Satin Seductions Ch. 03-04

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This story is a work of fiction with fictitious characters over the age of 18. The story is about a consensual, incestuous encounter. If that offends you, please stop reading and close this window now. If it doesn’t, enjoy the long overdue conclusion of Satin Seductions Ch. 03 – 04 (If you arrived at this story first, you’ll enjoy the story more if you read the previous Chapters.)


Chapter 3

My alarm pulled me from the depths of my sensual coma. I rolled over and touched the snooze button on my phone as I sat up in bed. I looked around the hotel room, reached to flip on the light and my calm morning moment was ended by a flood of memories and thoughts from the night before.

“Oh Alex,” I sighed aloud. A battled between my moral compass and sexual desire raged in my head. I slid to the edge of the bed, closed my eyes and watched the events of the past few days replay in the theater of my mind. I couldn’t tell if the tingle and building wetness between my legs was an indication of who was winning the battle but my passion was undeniable.

The snooze alarm roared and snapped my attention back to reality. I stood, put on my game face and readied myself for my workday ahead. Within 30 minutes I was showered, made-up and out the hotel door with a thimble-sized cup of continental-coffee in my hands.

My meeting lasted only 2-hours and went way better than I could have imagined. As luck would have it, old David Winters was laid off by my competitor and held quite the grudge towards them. Not only did I renew and extend our contract, David increased it by nearly 28% over two-years. What surprised me most was not the outcome of the meeting but my demeanor throughout. Normally I approach meetings like this with doom and gloom in my heart and I give away the farm to keep a status quo. Today I felt energized, confident and, well, flirty. With shoulders back, tits out and a smile, I sold my ass off. I told David how it was going to be, why it would be better and dutifully explained why I, yes I, was the best woman to service his needs. He slightly blushed when I said that and pushed over the contract for him to sign. It all felt good, really good.

I returned to the hotel and decided it was early enough to drive back home today. I removed my pants suit, slid into the corset I’d brought, rolled my new seamed stockings up my legs and stepped into my bedroom heels. I clipped the garters to the stockings, pulled the matching thong on and gave myself a once over in the mirror. As I stood there folding my pants suit there was a quick knock on the door, a fast key slide and the door sprung open. A young girl with a tight pony tail and powder-blue uniform darted into the room, barely announcing, “maid service.”

The door swung open just feet away from me. The girl moved in so quickly that she nearly bowled me over. She lifted her head and jumped back to avoid knocking me over and squeaked, “Oh!”

Her eyes went wide and she bashfully lifted the towels she was carrying to her face. I watched her gaze travel from my head to toes and back to my breasts where they lingered. A wide smile spread across her face and she tried to further conceal it with towels in her hands. She spun on one foot as she apologized and headed for the door. Before the door closed I heard her giggle, “somebody is getting’ lucky.”

The door clicked as it swung closed and I could see what she saw in the full-length mirror on the back of the door. My hair was full, my legs looked stunning and my tits were absolutely to-die-for in my corset. I smiled I as looked at myself and said, “Somebody IS getting very lucky. I have an 8 p.m. date with Mr. Playful and it’s going to be in person.”

The drive home was quick even though it felt like an eternity. I’d called Shelly at the office and relayed the good news about the meeting, then spent the remainder of the drive plotting plans A, B and C for this evening. As I pulled into the driveway my hands were literally trembling from anticipation, excitement and anxiety. Alex’s car wasn’t in the driveway so Plan-A was in full effect. I parked quickly, grabbed my bags and rushed into the house.

I ascended the stairs with my arms full, bumping my overnight bag up the stairs behind me. I dropped everything near the closet doors in my room then grabbed czech casting porno one of the items I’d bought at the sex shop and hid it under my pillow on my bed.

I went to the hall bathroom that Alex uses, hiked my dress over my thighs and ass and hooked my thumbs in the band on my new black thong. I pulled it down and watched as the gusset peeled away from my smooth pussy — strands of glistening wetness clinging to the fabric. God I was soaked. I could feel the heat and cravings radiating from the depths of my womanhood.

I dropped them on the floor and they landed gusset up. I slid a finger through my wet, aching lips and tasted my lust. The bait was set.

After a quick check in my full-length mirror, I hurried to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine from the rack. I opened the bottle, poured more than half down the drain and filled a glass. My hand held firmly to the counter as I swallowed two gulps and sighed heavily, whispering, “Mommy is ready,” to my reflection in the kitchen window.

I grabbed the bottle and glass, slid over to the couch in the family room and flicked on the television from the remote. Everything was going to plan. I knew Alex would be home soon. He had a date at 8 p.m. and I was confident he’d keep it.

Chapter 4

It was torture sipping wine while I waited and my heart nearly stopped when I heard his keys in the front door. Alex pushed through the door and yell, “Mom? You home?”

“In here honey,” I yelled back.

When he stepped into the room his jaw dropped, his eyes sparkled and I swore I actually heard him gasp when he drank in my sultry ensemble.

“You’re home early,” he said with pleasant surprise. “Everything ok?”

“It’s fantashhhtic shweetie,” I slurred as I waved my glass towards him, “the meeting was a complete shuckshesh.”

“That’s great mom,” he laughed and pointed at the nearly empty wine bottle. “Are we celebrating?”

“Yesh we are,” I said as I stomped my foot on the hardwood floor to draw his attention to my shoes. His eyes locked on to my slut shoes. My well-pedicured toes peeked through my sheer, black nylons and I wiggled them a bit to show off the fresh, blood-red sheen of the polish. “The client washzz putty in my hands. I sold him the farm, the cows and all the sshickens.”

Alex laughed, “Shickens?”

“Oh shush, It’s not nishh to make fun of your mom when she shhelebrating,” I playfully scolded him (hoping I wasn’t overdoing it).

“I’m not,” he apologized through a smile. “You deserve to celebrate. You work very hard mom. You can tell me all about it after I run to the bathroom.”

“Ok,” I said as he turned to go, “Jusht be quick. I can barely keep my eyes open.”

I watched as he grabbed his backpack from the hall and went up stairs. When I heard the bathroom door close I knew he’d have to walk over my panties before he could pee. It wasn’t hard to assume that once he had his cock out for business, it would surely find it’s way to pleasure with my hot, dripping panties right there.

It has been many years since I’ve used my body as a weapon. Truth be told, it isn’t the weapon it once was but I have grown wiser over the years. The longer he lingered in the bathroom, the more I knew I’d get exactly what I wanted tonight. I hiked the hem of my skirt a bit as I sunk back into the couch. I let my legs splay so wide they stretched the limits of my fitted dress. With one hand on my breast and the other dropped lifeless to my side, I turned my head to the side and assumed my passed-out pose and awaited his return.

My heart pounded in my chest. When I finally heard the bathroom door open I could hardly contain the insatiable need I had for him to touch me. With eyes closed I listened to him come down the steps, into the room and sigh, “Oh jeez. Mom? Mom? You need to get up to bed.”

His footsteps approached and stopped beside me. He poked my shoulder to try and wake me. “Mom?” He poked. “Mom. Come on. Get up.” He poked again and shook my shoulder lightly.

I groaned and pushed his hand as I turned my head away from him. He poked a few more times and I rolled further away — lifting a knee onto the couch and sliding my ass towards him. I’d wanted to offer him a slight glimpse but my skirt rode up much higher than I’d intended. I felt the czech couples porno fabric slide nearly to my waist and the cool air rushed over my damp pussy lips. He gasped.

My heart pounded so hard I felt a pulsing in my ears. With willingly closed eyes as my blindfold and voluntary unconsciousness as my bindings, I submitted myself to him to accept or reject. Never, in all my life, have I so completely offered myself to anyone. Emotion raged through my very soul.

Time stood still. I felt him fidget on the couch behind me and the seconds became minutes and the minutes an eternity. If it hadn’t been for the shift in his body weight and the rustle of clothing that preceded his touch, I would have convulsed in a startling leap. His hand brushed along my thigh, from the edge of my stockings to just below my bare ass. He rocked me softly, “Mom? Mom?”

I remained frozen in my relaxed, catatonic state. After a few more attempts to wake me the motion of his hand changed from determined pushes to soft exploration. His fingers drifted along my thigh and traced the edges of garter strap. When his hand moved to the cheek of my ass and began kneading it, I wanted to moan so badly I bit my bottom lip.

My ass cheek rolled in circular motions and I could feel him spreading me wider and wider. The palm of his hand dug deep and he pushed my ass as high as it would go. I felt a flood of nectar seep from my pussy and ooze down my thigh. He gasped again.

I yearned for him to touch me — no ached for it. I focused on my controlled breathing, reached deeply to my pelvic floor muscle and flexed slowly, in and out. My pussy pulsed invitingly before his eyes. With each flex of my pussy I milked another molten flow of arousal for his enjoyment. To say I was dripping with need would be the understatement of the century. I was a flowing river of pure lust. I wanted fucked. Hard.

The couch compressed as he switched hands and repositioned himself closer to me. Without hesitation he spread my ass cheek again and pushed a finger from his other hand through my wetness — plowing it upwards from my thigh, widening my pussy lips then smearing it in soft circles around my puckered asshole. My abdomen quivered and tremors of delight rippled deep in my cervix. A second finger joined the first. He pushed them downward and I felt the angle change just before he plunged them into me. I fought back the need to scream out in pleasure as his fingers began to slowly glide, then saw and twist, in and out of my pussy.

When he added a third finger I felt the friction and stretching I thirsted for. My orgasm skipped the usual slow build and vibrations exploded deep within me and my toes curled hard under the straps of my shoes. I wanted so badly to cry out and arch my back I could barely contain myself. His fingers continued to pump me. When he finally withdrew them I heard him slurp greedily. The couch shifted again and I heard his zipper opening.

I wanted to fuck him. Now — right now but not this way. I wanted to be naked. I wanted him to take me fully. Flying right past Plans, A, B, C and D, I waved a hand in the air like a drunken pirate and nearly shouted, “pajamashzz! I need my pajamashzz!”

I let him regain his composure before I tried to drunkenly sit up. I wobbled back and forth to try and seat myself upright and slurred again, “I need to get in my pajamashzz!”

Alex, immediately surmising his indiscretions weren’t noticed, grabbed my arm and helped me sit up, “Here mom… let’s get you up to bed.”

I stood on wobbly legs with his help and threw my arm around him. I fake staggered across the room, up the stairs and into my bedroom. I motioned towards my dresser as acted out my swaying, wide-legged drunk stance, “My pajamashzz are in the top drawer. “

I reached back and unzipped my dress when he wasn’t looking. I let it fall and stepped out of. When he turned back towards me he got an eyeful of heels, thigh-highs, bare shaven pussy, garter belt and corset. I let him take it all in before I slowly turned to the bed and half-crawled, half-fell on it face down — with legs spread wide.

He came over with a nightshirt in hand and I slurred, “Help me get it on.”

Alex started at my feet. He unbuckled and removed my heels while I lay motionless again. He fumbled czech estrogenolit porno for some time on the garter buckles but eventually figured them out. His hands felt so strong and firm as he rolled my stockings down. I felt him crawl onto the bed, straddle my ass and begin working on the clips of my corset. I pretended to snore softly. When the corset fell to my sides I snored a little louder to invite his next advances. It was the only cue he needed.

His hands glided up and down my torso and over the sides of my breasts. With each long stroke his intent increased. His breathing was deeper and labored. His hands reached under my breasts and searched for my nipples but I didn’t dare lift to make it easier. The bed rocked from side to side as he climbed down from it. I watched through my eyelashes as he undressed, then closed them as he got back onto the bed. He pushed my legs apart as he crawled in behind me. His hand reached under me and cupped my smooth mound. He pinched my labia together and rolled them against my clit. I, ever so slowly, rolled my hips forward and raised my pussy to him. His fingers sloshed through my wetness. The gurgling and sucking sounds drove me as wild as his fingers. His knees lurched forward and spread my legs as far as they would go. His cautiousness gave way to brazen acts of lust and I felt the meaty tip of his cock press against my wet slit. I clenched my teeth as he started to tease the tip from my clit up to my ass and back again.

The speed of his teasing increased with each stroke. His strokes became shorter and focused on my clit — bouncing down to my urethra and back up. My clit tingled and my pee-hole was on fire. His cock head rocketed over my pussy until I could not longer hold back. My hips bucked, my legs tensed and my orgasm careened through my body like an electric earthquake. I moaned and gasped as my body writhed under him and my pussy squirted a burst of hot piss and woman juices all over his cock. Before he could react and flee in fear, I lifted my shaking hips, reached under my pussy and grabbed his cock. I looked over my shoulder towards him, smiling and soberly said, “Hi Mr Playful. Fuck your mother like you mean it.”

I pushed up on my hand to get on all fours as the other guided his cock into my pussy. He plunged in without hesitation. When he started to find his rhythm I moved both hands in front of me and pushed back to meet his thrusts. With silence no longer a necessity I gasped, moaned and begged for his cock, “Oooo.. just like that baby. Give me that hard fucking cock.”

I fucked my son with insatiable, primal passion. When he reached up and grabbed my hair in his fist solicited his dominance with encouraging cries, “Oh Alex! Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me sooo hard. I need that cock so badly. Fuck mommy.”

My body rocked with another orgasm as he pulled my hair. He pumped into me so hard the slapping of skin on skin was louder than my primitive whimpers and groans. He slowed his pace a bit and grunted, “I’m going to cum.”

Not wanting to end this soon, I rolled off of his cock and gasped, “Oh baby… not yet.” I reached out, grabbed his cock and pulled him up to me as I laid back. He straddled my belly as I placed his pussy-soaked cock between my breasts —then pushed them together around his cock.

“I want to see you cum. I want you to cum all over me and make me yours,” I begged.

I didn’t need to ask twice. His hips began pumping and his hands dropped to the top of my breasts. He twisted and tugged on my nipples from the top as I pushed them in from the sides. His sloppy cock plowed through my tits, the thick, meaty head just inches from my mouth. I Looked up at him and pleaded, “Cum in my mouth and all over my tits.”

Alex thrust a few more times and arched his back deep. I opened my mouth wide with anticipation as the first stream of cum shot half in my mouth and the rest splashed across my face. His hands pushed down hard on my breasts as he drove forward again and again. With each thrust, rope after rope of cum splashed across my face, hair and tits. I chased the dripping gobs with my tongue and let gravity feed me the rest. I reached up and spread the pools of fluid on my neck all over my breasts — kneading it into my nipples as he watched and caught his breath and composure.

He knelt over me panting as I reached underneath the pillow next to me. I withdrew the black, leather collar I’d hidden there and fastened it around my cum-covered neck. I stared up at him smiling passionately and place my hands on his chest.

“So, Mr. Playful, are you going to give your little slut a kiss? I think she’s earned it.”

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