beer and we headed to the fire pit too. Tami commented on how the place had changed since she’d been here. The plans that we’d talked about years ago were now a reality, the social fire pit, a cooking fire pit and a stone smoker / pizza oven. We were truly redneck sheik, beds outside, solar lights on the perimeter.

Tami started to sit, pulling her jeans down as she sat down, she proceeded to pull them off and removed her tee shirt too. Clair handed her a hose from the bong and we all sat back and smoked some. We sat around passing time in memories and common friends’ stories as we smoked and drank beer. As we got sillier and drunker, Clair stood up and turned the music on and started dancing around the fire. Tami joined her dancing and prancing around the fire as the sun started to set. Clair was tanned all over while Tami was white as white gets.

After a few songs they started to hold on to each other to steady themselves, and as they slowed they began groping and kissing each other. I got up and threw some more wood on the fire including an over night log (large and green). I went over to the large comfortable California king bed and laid down catching my breath stretching out. Clair was right up on what I had in mind and directed Tami over to the bed where I was laying. Tami took the opportunity as she fell, to lay at my side her face near my crotch. As she turned to grab my cock Cliar slid between her legs and began to eat her pussy. I turned on my side to feed my cock to Tami’s mouth grabbing her by the hair.

It was a real porn memory watching Clair eat Tami’s pussy while she sucked my cock. The moaning and almost fake sounding slurping, and then there was the hand full of Tami’s hair pulling her on and off my cock. The sun setting and orange light shone on us, as the frogs and locust cried out announcing the night fall. The cd that was playing was drumming music and was amazing too. All in all it was about as good as it gets in that moment.

Clair slid up Tami’s body kissing licking and nibbling as she moved up to share my cock. These two beautiful women sucking licking and playing with my balls had me close to coming. I was moments away when I told Clair to sit on her face and she did as I said getting into a sixty nine position her on top. I got behind her and stuffed my cock in her dripping wet pussy. As I pulled out the second or third balçova escort time I could see by the orange reflected light the lining of her pussy pull out as my cock slid out and then back in her. She was so tight I thought I would bust my nut right then and then I got another idea.

I pulled out of Clair and told her to get her dick. She giggled and then turned over rolling off the edge of the bed heading inside. Tami was giggling too and when Clair returned with her strap-on cock on waving it around in circles and back and forth, we all laughed. I told her to lay down and directed Tami on top of the cock. The girls got right into the rhythm, kissing each other playing with each others tits, I watched for a minute and then slid behind Tami with the sun tan oil in hand. I poured some on the crack of Tami’s ass and some on my cock.

I worked a finger in Tami’s asshole lubricating her more than stretching her, and then pushed the head of my cock in her asshole. She shrieked at first screaming obscenities, but I kept plunging my cock in and out of her asshole relentlessly. Clair pulled her face down so they could kiss more and I felt Tami’s asshole tighten clenching my cock. I could hear the sloppy sloshing sounds of Clair’s cock penetrating Tami’s pussy and my balls slapping.

If I wasn’t there doing this thing myself I would have said the sounds were fake, the moaning and the occasional swearing, but it was surreal watching my cock slam in and out of Tami’s wonderful ass. The same ass just this morning I watched climb the hill to the bath house. Now she was full of cock, coming and as happy as happy gets, her orgasms rocking through her body, causing her to shake, swear and splash even more. I was so caught up in her orgasms that when she collapsed on top of Clair and slid to her side I wasn’t even aware that I had not came myself.

My cock slid out of her asshole and I laid down next to them, hugging her like the cream filling of an Oreo cookie. We all fell asleep tangled in each other, and when the Cd ended I hit the remote to shut it off, and stood walked a few feet away and peed. The women laying naked tangled in each other in the fresh full light of the moon was yet another porn memory. I walked back to the bed and Clair looked me in the eye and mouthed happy? I said never better, and she said did you come and it was then I realized I hadn’t. I said no, as I reached the sheet and covered us up getting back where I was.

The light of the sun’s reflection coming up on the horizon woke me as it always does, and I looked over the two beautiful women sleeping spooned together. I got up as quietly as I could and went inside, getting dressed. I grabbed my phone and walked down the hill to the milking parlor where the cows were standing ready. I was mostly through the second of three cows when Clair brought a cup of hot coffee over to me. A beautiful woman naked save her boots with coffee, and behind her Tami, naked wearing my sandles.

One woman a tanned red head with perky tits and a slight bush over her cunt, the other woman white as white gets, larger breasts with full hard nipples in the morning air, and a clean shaved bush, her thighs showing the start of the sun’s light between them. The chore finished faster than I ever had before, they helped me take the milk to the refer. Walking back to the cabin the women stopped and turned to each other kissing. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen right then, but they both got to their knees and Tami pulled my cock out of my pants.

They shared my cock sucking and licking, one on my cock the other at my balls. At times them both on my cock, one each side, half kissing half licking my cock. It was more than I could take and came with force that made my knees buckle. The women jerking my come all over each other, wearing my come like a trophy. We walked the rest of the way back hand in hand silently watching the morning errupt in the forrest. Birds singing, our Rooster crowing and the hens clucking, the Goats watching us walk by, it was as if the animals knew that we as humans couldn’t be any happier.

The End . . . . . Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller

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