Saturday at Home

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She was beautiful, blond hair that cascaded below her breasts, Brown pubic hair with a hint of blond in a perfect triangle where her legs joined her body. Her Beautiful full breasts with long pencil eraser nipples; poked out of her mane Alex was reading a romance novel not paying attention to me. Last night we decided that today would be a no clothes, or chores day. I was the lucky one as I could watch my lover without fear of retribution.

“What is your greatest fantasy, Bill?” said Alex looking up from her book.

“Having you against a wall and nailing you with my cock, or licking your pussy in public,” I replied.

“The two characters in the book are discussing fantasies. Why do people want to make love in public?”

“Because it is taboo, the feeling of going against social norms, it generates more adrenalin, that, they think leads to better love making,

“Bill would you want to make love to me in the park or where we might get caught?”

“It is a fantasy but we are poor college professors, if we got caught we would be poor unemployed college professors.”

We met at new faculty orientation two years ago. She is tenure track in English, and I was teaching in History. We were employed at a small liberal arts school in a small town. She camped out with me while she looked for decent priced housing. We decided to move in together, and found a nice cottage on a quiet street not far from campus. The location allowed walks to work.

I got on the bed and moved between her legs. I pulled her down and almost caused her to loose her place in her book. Alex has one of the best smells of any woman I have encountered. I breathed in her lovely odor and started to kiss her inner thighs. I reached the area near her vagina and stopped, reached up and began to play with her breasts. Alex continued to read acting like nothing was going on.

“Stop fooling around, and put your tongue to work,” she said as she closed her legs around my head. My tongue got busy. She relaxed and went back to her book as I licked her pussy.

“I can’t stand this,” she said as she marked the page and threw the book across the room.

“Is it the book or me?” I asked.

“The characters are silly the author can’t or won’t let them have sex. The guy is the suave rich boy but he want’s to wait for marriage. The girl is a little more street smart and wants it now. Bill is that cock of yours hard because I could use some penetration.”

I tried to change positions but she kept my head locked near her pussy. I continued to lick her snatch and breath in her lovely odor. She released my head and I brought my cock to her pussy and slipped in. I kissed her and then her breasts.

“I love the feeling of your cock in my pussy, darling.”

I began to fuck her as vigorously as I could. Our mouths were locked. After a short time I felt my release. It was shorter than I would have liked it. I really tried to make sure that Alex experience a climax also.

“Darling, when you are ready to go again. I want you to fill me so I drip your cum when I walk.”

“A fantasy of yours, Alex?”

“Maybe but I want to feel your cum on my legs, so you better have a lot in the tank.”

Alex moved over me and slid down and started to manipulate my cock coaxing an erection. I felt her tongue work over my tool. After a short time relaxing, my tool showed signs of being ready for action. Alex continued to play with my cock; some times sucking on it, some times manipulating it with pendik escort her hands. She used her fingers to test its hardness, thumping it like a watermelon. I saw her open her mouth and take the entire length.

She then positioned herself over me and directed my tool in her cunt. She leaned down and brought one of her breasts to my mouth.

“I know that these are your favorites,” said Alex.

“I like going down on you also, darling.”

“Yes but you are a breast man I remember taking all of your old magazines to the recycling center. The workers got a real treat,” said Alex as she road my cock.

“I remember crying letting that stuff go.”

“I kind of remembered that I said that that stuff had to go or I was going to go. Just remember darling, you have me now and don’t need to use your hand to have fun. Also you have that full bookcase of erotic art books.”

Both of us had interests in eroticism. She did her dissertation on the modern romance novel. I specialized in eroticism in History.

Alex stopped as a climax came over her. She moved to kiss me. I held her as the waves of pleasure moved over her. The warmth of her body was nice. My hand massaged her taut butt occasionally probing her bunghole. She again rose and started to ride my cock. I don’t know how I kept from exploding. My hands moved back to her breasts as I kneaded them concentrating on her hard nipples.

“Harder pinch harder,” Alex yelled as I continued to work on her nipples. I moved up to suck on her nipples and perform a series of quick bites on the ends.

Alex increased her rhythm and I rewarded her with a massive load of cum. We both fell into a kiss and sleep. I woke up alone and got out of bed and made a beeline to the bathroom. My business taken care of I moved to the living room and found Alex reading on the couch.

“So you’re awake, I was wondering if you had a co-ed on the side, that sapped your energy?”

“Don’t even make a joke about that Alex.”

“I don’t like it when you crap out on me. On days like this I want your undivided attention.”

“I’m sorry but as I remember you also crapped out. Why are we fighting?” I asked and I bent down to kiss her.

“I was just kidding, darling,” she kissed me again.

Alex went back to her book and I went back to the bedroom. Again I napped but was awakened later as Alex started to work on my flaccid cock. She started to lick the area of my cock just below the crown.

Our doorbell rang and I jumped up and gathered one of the bathrobes stationed around the house in case we get interrupted. The doorbell sounded again just as I tied the sash closing the robe. The caller got more insistent hitting the button several times before I got to the door.

“That is Judy I told her to come over,” said Alex.

I opened the door and found the second most beautiful faculty member at the door. A beautiful head of brown hair framed an almost perfect face. She was dressed in a translucent cover-up and a very revealing bikini underneath. Judy was also on the English Faculty. She teaches romance poetry and some times collaborates with Alex.

“You’re over dressed,” she said as she walked past me into the living room. In the times that we have socialized, she had a superior attitude. I saw the cover-up drop to the floor, and she pulled the strings to release her swimsuit. I walked in to the living room to find Alex in an erotic pose on the couch. I quickly dropped the robe to join the group.

“If escort pendik I can’t get you hard, I thought I would bring some help,” said Alex

“Mind if I kiss you Bill,” asked Judy

“I think you better ask me if it is ok to kiss my lover,” said Alex with a laugh.

Judy turned and approached me, I felt her breasts first and then she brought her lips to mine. Her tongue explored my mouth and a hand started to work on my cock. I stepped back to look at the scene. I was a little bewildered at having two beautiful women naked in our house.

Judy sat next to Alex and the two kissed. “Well Bill who gets your cock first?” asked Alex.

“You, darling,”

Judy reached up and started to massage my cock. It was aroused in the presence of two beautiful women. Judy continued to stroke my cock and play with my balls until Alex intervened.

“Darling, you said you wanted to make love to me.”

I reached down and brought Alex to her feet. I embraced my lover and kissed her. There was a quilt on the floor and Alex lay down; I got between her legs and brought my cock to the entrance of her pussy and pushed in. We kissed as I gently moved in and out of her beautiful pussy.

“None of my lovers are like you John,”

“Get better lovers Judy,” said Alex. She reached up and kissed me.

I was concentrating on making sure that Alex was getting as much pleasure as I was. Judy got up and walked over to us. She stepped over Alex and brought her pussy to my eye level and encouraged me to lick her. Her hands directed my mouth to her pussy.

“Darling, nail my friend please.”

I withdrew from Alex and directed Judy to lie next to her. From the coffee table Judy picked up a small packet tore it open and slipped a condom over my cock. I got between her legs. I looked down and found my tool sheathed a red and white rubber. I inserted my cock into her cunt. Alex squatted over Judy and brought her pussy to her friend’s mouth.

“I really need some lady tongue,” said Alex.

Judy’s breasts were about the same size as Alex’s and I started to manipulate her tits, while reaming Judy’s cunt. Alex hopped off of the pile and went to the Kitchen. I felt the release and kissed Judy. I pulled out and took the raincoat off of my cock. Judy pulled it from my hand and tied a knot in the end and dropped it in her bag.

“Got to keep a trophy, Bill.”

I looked up and Alex was carrying a tray with wine glasses and a bottle of wine out to the patio. When we moved it together Alex insisted that we acquire a spa. A faculty member was moving and had one for sale and we picked up his unit for a lot less than if we had bought new. I built a fence around ti allowing nude bathing with out prying eyes. The warm water on cool nights really relaxes you.

At the moment I was having my cock sucked by Judy. I looked through the window to the patio and saw that Alex has kicked on the water jets and the spa was frothing like a good beer.

“Now I think your ready for Alex Bill,” said Judy as she released my cock from her warm prison.

I assisted Judy to her feet and she grabbed my cock and directed me like it was a leash.

“I have him ready for you Alex,” said Judy as she descended the stair into the warm water. I looked at the floating thermometer and it was registering 100 degrees. I sat on one of the seats and directed a jet at my penis. I could only hold it there for a short time.

Alex brought a glass of wine to me; “Cold wine, warm water and beautiful pendik escort bayan women, what more can I ask for?”

“You look like you could use a place to put your cock; would you like me to help you out?” asked Alex.

“That would be delightful!”

Alex turned around and sat on my lap. Using her hand she directed my cock into her cunt. Even with Judy watching making love to Alex was a beautiful experience. She began to ride my pole up and down. I looked over to Judy, she was sitting with her breasts floating on the surface of the water. They moved up and down with the waves in the spa.

“Bill keep your eyes on the prize, darling, my nipples could use some stimulations.”

I reached up and started to massage my lover’s breasts, paying special attention to her nipples. I lifted her off my cock and turned her around. We embraced and I kissed the woman I love. Some how my cock found her cunt again and she began to ride my pole. She brought one of her nipples t my mouth and I greedily sucked on it.

“You are such a breast man, Bill,” that comment came from Judy and surprised both of us.

“I bet you sucked on your mother’s breast until you were 6,” Judy said angrily.

“I will thank you not to criticize my lover, Judy,” said Alex in my defense.

Judy calmed down and I went over and kissed her. I then hugged Alex, and that seemed to calm the situation.

“Sorry guys I had a little to much wine to quickly,” said Judy.

The sun was pouring down on the deck and I pulled myself out of the spa and lay on the deck. Judy slipped back in to the spa and walked to where I was laying. She started to work on my cock with her hands. “No hard feelings?” said Judy.

“Maybe in a few minutes if you keep that up,” I responded.

“Very funny sir,”

Alex joined her friend and between their hugs and kisses, they continued to manipulate my cock and got it to a decent erection. Judy lay on the deck with her rump in the air. She encouraged me to take her from behind. I found a towel and spread it between her legs. I was on my knees stroking my cock to keep it hard,

“Where are your condoms?”

“I have an IUD so go for it big boy,” said Judy.

I reached around her and started to massage her breasts just to irritate her. I brought my cock to the entrance to her cunt and slipped in. Alex sat in front of her and got her pussy sucked. I lay on her back and started to massage her shoulders. Alex squealed when she climaxed and slipped back in the spa. She sat in front of one of the jets and came again.

There was some splashing and I felt Alex rubbing on my thighs. I felt her brush my bunghole, yank on my balls which gave me a jolt. I felt my climax building and I picked up the pace of my fucking. One forceful thrust and I felt my cock let go. I lost my erection and with drew my cock from Judy’s pussy. She turned around and kissed me. I slipped back in the water and sat in the middle of a group of water jets. It took me a few minutes to relax after all the stimulation.

Judy got back in the water and kissed Alex and me. “Thanks for the afternoon, sorry about my behavior earlier. I have to go, Enrique is meeting me for dinner.”

Judy got out of the spa and walked into our living room and started to put on the bikini and the cover up. Alex walked her to the door and returned to the spa.

“Who is Enrique?” I asked.

“He is a new post doc in our department, didn’t take her long to get him interested.”

“Do you want to eat in or get dressed and go out for dinner?” I asked.

“We can go to the College Arms Pub, but first I need you to fuck me again.”

I was already getting hard and I walked over to my lover and kissed her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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