Satisfying Randi’s Curiosity Ch. 05

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In the morning, he woke up from a slightly disturbing dream: his cock was in someone’s mouth, but without any response in his dream, making him worry about his potency. Once awake, however, he connected the dream with the previous evening and then wasn’t surprised that his cock was stiff, its head nestled between her thighs, recalling immediately that he was in bed with Randi. He snorted slightly, understanding his dream as a consequence of all the sex they had had – and probably would have, wondering if he subconsciously had doubts about being able to satisfy her as often as she might want; she had certainly become more direct about telling him. Whatever, at the moment his cock was stiff and where it should be, like so often before with his daughters, Britta or Maren – and Lisbet, his wife, of course. He could wake her up and let his cock do what it liked.

His hand had dropped down from her breast. It found it again, and he rocked his hips forward, pushing his cock a little further between her thighs. She stirred slightly with soft hum. Then her hand found his, and she hummed again, then murmuring:

“Nice. Good morning.”

“Um-hmm, very. Good morning.”

He rocked his hips. She snorted and squeezed his hand and chuckled and rocked hers back, remarking:

“Oooh! Like that, already. Hm-hmm!”

“Um-hmm, it likes to wake me up like this.”

“Hm-hmm! Nice. Sometimes when I wake up I wish I had a cock – not like that – one like yours to enjoy.”

He rocked his hips again, and she did, both chuckling softly as his cock moved between her thighs, continuing as he asked:

“And then you do what you can?”

“Um-hmmm! If I have time to in the morning.”

“We have plenty of time.”

“Um-hmm, … and you have a cock …”

“For you to enjoy,” he interjected.”

“Hm-hmm! And I have a pussy for you to enjoy.”

“Oooh! What a nice coincidence! Show it to him.”


She reached down between her thighs, and her fingers found the head of his cock. Snorting, they both moved a little so that she could guide it to her opening, and then he moved again, pushing it further in. “Uhmmm!” she moaned in response, and her pussy tightened for a moment.

“Can we do it like this? I never have.”

“Without Lisbet. Um-hmm, nice and slow.”

“Hm-hmm! Just the way I want it, for as long as we can.”

“Um-hmm, me too.”

He moved down the bed a little so that he could push it a little deeper in her pussy. Then he reached down and urged her to raise her thigh and roll on her back. When she did, he moved his hips closer in behind hers and held her other thigh between his, pushing his cock all the way in her pussy. It squeezed it again, and she hummed, turning her head to him with a smile. He returned it as he reached over and squeezed her other breast. She snorted softly, and her pussy held his cock tighter again, making it twitch. Then she grinned and said:

“Oh, this is great: going to sleep with it in my mouth and then waking up with it almost already in my pussy, and now in it, like I sometimes – too often – want when I wake up, … but never thinking of doing it like this.”

“Um-hmm, just nice and lazy.”

“Hm-hmm! You must know; my good luck that you do.”

“Mine, too. It just loves to be held like you’re doing.”

“And I love to hold it; it just belongs in there, … not necessarily yours, of course; I’m just lucky to be able to borrow Lisbet’s.”

“We’re both lucky that she wanted me to lend it to you.”

“Mmmm, yes.”

He fondled her nipple. She nodded with a slight smile and then murmured:

“Since you know, how long can we do this?”

“As long as you want, if you keep reminding it how much you like to hold it.”

She snorted and clutched his cock with her pussy, remarking:

“Like that?”

“Um-hmm, or do whatever you like to do that feels good.”

“Hmmm! Play with myself.”

“You know what feels good.”

“Too well, … too often, … since Lisbet and I met again, and much too often since we did.”

She snorted again and began to rub her pussy. They both chuckled and then exchanged soft moans when her pussy tightened and his cock twitched. For a while, she just rubbed gently, enough to make his cock twitch every now and then, but then began to rub more vigorously, moaning with each breath. He murmured:

“Remember, you want it to take a long time.”

Her fingers stilled. She snorted and agreed:

” Yes, easy to forget. … Hm-hmm!”


“Hmmm! … Will you come if I do, … without doing anything?”

“Probably. No, I think, for sure, but I can’t promise that I wouldn’t do anything.”

“Hm-hmm! Probably not. … And, … uh, … sometimes I like to do it again. Not sure I would, if a cock is in my pussy.”

“You sure wanted to again yesterday on the table.”

“Oooh, and how! But you were fucking me so good. If you don’t do anything, as little as possible?”

“I’m lazy; I think it would be very enjoyable.”

“And you would come again?”

“I’d sure want to, so bostancı escort probably, … if you let me fuck you.”

“Of course!”

They smirked, and she began to rub again. This time, when she became more aroused – and also his cock – he let her continue, his fingers doing what they could with her nipples to help. Her eyes were closed, and it seemed apparent to him, that for her it was a solo experience, just heightened by having his cock to fill her pussy and clutch. Her fingers were going wild, as she moaned and then began to gasp. Despite his efforts to control his hips, the insistent clutches of her pussy forced him to give in to his aroused reflexes. When her head and shoulders jerked up with loud grunt, he had to thrust harder, and his cock surged and spurted, and her warm pussy juice flowed. She moaned in response, and her body jerked again, as he spurted again, and then three or four more times, until her fingers stilled, and her body relaxed. She sighed with a long moan. After a few deep breaths, her eyes open, and after a moment she turned her head to him, smiling slightly and then murmuring:

“God, that was good, … and you came, too. I never felt it like that before. Hmm! Too much fucking movement.”

“Um-hmm, real good, for me too, just letting you milk my cock.”

“Hmm! My pussy sure did.

He nodded. She extended her fingers and felt his cock, where it disappeared in her pussy. They slid back up to her clitoris and began to rub gently back and forth over it. She snorted and murmured:

“And now again, and you can fuck me. … Hm-hmm! I guess that was more just doing it to myself, … sorry, … but so good, so much better than when I really am just by myself.”

“Um-hmm. It sort of looked like that, but it was still just as good for me, … also because I could enjoy it without the ‘fucking movement’.”

“Hm-hmm! Lazy.”

“No, just you were making it happen, like when you suck my cock.”

“Hmmm! And I’m going to do that again today, … at least once.”

“Hm-hmm! I hope so. … But for now …”


Her fingers moved less gently, and he rocked his hips, pleased that his cock was still stiff enough. Then it was stiffer again. This time, her eyes stayed open, glancing over at him, as she moaned. When it started to get better, he curled his head down and began to suck her nipple. “Oh yes!” she encouraged, and then his mouth and fingers were doing things that might have been painful, but she just moaned in response, as her fingers moved even faster. He let his hips do what they wanted, and then they both were moaning – pulsing moans: “uhn-un-unn!” – as his cock pumped in her pussy with wet noises. Then she began to spasm, in her pussy and her whole body, with more intense moans and then crying out: “Oh God! Fuck!”

With loud grunts, he came again in her clutching pussy, his orgasm as intense as before, a great relief for his cock and for him after his exertion. With a moaning sigh, he let her nipple slip from his mouth and rolled his shoulder back, just holding her other breast as he caught his breath.

For a minute or two, they both just moaned each time they exhaled. Then she held his hand and turned her head and murmured:

“God, that was good!”

He just nodded with slight smile. She returned it and continued:

“Mmmm! I can’t say I love you, but I love what you do for me, the way you ‘make love’.”

“The way we ‘make love’.”

“Um-hmm, ‘the way we “make love”.’ Kiss me.”

They untangled their legs, and she rolled towards him, half on him with her leg between his, and kissed him, her tongue caressing his, as they embraced. She retrieved her tongue and murmured:

“But I got to go to the bathroom. Hmm! As if I didn’t already wet the bed.”

“Um-hmm, something like that.”

As she began to get up, she said:

“And I want to do that, really taste that too. Hm-hmm! I hope you can wait till I’ve gone.”

“Until I have done it first.”

“Hm-hmm! Hurry.”

In the shower, they smirked, and he dropped to his knees. She looked down at his waiting face, his mouth open and tongue extended. She snickered, and then her stream arched out. He closed his eyes and moved his face into it, letting it fill his mouth and then having to close it to swallow. He did that a few times more, until her stream died down, and then held her hips and kissed and licked her pussy. When he looked up at her, she snorted with a wry grin and murmured:

“If you can, I can.”

He stood up, and she knelt down and grasped his cock, just looking at it as she waited for his stream. She snickered as it started, splashing in her chest. She directed it to her nipples and then up to her face and open mouth. As it filled it, she responded with a strange sounding “awnnn”, and then had to swallow, it splashing on her face when she closed her mouth. She swallowed more mouthfuls and then sucked his cock in her mouth. He snorted and held it with her, stroking a few more drops from it. She snorted and sucked and licked for a moment and then ümraniye escort bayan raised her head with a very wry grin and licking her lips.

He helped her stand up, and they smirked at each other, then chuckled and embraced and kissed again. When they separated, he snorted and remarked:

“I don’t think that is ‘making love’, but it still seemed right to kiss afterwards.”

“Hmm! I think so too,” and they did, chuckling as their tongues explored for a few moments.

Then she murmured:

“Also a little crazy, but they also did that in a couple of stories.”

“Then we aren’t really so crazy.”

“Hmm? I’m not sure. And now to shower.”

“And shave.”

She rubbed his cheek with a nod as she asked:

“Where’s your razor?”

“Hmm? In my coat or jacket pocket.”

“I’ll get it after our shower.”


They had a good shower with lots of soapsuds and special attention to each other’s erogenous zones. After they had dried themselves, she went and got his razor and toothbrush and offered to start making breakfast while he shaved. He offered to make a big omelette for them. She was delighted with his suggestion and went off to do everything else.

His four egg omelette with ham and cheese and onion was a great success. As they were eating, she remarked:

“Lisbet is very dutiful about visiting her parents – my good luck this weekend.”

“Um-hmm, he agreed.

Maybe his slightly wry expression from knowing why caught her eye. She glanced at him again and asked:

“Oh, I know about her mother, but visiting them every couple of weeks …?”


“What’s that mean?”

“Hmm? … Her brother also visits them.”

“That’s nice, but …, well, … not much special about that.”

He wasn’t sure whether he had nodded or shook his head, but she added:

“Or is there?”

“Hmm? … Hmmmm?”

This time he knew that he nodded. She looked at him with a quizzical expression, waiting. He snorted, feeling that he was blushing slightly, and finally replied:

“They sleep with each other.”

“They do?! Brother and sister?! And you know?!”

“Um-hmm, … kind of always have, … well, … did, except for the last twenty years or so.”

“Really?! And she told you?!”

“Um-hmm, after her first visit this summer.”

“Oh, gosh! … Oh?! And what about her parents? Do they know?”

“Her dad does, … always did.”

“He does? ‘Always did’?! When did that start?”

“Hmm? Don’t know if I should have started telling you this.”

“But you have. I won’t tell her. … Oh, maybe that’s why she doesn’t mind your being here.”

“Could be. I guess we’re a pretty liberal family: the girls and their friends, this, and that, although I didn’t know it till last summer.”

“Hmm! I guess so. … And her dad always knew? When did it start?”

“They shared a room at the cabin, and when he returned from his military service after two years, … well, she wanted to see male, hadn’t till then, and got undressed with him without turning away, and he did, and … well, …. As she told me, he didn’t mind letting her see what she wanted and that it wasn’t unaffected by his view of her.”

“Hmm? So they did?”


“Hm-hmm, why she liked the story about the brother. Oh, and maybe why she thought to share you with me, since you accepted that you were sharing her with him?”

“Something like that, I guess.”

“And their father knew, … and didn’t do anything?”

“He found a condom wrapper. Oh, she didn’t know that until last summer, when he told her. Of course, he had wanted to say something, but then decided it would be easier to ignore it, since they were obviously being careful, and it would just be a big scene, and they might still, anyway.”

“Oh, my gosh! So they kept sleeping with each other until they got married or were sleeping with a friend, and then they got back together last summer?”

“Something like that.”

“And you aren’t – weren’t – upset?”

“I guess not. Surprised, but if they always had, … and I wasn’t there.”

“Hmm? Hm-hmm! Just here, now, … so she can’t mind either.”

“I hope not. … Oh, her brother really liked that she did – does – something they hadn’t done before.”

“Hm-hmm, sucking his cock.”

“Um-hmm, and he now likes to do it to her, too.”

“Hmm! She tells you everything. Hm-hmm! Nice that they can do it even better now.”

“Um-hmm. So that’s why she’s so dutiful about visiting her parents.”

“Hmm! So she can … sleep with her brother. … Oh, but they couldn’t just say that they wanted to.”

“No, of course not. The parents use their two rooms now, and she was using the parents’ room, you know, twin beds together. When he came to visit, she said that he didn’t have to sleep on the couch, that they had always share the room at the cabin. Of course, now with hindsight, their dad must have understood.”

“Hmm! I guess so. … Nice to know that she was also enjoying herself last night.”


They kartal escort grinned at each other, a little wryly, and chuckled and then laughed. He remarked:

“I like the way your breasts move when you laugh.”

She put her hands up under them, lifting them slightly with a smile, and replied:

“I like to feel them move, too,” and she moved them alternately, grinning at him. Then she asked:

“Don’t you like to feel yours move – not your breasts, of course?”

“Of course! Nice, at the cabin, without underpants, feeling them move in my shorts.”

“Hm-hmm! Like when I don’t wear a bra and feel them moving in a blouse.”

“Rubbing your nipples a little, like my feeling my shorts rubbing.”

“Hm-hmm! Doesn’t that make it …, well, you know, like my nipples popping out?”

“When I was younger, it did. Tried it without underpants when I was thirteen or fourteen, but it kept wanting to stick out.”

“Hm-hmm! Embarrassing.”

“Um-hmm. Not until I started sleeping with girls was that not a problem — less of one.”

“After it knew what was really arousing?”

“Something like that, maybe just less sensitive to a little rubbing.”

“My nipples still pop out, like I told you yesterday morning, but I guess also maybe not – if I’m not thinking about something to make them.”

“But men like to see them.”

“Um-hmm, but girls don’t want everyone to notice them.”

“Could make the wrong guy’s pants bulge.”


She had let her hands drop, but now with a grin raised them again and rubbed a finger around her nipples. He snorted and remarked:

“You’ll have to look under the table to see if that works.”

She smirked and replied:

“If I look under the table, I’ll probably not just want to look.”

“Let’s finish breakfast and clean up, before we test this.”

They snickered and finished eating, and cleaned up in the kitchen, exchanging snorts and smirks, and a few touches of each other’s ass. She dried her hands and glanced at his cock, wrinkling her nose as she remarked:

“That’s not fair; I wanted it to be like last night.”

“Should have told me that before, … and not told me that you like to feel your breasts move and what followed.”

“Hm-hmm, but that was fun.”

“Um-hmm, but if you want to start all over, maybe I should read the paper or something.”

“You’d have to go outside to get the Sunday paper.”

“Yesterday’s would be good enough. Besides, … well, if I had pants on, there still wouldn’t be a bulge.”

“Seeing me standing here naked? That isn’t very flattering.”

“I thought you wanted it to be smaller.”

“That was just before. I like it the way it is. Hm-hmm! I like it any way it is.”

“Hmmm? But just to look at?”

“Hm-hmm! I’m not so sure now.”

“Fickle women! They never know what they want.”

“Oh, they do; they just change their minds.”

“How convenient! … Oh, there’s a joke about that: why do women have cleaner minds than men? Because they change them more often.”

She laughed, and he chuckled, again appreciating how her breasts jiggled. Then she snorted with a grin and replied:

“Oh, that’s good, but it depends what they change them to.”

“Um-hmm. Hm-hmm! Which boyfriend they want – if they have choice.”

“Or what they want to do with them, … with him.”

“Of course. … They could have very clean thoughts about that.”

“Hmm! Maybe, … if they were married to him; then they would be clean thoughts.”

“Well, maybe not so clean, if they wanted to do that in the shower.”

“Hm-hmm! Maybe not, but if they wanted to, they wouldn’t think so.”

“So still clean thoughts, … if they were married.”

“Um-hmm. But if they weren’t?” she asked with a grin.

“Then she would be having all sorts of dirty thoughts.”

“Hm-hmm!! Like me!”

She grinned at him, snickering. He feigned surprise and replied:

“Oh? I was just thinking about women in general, didn’t know you weren’t.”

“Hm-hmm! I don’t believe you.”

“Hmmmm! So tell me what sort of dirty thoughts you have, … that you could change.”

“Hm-hmm! Many, but I haven’t changed my mind. Hm-hmm! I still just want to suck your cock.”

“Oooh! Very dirty!”

“Not your cock; I washed it real good.”

“Hmm! A little more than just washed it.”

“Um-hmm, and now I want to suck it again, … even if it isn’t as small as I wanted it to be. Oh, I changed my mind last night, about how I wanted to sleep.”

“Um-hmm! Also not the cleaner alternative.”

“Is just wanting to fall asleep like that, like an innocent child sucking its thumb, not clean?”

“If you were still an innocent child.”

“And wanted to suck a cock, even my brother’s, if I had had one, like Lisbet?”

“Hm-hm-hmm! She didn’t do that back when she was innocent, and I doubt she’s gone to sleep with his in her mouth, like you did.”

“And I don’t want to do it like that now, either.”

“Oh, if you really want to, … and don’t decide to change your mind … to something more appropriate for a Sunday morning.”

She shook her head with a smirk, then snorted and said:

“Oh, I am going to get down on my knees. Isn’t that appropriate for Sunday morning?”

“Hm-hmm! Very, but without changing your mind – your dirty mind?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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